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Method 1 – Getting Started With Google Classroom | Edtech Made Easy – Google Classroom Tutorial

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Method 2 – How To Use Google Classroom – Tutorial For Beginners

Hi there jamie key here today at teachers tech today i want to show you how to set up and. Manage your google classroom i want to show it from the teacher view and also to show you what the. Students will see in this so lets get started with google classroom today here on teachers tech to see whats. Included in this video just take a look at the description down below im also going to put time stamps.

Which allow you to jump to different parts of this video so if youre looking for something specific just click. On the number and it will jump to that part of the video so but now lets just start with. How to access our google classroom and theres a few different ways to do this now the way i tend. To go is just going up to the uh up to top to the google launch here these nine little. Squares the apps and you can see google classroom is right here and if you have it lower down remember.

You can drag these all around so if its something youre accessing quite a bit you can go ahead and. Do that way and then just go and click on it and it will open up google classroom the thing. I wanted to point out right here is you could just type if youre logged in and i was already. Logged in to my account so you do need to be logged in to access google classroom but you can. See will get you to the same place too so you could type that in the other way how.

I like to do this is and something to note is whether youre on ios or android just simply open. Up install the app on your um on your on your phone and then youll be able to do all. The same things that i show you on a computer youll be able to do the exact same thing on. Your app and this works very very good to be adding information by just having your phone so check out. That app too but now so we have our google classroom here and the first thing that were going to.

Do is just to create a class and you can see right up here where the plus symbol is create. Or join a class so this is where students are going to join the class here and this is where. Were going to create our class so im just going to create a class here im going to go create. Class and at this point im just going to name it teachers tech and well just call this demo and. Go ahead and hit create you can fill out sections subjects room you can go back and edit this at.

All times too but im just going to go ahead and hit create so we have a class to work. With and it will create this class and then after its created all that were going to do is make. Some changes inside of it now this is pretty much you know youre going to see all your classes look. This way but we can customize this too and if you want to start at the beginning to customize or. You can do this later too you can see how theres a picture right here well we can go and.

Select a theme or upload a photo so maybe you want to put a photo of your class or whatever. It is you can upload a photo but if i just go and select theme you can see i can. Go through and pick kind of a general theme like this i could go to english or history ill just. Go back to general you can look at different ones on it im just going to go ahead and pick. This one right here and im going to hit select theme and you get to see how the theme changes.

Now when were magic managing google classroom take a look up top right here you can see where these three. Lines are we can go back to our classes ill explain some of these things a little bit later but. If i go to classes this is the class that we just created and this is where theyre all going. To get created as you create more classes theres going to be more to fill in here and you can. See if i click these three little dots here we can edit we can go back and click the edit.

And change uh this part right here what i showed you before on it and if you go back where. You can copy and archive also so now that we have a class set up lets start looking at what. Else we can do with it okay so for this section i want to show you how you can add. Students to your class im going to go back into my class that i created here and at this point. Now the way i usually do it in front of a class if i have this open and showing them.

You see theres this class code right here and what i can be doing if theyre live in front of. Me im just going to hit this little display and i just tell them to type down this code and. Then they can join the class remember at the beginning they would have to hit the join then enter this. Code the other way i could do i could just copy copy this class code and send in an email. From here and if you dont like this class code what you can do is go over to the settings.

Here and if i scroll down for a little bit you can see that theres the class code here it. Is right here same one if i click on this one i could copy it from here too but i. Can reset it if you want a different one or i can even disable it if i dont want any. More students to come in so remember that in this setting so im just going to go out of this. One the other way that you can do this and this gives an invitation to the students if i go.

Up to people up here and you can see their students and this is where i would invite other teachers. So if you are collaborating theres another teacher that youre working with in this class you can add them here. But if were adding students if i go ahead and hit the plus here and im just going to start. Typing this so we have a demo one here and im going to give an invite and then that student. Will get an invite in their email then theyll have to click it and then theyll be accepted from it.

And then well have students in our class so what does it look like for the student well theres a. Couple different ways theyre going to get in their email a place to join but the other thing once you. Invite them through the invite process theyll get this so right now im logged in as one of the students. I invited and you can see they can either decline or join now the other way i mentioned now that. You can see its joining and this persons part of that class now if i go over and go to.

A different one the other way to join is if i hit the plus and then thats where the class. Code is entered so thats where i would enter the class code that i had that was being displayed i. Could either send that or just show it in class and hit join and then that person will be part. Of the class so those are the different ways the students can join the class and what theyre going to. See through that process so now im back in my teachers account here and you can see now theyre not.

