How To Access Google Analytics – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Grant Access To Google Analytics

Hi this is andy from orbit media and im making this quick video to show you how to share permissions. Within google analytics data is better when you share with friends and consulting adult marketers shared data all the time. Theres nothing wrong with that at all but you have to grant access to google analytics in a way that. Is responsible and doesnt add any risk to your marketing and it starts by making sure that you have total.

Control and the master key to control your analytics so were going to confirm that first and then we will. Add another account to our google analytics ready here we go so here we are in analytics im going to. Go to the admin section by clicking this gear in the bottom left and now right away we see three. Different columns the first column is the account level the middle column is the property level and the column on. The far right is the view so this is kind of like grandpa these are the parents and over here.

These are the kids so when you grant access at the account level it automatically grants access at all of. The lower levels similarly when you grant access at the property level it grants access to all of the views. For that property so a concept properties and properties have views so the ultimate level of access for you is. Going to be at the account level youll notice theres managed users option at each different level so once we. Go to manage users you can see all the different users for that account this is the users list and.

When you click on a user click on yourself the account through which you logged in and you want to. Confirm that you have manage users level access the manage user level access at the account level is the master. Key it means that you can add other people you can remove other people but you need to be careful. Who else has this level of access because anyone who has this can remove you so its worthwhile to take. A moment to see who else has this level of access these level of permissions and consider pulling that back.

A little bit so maybe not everybody has the master key to your account again if they have that they. Can remove you so now that we know that we have mastered level access were gonna look at adding someone. Else maybe at a lower level separate from manage users the three levels of access are edit collaborate and read. And analyze if you give someone edit level access they automatically have collaborated and read them analyzed similarly if you. Give someone collaborate access they automatically have read and analyze if someone has edit level access they can create new.

Properties and new views they can create filters they can set up goals funnels settings all kinds of things that. They can do in the admin section that are otherwise unavailable to them if someone has just collaborate level access. They only really can configure reports they can make dashboards they can create saved reports they can create segments read. On the analyze level thats basically just looking at reports you cant really do anything that can be saved there. Are i dont there any save buttons at all if all you have is region analyze level access so with.

That in mind every user in google analytics has certain permissions at certain levels so the highest level is manage. Users level access with edit permissions at the account the lowest level of access is read and analyze at just. One specific view so im going to add another user at the highest level first and then ill add someone. To the lower level to add someone at the highest level im just going to go to user management for. The account im going to click the big blue button add user and im going to add one of our.

Other accounts and notify user via email and then click edit giving all three levels im going to give this. Person manage users are at level access and click add okay i just granted the highest level of access maybe. To a trusted vendor or an important team member similarly i can come in here to the user management under. The view and grant lets just add with someone at the lowest level of access so for any of the. Views i can do this choose the view first lets do the demo view now im going to choose just.

Just this specific view im going to click to add the user and well add this account and im just. Gonna leave it at read and analyze and click add thats it thats all it takes very simple we just. Granted manage user level access at the account level for a very trusted partner or important team member and then. In just a few clicks for a specific view we added just the read and analyze level thats how to. Grant someone permission to access your google analytics it will notify them via email you can add anybody at any.

Email address as long as thats registered as a google account it doesnt have to be a gmail account and. It will notify them via email and now you can start collaborating start looking at reports start analyzing start asking. And answering questions start making better decisions and getting better marketing outcomes by working with friends hope this is useful. Well keep making more of these thanks again if you like this wed be grateful if you shared it with. Someone else see you next time.

Method 2 – How To Set Up Google Analytics – Tutorial For Beginners

Hi im dario from websites – simple calm in this video you are going to learn how to set up. Google analytics and install it on a website in just three easy steps google analytics is a powerful free tool. That tracks your website and marketing performance so that you can improve it by the end of this video you. Will have google analytics set up and you will be able to see things like how many people are visiting.

Your website if visitors are coming from google facebook or other websites on which pages of your website are getting. The most views so lets get started step one is to create a google analytics account to create a google. Analytics account go to for slash analytics and click on start for free then log in with the google. Account you can use the same google account that you use to access other google products like gmail google calendar. Or youtube and if you dont have a google account click on create account and set one up for free.

