How To Access Flashlight On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access flashlight on iphone,

Method 1 – How To Access The Flashlight | Iphone Tips

Hi lisa here were going to talk about how to access your flashlight quickly so what you can deal with. Ios7 its from the bottom you slide up to reveal the control center which is where youre gonna find flashlight. Now in the row at the bottom there are four buttons and on the far left you have the flashlight. Just one tap turns on for you and then if you want to turn it off again just half again.

Its really great for when youre coming home at night and you cant get to a light yet so you. Just slide up tap the flashlight and then youre good to go so there it is thats how you turn. On your flashlight quickly.

Method 2 – How To Turn On Flashlight On Iphone 12!

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Method 3 – Iphone X: How To Turn Flashlight On & Off

Hello everybody so i have a iphone x here and im going to show you how to turn the flashlight. On and off so the first way is here we can see the flashlight is directly on my lock screen. Here and you guys are probably trying to like tap it like this or probably trying to grab it and. Slide it up it doesnt work like that on the iphone x if you want to activate the flashlight on.

The lock screen itself you have to you have to long press or in other words you have to use. The 3d touch so instead of like tapping on it what you have to do is press and hold a. Little bit hard for like one second so like this i just i just felt it also vibrate you can. See that the flashlight has honest turn it off press kind of hard for one second on and it turned. It off you got to press down hard again if i dont then its just going to be the it.

The light is going to stay on so again press kind of hard for one second then let go now. The other way to do it too is if we go ahead and go into your control center so on. The top right hand side you would slide down like this oops like this okay you dont want to slide. In the middle you got to slide on the top right side okay then this control center will pop up. And you see the flashlight here now with the flashlight here now you dont need to press the three you.

Dont need to use the 3d touch you just tap on it now anytime you can see the light back. Here on/off another cool thing is too is if you go ahead and long press it now if we long. Press now we can increase or decrease the light sensitivity okay so right here you can see i was kind. Of low on like one bar here and as i increase it it gets brighter and brighter just like that. And even if i have it on from here and then i go ahead and lock my phone the lights.

Still gonna be on if i want to turn off enough in the lock screen remember i got a long. Press it press it down kind of hard for like one second and then its gonna go off oops let. Me do it again then its gonna go off pretty simple thanks for watching guys see you on the next. One bye.

Method 4 – Two Ways To Turn On Flashlight Iphone 11

What is up guys bread tech here back with another video i apologize for all the background noise as im. On a cruise and there are people singing downstairs but i you know i couldnt go without giving you guys. A video this week so lets go ahead and get right into it so this week im going to be. Showing you how to access your flashlight two different ways you can access the flashlight on iphone 11 iphone 11.

Pro and iphone 11 pro max a lot of the older models you can access the camera or the flashlight. This way as well so okay lets go ahead and get into it so in one way one way i. Know of to do it for sure lets go to this top right and swipe down and this will bring. Up your control center and as you can see the flashlight is right here so you can just press and. Hold it or just tap it rather and that will allow you to access your flashlight but if you press.

And hold you can adjust the brightness on it so like that so that is one way to access your. Flashlight and then the other lets turn it off okay so the other way would be to lock the phone. Like this just press the side button lock it and then you can access it from the lock screen that. You just press and hold this is when you actually have to press and hold it and that is how. You do it guys that is how you access your flashlight on iphone 11 hope this video helps until next.

Time peace.

Method 5 – How To Make Your Iphone Flash When You Get A Text

What is going on everybody this is apple function on here and in this episode of the thursday questions on. The apple fox channel i want to quickly talk about a feature that many people may like and it is. How you can turn all flash notifications on the iphone so lets begin with this video right now quickly for. Those of you that dont know what the flash notifications actually mean it is when they flash light on the.

Backside of the iphone actually turns on or flashes every time you get a notification so if you receive a. Phone call youre not only seeing it on a screen youre not only getting the haptic feedback or vibration but. You also get the light from the flashlight so its another way how you can be notified when something is. Going on i personally dont like it at all but there are people who definitely enjoy it and for those. Of you that dont know what thursday questions actually is so on thursdays i try to answer some random questions.

That you may be having regarding two iphones and apple products so if you dont want to miss the future. Ones just hit that subscribe button right now and make sure to never miss it so the way you turn. It on is actually super simple you need to open up the settings and swipe down until you see the. Search bar at the top tap on it and type in led so the first thing that pops up is. The led flash floor for alerts so ill click on it and simply turn it on is just that simple.

This is what you need to know about it and right now when you receive notification youre gonna see the. Flash light flashing on the back side of the iphone so it will flash every time you receive a notification. And unless you go like this and turn the volume switcher on the side of the iphone and you turn. It off if you do this it means that its not going to flash in a pocket if you still. Wish that its going to do it well then you need to head over to the settings once again back.

To the section where we are talking about it and this is the flash on silent if you turn this. On its going to mean that the led flash burns will be working even when the switch is set to. Be silent this is the thing i was talking about so these are the things you need to know about. This feature i really hope you found this video informative and useful and if you did i want you to. Hit that like button to let me know that you liked it and for more similar content like this just.

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Conclusion – How To Access Flashlight On Iphone

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