How To Access Favorites On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access favorites on iphone,

Method 1 – Iphone

Barbara and im karen and witnessing sisters this is our tech bit on safari bookmarks favorites and reading lists alright. Today were going to take a look a little in-depth look at how to save some of your favorites you. Can get back to them quickly within the safari internet browser and were going to go into the safari app. To start with and its this icon down here that looks like a compass were going to tap on it.

And load it into safari so previously weve shown you in our safari overview tech bit how to navigate around. The internet using safari and having different tabs and different websites open youll notice here that i have four tabs. Open and right now this tab is active and its the national geographic website and were going to show you. How you can quickly save websites so you dont have to type in the website name or address every time. You want to go there i like to go to national geographic a lot so were going to go ahead.

And were going to create a bookmark for it and what were going to do is we basically have the. Page up that we want to bookmark and then we use the share button share button tells us to do. Something and it comes up with a variety of different options and what were looking at down here is add. Bookmark right these things will change depending on what app youre in and we pretty much cover tightly you do. Things though right right its the way you do something with whatever content youve got here weve got a web.

Page i want to do something with it i dont want to share it or send it i want to. Add a bookmark so im going to go ahead and tap add bookmark then its going to come up its. Going to ask me what do i want to call it sometimes it has it like a really long title. This isnt too bad but i probably dont need the news part so im just going to hit delete a. Little bit make it a little smaller and just call a national geographic underneath that it shows you the url.

The actual website address and then it asks you what location you want to store it in okay and you. Have a couple different options here right now its saying choose a folder you can either put it in your. Favorites section which show you in a minute which well show you in a minute or bookmarks bookmarks is the. Main folder and thats where im putting it later were going to show you how to create other folders so. You can be really organized right so we want it to go into bookmarks and we save it and now.

Karen is going to show you how to find it okay and how to use your bookmarks youll notice this. Little book icon at the top of the screen if you tap on that its going to bring up this. Sidebar and this is showing you your bookmarks and it will keep the website that you have open up on. The right and a lot of people will get this open and then not know how we like swiping it. To get rid of it trying to get rid of it its as simple as tapping the book icon again.

Mm-hmm and notice the book icon turns blue when you turn it on right you have it active yeah now. Up here we have the book again and the glasses and a little at sign so you want to make. Sure to look at your bookmarks that youve got the book active then below that youll see favorites history and. Then summer bookmarks and you can tell their bookmarks because they have a little book by them so first of. All we look right here and that bookmark that barbara just created national geographic is here so if i were.

To tap on a bookmark lets i would have on a different one you know javons mono petite it will. Take you there so its a quick way to access websites that you use a lot and even quicker way. Is something called favorites and what that is is favorites is this little these little type that you see here. And this is your favorites bar it goes although it can go all the way across so ones that you. Use a lot you can put into your favorites and when barbara created her bookmarks and she chose the location.

If you chose favorites its going to put it in this folder and you can see ive got these two. In here and you can see right up here so no matter where i go on the internet like i. Can get rid of the bookmarks its still there i can always bang you know get to star tribune or. Whatever i have in my favorites thats really a nice feature yeah yeah now you can see here now i. Have a grayed out arrow pointing this way go this way go and its his back that means i can.

Navigate back because its telling me im in favourites i can navigate back and they are back out here when. Im at the main level oh this is also history where and if i tap on that its going to. Show you where you went where youve been but thats a great thing you remember what yesterday i was looking. For that row you know im just going to go back and find that mate and boom youre at that. Website and see it says this afternoon this is where weve been you know yesterday or a couple days ago.

Monday morning okay so this is the list and if you want to clear it you just tap clear and. Its kind of nice because you can clear just the last hour and this could be handy lets say youre. Looking for a birthday present maybe for your favorite sink system whose birthday was yesterday well happy birthday q thank. You say i was shopping for one for barbra and were going to be distilling i dont want her to. See it so i could clear the last hour or i could clear all of today today and yesterday or.

Clear everything right so you can be very end cognito if you want right but history is very useful to. Find things to maybe youre looking at a couple days ago right so as you can see ive got it. Itll navigate out again there i am then then its going to list your bookmarks and down here youll see. An edit button if i tap on that here comes up these things now these red toggles mean that i. Can sure i can delete it so if i go to tap on one do i want to delete it.

Yes now its gone over here you see the three bar icon which we see in a lot of places. So that means if you tap on it and hold you can move the order right if you want one. Certain ones to be at the top of your list because sometimes your list will get very long what if. It gets really long you want to organize it if you want to organize how can you do it how. Can you do it you go down here and it says you folder so i tap on that now lets.

