How To Access Google Cloud Photos – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Download All Your Photos And Videos From Google Photos!

Hey everybody theres rebbe pence the true flametech so i get this question a lot how can i download all. Of my google photos or backups of my photos and videos thats on the google photos service right to my. Computer either i want to store it some other way or manipulate a bunch of the files at once whatever. So were gonna try to do this in like under five minutes maybe under two lets see how fast we.

Can get there but first i want to just give you a quick explanation of what google photos is google. Photos is the most excellent backup service really that you can use as long as you try someone else with. Your information youre okay with that im not even sure i am but lets pretend for the moment we are. Because i certainly you know have used services like this before and its fantastic because google photos will backup all. Your photos videos photos and videos i guess for free under certain size limitations whether its on your android your.

Iphone your ipad your you know your pc or mac as long as you install the google photos application or. Google backup and sync if youre on pc and mac now i think they call it its getting back though. This stuff up for free like all of it with very few exceptions like if youre trying to backup a. Movie obviously its not they do like a 20 minute movie or something like that or more but you know. With some within reason so it backs it all up automatically you do nothing and then automatically on all those.

Other devices you can see all that stuff and you can search it but i face plays well there there. Is a dog or a hand or a beach and in the picture or video it knows analogue so automatically. Create collages animations and home movies for you like automatically but you do literally nothing but install the application ive. Had to do amazing things where it says oh hey look it looks like this person whos been your life. For a while watch how they grow up and it puts music to it its automatic its creepy but its.

Cool its actually way better than i ever could have done but without further ado lets get into how we. Can download all of our pictures off of google photos all of our videos off google photos all in one. Step so that we can you know have a separate separate backup or move off of google permanently so here. We go lets do that all right coming in at two minutes 36 seconds right now so lets get on. To it first thing you want to do is open up your firefox or chrome your internet explorer however you.

Normally access the internet i have firefox for a year i like it for privacy and speed it doesnt suck. As much now so the easiest way to do it is straight up go to if you already signed. In with your google photos account you can just click on your face at the top right and its gonna. Show you you know your email address that youve signed up with and what you want to do is click. On the big blue my account button next thing you want to do is scroll down to the center center.

Of the page right there you can see my mouse moving right over there and were gonna click control your. Content right there control your content and it says download or transfer your content this is fantastic so were gonna. Click that big blue krait archive button right there just wont give you enough time to see that right underneath. The person on scooter that image might change google changes stuff too often but right now it says create archive. Right click create archive and now it says ok well what do you want an archive of what do you.

Want to download from google and then at this point you start to understand how much of you that they. Own yeah i mean that sounds kind of conspiratorial but literally they yeah this is all google services you probably. Didnt even know google onto youtube i of course did but yeah thats a lot but anyway you know its. The price you pay for the convenience that literally no one else can put facebook and amazon are getting close. Though all right so what we want to do is actually select none select this button we dont want to.

Download all that information its crazy we dont need it we just want to scroll down to google photos so. Lets find the photos icon looks like a little pinwheel same as on your phone or computer usually all right. Hit the little toggle button right near it and were gonna scroll down to next and all of these options. Are fine the way they are google is pretty good about figuring out how you want it so basically how. This works is goes gonna compress all these photos and videos and send them to you in big packages and.

The only retime youd ever really want to change any of this stuff is if you want to send all. These photos and videos to another service which is probably not why youre here and you have a really fast. Internet connection if you have a really fast internet can actually you can choose the 10 or 50 gigabyte chunks. Otherwise forget it you dont have to understand anything what i said just click the giant create archive button click. The create archive button and magically theyre gonna go ahead and compress all the information youre gonna get an email.

At the account listed at the top right and youre gonna just click the link in there its gonna download. Like anything else like you download something else also if you didnt have a lot there itll pop up automatically. Like it did on my screen and you could click download but if youve been using it for a while. Its gonna take like a day its gonna take a lot also it just so you know its actually very. Very normal for these downloads to fail try clicking it again try waiting try shutting down your computer restarting it.

Make sure you have fast internet connection dont use like mcdonalds wi-fi its not gonna work just make sure youre. Not doing really anything else on the computer if you can help it at least not on the internet while. Youre downloading this stuff ive seen it crash computers crash browsers just not work so anyway thats it thats all. There is that is how you download all of your information from google honestly you can check out all those. Boxes download it all and say google see you around be here anymore or if you just wanna have another.

Backup thats how you do it so thanks for joining us that your flame tech channel give me a call. Or email or some edits i get at tier you e fl a dot a me spelled like this no. Calm again thats tier you e fl ame see you around.

