How To Access Godaddy Email – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access godaddy email,

Method 1 – How To Setup And Create A Professional Business Email Address With Godaddy For Managed Hosting

Hey everyone so welcome back to another tutorial and today im going to show you how you can use a. Professional email address and set it up with godaddy so right now you can see in my account um in. My products and services there is a email and email setup pending so im going to show you set it. Up right now and show you how you can do it too and uh and if you have not bought.

This yet or it is not available with your plan so you can buy it from godaddy website for that. You will have to go to godaddy and on the top top bar you can see this email and office. Option just click on it and it will take you to this page scroll down and there are two plans. Available for professional beam email address first is the individual plan which i have in my account and i got. It for free with my 12 months managed wordpress hosting package so so i got it for free and im.

Going to set it up today and the second option is uh team and its available for um its great. For collaboration so the main difference between these two plans are the space its a with individual plan you get. 10 10 gb and with team you get 25 gb and uh with team plan you get some option to. Share calendar calendars and contacts with your team and the rest and you can assign tasks and the rest of. The stupid stuff is pretty much same and another thing is you will get with um you can you will.

Be able to create multiple uh email address with the team plan while with individual im guessing you will only. Get one email address so there is not much clarification on this page um you can see the professional email. Address benefits um it will be ad free um you know and other stuff i mean its pretty much same. Which are free email services also offer um but there is um the thing i did not like is um. Theres not much clarification about how many uh whats how many email address i can create with the team plan.

And with individual plan i guess it will be only one but they should have clarified like how many total. Email address how many uh or is it unlimited or there its limited so anyway lets try to set it. Up and see how it works so um it is available in your products page for this go to drop. Down and click on my products i have shown it multiple times um okay lets i will show it again. Okay just click on this option heres the my products link and it will take you to this page you.

Can see all the products and services connected to your godaddy account here you can see my domain name my. Managed wordpress hosting account and this professional email which i got for one year okay so i will simply click. On set it setup and lets see how this setup process is okay here it is asking me to email. Address and if you have if you want to change your domain name you can also do it like from. Here click on this option change domain but i right now i already only have one email address so okay.

So there is another option um so im like if you have a domain registered with namecheap um you can. Select this option and type your domain name here okay like i have my other click smart help guides dot. Com okay and then click on continue okay so you will have to set up the name servers and stuff. And uh right now in this tutorial im not going to cover it um i mean it will be best. If you have the domain register with namecheap you know use their email service they also have it um so.

Im going to just use this um my domain which is registered with godaddy so i will select this domain. Click on continue okay and if you want to change domain um if it is also connected with godaddy then. That will be pretty smooth okay just click on change domain and select the other domain and lets create my. Email address like i will create hello at the rate best wp guides dot com maybe i should not type. It actually because it is already showing here so i will just type hello and you can see the domain.

Name is automatically filled um it is great but i guess thats how it works and ill keep my first. And last name same um actually ill just change it to best would be guide okay thats how i want. My email to appear um i cannot leave it blank so like input thats wp guys okay im sure i. Will be able to change it later too but put your real name here you know or which name you. Want uh to appear um okay account permission this email is for me connect to my okay yes it is.

For me and if you i guess this second option is if you are creating this email id for your. Team members or someone else or your client or someone you know you can do that and it will show. Them uh okay the password it the password will be the difference between these two options are you can if. It is for you you can create your password and if it is not for you a temporary password will. Be automatically generated and it will be sent to the email account of your choice so you can put your.

Client or team members email here up to five email address so you know thats how it is um okay. So i will select uh i will generate my own password so let me do that here okay and send. Account info this is my gmail so um okay and i understand when my i will be built so this. Will be the charges for per year and it is not a lot um you can also cancel any time. So before this time period so then i will not be charged anything extra so make sure to make sure.

That you are aware about the billing charges then select i understand and then click on create okay it is. Creating now okay yes you just have to enter the username here hello at the best is being created. Lets see if okay lets let the progress bar complete okay it does complete well that was quick and okay. So the email address has been created and use your new email and password okay um your first slide email. Web page launches this okay lets click on this it will open a new window and i think okay so.

Now lets paste my password here and keep me signed in and click on sign in okay make sure to. Bookmark this page as godaddy email okay make sure to link uh you know do that uh bookmark this page. I will save the password um right now you can put your recovery email here um to help record so. I will put my email address thats wp guides at the rate and click on save and continue lets. Check my gmail um yes i got an email from godaddy you can see here your email accounts ready for.