See i really like weather so i want to a weather folder im gonna put it over where to go. Ours i could actually put a folder up here right and your favourites or a folder inside of a folder. Right you get really really good um so youve told it where to go and you can hit done all. Right so now i go back out and we can see theres our folder theres a poll so im done. Here okay i go all the way back on im just hit the root level bookmarks you can see my.

Weather folder right what if i want to put something in there thats good lets put the two im gonna. Be ten this is a weather bookmark right sure oh there you could go into favorites and pull the carroll. The weather 11 out lets lets say theres a bookmark here that i want to put in okay i just. Take my little move go to get over my move icon and put it in there nope thats also going. To move it thats this reordering right you just want to go into it and then you can tell it.

And sometimes the keyboard covers things up this is good to notice you know its got you blinking in here. But what you really want is down here right so you could just click done it will go away well. Thats so i change my im going to change my location is what im going to do no and im. Gonna put it in the weather folder get rid of that keyboard now i can see its in weather right. So i go back out and i say done i look in weather now no ive got a bookmark in.

There that makes no sense because its not weather right but thats a great thing its a good thing to. Have right be able to put folders because really weather weather is one where you really got to check more. Than 100 yeah i really do yeah yep and youre almost yeah you might want to have your favorite news. Websites in one cooking you know anything yeah yep so then the next thing you see up here the glass. Is is the retailer eating less and barbaras gonna tell you about that yeah and the reading list is is.

A crate feature what the reading list allows you to do is to take a webpage to take an article. That you want to read and put it into the reading list and itll download that article and then when. Youre offline lets say youre going on a trip and youre going to be on a plane and youre not. Going to have internet you can still read all those articles you put in there or youre on a camping. Trip and youre out in the middle where and you dont have any wi-fi signal or any internet signal you.

Can still read what you put in your reading list so its pretty easy to do were just going to. Go into an article here on the star tribune page and you dont have to have this up you dont. Good point so were up here and we can see a page for an article about the airport and im. Going to go ahead and tap here and right next to add bookmark it says add to reading list im. Going to tap on that and it added it to my reading list now lets go over here to find.

That you go to your bookmark and you tap on the glasses and now it shows you the articles that. You had theres the latest one i put in there if i tap on it its going to bring that. Article up and im going to be able to read it lets turn this off now and its going to. Automatically when i get to the bottom of the article to get through all the comments and everything at the. Bottom it says up next national geographic news heres an article i mean now its going to go to it.

Because were online so it actually can go to it and its going to bring it up and you just. Keep going through the list so its also really nice when youre on the plane you dont have to keep. Going back and picking a different article when you get through its going to say up next chasing nighttime thunderstorms. You know right it just takes you right through it so its a really nice feature and if you want. To get rid of them you basically just swipe and you can hit delete and that ones gone i use.

This a lot not necessarily for going on a trip or something where im not going to have internet but. Gets that remember too little bit a read it yeah oh this is a cool article i dont have time. To read it now i added to my reading list and later i mean im just sitting around with my. Ipad i can read it right and you can also show unread weve looked at all of those so nothing. Is showing up right now or show all at the bottom so you can see which ones youve already looked.

At alright well that was our tech bit on safari bookmarks favorites and reading list thanks for watching the sink. Sisters tech bit and please subscribe to our channel.

Method 2 – How To Manage Favourite Contacts On Iphone

It was requires welcome back to another exciting episode of i geeks blog spoon eat country back to another video. So basically with the latest ios ecosystem you can easily contact your favorites you can easily add them to a. Special list wherein you can contact them without even opening the phone application so this video is all about how. To manage your favorite contacts on your iphone and how to go through them so without wasting any bit of.

Time lets get started ok so guys the very first way to go ahead and add contacts to your favorite. List is to just go ahead and open the phone application tap on the left corner that says favorite appear. You have the plus icon at the top just go and tap on the plus icon and search for the. Contact whichever you want to add now so ill just go ahead and search for a contact that i want. To add to favorite alright so then once you click on the contact that you want to add you will.

Get these couple of options which media of contact would you like to prefer in order to contact that particular. Person from your favorites so if you want to use messages you want to do call video call or if. You want to mail whichever is more preferable to you i prefer audio call so ill just select on this. Call option and this goes up right here directly so up next there is also a second method to add. Contacts to your favorites and that goes through the contact application lets go to launch the contact application and search.

For any of the contact that you would like to all add to your contacts up right suppose this is. The contact i want to add so there is an option second last option from the bottom that says add. To favorites add to favorites again as i told you you need to select a media from which you can. Directly contact it from the favorite this particular contact so again i prefer audio calls so ill just go ahead. And tap on audio calls thats it you have added these contact to your favorites so guys once the contact.

