How To Access Google Contacts – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access google contacts,

Method 1 – Use Google Contacts Like A Pro

Our topic du jour is google contacts can you use google contacts as your central contact manager and what the. Heck is going on with it because if were gonna be perfectly honest its kind of a confusing tool so. Well explore it today on dottotech steve dotto here how they fq doing this fine day at dottotech we make. Technology easy so you can do more and making it easy is our main goal today because were gonna be.

Dealing with what i think is one of the simplest tools on the planet our contact manager where we store. Our personal emails and email addresses and phone numbers and in mailing addresses of our contacts were gonna be looking. At google contacts and it should be a really simple thing but for some reason its not simple google in. The way that they give us access to google contacts gets confusing and people tend to lose track of it. And also making it work making having one central contact database when we have multiple devices when our smartphone tries.

To create a new address book and our email system tries to create another address book so making sure that. We have a strategy in place so that we have one central contact database that all of the others look. To so that when we go to look up somebodys address on our phone its there even if weve input. It on our computer so thats gonna be our goal today is to make sense of google contacts but before. We begin a quick message from our sponsor who today is me actually our weekly webinar series every week here.

At dottotech we do a free tutorial webinar called webinar wednesday where we teach you some aspect of technology and. I wanted to make sure that you were aware that we do this almost every single week and if you. Want to up your productivity skills up your social marketing skills up your online video skills perhaps you should take. A look at what we deliver each week on webinar wednesday so ill put a link in you can take. A look and see what this weeks topic is and i hope to see you online on wednesday now lets.

Get into google contacts and and really but what kind of what spawned this entire video today was googles recent. Update of their gmail platform which it has some good aspects and has some bad aspects but by far the. Worst aspect of it is how they dealt with google contacts in it oh my gosh they really they really. Put their foot in it this time let me show you this before you is the classic version of gmail. Before we got the recent update to gmail which weve done a video on if you want to take a.

Look at the new features of the new interface but this is what weve looked at for years and years. As far as managing our email now when we wanted to go in and see our contact list we wanted. To see our address book we used to just go under here under this little drop-down menu here and choose. Contacts but they moved it see what what happens when i choose contacts here now it pops up with a. Little menu here saying your contacts are now here contacts and many other google apps can be found under this.

Menu this is the google app menu which they want us to use for all things google now and in. Here now is our contact database so here is our address book available to us now under this google apps. Menu so that is the first point of confusion i think with google contacts is for so long we were. Used to looking at them in one location and now theyve moved them to underneath this this this google apps. Menu you can of course add new addresses by clicking here in the plus button in the bottom which will.

Allow you to manually enter new email addresses and new phone numbers and new physical addresses and new contact information. Should you need to but typically speaking most people dont want to enter addresses that withey when you want to. Enter an address is when youre in communication with somebody so if we go back into our email client unless. I was in a conversation with sheba and i wanted to add shivas email address to my address book all. You do is you hover your cursor over top of their persons name in your reply window as youre reading.

The email and there you get the choice to add the persons name to kahn this is the easiest way. To add somebody even somebodys email address to your contacts but i think this automation causes a little bit of. Confusion now the confusion comes from the fact that when you are in your email and you start typing in. A persons email address often their email address will come up even if you havent added them to your contacts. Now the beauty of adding somebody to your contacts of course is when you go to address a new email.

And you start typing their name into the address field it auto fills for you so that you can automatically. Send an email to that person without having to look up their address thats all great in its technology that. Weve used for a long time but i think we get a little bit confused with contacts what weve added. To our address book and not because often as youre typing in a persons name their email address will appear. Even if you havent added them to contacts thats because gmail basically uses almost i guess its sort of like.

Cookies im not positive that thats exact technology but the fact that they are in your but the fact that. You sent and received email to them means that theyve stored that information and you can access it even if. You havent imported it into your address book i hope that makes sense so if you want to make sure. That somebody is in your address book which means then that they will be available on all of your sync. Devices and all of the other devices that you use your account with then you want to make sure that.

You hover your cursor over the top and you add them to your email address just like ive showed you. Here and you add them to your sort add them to your contacts just like ive shown you here before. We go on i want to show you two different quick ways to get to your contacts if you dont. Like the idea of having to go through this menu in order to get to your contacts which most people. Frankly dont like the idea the first is a really simple kind of productivity hack just go into your contacts.