Method 2 – How To Restore Photos From Google Photos After A Factory Reset

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – How To Use Google Photos – 2022 Beginner’s Guide

Everyone in todays video i want to show you how to use google photos its one of my favorite apps. Out there at least in the last five years or so so i wanted to kind of give you a. Complete guide on how to use google photos and why you should use google photos all the benefits that come. With it now google photos is available for the iphone and tablets like the ipad for apple devices and its.

Also available in android devices actually on android here is the default app for photos called google photos you could. Always access it too on the computer at photos now there are four really big benefits of using google. Photos so let me say what those are first and then well walk through using the application here the very. First one is is a great way to free up space on your phone especially if you have an iphone. And you dont have the upgraded icloud to put your photos on there you could use google photos completely for.

Free it has unlimited storage up to a certain quality that well talk about for backing up all your photos. And all your videos too really incredible the second benefit of it is its one of the easiest way ive. Ever found for syncing up your phone and your computer with the same photo library so you have photos on. Your computer you want on your phone this will do it for you you have stuff on your phone you. Want on your computer this will do it for you because the google photo platform is on the cloud so.

When you sync it all up it all is under the same umbrella under your google account now the third. Benefit is it makes photo sharing so so easy doesnt matter if you do it on the computer or your. Phone photo sharing individual photos or entire albums the sharing of photos becomes so so easy and number four and. My favorite way i use google photo is because it organizes things automatically in a way that it will take. You forever to do what i mean by this is it organizes pictures by when they were taken where they.

Were taken whos in the photo the type of photo it is it will just do all of that for. You automatically it makes it really nice and easy to search things in the future something thats really hard to. Do with different photo apps so those four reasons are why i use google photo and i think you should. Too so lets jump in here and start using it so the first thing you want to do is you. Want to get the google photo app you can do this on the computer but i find it a lot.

Easier with the mobile app and go ahead and download it if you already have an android device you already. Have this app just look for google photos on your android on the iphone here im going to go ahead. And open it and the first time you do log into this app its going to ask you to sign. In with your google account again this is all under the same google email if you have a gmail for. Example use that to sign into your google account if you dont have one you will need to create a.

Google account once you do you should land here which is the home page of google photos so make sure. You do that first now here the first thing you want to do is we want to turn on backup. And sync backup and sync basically means its going to scan your device it doesnt matter if youre on the. Android again or the iphone they look the same they work the same it will scan your device and copy. Everything from your phone or tablet or computer onto google photos using backup and sync let me show you how.

To turn it on click your profile icon right here and right here mine says backup complete because i already. Turned this on but yours is going to have an option for backup and sync click it and click settings. On top there if it takes you here but you want to look for backup and sync and make sure. The slider is turned on here and it will automatically in the background started scanning your photos and videos and. Backing them up now lets talk about the quality of how things are getting backed up right here it says.

Upload size let me click this to explain something its going to upload things based on a certain resolution photos. Is 16 megapixels which is pretty high its high quality but it might not be the original quality especially if. You took things in a higher resolution or even raw format with the newer iphones so you do have to. Sacrifice that if you want to use this with the free unlimited option if you do use the original you. See this number here says 15 gigabytes i have 15 gigabytes of storage for free if i go over that.

The original is going to ask me to upgrade and pay and its couple bucks a month here for getting. 100 gigabytes if you want to do that but i dont care about that the high quality is perfect but. When it comes to videos you got to be careful there because it wont back up the 4k videos only. 1080p now this is again depending on what youre doing but usually i dont take videos in 4k and this. May change in the future but thats the case right now so pay attention to that change this to original.

If you want and if you get to 15 gigabytes here you will have to update okay so back to. The home page let me show you what youre looking at here the things you see on top these are. Kind of like instagram story or facebook story where youre gonna see a highlight of things from your recent past. So a year two years and so on are gonna show up over here you could click any of them. To watch those thats just a preview of what youve done with this app in the past and using backup.

And sync but your recent photos for example for today i was taking some photos in the office here and. You could see those over here just from that section and everything is going to get organized if i keep. Going its going to show yesterday the day before and so on but i think you get the idea here. Of what this home page is going to show you under the photo tab i do want to click on. One because i do want to show you some of the options you have over here which lets go ahead.

And do with this photo here you could go ahead and edit photos if you click this option right here. Theres a bunch of pre-existing filters that you could apply to any photo so beyond all the things that i. Showed you as a benefit of this app you also have that here you have things that make it lighter. Or darker you could change the color making things black and white and so on so lets say i want. To make this black and white and you have this rotation here where you could go ahead and crop things.

