How To Access Facebook When Email Has Changed – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access facebook when email has changed, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access facebook when email has changed,

Method 1 – How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account Even Though Recovey Email Changed Fb Hacker

Hello friends good morning welcome to ticket stuff today we will see how to recover the hacker facebook it earlier. My video so some of the team members have been huskeroo if the hacker got a hack that account and. He changed the email id as well as the password how to recover that particular hack eric so today we. Will learn how to recover that account even though the hacker changed the mobile number as well as the email.

Id still we have an option to recover it so let us start so first we have to open the. then we have to mention the id whatever you have you have to mention it there if you add. In for your id fine if not just click on login and there you can see the option call pick. Or my a cold sprite so just click on that record my account option and here it will show you. The email ids as well as that ecori phone number so as of now let us assume we dont have.

The any access of these email id as well as a phone number so dont select anything below that or. You can see no longer have how to access and there is a question mark you can see for that. One so you have to click on that no longer have access of tools so once you click on that. It will lead eric to the other page and again it will ask you to provide the email id and. It will show you the email id which is registered for your account so as of now were assuming that.

We dont have the access for this account so just to simply click on that i cannot access my email. Account which is they run below so click on that one and it will be redirected to the other page. So now it will prompt for you to enter the new email id so what you have to do now. Whatever the new email id which is created for you you have to enter it here so alice if you. Dont have any email id just created one new email id and now enter the details here so myself i.

Am entering my new email id i have created this is for this for testing purpose so let me enter. My email id make sure that this is the new email id which you are entering now okay and just. Click on continue so once you click on continue it will be redirected to one more page so here you. Have to enter the your details and make sure that the first name and the details which are entering here. It should match with the identity card which are going go to submit now so here we have to mention.

The details as per your identity card which is mentioned on your facebook as well so let me give my. First name and the leave that one link the url to your time you can leave that question and what. Is the issue so here you have to select the issue there is a couple of issues which already there. So our case we are talking about we dont have the access to email as well as our phone number. Which is registered for this one right so just click on other and enter the mobile number country code make.

Sure that i dont enter any mobile number here you just need to enter the country code i am from. India so i am entering my country code here 9 1 and describe your issue so what we have to. Type here so what was the issue that we are facing so just mention it my accountant are trained my. Account has been hacked and right now the hacker change my recovery options like that he could email id and. The quarry phone number they are changed it now i cannot access my account and even i tried with the.

Dickery email ids well as the recovery phone number its not working so just to mention the things there as. Per your wish we can describe the issue simply so my case i am mentioning that i dont have the. Mic anwar has been hacked i dont have access to my recovery male idol is very quarry mobile number and. Here you need to provide any identity card which is the government authorized so from india we can upload any. Pan card passport passport of water id whatever so whatever the id it should match with your facebook details as.

Well as your personal details whichever entering here so once you click select that particular picture and butler picture of. Your identity card and it will take a couple of minutes to upload the same so once we will be. Uploaded you can see it here and now what you have to do you have to just click on submit. Buttons so before going to submit button you might have some queries that you are providing the you personal identity. Cards details to the facebook is that is safe yeah this safe way because the facebook wont hold your identity.

Card for a long time here you can see the clearly after you send a copy of your id it. Will be securely stored once the issue has been resolved we will also delete the copy of your id after. 30 days so you can you know need to worry about this one it just simply upload your identity card. It is for the recovery purpose so facebook will also delete your personal details and identity card once so your. Issue has been resolved after 30 days it will be automatically deleted and just click on submit button now now.

Youre going to get one more pop up from the automation replay from the facebook team so yeah this is. Thanks for contacting facebook you should receive an email response shortly so just click on okay so it is clearly. Stating that right now we have idd a query our case with the microsoft facebook team so they will check. And they will identify our identity card as well as they wish share is an email with us so after. 24 of us so what you have to do now you have to just check the email id of yours.

The new email id which we have created right in that mail you just log into that may and check. It out you will receive your facebook facebook support may yeah here this is the mail that i have received. To recover my account so from facebook will receive it usually the support that the linker they will provide. To you so what you have to do know you have to just simply just click on that link if. You open it within 7 days the link will which will work if you havent opened it within 7 days.

So dont worry you can reset it you can generate a key now so right now my case the 7. Days is already over so just click on the generated key here you can see the new email id earlier. We can see only one email id this one and it start with j and n with this thing right. And now we can see our new email id just select that make sure that that score will be sent. To this all mail id so what you have to do now we just click on that one and it.

Will generate a code to your new email id as well so just simply copy paste that code so once. You provide the core details and click on continue it will prompt you for to change the password so let. Me enter the code and click on submit oh yeah thats it so here now it is prompting for you. To provide a new password just provide any new password to your id let me give you the password simple. Password right and click on continue we have successfully recovered the hacker facebook account even though hackers change the past.

Email id as well as the recovery phone number we can successfully decode it if you like my videos please. Subscribe share and share with your friends and family as well it might be helpful for someone who who are. Really having no issues thanks for watching guys have a nice day.

