How To Access Ftp – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access ftp,

Method 1 – How To Setup An Ftp Server On Windows 10

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Method 2 – How To Connect To A Ftp Server Via Windows Explorer

Right theres going to be a quick video show now to connect to your ftp server using windows explorer so. This is very easy to do one thing youre going to need though is youre going to need the credentials. To log in to your ftp server so youre going to need the ip address and then youre going to. Need the username and password and this information should have already been emailed to you from your host so just.

Check your email for that if you havent already so next thing you need to do is go to your. Start menu and then go to a computer and then youre going to want to click on the map network. Drive if you dont have this button or this bar for that matter if you dont have it because i. Know some custom themes like to get rid of it you can just right-click on any of this empty space. So right click and then click on add a network location and just run through the wizard and then once.

You get here im going to want to put in the ftp ip address so put it in here my. One is this so im just going to put that in and click next and your name it whatever you. Want click next and finish so if youve done everything right a box should pop up asking for your username. And password so you can log in so just put in your details and im going to put my password. In and click on login you could choose to save your password if you want and you notice that everything.

All your files and stuff on your server now load so heres my one if i refresh done this video. A couple of times but its been rubbish so refreshed this is the empty site default page and im just. Going to go into public html and drag this index.html file and im going to refresh and it works very. Simple so thats pretty much it hopefully this video helped if you found this video helpful if you even liked. The video then please be sure to leave a comment thumbs of ideo up and subscribe for more videos and.

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Method 3 – How To Connect To Ftp Using Filezilla

Hey everybody its josh here with hostgator today im going to show you how to connect to ftp with filezilla. One of my favorite programs so lets get started now before we go and actually connect to ftp we need. To track down a few things inside of our cpanel so were going to start here now the first thing. I want you to do is scroll down and grab your current cpanel username now your cpanel username and password.

Actually doubles as an ftp account and i really like using this so its going to be really easy for. Us to log in automatically with the same cpanel username and password that were using to log in to get. To cpanel so the first thing im going to do is grab that copy it over and the next thing. Im going to need to do is grab the site ip now this is going to actually be the host. For us to connect to ftp so well grab that and make sure that we have our password on hand.

And now we move over to filezilla i love this program because its very very easy to use and it. Makes it really quick to connect to ftp so all we need to do now is once we open up. Filezilla we need to copy over some of that information that we grabbed in our cpanel earlier so the first. Thing im going to do is im going to grab that site ip and im going to put that in. Here up top as the host the next thing im going to do is put the username as my cpanel.

Username and we always want to make sure that theres no spaces or extra characters in here because it does. Need to be exactly correct and the last thing im going to do is take my password and put it. Into the password section so you can leave the port section blank theres no need to put a port there. Itll actually default to port 21 and so now what were going to do is actually quick click quick connect. Say that five times fast and voila now theres two sections here that i want to show you on the.

Right hand side this is my server this is my cpanel and all of the data thats inside of it. On my left hand side this is actually my local computer so really at this point now its just a. Matter of tracking down the information that i want to move from one side to the other now you can. Create a ton of different ftp accounts to log you in directly to a specific directory and you can do. That inside the cpanel its actually pretty easy too ill actually just minimize this real quick and ill show you.

How you can go and create a brand new ftp account so well click on ftp accounts inside of our. Cpanel and i think its defaulting to my cpanel username there so ill go ahead and remove that and remove. That and the first thing that we want to do is actually choose the domain that were working with so. If i wanted to work on my primary domain i can choose that or i can just drop it down. Here and choose any of these random domains uh that i have on my account lets say that i wanted.

To make one specifically for my login will be josh and i can choose a password ive got one. Saved over here that i can use or if i want to i can do a password generator and its. Automatically going to generate a really secure password type in that password again and the next thing i want to. Show you is the directory so as i showed you inside of filezilla theres different folders and variables inside of. Your cpanel home directory so all you can do here is really specify exactly where you want it to go.

Now as you can see here its actually not going to allow me access to public html hd admin its. Going to create a folder called josh inside of there where im only going to be able to log in. So the more i remove from the section the more access that i have if i wanted to have access. To the hd admin folder i remove that name if i wanted to have access to public html i essentially. Just put public html there and if i wanted to have access to the full home directory similar to my.

Cpanel login i leave it blank like this we give it a quota if we want to or we set. It to unlimited and then we click create ftp account and josh account has been created and right down here. Is where i can actually see its been created i can see the path that it has access to and. I can change the password change the quota delete it if i want to really anything else that i want. To do for that account so i hope this was helpful and if you have any comments or questions please.

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Method 4 – How To Access Ftp Server | Using Google Chrome

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Method 5 – How To Connect To An Ftp Server And Download Files! (Browser And Filezilla)

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Conclusion – How To Access Ftp

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