How To Access Fios Router – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Verizon Fios Router Setup (Wi-Fi 6)

All right making a quick video just in case anyone could ever find this useful but um switching from triple. Play to just gigabit and they threw into router for free so were gonna unbox it and set it up. And before i continue i just to say this i really like this router my old router i would hit. Close to id barely hit 400 but with this thing im able to hit you know close or way over.

500 and uh with my girlfriend has an iphone 11 pro max and uh and she hits close to a. Gigabit i mean its just insane so and not only that too i got an xbox one and uh you. Need an open ad for the best experience you know my router i have to do so many steps but. This the files router is just i dont have to do anything its just literally out of the box its. Perfect this is a brand new wi-fi six although if you wanted to save some money and they werent throwing.

This for free you could just purchase one off of ebay or even the newer the older g1100 not everyone. Needs the wi-fi 60. Wow this is huge looks like a full mountable if you see that this is probably. If you have certain devices with a wps switch damn is huge okay so we got here in the quick. Started power cord unbox that yep got the network cable we dont need that all right so were going to.

Take the ethernet cable i just untwisted it plug this end into even port there you want here to click. Second one is going to go to our ont here which um its right here if you dont know where. Yours is check out the video if its too far from where you want the router to be get a. Verizon tech to come out i just unplugged it by putting my thumb on this clip and pulling out and. Uh lets get back here ah show you guys every step of the way there like so and its booting.

Up so were gonna take my ethernet cable plug it into the lan port one of these yellow ones and. Already plugged into my laptop so its pretty quick it just takes a minute or two we want to wait. For that to stop blinking and uh yeah just go to your settings you can see that its connected or. Not anymore but if you go to were going to start setting it up click on advanced and just. Uh click on proceed thats normal to see oh yeah its still blinking so it looks like its just doing.

Updates well really i guess like five minutes total but yeah were gonna plug in the uh on the front. Page im gonna put in the admin password its right here in the back uh as you can see lets. Have it plugged up okay next step just putting in your own wi-fi network and password and i just check. Mark the guest network just you never know all right now most of you can stop here but if some. Of you like me want to get the most out of your router heres what im going to do so.

Were going to go to wi-fi here on the main menu actually split the wireless networks from 2.4 and 5. Um basically by default they have it set so its just one network name for both and i dont like. That because theres an advantage to using the five gigahertz network um and not all devices can use it and. Ive had this problem where im right next to the router and it uses a slower wi-fi band so i. Just i just set it because i want to again this is all totally optional but this is just what.

I like to do and it helps a lot of people um you set a separate network name and obviously. If you your device cannot see the five gigahertz network just its fine its cool just connected a slower one. Its its no biggie and um yeah now usually i go through this kind of spiel where i go to. The channel setting and i select the channel thats not being used but i gotta tell you this is the. First ive ever seen is it just kind of knows it selects a channel thats not being used by anyone.

Else so if for some reason it puts you select your network on the left and if it uh it. Stacks you on top of other networks then youre probably going to want to change the channel manually the uh. The wi-fi channel just for the 5 gigahertz um this is a 2.4 gigahertz as you can see its theres. Not many channels its a hot mess this is why 2.4 gigahertz sucks compared to 5 gigahertz but um yeah. I mean if uh thats the case you just go to channel settings and just change it but i mean.

Im impressed with this router it does everything for you so yeah let me know what you guys think if. Theres any questions you have router um drop it in the comment likes comment subscribe it helps me a ton. And uh yeah catch you guys later.

Method 2 – Verizon Fios Router Configuration -For Remote Desktop

Today i will be showing you how you can enable or open port on your router so you can connect. To your computer remotely from anywhere in the world to get started lets open the command prompt by typing cmd. And over here were going to type ipconfig this will give us the router information and over here we need. To type this we need to copy this number here default gateway which is the routers ip so once you.

Have that lets open a internet browser and lets type over here the number one ninety two dot one sixty. Eight dot one dot one bring you to the login window and all we hear usually the routers come with. A preset username and password the username for these routers is admin and the password is password but if these. Information does not work for you look on the back of your router usually there is a label with the. Login information so once you log into the router you will see a list of devices that are connected to.

Your router so once youre here were going to click firewall and were looking for port forwarding were going to. Click here and were going to create a new port forwarding rule we need to from the drop down menu. Were going to select the computer that we want to connect to so lets lets say i want to connect. To my computer this computer right here the ip address is also here were going to select this one here. Err were going to select custom port were going to select both and were going to type the port number.