Method 2 – How To Recover Facebook Account Without Email And Phone Number | Updated 2021 | Step By Step

Hi everyone and welcome to our new videos in this video well be showing you how to recover your facebook. Account without phone number or email address before we start please subscribe to our channel hit the bell button for. You to get the latest updates so from here this dashboard uh using your facebook application all you need to. Do is go to your forgotten password then youll be linked here into find your account you can either search.

By email address or your phone number all right so if you want to search by email address just click. Here down below search email address instead or with your phone number then click here find your account then youll. Be linked here well send you a code that you can use to log in and if you recognize your. Name and your photo here thats probably you and this is the email that youve used for your email for. For your facebook account but since you dont have an access to this you do have an option to click.

Here no longer have access to these and then how can we reach you please enter an email address you. Can that you know you can access so this is a new email address that you want to use so. Better create a new one first before entering uh before entering here so simply hit next here down below and. Here is an added security we need the copy of your id to make sure that this account belongs to. You you need a photo of your id so any government id in the philippines you can use your humid.

Id unified multi-purpose id or your voters id any government related password would do as well so better have it. Ready then just hit next and then from here you just need to then from here you just need to. Take a photo of your id okay so once you took the photo uh kind of make sure that the. Info is readable make sure that you can read the text in the photo otherwise your id might not be. Accepted so to make sure with that you can click this one the arrow here and if you can see.

That the photo the id the information is readable then you can go to the next step just hit submit. Okay and thats it thanks for submitting your id weve successfully received your identity information you will usually review ids. Within 24 hours well use this email that you sent then send you messages about recovering your your account then. From here you can just click finish and wait for their email the email that youve sent to them and. Theyll be instructing you on how to recover your facebook account from there all right so thank you so much.

Guys for watching again subscribe to our channel and hit the bell button.

Method 3 – How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account Without Email And Phone Number And Claim Your Account Back

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Method 4 – How To Change Login Email On Facebook (New Primary Email)

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Method 5 – ✅ How To Change Email On Facebook App 🔴

And welcome back guys so today on this video we are talking about facebook and more specifically im going to. Show you how to change the email thats associated with your facebook account so lets go ahead and talk about. First off why would you want to change the email associated with your facebook account well thats pretty easy maybe. Youve changed emails over to a new primary email and all the notification settings you want to go to your.

New email or maybe someone is searching for you through email using your email account on facebook and theyve been. Able to locate you that way and you want to go ahead and stop that happening whatever the case is. Its a pretty easy process and were gonna go ahead and go step-by-step through that today this is gonna be. A really quick video guys not a lot of steps involved with this so be sure to stick around to. The end so first off im gonna go ahead and take care of this all on the facebook app so.

Im gonna go and open up my facebook app its this blue and white one right here be sure to. Check my video description ill try to leave the step-by-step instructions and writing there well im gonna going to open. App now alright guys i went ahead and opened up my facebook app and this is the home screen thats. Gonna show i guess they call it through your wall so it shows different posts from people you follow or. Your friends but if you want to go and update your email address on your facebook account what you want.

To do is click right here on these bottom three lines here on the bottom right once you click there. Another drop-down menus gonna happen im gonna click there now alright i went ahead and click there and then this. Pops up do you have a lot of different options that are associated with your facebook app account but if. You want to go and update your email address thats associated with your account school all the way to the. Bottom and youre gonna see this line right here called settings and privacy im gonna click there now alright i.

Went ahead click there and then this menu pops up right here and the first button you see is called. Settings right there thats where you want to be to change your email address associated with your facebook account so. Im gonna go ahead click there now now all right i went ahead and click there and then youre gonna. See this settings menu right here on the top and actually the first line is one you want to be. On its called personal information so as you can see you can update your name phone number and email addresses.

There so im gonna go and click on that menu option now alright i went ahead and click there and. Then this screen pops up so as you can see your email addresses are located right here on this lot. So if you want to go ahead and update that you want to click on that line im gonna click. There now alright so i went ahead and click there once youre here in the screen youre gonna see all. The different emails that are associated with your facebook account the thing is i only have one email and you.

Can only have one primary on your facebook account so you actually cant delete an email thats associated with your. Facebook account until you add a new one once youve added a new one then you can go ahead and. Go back in and change that into a primary email but again you cannot just delete and leave zero emails. That are associated with your facebook account you do need at least one and if you only have one like. I do you cannot delete it until you add a second one once that happens and youll switch it into.

The primary and then youll be able to delete that so first what you want to do if youre like. Me is click right here on this blue line called add email address im gonna click there now alright once. You click there then you get this box where you can go ahead and just type in your new email. Address right here once youve done that that you will need to manually enter in your facebook password thats just. To confirm who you are i keep in mind you will need to verify the email you will send a.

Confirmation email to that email address just to make sure that it you are associated with it so dont just. Put in any kind of random email its just not going to work unless you have access to the inbox. Once youve done that then it would be added into your email account in facebook and then you can switch. Between which one you would like to make it as your primary so im not actually gonna add an email. I only use one particular email for this account but i want to go through those steps with you and.

Thats the easiest way i know how to add an email or change your email with facebook if you know. An easier way be sure to leave a comment below let the rest of us know hopefully you found that. Video useful if so click thumbs up or maybe consider subscribing to my channel and i hope to see you. On the next video thanks again for watching you.

Conclusion – How To Access Facebook When Email Has Changed

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