Differently or rotate them if you like just to make things look perfect and im going to press done and. Lets go ahead and press save on top and im going to make this a copy so it saves the. Original colored one here as well so thats the option on the bottom you could always use google lens here. Where it basically recognizes whats in your photo and you could see you scanned it and found some things for. Me thats the google lens thats very very power powerful here in this section as well one of the other.

Reasons i like this because it could actually recognize whats in my photo you could always delete things here but. Be careful because if you do back them up from your device and you remove them from your device which. On the iphone specially is going to tell you do you want to remove it from your device to save. Your space this is the only place your photo is going to be if you removed it from your device. Now im super paranoid so what i did is i actually used google photo as a primary way to backup.

My photos but i also paid for icloud and i back up my photos on icloud too in the apple. Ecosystem so i have it in two different places thats the way i back things up you dont have to. Do that if you just trust this and want to remove things from here but it was worth a couple. Bucks for me to upgrade on icloud and im using the free version of google photos now lets see what. Else we have on top we could press this play option some photos that were taken with some of the.

Cameras that have this live option it will show you this quick view im going to pause that you could. Cast something so this lets you cast it to different devices maybe that you have around the house using wi-fi. And you could favorite this on top if you want to add it to your favorite right there using the. Star and the three dots here give you some options for example it shows you the original resolution and how. This was taken it shows you what device it was taken on and it shows you how it was banked.

Up in this case the high quality because i didnt change that in the setting now you could add it. To albums here but ill show you some of the way this organizes things automatically you could archive it and. You could order a photo which is really interesting or save it as pdf or save it as a video. Some really cool options under every single photo here that you have now in this case i dont want to. Do any of that but i just want to show you what was available here and including the order photo.

Option using canvas or photo prints or books so so useful okay so thats the home page the photos page. Lets go to search this is where this becomes even more powerful so you see on top here now i. Have to blur this just for peoples identity ill keep the dogs in here but you see people and pets. I did not create these folders so let me click a pet here now this is what happened here when. Google photo brought these into the app here you could see that it recognized that these are photos of my.

Dog and he made an album for me thats incredible and it kind of freaked me out the first time. I saw it but now everything is organized i could click on any dog any cat or any person and. See all the photos on my phone that are backed up on google photos here on this section really really. Cool so again ill go ahead and blur this here but these are just all the different people all my. Friends all my family members here that ive taken a picture of and google photo has organized all of them.

Into different folders so if i click on any of these he opens a folder with all those people in. It you could go ahead and search things based on location based on photo type even based on peoples name. If you took the time and gave people name when youre organizing your photos very very powerful search bar up. Here and it also organizes things by map based on the metadata of the photo meaning where was the picture. Taken and google does a good job explaining how they know that and then by things too so menus towers.

I took pictures of towers lets see what that looks like actually thats funny so here just the towers in. Disney world when i was making a commercial there it looks like its pulling those over here so thats really. Cool and you could see other categories here screenshots selfies videos 360 photos everything is put in categories i did. Not do this this was done by google photos everything was organized for me under the search tab lets go. To library now and library i showed you how to make something a favorite but once you do they show.

Up over here if you archive things they also show up over here so these two folders i use all. The time and if you move something to the trash they will move over here and you could empty the. Trash at any time and then you could create more albums over here looks like the disney album and cars. And dogs all these albums i created and put things there this is just copy of my mobile upload so. This was automatically created for me but i really like this page especially the favor icon and creating albums here.

On the other pages and then viewing them over here so you could see some of the jobs that ive. Done in hawaii they show up over here and some other things even my facebook profile pictures were backed up. Over here from ios from some of the commercial shoots everything shows up very nice and organized over here now. What if you want to share a photo let me show you how that works just press the share icon. Right here on any photo and its going to show you people you could text this to its going to.

Let you use airdrop if youre on a mac send it as a message copy it use instagram email all. That is available for you but ill show you how to do this with a whole album right now its. Really useful so heres a whole album and to share a whole album i could add photos to it as. Well here if i want to add more but i could just press share right here and i get the. Same exact option and people that are part of google photo will show up over here i could search them.

And this will use their gmail here or their google account here to share so if i select someone here. And press send it will send that google photo album to them and thats one of my other favorite features. About this app because i could share not just one photo but an entire album and i could order prints. Of one photo or an entire album using this method and ill show you one last thing here which is. You could add more description to a picture to make it easier to search later on so on a picture.

Press the three dots on top of it and you could see that i gave this one a description here. But you could type out whatever you want and then use whatever you typed out here for search so its. Just giving more information to google photo about what this picture is and you could see more about the details. Of it here so it knows the date and time it was taken it knows my description he knows my. Location and he knows probably whos in the picture again which i showed you with that recognition of creating those.

