How To Access Google Account – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Sign Into Your Google Account [Tutorial]

You hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here of another quick tutorial in todays tutorial im going. To show you guys how to sign into your google account this is a pretty straightforward tutorial and without further. Ado lets jump right into it so for this tutorial im going to be using the google chrome web browser. However you can use any web browser you prefer as long as you can navigate over to google com and.

Once youre on the google home page here you want to go ahead and left click on the sign-in button. Near the top right corner of this window thats how this recording it is a blue button here so youre. Just going to have to give it a second to load up the sign-in screen you at this point you. Will insert your email or phone they use to register your google account most people will just type in their. Email address here and then youll left click on next and then you will insert your password so just type.

It in and then lock click on next and there you go guys you have just successfully sign on the. Google so any services that are linked to your google account like google drive or youtube should automatically be synced. Up at this point so pretty straightforward tutorial guys doable i was able to help you out and i do. Look forward to catching you all in the next tutorial goodbye.

Method 2 – How To Access Your Google Account

Good day welcome to general jesus college there are a few things that you need to know so that you. Will have a more meaningful online class experience here are a few basics on how to access your google account. Lets get ready first open your favorite web browser and visit next click the sign in button at the. Upper right corner of the page then type in the email account provided by the school through your teacher coordinator.

You need to input the assigned password as well remember you can change this password after you complete the process. You may be asked to type in your password again and a top shot which are random characters that appear. On your screen remember to input them correctly you are now looking at the terms and conditions of the use. Of your account read closely the written agreement then click accept for your security input your new password do not. Forget your password so that you can access your google account anytime another safety reminder do not share your password.

To anyone there you go you may start exploring your account thank you for choosing gjc.

Method 3 – How To Recover Gmail Account Without Verification Code? – 2021 | 100% Working

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – Google Account – Google Basics – Part 1

This is the first of a five-part series on the google ecosystem ah what a big word ecosystem what does. It mean its just talking about your google account and the benefits you get from working with google and how. All of their different products work together thats the ecosystem their products being gmail google calendar google drive those sorts. Of things but theres a few different types of accounts that you can get which causes massive confusion even to.

Me so i thought we would start to this five-part series out by talking about your google account how to. Set it up what to expect from it and what benefits you get from joining the ecosystem thats today on. Dottotech steve dotto here how the heck you know in this fine day that dottotech we make technology easy so. You can do more now today i am biting off something which i consider to be a little bit big. To chew its the whole idea of google accounts and the reason its big to chew is google has for.

Some unknown reason theyve given us basically four tiers of accounts that we can have two of them are free. Two of them we pay for theyre all slightly different but theyre all incredibly similar and it just gets a. Little bit confusing so my goal today is for you to understand the basic of how the different four type. Of accounts work and also how to set up your free basic account and understand what the benefits are of. That to set the stage for the rest of this series when were gonna look at using gmail and using.

Google calendar the basics using google photos how and how all of the different tools integrate with each other and. Fit together thereby we will all have a wonderful image and a wonderful picture of how the google ecosystem works. It sound like a deal all right lets begin with the four types of a concept im gonna stick them. Up here or here i am not too sure ill have to edit it later to know what side im. Putting it on but the four types of accounts are a gmail account thats an account that has at

At the end that most of us have and is for free well be talking a lot about that in. This series theres also a google account which is the same thing except you dont have a gmail address attached. To it and you cant use gmail but you can access the rest of the google ecosystem from it then. Theres the g suite accounts the g suite basic and the g suite business account which gives you access to. The g suite or the google suite and it gives you access to the exact same things to the word.

Processor in the spreadsheet in gmail and google contacts in google calendar but you pay five dollars a month for. The basic version or ten dollars a month for the more expensive version and theres just a few subtle differences. The main difference being with a g suite account you can have your own email address that runs through gmail. So basically if you use all of gmail search and archiving and sending and and filtering tools but you can. Use it with your own domain name at the end and you have a few other features as well as.

Some additional storage now well put a link in the description below to the to a page that will give. You an outliner to this page here which gives you an outline of all of the different services available through. The business and the basic account but for our purposes today were gonna concentrate on the basic account not not. The g suite basic but the basic gmail account the one that we get for free the one that so. Many people have the kind of the key to all of the google ecosystem because with this account you can.