Grayed out anymore these people have excite accepted and i can invite guardians now so i can click on this. And i can put in the emails of the guardians and then theyll theyll get theyll get a place to. Sign up to be able to say how often they want to see the information knowing when assignments are and. You can also email students from right here so if i click these three little dots i can go to. Email students and i can send them a direct message from here so it makes this an easy way to.

Manage everything right inside google classroom so im back in the teachers site now and i want to discuss the. Stream now the stream is going to be your first tab here and its what youre going to see down. Below here now this is where you communicate with your class youre not going to be giving assignments in the. Stream its going to be maybe announcements and you can give attachments of files to things from google drive or. A website or even a youtube video so to do this you what you can do is just click in.

Here and ill just say that welcome just give a welcome message so ill just say welcome and this would. Go out to now we have a couple options do you want it to go out to all students or. Do you want to go to select students so you can choose if this is uh going to everybody or. Select students now this is where you can add so right down here we can go add and do we. Want this to be a link a file a youtube video so if i was going to go to maybe.

A google drive it would open up something in my google drive and ill just grab a video from my. Google drive on this one so now i have one more option here i can go here i can schedule. It or save it as a draft which means i can go back later and post it but im just. Going to go ahead and post this and lets move over to the view what the student would see on. This one right now so now im logged in as one of the students and this is their view so.

Its not changing a lot on this one but now students can comment back on this one too and notice. They can write something up here also now ill show you in a moment you might not want to give. That much opportunity for students to write right away maybe you want to kind of teach them about it and. What to kind of the appropriate things to communicate in here and ill show you where that option is but. If a student was ill just say wow and was to write something here and then send it back im.

Going to move back over to the teacher view here now im back in the teacher view you can see. Heres the comment here now we do have some options here if i go back here you can i can. Reply to this comment but look at this i could either delete or mute this comment from ashton maybe if. It was inappropriate now the settings i was talking about maybe you want to limit to how much they can. Communicate this way because ive opened it up before and sometimes students will just write random things in it and.

You can go through and delete these two but if i go up to the settings here and im just. Going to go down a little bit here and heres the stream now if we look students can post and. Comment students can only comment only teachers can post or comment so this might be something you want to think. About inside the stream of how you want to manage it okay so now were going to move over to. Classwork right here this is where youre going to put your assignments maybe material prior to any assignments like course.

Outlines or website links or videos that you know they can access again and again that youre commonly using but. So what i like to do first now im going to go to this button right here and hit this. Create in my mind how i organize things and this could be different you can do this in different orders. You could create your material first and then assign the topic after but im going to go to topics and. A lot of times in my mind im thinking the topics first and so maybe i have uh resources on.

This one so ill have a topic of resources im going to create uh one more two time im going. To go back to topic again and im just going to create material so just to give a couple examples. So i have a couple topics so far now i want to add things into these places so im going. To go up to create again and this time im going to click on material and this is where i. Get to create maybe i want a course outline or something so im just say outline i could type some.

Info whatever i want into here and i can go ahead and add so i click the add button for. Me a lot of times what i do is i keep things in my google drive but if it was. On my computer and i needed to upload a pdf i could do that youtube file but im going to. Go ahead and hit add from google drive and just as an example here uh these are you know even. If it says assignments on it this is just a course outline ignore the assignment on it but uh this.

Could be my course outline and i could go ahead and hit create or i could add something else so. Maybe theres a video that i want as part of it maybe an intro video i created i could go. Through and search or i could go to if i knew the url if i go over to a youtube. Video so if i wanted them to know how to use google meet i could go back and i could. Just paste this right in here and add it so now i have a document for my google drive and.

A video from youtube now if you look over here you know is it for uh all students is it. For you know i could individualize making sure if you were uh you know if you wanted different students to. Get different material you could do that i want all students on this one now my topic im going to. Say these are its material and its going to be applied to that topic so i can go ahead and. Hit post and it goes ahead and post it so you can see right here i have material and i.

Can go back in and i can click these three dots whenever you see it through three dots you can. See where you can delete i can rename if i go into this again and i can go through and. Adjust things right from here so always check for those three dots of what you can do to dive a. Little deeper so im going to go back just to my all my topics here im going to create one. More and this time im going to go to material so maybe theres some website links that i want so.

Ill just say websites and ill just type info again and im going to go say add and this time. I just want to use a link maybe im doing tinkercad some 3d design and im just going to copy. This link from this website go back and paste it over here add the link and then i could be. Working with maybe we video i can be copying this and go back and add multiple ones again so i. Can go add another link and just ill ctrl v this time add link and i get multiple links in.