Different folders and at any time i could change any of that including editing the date and time over here. And thats your introduction to google photos and i specifically wanted to focus on the mobile app but now everything. That you learned here applies on the google photos website as well at photos and as long as you. Use the same google account to sign in and backup and sync is activated youll get to access all your. Photos on your computer now that youve added to your phones app here thanks so much for watching i post.

These type of videos every single day on this channel with over a thousand videos and i hope to catch. You next time.

Method 4 – How To Access Your Google Cloud Base Information.

Welcome this is video 1 of a four-part series dedicated for the employee relations group the employee relations group is. A group that i have done work for in the past and they are in the middle of a transition. Period from your basic excel and access document or workflow to the cloud base and the reason for these videos. Is to give the employees a easier transition it is basic comprehensive work regarding the cloud base system it is.

Not advanced it is basic information on how to manipulate and how to go over certain things so that they. Can be successful in providing the reports or analyzing information as it pertains to their unit in video 1 i. Will cover how to access your cloud base information i will show you how to sign in into your google. Account use the google apps specifically the drive platform to access that information i will show you how to create. A folder how to create a spreadsheet and how to share a document whether its individual document or folder with.

That being said lets get started the first thing you need is to have a google account in order to. Access the google cloud platform once you get the account all you have to do is log into your gmail. Or through the waffle little squares on the right-hand side of the of the corner click drive and it would. Automatically take you in to the google platform ok once youre in the platform youll be taken to this screen. And here is where youre actually in the google drive the first thing i want you to do is to.

Remember this new button this button is the button that allows you to create new things or access certain things. For example lets create a folder click on the button click on the folder itll ask you to name the. Folder lets just say practice folder click create and there you go to rename this folder the only thing you. Have to do is right click and rename it click ok and there you go thats how you create a. Folder again click new folder right-click to rename it and there you go to create a spreadsheet say you want.

To create a spreadsheet within this folder click inside the folder click new google sheets and there you have it. Its very easy its just like working with any other program as long as you follow certain steps there is. No reason why you should get lost this title let first first spreadsheet ok and there you go ok now. Lets go back to the drive here we have our first fresh to go back to the original folder you. Come up here and there you go it takes you back if you want to access that spreadsheet you click.

On your full in there you have to delete it the only thing you have to do select it and. Press the delete key and there you go go back to your folder lets delete another item this presentation delete. It it all works the same the thing about google drive and the platform is that once you learn how. To use one item whether its a spreadsheet or docs whatever it is it basically runs the same pattern so. When you learn to use one one program or one item by the end of a couple of trials and.

Errors you will learn to use basically the entire google platform because google has made it a point to have. Everything work i almost identical so once you learned this you should be able to be comfortable with a lot. Of different applications now to give from access to other individuals say you want to share this folder or any. Other item with other people other co-workers or other managers or whoever the only thing that you have to do. Is highlight it right click and share now you would you would put their email address here it has it.

Has to be a google address in order for them to be able to access the same document or the. Same folder through the same google drive platform the best thing or the thing that i really like about google. And this platform is that once you input their information you can give them access to edit to add or. Organize or you can give them access to view and you are you are not limited to the items that. You can allow individuals to edit or view if if you put other things in this folder anything under that.

Folder will be viewable or edited by the individual that youve given permission to for example if i was to. Put all these all these documents inside the folder and i put them in here and i give employee number. Two access to it to edit he doesnt have to get access for every individual item what he or she. Has to do is click under item share with me and this folder is going to appear on their google. Drive platform and theyll be able to do edit or organize whatever information is in this folder on the other.

Hand if you have other information that you do not want to share certain groups of certain individuals you can. Give individual accessed for individual items for example if i only want to give say employee b access to this. Profile then i would again go to share put their email address and click they can either view it edit. Or comment whatever whatever i want them to have access to im able to do here if i want to. Give the whole group access to everything then whatever i drag or whatever i put into this folder there will.

Automatically get access to okay to recap what we did today we were able to sign in to our google. Account to access your platform or your google drive click the drive button to create a folder click the new. Button select folder to create a spreadsheet click the new button select the google sheets and there you have it. In just a few minutes you were able to access information share information and provide anything that you want to. The organization by sharing editing or organizing.

Method 5 – Google Cloud Photos | Access From Lg Tv

With the google assistant build new you can ask the assistant to help you show your photos on your lg. Tv by this you will be able to access your google photos quickly lets see how it works open lg. Thank you app on your mobile and tap the mic button and speak show my photo album showing your photos. First you need a magic remote or else download lg thank you app on your mobile second you need to.

Install cloud photo and vide.

Conclusion – How To Access Google Cloud Photos

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