Once you login click setup for free then add an account name recommended options ticks then choose whether you want. To measure a website or an app or both enter your website name and url select an industry category choose. Your timezone so the reports are synced with your local time and click create agree to the terms for your. Country or region and thats how simple it is to create a google analytics account step two is to install. The tracking code in order to collect data and see reports in google analytics you will need to install the.

Tracking code on your website and there are a few different ways to do this depending on the type of. Website that you have so ill go through the main ways including how to install the tracking code on a. WordPress website step by step the tracking code should appear automatically after you create a google analytics account but if. It doesnt just click on admin tab in the bottom left corner and click on tracking info and then tracking. Code and youll be brought to the page with the tracking code to install on your website if you are.

Using a wix weebly squarespace shopify or other website builder and you can simply copy this tracking id and paste. It into the admin section of your website for example to add the tracking id to a wix website just. Click on marketing connections and then connect to google analytics and paste in the tracking id the process will be. Very similar for other website builders so if you run into any trouble just check the support guides if you. Coded your own website simply copy this code and paste it right after the opening head tag on every page.

Of your website if you are using wordpress login to your wordpress dashboard and click to add a new plugin. Search for the monster insights plugin then click install and activate and launch the setup wizard and follow the steps. Click the category that best describes your website and connect monster insights then login with the google account you use. To create your google analytics account leave the recommended settings as they are and click save and continue finally click. To finish the setup and exit the wizard its not easy note that monster insights does have a pro version.

With some more features but the free plan is more than enough to get your basic google analytics set up. Wraps up the various methods to install the google analytics tracking code so go ahead and use the method best. Suited to the type of website that you have step three is to confirm google analytics is working to test. That google analytics is working open an incognito window from your browser and type in your website domain then refresh. The page in google analytics now you should see that there is one active user on your website this shows.

That google analytics is set up correctly because we can see the visit that you have opened in the incognito. Window after 24 hours your reports will begin to populate if you click on google and licks home youll be. Able to see things like how many people have visited your website if visitors are coming from google facebook or. Other sites which country your users are from what devices they are using pages of your website are the most. Popular all of this information will help you make better decisions to grow your business and if you want to.

Dive in deeper click on the detailed reports in the sidebar thats how easy it is to set up google. Analytics uninstall it on a website click here if youd like to get a recap of the three steps subscribe. For more tutorials share this video with friends and comment below for what video i should do next thank you. For watching and ill see you in the next video.

Method 3 – Google Analytics Tutorial 2021 – Learn Google Analytics 4 (Ga4) & Universal Analytics Step-By-Step

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Set Up A Google Analytics Account | Add Google Analytics To Your Website

If youre wondering how to set up a google analytics account youve come to the right place in this video. Ill show you how to set up an account and how to add google analytics to your website hey friends. Im tasia and welcome to my youtube channel where i share tech tips and app reviews if you find value. In this content go ahead and give this video a like it really does help to tell youtube youve indeed.

Found the content youre looking for and speaking of finding the content youre looking for todays video is going to. Show you how to create a google analytics account and how to add google analytics to your website now there. Are a couple of really important troubleshooting tips to keep in mind as we go through the setup depending on. The website so if youre really new to google analytics well first cover what is google analytics then well go. Into how to create a google analytics account and then well of course cover how to add google analytics to.

Your website specifically were going to cover how to add google analytics to a wix site and how to add. Google analytics to a wordpress site lets go so what is google analytics google analytics is a free web analytics. Service offered by you guessed it google so in a nutshell google analytics allows you to track and report website. Traffic video social network traffic as well as measure your all-important return on investment or roi so now that we. Have an understanding of what google analytics is lets jump into how to create a google analytics account its really.

Simple and takes just a few minutes but im going to go through two very different very important options during. Setup depending on the type of website you have so google analytics recently updated to google analytics 4 and some. Sites are compatible with this update and some arent yet so im going to show you both ways on how. To do it because your analytics account here will look a bit different depending on your setup but i promise. Dont be confused this will all make sense in a second so to create a google analytics account head to. analytics and simply click on start for free okay now here youll create an account by using the same. Google info that you use for you know your gmail so the account that you want to track traffic for. Like your business account maybe you can also create an account here too if you dont even have a google. Account yet once youre logged in click set up for free now here add an account name this can be. Your company name and then scroll down past these data sharing options i just like to have them toggled on.