Just go into your contact file once and then here in the browser window grab the browser the address all. You do is you click in it in the address bar there and you drag it down and you can. Drop it right here into your into your address bar and then you can quickly get to your contacts just. By clicking up in here its very similar to the way that we used to go under that gmail menu. In order to get your contacts and theyre always available to you thats a way that i really like to.

Do it or heres another way im gonna go back to my inbox and actually im going into my own. Real email now so you can see that theres lots and lots more email messages and all you do is. Hit g c and it launches google contacts now again this is now my entire contact list and you can. See im gonna have to blur a lot because theres a lot of personal information here but you can see. How quickly you can get to that now in order to use that keyboard shortcut g c just tap tap.

You have to be in the basic inbox you cant be in any editing field so you cant already have. Opened an email and have the address book open or i have the address bar open or be in the. Text entry area because then its going to look at the fact that youre entering text it only works when. You are in your inbox in order to jump into your contacts that way but its a pretty cool hack. I think all right before i take you into the smartphone to talk about syncing this to your other devices.

Syncing your contact list here are the devices just a few kind of top level things about using google contacts. Now the first thing is it will go through all of your contacts and look for duplicates which is a. Huge benefit and here its found two different duplicates i can view them make sure theyre the same person and. I can merge their addresses together its so that we dont have multiple contacts for different individuals and what it. Does is it basically adds it typically speaking youll have one connection with somebody from one email address and then.

Maybe another from another email address because often we have a personal and business email address this allows us to. Combine those two into the same record and then demark the email addresses as personal in business that sort of. Stuff as youre going along so its got some nice intelligence to help you out there the other big feature. About using google contacts is the ability to add labels when you create labels then you can make lists so. That you can quickly email an entire subset of your overall database quickly and easily and this is ideal for.

Example i did it for my wedding for my wedding to make sure that all of my family that was. Involved in the wedding was a rather than address each one individually and then possibly missed somebody i could just. Add them all to the wedding list and then i can email them all at once all of my kids. All at once now when you go into any one individual you also have some additional capabilities as far as. Sorting and organizing people because if you get a large list of contacts you want to be able to organize.

Them and be able to make sure that the people you want to find you can find when you need. To find them and usually search is gonna do that but you can also add a star to people which. Will move them to the top of the list this is where you go in this menu when you actually. Open the individual contact this is where you go and you can add them to any of the labels that. Youve created to make sure theyre on the correct male list so its really easy to manage each one of.

Your contacts and make sure theyre on the appropriate male list so that you can communicate with them when and. Where you need to now lets take a look at the same issues that we face but on the smartphone. Now on your phone if you are on an android phone its pretty easy to merge google contacts into your. Android phone because it google is android so im gonna walk through the process of making sure that your contacts. Are available to you on the iphone in our demo today because heres the issue when you buy any new.

Phone and this also goes for some android phones like if you buy a samsung phone they want you to. Use their contact list often and so people get confused that theyve saved an email address or a phone number. On their phone but then they dont have access to it on their computer and that causes a lot of. Issues i think so on your phone you have to make sure that you go into your account settings so. Go into your settings area in your settings area you go into your accounts and passwords right there and you.

Make sure that you have first of all enabled your google account on your iphone this will also give you. Access to your email and other aspects but you do that just by clicking on add account then choosing a. Google account right there and then entering your credentials to be able to sign in using the google account so. Thats step one of making google contacts your universal contact manager so when you save a phone number or save. An address on your phone then it saves to your google contacts the other place that you go is right.

Beneath that contacts accounts and passwords is the contacts menu and there youve got to go in and youve got. To choose your default account to be your gmail account you go in there and you choose that default account. And dont use your iphone and dont use your icloud account but use your gmail account at that point there. And then when you save an address on your phone it will be saved to your contacts also when you. Try and look up an address its gonna look it up from your google contacts file as well thats the.

Key to making google contacts ubiquitous through through your entire toolkit now personally i think it should be a lot. Easier to manage your contacts than google and apple and samsung and all those other manufacturers make it but alas. Its not you have to go through these steps and understand the process in order to really take advantage of. Contacts and to really be more productive and efficient so i hope our video today helps get you on the. Right path now if you have found todays video useful i do have a couple of favors to ask first.