Gain access to the entire world that google has to offer and its free but you want to set it. Up properly you want to make sure that your security is in place and most importantly i think you want. To understand what the benefits are exactly what you can get from this account which is our goal in this. Episode today so lets now take a look at setting up a gmail account and what the benefits are and. How that fits in the entire google eco system now it has been a while since ive signed up for.

A fresh and brand-new gmail account so there might be a few things that i have to puzzle out as. We set this up but well go on this journey together shall we so you go to any google page. Do your google country page or google search page and you go to sign-in and in the sign-in area when. You go to sign into your account if you already have an existing account of course you can sign in. But if you dont you can click on create account and you create an account by entering your name and.

A user name now thats gonna be a bit of a challenge always because so many millions of people already. Have gmail accounts that youre probably going to end up with some sort of numerical appendage to your name or. Something that makes it unique but im gonna set us up im gonna set me up right here im gonna. Set up a brand new one with my name and username hmm thinking of a good use of it this. Is always one of the hardest parts what do i want i know what im gonna do there is because.

I know ive got a dotto tech demo gmail account that ive set up so im gonna make it dottotech. Demo 3 im pretty sure i can get that then you want to set up a password now you can. Set up a temporary password if you want or you can set up a nice cryptic password right off the. Stop right off the stop right off the top now i have a tool installed called lastpass which will generate. A nice cryptic password for me so im gonna get it to do that im gonna get it to generate.

A new password for me now the cool thing about lastpass is when you create a new password it will. Automatically save it into the vault so now i dont have to remember that super cryptic password that it created. Now this is the start weve got the beginning of the process so theyve approved this name if the name. Was taken they would have stopped us at that point there and told us we have to have a different. Gmail name or a different name to our gmail account but it worked so the next thing we have to.

Do is were gonna start entering our security information because we want our account to be secure we want to. Be able to be that authorized person to get into it and also if we have an issue with it. We want to be able to recover information about the account and typically speaking we do that through the use. Of this through our smart phone by adding our phone number to our account this will allow google to communicate. With us to our phone which only we should have theoretically and it allows an additional level of security so.

Im going to enter my phone number in and you can also at this point enter a recovery email address. This is an existing email address that you already have if you dont have an email address i think you. Can still sign up oh yet since its optional but its always a good idea to have a backup email. Address that it sends things to if you have any security issues now were gonna put in our birthday and. They never say happy birthday to me they forget my birthday every year thus not my best friend and my.

Gender rather not say your custom oh theyve added custom thats nice i dont mind being identified as male and. Then when we why we ask for this information oh they give us here they give us google very sensitive. Of course to privacy and security they have kind of they try and give us full disclosure every step of. The way so you can read all of the different disclaimers as you go along now next thing in this. In the process is they want to make sure the phone number is mine that i indeed am the person.

With this phone so they are going to send a text to my phone here which we will see buzz. In just a moment with there it is right there its already there and my google verification code see is. Right there and it is 605 602 i dont worry about saying this because its only a one time code. There we go get more from our number now its gonna start to talk to us a little bit how. It manages our security if you like you can add your phone number to your account and to use across.

Google services so its only used this now for this verification it hasnt actually saved our phone number if i. Want to use the phone to receive video calls and messages or to make google services including ads more relevant. To me i can choose to use our phone and heres more options dont add my number add my conference. Account security only add my number for account security and video calls but dont use my number for any other. Google services so video calls are something new that theyve added recently recently to the google services so we can.

If we want we can use it that way or yes i met ill add my number right across im. Gonna go in full into the deep end of the pool i want to take advantage of every service offered. Then i can always go in and change them later if i want see says you can always change your. Number control how its used or move it from your google account im gonna say ok to everything im im. In for penny in for a pound as they say ok now we have to accept our terms of service.

And here are all of the different terms which we can look our way through im not going to spend. All of the time on that today but you should definitely read through your terms of service and make sure. Youre comfortable and if youre not comfortable with it google it and see exactly into understand the subtleties of whats. Happening alright once weve done that weve set up the basic service it looks like were actually in and its. Brought me now back to the home page so the main google search page so if i click here on.

Gmail right now it should if im not mistaken take me in to my main google interface my gmail interface. Its loading this is the first time that this account has been opened as a gmail account and there it. Is welcome steve to gmail and this is the start up screen for a virgin account never been used email. So this is where it all starts now so i am actually going to be going through gmail in the. Next video in this series so therell be a playlist linked to the next video at the end of this.