Has been added to favorites there is an option to rearrange and how to remove them from favorites so once. Again the phone application under the favorites section just go ahead and tap on this right side corner button that. Says edit tap on edit and you can rearrange them whichever way you want or like whichever is your preference. Just go ahead and rearrange them alright once youve rearranged them now if you want to remove someone from the. Favorite list what are you going to do step on the minus icon and delete and thats all you remove.

Them from your favorite list also guys there is a really great feature with ios 11 that is the favorite. Widget so you need to go to your lock screen swipe left and scroll all the way down and here. You can see guys i have this favorite icon over here this is the widget that is accessible from the. Lock screen itself and this helps me contacting these favorite like top 4 or basically top 8 and i can. Easily just go and click on anyones name and i can use and contact them so how do you basically.

Get this widget up right here scroll all the way down tap on edit ok so you need to provide. Access to your device just enter the passcode once in there and edit just go ahead and scroll down under. More widgets section there will be this icon that says favorite and the phone icon operating a tap on plus. And here you can rearrange it to wherever you want like i just want it next to true color search. Above up next so i just rearranged it up right here and ill hit done so next time when i.

Go ahead from my lock screen to my the calendar or the today icon or the today post surprise day. Where i have all the widgets of you ill have the favorite widget of pride here i can use any. Of these 8 contacts to be contacted directly with the method and its really quick without even opening the phone. Application you can just go through any contact them ok so guys the last option that comes in managing the. Favorites on your device on ios 11 is about how to enable calls from d and d so if you.

Have turned out do not disturb how to receive calls from your favorite contacts so youre going to go into. Settings and do not disturb and all right here you have this option that says under the phone section allow. Call from you step on the cycle and the third option that you get up right here is favorites so. Now what will happen is that if you have turned on your do not disturb mode you will get calls. From your favorites and no one other than that also guys now we come to an end of this video.

I hope you enjoyed this video this video was all about how to manage your favorite contacts on ios 11. So if you enjoyed feel free to give a thumbs up to this video subscribe to ikea block the subscribe. And ocean would be rough right there subscribe button is up right there and also if you have any questions. Or if you want to ask something just make sure and feel free to comment down below so that we. Can get you a solution for your problem and thats about it for this video ill get back to you.

Guys later in my next video peace.

Method 3 – How To Add Favorites To Your Iphone || How To Add Favorites Widget On Iphone

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Method 4 – How To Add And Remove Favourites On Safari On Ipad And Iphone

Okay guys in this video im gonna teach you how to add and remove bookmarks on safari while youre working. With your ipad or your iphone so the process is actually very straightforward first you gotta go to a page. It doesnt really matter what the page is so like ive got some examples here lets go to this list. That ive already opened up okay so those are some brand short intervals that you can write in in a.

Setting uh i want to add this to my bookmarks so what is it that i have to do exactly. Well the first thing that you want to do is you see this little book icon right here what you. Want to do is you want to tap on that for a long time see you just have to hold. It for a little while and as you can see you get three options you have add to reading list. Which is not what we really want you have add bookmark bookmark and you have add bookmarks for three tabs.

So whats the difference between add bookmark and add bookmarks for three tabs well as you can see i have. Three tabs open right i have three tabs open thats one thats two and thats three so when we hold. Here i have the option to add both three tabs to my bookmarks or just this one to my bookmark. If you want just this page and youre going to want to click add bookmark as you can see thats. My link and thats my bookmark tag so im going to go ahead and im going to press save and.

Now if we search favorites short ah there you go as you can see it shows up right here in. My bookmarks right so that is how you add a so that is how you add a page to your. Bookmarks when youre on safari with your ipad or your iphone so how can we remove items from our bookmarks. Well that one is actually fairly simple do you see this little edit button right here you see this little. Edit button all right right there what were going to do is were going to press edit and then any.

Link you want you just got to press on this little negative mark right here and then you click on. Delete if you want to edit the entry you go on that arrow bit you see that arabic you go. On it maybe you want to adjust the link maybe you want to change the name whatever you want its. Really up to you so thats how you also remove from your bookmark once youre done you tap done and. Then youll have your bookmarks list back or favorites as safari likes to call it thanks for watching the video.

If you liked the video please make sure to click thumbs up subscribe to the channel check out similar videos. Like this if youre interested and if you have any questions ask them in the comment section i will see. You later bye.

Method 5 – How To Favorite Your Photos On Iphone 11 Pro | Ios 13

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Conclusion – How To Access Favorites On Iphone

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