It so again where do i want this to go i want this to go to resources this time and. Im going to hit post and its the same options you know for later or save as draft if you. Want to go back and edit it later but im just going to go ahead and hit post and now. Im just going to jump over to the students view so you can see what happened with them all right. So im logged in as the student now you can see material resources and they can click on the resources.

Youve given them websites to go to and then they can just click on them and its going to open. Up and go to that site so it makes a nice way to manage making sure students are getting to. The right websites they have the right material remember they can access this on their phone and its great to. Be able to keep everything organized okay so now im going to go and create an assignment and to do. That we go up to the crate here under the classwork im going to hit create and assignments right here.

Im going to do a different video on quizzes uh the quiz assignment in question here uh so when im. Done that check the link down below in the description and therell be a link you to that but for. Now im just sticking to the assignment one and im going to click on this and this assignment is going. To be about cloud so im going to keep this pretty straightforward and simple youd write your instructions here what. You want them to do you know whether theyre creating google slides or maybe theyre making a video you can.

Tell them what they need to do here so im just going to be pretty general and just type info. Again im going to go ahead and add some information to this one so im going to go and hit. Add this time i do want to give them a another link from right here its just this cloud one. So im just going to go ctrl c and over and then ctrl v to add my link so theyre. Going to use this maybe as resources i might put that in my instructions im going to add this time.

Im going to go and grab a document out of my google drive so ive started a document its going. To be types of clouds here and their assignment is to track the different types of clouds that they see. During a month maybe taking pictures of it and then listing the characteristics what makes them sure that its that. Type of cloud now an important thing before we go ahead and hit a sign and pick a topic for. It an important thing to know is this right here so it says students can view the file now that.

Means when you send it out like that students will be able to view the file and thats all they. Wont be able to edit it so if you just want them to be able to read the assignment and. Maybe theyre creating something else thats the option that you would choose there students can edit the file so if. This was something collaborative maybe the assignment is that all students list the type of clouds under this one document. It will create that one document for them and everybody collaborates together so you dont want to do that if.

Youre giving out maybe a worksheet that you dont want people to change and if you give that theyll be. Able to change the original one on that so be careful if you pick that one now this is one. I tend to do a lot is that make a copy for each student so this will give them an. Individual copy to create uh each in their own drive so theyll have it to work from and thats the. One im going to choose from here now i have the option again if i go over here since i.

Only have the one class to choose from what i created if i had different classes i could drop down. There but all students again differentiating from what students maybe get different assignments you could do that the points you. Can see if its ungraded or a point system here uh due date im gonna so if we go ahead. And put a due date on it you can see we just dropped down and i can pick a date. On it and the topic now i havent created the topic for this and i showed you how to create.

The topics from uh prior before but if i was i can create a topic when im creating the assignment. Or material too so if i was just going to call this you know ill just say science now i. Keep going down below rubric im going to do a different video on this one too explaining the rubric a. Bit more so again look for the link down below and im going to leave everything like this im going. To assign it right away i dont need to say this as a draft im going to go ahead and.

Hit a sign on this one so now what im going to do is switch over to the student view. So you can see what they get out of the assignment okay so im over in the students view now. And ive opened up you can see theres the clouds one heres the material we have the view the assignments. They can go to the link here im going to click on view the assignment and you can see some. Options that they get that they can turn it on but we havent done anything um on it yet too.

So a lot of times im just going to go back a screen if they go ahead and open the. Document here remember it created a copy for all the different students so if they were going to go through. And write whatever they want about the clouds when theyre done what they need to do is hit turn in. So then they can hit turn in and then this is the better way of getting them to create you. Know create their own they wont get that turn in option at the end but if you create the document.

To start with that turn in will be there im just going to say got it on here and were. Going to say one attachment will be submitted to clouds turn in and then so theyre going to go ahead. And turn that in so at the point where its submitted you can see students have the option to unsubmit. It too so if they need to make changes or maybe you suggest that they make changes on it they. Can go ahead and unsubmit it before theres any marks or anything now they could go through and work on.

This document some more they can also add other documents so they could add maybe they did create something from. Their google drive they didnt start the assignment right they can go ahead and just add it from their google. Drive or from a link or file or they could create the document that need they need it from right. Here so they have some options of how they want to do that theres also a private commons place where. You can go back and forth with the teacher on it but lets just move across and see what these.

Assignments look like for the teacher so i just wanted to point out as you post your assignments and different. Material this does come up on the stream and this is what the students see also also when we go. Over to classwork you can change you can drag these around and put these in different order if you do. Want to change the round so i just thought id mention that but lets go to this assignment uh now. And you can see right now two turned in so i went through as the students and i turned in.