And then select next here youre going to provide some property details including a property name now this is normally. Your website so im gonna type in my business website okay and then youll select your time zone and currency. Now heres where that very important tip comes in and this is crucial depending on the website you have you. May want to make sure you create a universal analytics property long story short this here is now google analytics. 4 which is a fairly new update and some websites arent updated to allow for this new tagging method so.

For example i have a wix site and they dont yet support google analytics for so its key that i. Have a universal property for that now if you have a wordpress site you dont need to worry as much. About this im going to go over that in a second well actually go over both versions for you guys. So well start with wix and then well talk about what this looks like if you have a wordpress site. So underneath that currency option youll have this show advanced options this is your option to create a universal analytics.

Property if youre running a wix site or want a universal tracking id make sure this is toggled on now. Go ahead and add the website url here and for a wix site you actually have to make sure that. You toggle on the universal only option currently as of january 2021 when im making this video this is the. Only way to generate a tracking id that works with wix so far now again if youre on wordpress you. Can select both options its really not a big deal but we will get to that soon so once youve.

Got that all set just click next here you can add additional business information so how many employees as well. As some other check boxes here for what youre looking to track then all you have to do is click. Create and here in this pop-up agree to the terms and voila youve successfully created a google analytics account so. It really takes about one minute to set up a google analytics account and now that you know how to. Create an analytics account its time to add google analytics to your website and you do this by installing the.

Tracking id or measurement id now again remember theres different ways to do this depending on the site that you. Have so im going to walk you through a couple different options here so you at least understand where to. Find the code and what code youre looking for in your google analytics account and then how to add that. To your website so in keeping with installing for a wix account if you selected the universal option your screen. Is now going to look like this for reference we are in our admin console under the property we just.

Created and we are in the tracking code section youre going to need to copy this tracking id in the. Left corner its the ua dash followed by a bunch of numbers now head on over to your wix site. Dashboard and hover over marketing and seo on the left hand panel then select marketing integrations right here is an. Option to connect your google analytics account so click connect and here we see that wix is warning us again. That we cant use the new ga4 version of google analytics quite yet which is why we chose that universal.

Option so go ahead and click the connect to google analytics here and in this pop-up is where youre going. To put in your tracking id that ua number you copied from your analytics so paste in that tracking id. And toggle on the ip anonymization and click save voila google analytics is now connected to your wix website now. You may not show that youve connected right away so you can always go ahead and refresh your browser tab. Here and then look there we go weve successfully connected google analytics to a wix account so now as promised.

We want to do the exact same thing but we want to do this for a wordpress site since thats. Probably what many of you are using its its basically the same but a little bit different here we go. Now remember when we were back here in our google analytics and we were creating that property so you have. Your property name which can be the website and youve set your time zone and your currency but instead of. Toggling on that universal option like we did youve left the advance option toggled off here dont toggle it on.

At all so now all youre gonna have to do is click next and select your business information like we. Did before and then click create accept the terms and now instead of having that tracking id thats generated in. The top left you actually have to set up a data stream in order to start collecting the data that. We want so if you had already set up a google analytics account but you didnt do this step yet. Your screen might look a little different here so just to give you an idea again of where we are.

Within our google analytics account we are in the admin portal in the property that we just created but now. Were in the data streams section this is for ga4 okay so its a little bit different than that tracking. Id section so here we want to choose our platform were going to select web since we want to add. Google analytics to our website so now from here we have to set up this data stream and we do. So by adding our domain so put your website url in here and then to the right give the stream.

A name so you might want to call this my website or business website or product site whatever makes sense. For your situation so here underneath enhanced measurement i recommend keeping this toggled on but if you maybe want only. A few of these and not all you can actually just click this gear icon here and individually select which. Interactions you want automatically measured so once youre happy with everything just click create stream so now we have a. Few more options here back in our web stream details google should generate a measurement id up here in the.