Were going to type 3 389 which is the default port for remote connection were going to click add and. Notice that we have created here a new row we also need the public ip address of the router lets. Go over here to main copy this number here were going to close this and now make sure you enable. Remote desktop connection or your computer so now everything youre in your house or office is ready to accept incoming. Connections so now im going to switch to a different computer outside of my network and show you how this.

Works but now i am in a computer outside of my house or office whatever your case is and so. I want to im going to connect to the computer at my house right now so lets go over here. To remote this type remote connections remote desktop connections and over here were going to type the public ip address. Of the router column 3 389 which is the port we opened on the router were going to click here. More show options were going to type the username of the computer that you want to connect to and we.

Click connect and it will ask you for the password once you provide the credentials you grant you access to. The computer alright so now i am connected to the computer at home notice the background is different this is. Everything for the video thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos thank you.

Method 3 – How To Configure Your Fios Quantum Gateway (G1100) To Function As A Access Point

Hello everybody what im going to show you here today is how to turn your buyers quantum gateway also known. As the g1100 router into an access point theres a couple of settings changes that needs to be done before. You can make that happen and im gonna show you how to do that um so what youre gonna do. Youre gonna need to log into the router um and youre gonna get into the settings page here where it.

Says uh my network so youre gonna click my network this area here is already highlighted in regularly then youre. Gonna get to this information over here on the left versus main network status network connections and log out youre. Going to select network connections and then its going to bring up this particular uh piece of information here where. Were going to go into right now is what it says broadband connection ethernet coax you can either click this. Link or you could click the edit its gonna both bring you to the same page right so were gonna.

Go ahead and do that now so were gonna disable broadband connection all right were gonna apply the settings its. Going to bring you back to the network connections um settings page and were going to go into home office. But before that you can see where it says the status is disabled here so were going to click into. Network home office right now um it says uh network home office on the lying devices thats on the pretty. Much the lan network um its the uh five gigahertz 2.4 gigahertz ethernet and coax connection tap is bridges this.

Is what the the lan bridge is the land bridge itself is going to have a mac address you want. To make a note of this mac address because on your primary router youre going to need to set a. Dhcp reservation or a static ip address for the verizon router this is so you can access the gui the. User interface after youve disabled dhcp on the verizon router so were going to go into the settings here down. The bottom and um as you can see where it says ipv4 address this is the current ip address to.

Access the router um youre connected on the lan side currently and this is how you would access it when. Youre connected from the lan side of the other router and this is the iphs that you use but before. We change anything im just going to scroll down to the bottom here where it says ipv4 address distribution dhcp. Server were going to disable that all right so but lets go back up to the top first um so. Were going to change this to a predetermined ip address that ive already decided i want to use to access.

The verizon router once i disable dhcp im going to enter that right now and you should enter whatever information. In whatever ipa just you want to put there but you may want to go ahead and do that and. Then come back to this in this particular part of the video if you have not done so yet its. Going to be very important for you to get access to the router again once you are actually done with. It im doing changing rather all right so im going to enter that right now also in the middle.

Here where it says home or uh yeah home office network um and it gives you these um broadband connection. Which is unchecked about gigahertz 2.4 ethernet which is checked but you cant uncheck it and uh the coax is. Also um checked these are all part of the the land bridge um the ethernet you only have four ports. Uh thats a part of the um the land bridge as far as ethan is concerned if we go here. And check broadband connection its going to make the wan ethernet port thats on the router a part of the.

Land bridge so now you have five ethernet ports as a part of the land instead of just four all. Right so im going to go ahead and check that im going to disable the dhcp server right now okay. So please note if you have not made the reservation on your primary router when you hook this router up. You wont be you would have to basically search through your dhcp range on your primary router to find what. The verizon router is so you could actually access it again if you do it beforehand then you shouldnt have.

A problem once you actually um make the physical connections um via ethernet to um your primary router so im. Going to go ahead and apply this information this new setting but note you will never get an update on. This screen because ive already changed what the ip address is going to be to access this router and you. See up here its still showing the 192.168. That means its changed already but youll never get an updated screen.

To give you any more information you have to reconnect to the router using the new ip address that you. Created and im going to show you that in a second all right so ive hooked up my router my. Um verizon router which i now converted into an access point to my main router with the static ip address. That i predetermined that i wanted to use right so im going to enter that right now into the address. Bar and hopefully it should go to no problem okay there it goes okay so as you can see here.

In the address bar i have the new um iphone assigned to the uh g1100 and this is assigned to. The lan bridge um so you can actually access the user interface um now im going to go back in. Here and im going to show you those settings again one more time right network connections as you can see. Here its no longer showing that broadband connection because weve made it a part of the uh network home office. Um connection im gonna go in there and see whats going on with the settings here its showing the underlying.