Video unless its youre watching this video when its just being released in which case itll be released within the. Next few days so make sure that youve subscribed to the channel so you get access to the next video. But theyre telling us right here that were 10% set up that we want to go through these different things. In order to set up our gmail account so i will talk about these items in the next video setting. Up your gmail account and making sure that youre well set to use gmail but i as i promised i.

Said i want to show you the basic setup today talk to you a little bit about security and also. About how the different google system all the different pieces of the puzzle fit together and thats what im going. To show you right now so well get to the the rest of the email in the next video but. For now im gonna show you the rest of the google ecosystem that ive been talking about and we can. Find most of it by clicking here under google apps so even before weve completely configured our gmail account we.

Have access already to all of these different services look at them here that are available to us our account. Which ill take you in in a moment and thats where we set up additional security and we manage our. Privacy search maps google maps which you can use either as an account or you can use it anonymously as. Well youtube if you want to set up a youtube channel you can use your gmail account your google account. To set up your youtube channel google play is the store where we download free apps or paid apps for.

Our smart phone or for our computer google news which is an online news service we actually did a video. On using google news which filters news for you and it uses your account to identify what news is most. Relevant to you and then serve you that news so we will do a link to that video here as. Well gmail here is what that would as were talking about google contacts which keeps all of our different phone. Numbers and email addresses all in one place which we can use on our phone as well as in gmail.

And ill be showing you more on that when we talk about the gmail side ah now were getting into. The exciting stuff google drive im gonna click on that right now because google drive is all of the different. Extra office tools that are built into google now along with our gmail account we get 15 gigabytes of storage. Available to us which can be used for gmail they could be used for we can save files we can. Use it for just storing files but we can also use it for managing all of our different documents that.

We have and we can create those documents in google drive so you see here as im setting an opera. Tells me right away you get 15 gigabytes free for photos documents and more so this google drive we will. Be doing thatll be i guess the third video in this series will be on google drive on how we. Use it but it does two things for us google drive allows us to store files but it also allows. Us to compose different pieces of content it allows us to let me just finish this thing here and lets.

Get started here we go it also allows us to do things like creating in under google docs creating word. Processing documents spreadsheets presentations and slideshows now we have videos on all of these topics but well be talking about. Basically how we use these services in the rest of this series this is a huge benefit thats attached to. Your google to your google account or to your gmail account i use google docs for all of my word. Processing for years and years i use microsoft word in microsoft excel now i use google docs and google sheets.

For the most part for all of my spreadsheets in all of my writing its that good a service and. Its all available to us for free plus there are even more services we also have forums and drawings and. And all sorts of additional apps that we can have access to plus we can load more in so thats. A big part of that google ecosystem that i was talking about is access to storage and dry and documents. All through google drive but theres more oh yes there is so much more theres also google calendar which we.

Can use for all of our organization and the beauty of a cloud-based calendar means that the same google calendar. Lives on our phone as lives on our desktop so as were organizing and structuring our lives and all of. Our appointments we will we have an online calendar which works in all aspects now one of the challenges with. Online calendars is often we have access to a calendar through our phone so we if were using say an. Iphone we have access to apples calendar on the phone but then when we go onto our computer if were.

Not using an apple computer if we havent got to configure properly the computer doesnt always jive with the phone. Thats why i like to use google calendar across all of my platforms because i know its the one calendar. That i can gain access to on every device that i have and its included for free as a part. Of the google of the google account so thats another benefit of your account will skip by google plus because. Thats was their social networking fiasco we also have access to storing all of our photos online any photos you.

Take on your camera or with your phone can be synced to google photos and again its a benefit of. System and google photos in itself is i think one of the best benefits of using the whole google system. So google photos is attached and then below we see there are even other tools and we can add more. Apps as we go along things like things like whatever you got here google books where you can manage all. Of your books google keep which is a simple notebook tool which i which compares not not its not as.

Robust as a tool like evernote but its very flexible and very simple for us to use and all of. These other tools available plus we can add more that gives you an idea of the breadth of tools that. Are available to us just by creating that gmail account or that google account and all of this is free. Well if its free steve okay then lets talk a little bit about our security and privacy so you go. Into the account setting and this is a place that when you first set up your account you should spend.