Two for them so if i go ahead and just click on the two assignments i can see the two. Students that have turned it in here and when i go ahead and click on them and this is what. I like how google classroom has changed this can save you a lot of time uh i can go through. And so you can see theres ashton here but i can click on this and i can switch to the. Other students so i dont have to have all these tabs opened across the top and even if im in.

Like google slides and different things i can switch in here and it shows that this is turned in so. When you go through and want to give a little bit more this is where you give your marks to. If youre marking in here you can see we have a few different options where we can open in this. In a new window if we want but we have our grades right through here if i find those three. Little dots you can i can change the total points of this we can add our private comments also in.

This one so ill just give this kind of a random grade here if i was grading on a percent. Style but youll see where this goes to as i said in the different one ill talk about the rubric. Where that might match your assessment needs a little bit better if we have comments here i havent added any. Comments to the bank here but you can make a comment bank here so if i go to add bank. We could go through and uh ill just be quick here and we can add these comments that we could.

Go through uh and you can again we can copy them to the clipboard and whenever you see those three. Dots you can always get to more things now i could quickly go to the you can see the marks. Here im just going to go to the other one and im going to quickly give this a mark over. Here well say 95 and now im just going to go and you can see the marks are both there. Different ways that i can sort and when i look at the top here if im ready you can see.

Its not returned i can return this submission or return multiple submissions but ill go both here and i can. Select all the different students that are there and go ahead and return and just before i go to the. Students uh the students view one more time i just want to show you a different way that you can. Go through im just going to go back to this one ill just go back to my classes open this. Up if we go over to people again here are my students if i click on one of these students.

Like this you can see uh the different information that this has been returned theres a mark i can see. Theres a comment on this one what i really like about this view i can quickly see if theres something. Missing if somethings turned in or not and you can just scan each student so you go to their name. And look down the list and you can see theres a filter here that you could look up so again. Quick way to get information im just going to go back and the grades go right in here so its.

Like a book whether or not you use google classroom uh for that maybe its just more of an organization. But they do they will collect the grades across here so lets just go over to the students one last. Time so you can see what theyre seeing with the return grade all right so im back here in the. Students im just in the assignment uh the mark is up top theres a private comment that i wrote back. To it and theres even a resubmit in here so maybe the comments are maybe resmitting and then you can.

Re-grade it after that so just uh this has been kind of a general overview to get you started if. You havent used google classroom to see all the possibilities that you can do it works great again with the. Mobile apps everything works the same students get notified when you send out that assignment if they have notifications on. Their devices so it works very smoothly like i said i am going to put some more videos ill create. A playlist of all the different things that you can do inside google classroom but hopefully this gets you started.

Using this effectively and efficiently thanks for watching this time on teachers tech ill see you next time with more. Tech tips and tutorials.

Method 3 – How To Use Google Classroom. 2021. Tutorial With Step By Step Instructions For Teachers.

Hello there for those who are new to my channel my name is pam and im a coordinator of inclusive. Education services in british columbia in this video im going to talk about how to use google classroom which is. A fantastic online platform that is very much geared to helping students access their learning whether theyre in a brick. And mortar classroom or learning virtually whats up everyone welcome back to my channel the best website for teachers educational.

Assistants parents and administrators for those who are new to google classroom i love this google app for its ease. Of use paperless system and easy to navigate features both for teachers and students if you do not have google. Classroom already the first thing to know is that your school district needs to have google apps for education once. Your school district has gaff the google classroom is free i recommend you take a look at this website if. You dont have google classroom already ill link the websites address in the description below then you can talk to.

Your information technology administrator to see if google classroom can be rolled out in your school district i have google. Classroom set up in my personal account to get to google classroom simply click on the waffle which are these. Nine squares located in the top right hand corner of my personal google drive account then im going to click. On the google classroom icon in google classroom you can see that i have already set up three courses to. Create a new course click on the plus button located on the top right hand corner of the screen now.

I have two options i can join a class as a student and im going to show you how to. Do that in a bit and the second option is to create a class im going to create a class. Youll see this notice come up about understanding google classrooms terms click on the terms once youve read it and. Now im going to create my course this is where im going to detail the specifics of my course im. Going to call it mrs gurneys writing class if there is more than one instructor teaching the same course then.

This is where i would indicate the section i am teaching lets pretend im teaching section zero zero one the. Subject is writing im going to pretend that the room is 1 2 3 4 5 click create and then. It will generate the course now you can see that the course is populated in google classroom the course name. And section 001 is in this banner i also have a class code when i click on this frame like. Icon the code magnifies making it easy for st.

Conclusion – How To Access Google Classroom

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