Use and sign in so you also get the sign in link in your email so in case you forgot. To bookmark it later you can see the username and details here username display name account type email login link. So this is the login link okay so it is just or whatever your domain is um so you. Can um okay so its easy to remember then lets see if okay its still loading well thats thats a. Little slow okay select your time zone here whatever your time zone is okay um well just okay ill just.

Right now click on save okay whats new lets uh take the tool i mean okay lets see okay so. This is the app launcher and um to navigate between professional okay then so you get all this stuff um. These are all the apps available with your email account uh mails calendar address book portal task okay and then. You can this is how you create email okay and it will be minimized and okay so lets finish the. Tour that was pretty quick and simple so very simple here you click on this nine dots icon to launch.

Any app lets check the portal app but it is okay you can customize this page add widget appointments per. Day connect to my task and all that stuff um and to check your email like just go here on. The cycle uh these are shortcut for calendar app task app okay so you can save all the appointments and. Stuff here okay yeah thats pretty basic and this is the email get your email wherever you are you can. Also download their app and set it up okay so just click on it and then you will again be.

Able to set it up so thats pretty simple and if you want to desktop app like client like outlook. You can do that let me know if you want to if you want any help with this so lets. Try composing the email okay and okay where is the option to come okay here is the option to compose. So i will send it to my gmail address best wp guide satellite subject is hello and hello this. Is from godaddy professional email cool send it now lets check our gmail and see if we got this email.

And if it reached our inbox because thats a very important factor um im still not seeing it here lets. Check the spam okay um it is also not here lets see again lets check the scent folder okay it. Has been sent and best wp guides and so the email address is correct and i dont know why its. Still not showing here lets refresh it um promotion now solution so i guess this is a welcome of this. Email okay so meanwhile lets try um send a email to my professional email address from my gmail hello at.

The red swp okay thats the email hello um this is a test email from email id okay lets. Send it and okay arrows it has been sent lets see in the inbox that is showing okay just heard. A notification okay so at the you can see the email we sent from gmail has reached our inbox and. It is from my gmail id um okay so i will reply to this email so make sure um i. Dont know see if it reaches okay um thank you send it and now lets check our gmail inbox okay.

For some reason theyre sending uh its not working properly um we can receive emails but the emails im sending. Are not reaching my gmail inbox and its also not available in the spam folder so um okay so i. Will pause the video right now and um during editing i will later okay so it has reached um thankfully. Um this is the second email address that um the second email that i sent and it was a reply. And it was a reply to my email but the first email i have sent has still not reached gmail.

So i dont know what happened lets check um best wp guide center at it was sent to the. First email at best wp guides um i dont know for some reason this email had not reached um. I will again reply to it um hello hope this email reaches you so lets send it again and so. What ive been im seeing is the sending email process is a bit slow here okay you can see the. Mail quota available 10 gb is quite enough um lets see how much time it takes to reach our email.

Inbox okay so im i do not want to make the video too long and im going to end it. Right here so during editing if i get the email i will update you or if i did not i. Will update you about that too so i hope you found this tutorial useful and okay so do let me. Know if you have any query or anything regarding this video and any other suggestion or anything or any other. Topic you want me to create a video about and i will see you in the next video to support.

This channel to give this video a like subscribe to my channel for more useful videos like this and thats. It guys so thank you for watching this video you.

Method 2 – How To Set Up Email To Your Domain Name | Godaddy Help

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Method 3 – Godaddy Email Login Tutorial

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Method 4 – How To Create Your Godaddy Email Account

Hey there im darlene and today were going to talk about creating your email address you already have your domain. Name so why not use it to your advantage and put it to work in your godaddy account go to. My products select the domain you want to use for your email account and click manage next click use my. Domain under set up an email account click setup on the professional email page click setup email so lets fill.

Out the email account information for your username this is what goes before the @ symbol so darlene @ or. Info @ your domain name and then for first and last name thats gonna show up as your display name. So whether you put your name or your gonna put maybe your business name there for the first and last. Name so it shows up as your display name 2 for administrative permissions leave that selected when youre entering your. Password youre going to want to click show so you can see all the criteria that you need for the.

Password to keep it nice and secure and then confirm the password by entering it again so then enter an. Email address where you want your user account information and notifications sent to so youre gonna see a box that. Says do you understand the terms and conditions click it and then select create youre gonna receive an email confirmation. To the email address that you provided and thats it now you have your domain based email thats ready to. Use ready to put on business cards put it out there like a boss you.

Method 5 – Godaddy Email Setup On Iphone

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Conclusion – How To Access Godaddy Email

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