Right for you and if you dont see this id right away after doing this its okay it might take. You a minute and you can always just go ahead and reload your analytics page and it should appear for. You soon the measurement id is important because like i said depending on the website you have youve got these. Different options for adding google analytics to your site if we scroll down you can also use these other tagging. Instructions for your site and even within these tagging options theres a couple different methods here theres this global site.

Tag or theres this google tag manager i think the google tag manager is a bit more robust as you. Can send data to other non-google areas as well either of those will work for wordpress sites so if youre. More comfortable copying and pasting say this code into the head of every web page you want to measure then. This section is for you but i think we can be even simpler with this and its really easy to. Simply copy the measurement id up here this is this g code in the top right just like we did.

With that tracking id earlier now since i dont have a wordpress site im going to show you guys a. Really detailed screenshot here of what this looks like on wordpress its literally as simple as it was for the. Tracking id that we did for wix its just using the measurement id now ive also put a link in. The description below and its a detailed step-by-step from wordpress just in case you need a little bit more guidance. So copy that measurement id from your google analytics account and now head over to your settings now in.

Your settings go to tools then select marketing then traffic and youre going to scroll down until you find the. Google analytics section and this is what the section is going to look like here and here you should be. Able to paste in that measurement id and then simply click save settings and thats really all there is to. It so remember theres more than one way to add google analytics to your website but all said and done. It really should take you just a few minutes to set up a google analytics account and successfully add it.

To your site well thats all there is to it did you guys find this video helpful would you like. To know even more about google analytics let me know in the comments below as always thank you guys so. Much for watching if you like this video i want to know so give it a like a share or. Be sure to leave that comment below you can click right about here to subscribe to my channel and click. Up here for even more google analytics content thanks for watching guys see you next time.

Method 5 – Google Analytics | Add Users To Your Account

In this video im going to show you how to add users to your google analytics account and this is. Ideal if you want other people to be able to access your account maybe to help you review your analytics. Or make changes that you dont know how to do yourself its pretty straightforward and first off though you do. Need to um log into your google analytics lytics account if you dont know how to do that do a.

Search for google analytics in google and then log in with your google credentials and once you manage to get. Into your google account try and get to the home of your account such as we are here on the. Screen and then youll notice the menu in the left hand corner side here and we want to find the. Admin option now to make this change you will need full admin access yourself so were making the assumption that. It is your account and you initially set up maybe with somebody elses help once youve clicked on admin here.

Weve got um three different columns right weve got your account column youve got your property column and theyve got. Your general and sort of finer details for an individual property so account and might be your master account then. You can have multiple properties within one account and property is your website so lets say if youre a business. You might have one account but you might have multiple websites so you can choose which website to work with. From that account for this though were simply going to be adding a user to your master account this first.

Column here who will then have access to any properties or any websites you have within that main account um. To add um a user we need to go to account user management and do notice that theres an option. Here in each column which allows you to control how much access somebody has to your account if you only. Want them to access one of your websites what youd work with says property column and for now though lets. Say were going to add somebody to your full account so theyve got full control of all you have so.

Um were going to click on that and here we can see weve got the owner of this website ready. At the top here which will be blurred in your screen and were going to click this plus to add. Users now we need to have an email address for uh active google account that you want to give permission. To and once weve selected that email address im going to click paste put it in there if you want. Them to receive notifications by email then you can leave this check im going to leave that unchecked for now.

Because i dont want that particular person to have lots of emails been thrown at them and now under here. Under permissions we can control exactly what they can do if we just want them to view your analytics well. We just leave that one there checked and it notice under each you can let them edit collaborate read or. Analyze or actually manage the users as well it gives you a description under each of these titles right here. And for this particular example though im going to give them full access to do absolutely everything so im going.

To check all four options here including manage the users so if they want this would be actually a way. That you could allow them to take control of your account completely and if you wanted to lets say give. Somebody your analytics account well then again if they have access to manned users well this is allows them fully. Enough control to actually take ownership of the account if you wished um okay once youve made the selections here. All we need to do is click add and now we have added this user to your google analytics account.

With full permissions to do absolutely everything hopefully you find this video helpful cheers for now.

Conclusion – How To Access Google Analytics

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