Some time looking at and going through so here weve got managing our sign-in and security and our personal information. And privacy and then all of our account preferences now well be diving into this a little bit more throughout. This series and weve got other videos that we will link to as well if for things like doing two-factor. Authentication which we can set up for as far as our sign-in and security and also talking about how google. Deals with our privacy and personal information but this dashboard that they have here under your account is a is.

A really important area to get familiar with because here you can choose how that well well start with sign-in. Here you can choose how to sign in to your google account and two-factor authentication is what i recommend you. Set up because that basically uses your smart phone so that nobody can hack into your account or its incredibly. Difficult for somebody to hack into your account you have an extra level of security and privacy set up there. So going through each of these different steps which we actually have videos on most of them as well but.

Getting familiar with the account settings is crucial and you never have to worry when youre in google a lot. Of people i think get lost in the google system and they say oh i dont know where to go. To get to my accounts i dont know where to go this little series of 9 dots here under the. Google apps thats available whenever youre in any google property is your key right in here youve got access to. This account settings at all times you also have access here to your gmail to jump quickly back to your.

Gmail or watch it as soon as it loads we will see that the nine dots appear again are the. Google apps appear again and we can click here now we can go into our contacts or we can go. Into google drive thats your main navigation point as you go through all of the different google tools so weve. Done a lot weve actually covered a lot i think in this first little video i hope that its been. Clear to you and you now have the confidence to step forward and maybe create a google account and start.

To recognize some of the benefits that are attached and if you do then youre gonna want to make sure. That you watch the rest of the videos in this series as we go through gmail google calendar google docs. Or google drive google photos well be talking about all of those different main tools through the rest of this. Beginner series now make sure that you have subscribed to this channel so you dont miss anything here on dottotech. And ring that notification builder to make sure that you are notified when we upload new videos and now check.

Out the rest of our videos here in this series and others till next time im steve dotto lets live. In a castle.

Method 5 – Recover Your Google And Gmail Password

You cant remember your gmail password you cant remember your gmail address or somebody has compromised your gmail account what. To do what to do we will tell you today steve dotto here how the heck you know what this. Fine day let us dive right into it it is so frustrating to have forgotten your email password or even. Worse to have forgotten your email address and it is terrifying to think that your account might have been pirated.

By somebody else so what to do about that well google gives us a series of tools now each one. Youre gonna have to work your way through and be a little bit patient in and if youve done your. Homework before you can make your life a lot easier but more on that in a moment if you have. Forgotten your email address if you go to sign into a google account right here youve got the option to. Recover your email if youve forgotten the email address in that case you have to either give them the email.

Address of the account you created it with because typically we create child accounts from other google accounts or the. Phone number that youve attached to the account thats why its so important to go through your privacy and your. Security settings in google and make sure that you have a recovery phone number and recovery email address attached because. You can use that to recover your email address if youve forgotten the email address if you happen to be. In that position having said that if you remember your email address but you cant remember the password its a.

Really easy process to just click on recover forgotten password they will send an email or a message to your. Phone and allow you to recover your password quite easily people do this all of the time dont worry its. Not that big a deal now what is a big deal is if your account has been compromised in that. Case you need to go to the account recovery console within google let me show you that google has a. Terrific help document to walk you through this entire process and we will put a link to it in the.

Description below but effectively if you feel someone has hijacked your account you have to go to this account recovery. Console and you have to work your way through recovering your username and your account and they will ask you. A series of questions again its important that you have a recovery email or a recovery phone number that they. Can attach but theyll ask you what your user name is what the last password that you signed in with. And youll begin a process of recovering a lost account this not simple to do it will take some time.

And you should be able to recover your account but it is a process that you are going to have. To go through now once again you can make your life so much easier if you have made sure that. All of your security kind of insurance policies are in place with google now since we are way over the. One top it allotted for this particular video im not gonna go into that today but i will create a. Link to our video where i walk you through that process i love reading your comments and suggestions so please.

Post below i do read every single one if you like this video please give it a like and share. It with your friends or colleagues who may find it useful now make sure youve subscribed and hit that notification. Bell and if you have time check out some of our other videos right over there until next time im. Steve dotto have fun storming a castle.

Conclusion – How To Access Google Account

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