Device from the underlying devices thats currently under the land bridge and its including the broadband connection which is the. Ethernet port on the when ethernet port thats labeled land on the router now its a part of the lan. You have five ethernet ports that you can actually use um it shows that the ipv for address distribution which. Is dhep has been disabled so now your router or the verizon router rather is now an access point your. Router is doing all dhcp requests handling everything and thats how you do it youre going to basically hook it.

Up from land to land land uh one of the ethernet ports on the uh verizon g 1100 to the. Land of your router and boom thats it um you can still actually configure the wireless settings you can change. The name and so forth because you still have access to the user interface of the g1100 you.

Method 4 – Best Router For Fios In 2021 [Top 5 Picks Reviewed]

Hello there today were going to take a look at the five best routers for fios in the market for. This year first were going to show you our five best picks then well talk about what you should look. For before buying a router for files well put the links to all of the products we mentioned in this. Video down in the description below lets get started number five motorola mr2600 if you need more coverage from your.

Router than you get from your average verizon fios router the best choice for you might be the motorola mr2600. Ac 2600 this is a high performance verizon fires router replacement meaning you should be able to get all the. Power and speeds that you need from it it has a concurrent 4×4 performance allowing both 5 gigahertz and 2.4. Gigahertz connections this router is powerhouse and a great choice for homes that have many obstructions such as walls as. Well as a large area to cover you should be able to get coverage anywhere in your home with some.

Minor adjusting to your routers antennae this is definitely the best router for verizon fios gigabit for subscribers who need. Extended coverage number four google nest mesh the perfect verizon fios router if you need extended coverage is the google. Nest this is a mesh system so you can extend the reach of your router as far as you need. It to go looking at the design of the google nest you will see that its pretty simple all of. The points of a white casing which easily blends into any decor with a light green led that really does.

Not stand out much looking at its performance in regards of verizon files the google nest is designed to accommodate. Whatever speeds that you can get from verizon whatever speed package youre signed up for should work with the google. Nest additionally the google nest can have up to 200 connected devices simultaneously number three tp-link ac 1750 smart wi-fi. Router for anyone on the budget who wants to break the equipment rental cycle you wont go wrong with the. Tp-link ac 1750 smart wi-fi router customers cite its low price easy setup and three external antennae for long range.

Coverage as key positive features even with its easy on the wallet price tag this verizon fires compatible router will. Provide fast access for more than one device and works for gamers look to the four ethernet ports for a. Seamless wired connection reviewers also say they love how it works with their amazon alexa number two netgear nightwalk x6. R8000 another powerhouse delivered by netgear the first company to release a tri-band router is the nighthawk x6 ac 3200. The nighthawk x6 is considered by many to be the leader of the new generation of wireless routers almost looking.

Like an alien being the nighthawk x606 retractable external antennae that swivel offering the option for adjustment to give you. The best signal possible built to handle the iot it can handle the ever increasing number of devices that we. Have connected to our network this tri-band router offers you not two but three bands to assign your devices to. A dual band router would work just fine when we had fewer gadgets that needed the faster five gigahertz frequency. But as more devices are created that function on the five gigahertz band it makes absolute sense to have two.

Five gigahertz frequencies so the performance for your connected devices doesnt suffer number one netgear nighthawk r7000 even though fiber. Optic internet is the fastest type of internet it can be slowed down by the type of router that youre. Using with it for the best router for verizon fios you cannot do better than the netgear nighthawk r7000 this. Router has all of the features that you need to get the most out of your internet the nighthawk r7000. Comes with great design elements including usb 3.0 and usb 2.0 ports these will allow you to have a shared.

Connection across your network whether youd like to have a printer connected or youd like to use the port for. A shared storage device you should be happy with the performance of the r7000 especially since it can reach up. To 1800 square feet in coverage this should easily cover the average home network without any issue the range is. Strengthened by the beamforming plus technology thats also at play here now that weve shown you the best routers for. Fios out there lets talk about a few things you should look for before buying one wi-fi standards the earlier.

Versions of a b and g standards are used in some places across the world but the newer wireless standards. Of 802.11 ac and n are more commonly used a dual band 802.11n router can support speeds of up to. 900 nbps whereas the ac standard is the most recent delivering speeds of up to 1.3 gbps and upwards real-life. Wi-fi speed despite the stated fios gigabit connection the speed of verizons fios fiber optic connection is still an impressive. 940 mbps download and 880 mbps upload it technically may not be gigabit speed but this upgraded speed from the.