Is comment let me know what you think about google contacts but if youve got a better solution for contacts. Id love to know what youre doing with your contacts and how youre managing them on your system secondly if. You found todays video to be entertaining useful or enlightening then share it with others and make sure that you. Have subscribed here to the dottotech channel and make sure you ring that notification bell when you subscribe so you. Hear about our new videos as we release them till next time im steve dotto have fun storming the castle.

Method 2 – How To Access Google Contacts From Gmail

Welcome to a predication my name is chris and today i want to show you how to access google contacts. From gmail now its a simple process all you have to do is go to your gmail account so this. Is my gmail account im logged in as chris so when when the gmail where its written gmail is a. Drop-down button which maybe i have never noticed is a drop-down button which when you click has the option of.

Contacts so when you click this it will take you straight to google contacts there you go it will take. You to your contacts especially the ones you saved from gmail but it also brings the one you saved from. Google contacts the one you saved from your google plus account it synchronizes all your contacts whats how to access. Google contacts from gmail thank you for watching for more tips and tricks visit a predication that.

Method 3 – Gmail – How To Find Contacts List

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Method 4 – 7 Google Contacts Tips Every User Should Know!

You probably have hundreds maybe even thousands of names and email addresses that you need to keep track of well. In todays video im sharing with you seven tips and tricks so you can get the most out of google. Contacts hello everyone scott friesen here at simplitivity helping you to get more done and enjoy less stress and lets. Dive into tip number one which is relatively simple but so important it has to do with labels and using.

Them if youre not using your labels here on the left hand side you are missing out and wasting a. Lot of time now perhaps the best way to think about labels is to refer to them as groups its. An opportunity for us to group different contacts together in order to create a label all you need to do. Is just select this plus button lets just call this one new label im going to call it new label. 2 since i already have a new label here and now what i can do is i can open up.

Any of my contacts i can hit this edit button here and i can start to add a label now. You dont have to limit yourself to just one label per contact maybe theyre a part of two different groups. I can leave them as those two labels there and i can hit save when i exit from this contact. Here you can see that i have these labels attached here but its so much more valuable than just organizing. And being able to quickly filter these different labels and these different groups within google contacts when we go into.

Our gmail account and we wish to compose something if i start typing in the name of one of my. Labels it will appear as an option so now i can select this abc work project label and now i. Have all three of my contacts right here ready to send this email now sticking with labels lets look at. How we can more easily identify our labels whether its here within google contacts or elsewhere one of the disadvantages. Of labels is that they do not give us the option to add a color here you can see if.

I want to edit the name of this label i can name it anything i want but there is no. Actual color so when im viewing all of my contacts here you can see i just have sort of this. Gray color here it can be really hard to differentiate well heres a great work around to help you identify. Those labels im going to go back to my abc work project here and im going to hit the edit. Button this time im going to put the cursor at the front and all im going to do is im.

Going to bring up my emoji menu and here i can select any graphic that i want or i can. Keep it simple maybe i just want to select this red dot so this label stands out i can hit. Save and now you can see where this person had that label attached its very clear that they are attached. To this label i can also see it over here on the left hand side this is especially helpful if. You have a long list of labels but lets go back to our gmail account for a second here and.

Im going to hit compose remember how its going to automatically bring up my labels well if i type in. The letter a im going to get a lot of names here if i type in b i might get. A few more names but you know what because that label has this emoji attached its so much easier for. Me to differentiate between these individuals here and my actual label my actual group down below so now i can. Select that ive got the same three this is the exact same group but its just that much easier for.

Me to identify tip number three on our list has to do with sharing your contacts with others now natively. Google does a very poor job in allowing us to do this thats where the shared contacts for gmail extension. Comes in shared contacts allows you to share specific contact labels with your team or even external users and just. Like how you share things in google drive you can select who can view who can edit and who can. Add new contacts then they can access your shared labels and contacts on their mobile device desktop and hundreds of.

Other apps that synchronize with their google contacts and with the shared contacts for gmail add-on your team can create. Contacts from email senders include notes and add the contacts to the shared label directly from their inbox if youd. Like to learn more about shared contacts for gmail and try it for yourself see the link in the description. Below now tip number four has to do with customizing the way that we view all of our contacts right. Here within google contacts now first off we can come up to this gear icon and select more settings and.

We can choose if we want to sort our list by first name or by last name but what can. Be so much more helpful is actually changing the order and what is displayed here within the main screen so. Here under the three dots we can select the change column order thats going to bring up this dialog box. Here now by default name is always going to be the very first column i think that only makes sense. But the next four columns we can customize and rearrange so for example maybe i dont want labels to be.

My second column all i need to do is go to the right click and drag and now i can. Bring it to the spot where i want it maybe the fourth section there but we also have a drop. Down menu below each of our options so for example under address if i select this maybe i want the. Job title and company instead maybe their physical address is not so important to me in terms of what their. Job title actually is all i need to do is say done and now you can see that my columns.

Have been rearranged i have my job title and company column listed here and now my labels are in the. Fourth column so depending on your needs you can rearrange things any way that you like now speaking of display. The fifth tip i have for you has to do with adding an image to important contacts sometimes it can. Be hard to differentiate between this long list especially when we just have a variety of colors and the first. Initial represented here but maybe you have some very important clients or maybe just people that are very close to.

You and you would like to add their picture here now if google cant find their picture based on a. Google account you can still add it and i want to show you a very easy way to do so. So lets say i open up the contact here of my friend francesco and i want to add his picture. Im going to go here and its going to ask me to upload a photo but this is certainly not. Him and i dont have a photo of him on my machine but i probably have access to one or.

More of his social media profiles so if i go over to his twitter account all i need to do. Is click on his picture im going to right click and select copy image address not copy image we need. To select copy image address now im going to go back to google contacts and select upload a photo now. Its true i havent actually downloaded his photo yet but thats not a problem all i need to do is. Paste it in the file name and select open and now what will happen is that it will automatically upload.

That picture i can say done here and now i have it added to his contact name so i can. See his smiling face and easily find him within my google contacts list next lets take a look at how. We can merge two or more contacts especially if we have duplicate information within our contacts list now the good. News is that google contacts will try to find accounts that are duplicates based on either the name or their. Email address if you come over here and select merge and fix it will have a list if if it.

Has found some suggestions for you however what if you come across a name or a couple of names that. You know are the same individual but google contacts has not identified them here in this example i have a. Steve and a steven but these are the exact same individuals i just have their work email and i have. Their personal email as well so how can we merge these two together all we need to do is come. Over here over top of their profile name and select the checkbox so now that i have both selected i.

Can come up to the top and im going to select this merge icon here its going to work and. Merge those two together now although it just kept one name and were only seeing one email address no worries. Were gonna have access to all of that information here you can see its actually saved both of the addresses. Both of the company names down below and both of the email addresses i can always come in here and. Edit this and say actually he prefers to go by steve or i know steve on a first name basis.

So i can do so there as well i can even come in here and say that you know what. This is a personal or his home email address and this here would be his uh work address here so. I can include that here and hit save now the nice bonus here is that you no longer have multiple. Versions of this individual but if we go back to our gmail account and lets pretend that were composing a. New email and i start bringing up steve it will still bring up both of those email addresses for me.

To work with here you can see the exact same name but i can access either their personal address or. Their work address last but not least perhaps ive saved the very best for this last tip we spend so. Much of our time dealing with email and accessing our contacts here in gmail that sometimes it can be a. Hassle to come up here and remember to open up contacts or to get into context on an easy basis. Well i want to show you a shortcut which makes this so much simpler first of all youre going to.

Need to go to your settings and select see all settings and on the first tab the general tab you. Want to scroll down and make sure that your shortcuts are enabled here near the bottom we have keyboard shortcuts. And you want to make sure that keyboard shortcuts are on why because now any time that youre here within. Your gmail account all you need to do is select the keys g and c and your google contacts will. Automatically be opened up in a new tab no longer do you need to be fumbling for that icon or.

Remember how to get into google contacts just gc whenever you are within gmail and youll automatically be brought to. Your contacts page well i hope you enjoyed todays video and got a lot of value out of it if. So be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe right here to the simplitivity channel thank you. So much for watching and remember being productive does not need to be difficult in fact its very simple.

Method 5 – How To Restore Deleted Contact Numbers From Google Account

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Conclusion – How To Access Google Contacts

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