Earlier fios instant internet tier helps if you have multiple connected devices users or if there is heavy bandwidth usage. At your home in conclusion buying the best router for verizon fios is no easy task but having a guide. That narrows down your choices depending on your needs greatly helps make your shopping experience a lot more fun there. Are many routers on the market but having one thats compatible with verizon files is important and you can find. Something that works for you in this guide.

Method 5 – How To Setup Your Own Router With Verizon Fios & Save Money $$$

Whats up guys this is a quick video on how to use your own router with verizon fios you all. Been complaining so third times a charm hopefully uh if you have tv service please stick to the end theres. A few caveats if you just have internet and or phone uh this should work no problem please please watch. The video to its entirety theres a few caveats you really need to know and verizon really doesnt encourage people.

To use their own router because they want to make money renting these out but hey im here to help. You guys out so youre gonna take your router here theres a port on the back here youll see its. Gonna be this white port back here its gonna probably say internet or when youre gonna pull it out so. Youre gonna pinch it like um kind of like the phone cables just pinch and pull see where the little. Clip is and youre going to stick it into your router where it says internet or when and like so.

If you dont hear the click you probably dont have the best cable its probably going to come loose but. Yeah its not going to come out now please dont waste money on an old router if for some reason. You didnt have a network cable coming out of here to begin with that says internet or when and you. Just have this cable tv jack well then youre going to run a network cable from the router to the. Verizon ont and this is kind of like its like a fiber motor that verizon provides its going to be.

Either here in the closet a little black box here and youll see theres like a little network port here. And youre gonna see it looks like this thing right here not these phone jacks um or it might be. White it might be a white unit and youre gonna also find something that says ethernet or you know it. Just can fit in one of those things youre going to plug it in there and if for some reason. That uh you know its the cables not long enough youre going to need to go out and purchase one.

From amazon or you can just go to just give verizon a call say hey i need a tech to. Come out run a network cable and boom and now youre going to plug the cable in and call verizon. Up if you do have a good size cable youre going to tell them hey i need to get the. Network port on my ont working and theyre going to help you with that now if you cannot find the. Ont its only going to be inside in a closet like so or even outside in like a utility closet.

On the balcony or it could even be out in the um like a laundry room or a basement garage. Or outside of the home and its not just these black units but it might even be one of the. Older white units um and they also would be in like a kind of like an enclosure weatherproof now honestly. Got these are not bad routers so if youre trying to save money you could just purchase it outright from. Verizon or off of ebay and um yeah i mean its great because you have the tech support they can.

Do speed tests to make sure your internets good and if you want better coverage i honestly dont recommend going. For like ero or one of those orbeez like mesh wi-fi systems they talk to each other through wi-fi and. Then you know its just not stable on the other unit the other satellite units verizon does sell a good. Network extender where they plug into the cable tv jacks here and its a nice solid consistent um network speed. On any of the other extenders so its really really cool and if you have frontier fios which is um.

You know anywhere else besides the northeast of the us the verizon sold their stuff to frontier and thats you. If youre trying to save money um you dont want to use your own rotary because they will charge you. Um so in that case if you have frontier just purchase one from ebay and youre gonna be fine i. Know its a weird issue but hey i dont have frontier if you have verizon bios you youre good you. Can use your own router they wont charge you an extra fee so theres that and finally if you have.

Tv service with verizon or frontier just do yourself a favor and get a tebow uh theres a lot of. Issues with using verizon cable boxes with your own router the problem is that you basically this little network the. Reason theres a coax chat going into these things is because basically um it sends internet signal out to coax. Um using like a standard called moca for channel guide like apps like netflix and things like that and the. Problem with that is that um you know you could just pick up something called a mocha adapter which basically.

You plug this into your router up here in the lan ports and this goes into your cable tv jack. But ive seen a lot of weird quirks like voicemail not working like you know like caller id um getting. Firmware updates to the cable boxes and then also the the new verizon tv the files tv one from verizon. You can do wireless cable boxes but you need to have their router because they have that they have the. Tech theres some kind of software running on these that you dont see you cannot use your own router for.

That this gives wi-fi to the um the verizon tv minis so yeah i mean honestly if you do have. Tv service you want to save money just purchase the verizon router get the extenders youre going to be fine. But theres just so many headaches i dont recommend people are going to tell you to get the mocha adapter. Theres a lot of issues guys i dont recommend it because youre gonna you know its just not gonna get. Updates or little quirks here and there but i really hope this helped any questions um please put in the.

Comments down below i swear to god if i hear one more person tell me oh im annoying and im. Trying to help you guys out so you guys can save money but yeah let me know.

Conclusion – How To Access Fios Router

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