How To Access Google Drive – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access google drive, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access google drive,

Method 1 – How To Access Google Drive From Gmail – Open Google Drive From Gmail

Well hi this is chase whiff and you may have just searched for not to access a google drive from. Gmail im currently logged into my gmail account right now and all you have to do to access google drive. Is go up to these nine dots where it says google apps once you click on these nine dots the. Apps will open up and one of the apps is google drive as you see right here you can actually.

Position this wherever you want just by dragging it and letting go and then once you have in position just. For further uses just click on drive itll open up a new tab and youll be in your gmail in. Your google drive account that is the same as that gmail account okay so youll have access to all your. Folders as i do all my files all online on google drive its very handy and so just remember the. Nine dots and click on google apps and you can get back to google drive or gmail at any point.

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Method 2 – How To Use Google Drive – Tutorial For Beginners

Hi everyone kevin here today i want to show you how you can both get and also use google drive. First off what is google drive and why would you ever want to use it google drive is a cloud. Storage provider if youve ever used apples icloud or microsofts onedrive this is googles version of it but still what. Does it mean to be a cloud storage provider well typically when you work on lets say a document on.

Your computer youll save it on your computer so you have a local copy with google drive you can save. It on drive and thats basically googles computer so youre saving it elsewhere now google doesnt call their computers computers. Theyre called servers and they keep them in data centers all over the world but you might be wondering why. Would i ever want to do that what are the benefits well there are many benefits to storing files in. Google drive first off your files are backed up so lets say something were to happen to your computer at.

Home well when you store it in drive there are many copies on many different servers all over the world. Another benefit you can access your files wherever you are lets say youre traveling maybe youre in europe maybe youre. In africa wherever you happen to be if you could get onto the internet you can get to your files. Also another benefit is googles really good at search thats what theyre known for now with google drive you can. Search for anything it could be text within a photo it could be just a description of a photo you.

Took it could be for specific files their search will get that file extremely fast lastly and one of the. Biggest benefits of working on files that you have stored in the cloud is that you can work with others. On that file in the past if you wanted to work with others youd have to email to them then. Theyd email it back and then youd probably get different versions with google drive you simply share a link and. Then you can all work on the same file together so there are lots of benefits to working in the.

Cloud why dont we jump on the pc now and see how we can start taking advantage of google drive. You can access google drive across all of your different devices you can get it on the web on your. Pc and on mobile and ill briefly show you how you can get it across all of these different devices. By far one of the most popular ways to access google drive is on the web to access drive on. The web you can simply type in and that will drop you directly in google drive alternatively when youre.

On any google product on the web up in the top right hand corner you have whats called the waffle. Menu see it kind of looks like a waffle when you click on that this shows you all of your. Different google apps theres one over here called drive it kind of has a triangle icon you can simply click. On that if you want quicker access in the future you can also click on the icon and drag it. To a more prominent position there now its even easier to get back to google drive you can also install.

Google drive on your pc the benefit of this is you can access all of your google drive files from. A folder on your pc you can also set up your pc to synchronize files and folders with google drive. Automatically to get the backup in sync tool simply go to the top right hand corner and click on the. Settings gear within the settings gear click on get drive for desktop on the next page scroll down and youll. See a download option for the backup and sync tool later on in this tutorial well walk through how backup.

And sync works lastly you can also get google drive on your phone if you use an iphone head to. The app store if youre on an android phone head to the play store within the app store ill click. On search and within the search field simply search for google drive once you finish searching for google drive here. Youll see a result for google drive if you dont have it yet you can click on install in my. Case i already have it so ill simply click on open here we are now in google drive on the.

Web and this is likely the interface that you will end up using most often and by the way congratulations. You now have your very own cloud storage account in the introduction it might have sounded a little bit intimidating. But its actually really easy to set up now within google drive likely the first thing that youll want to. Do is to put one of your files into the cloud so you can start taking advantage of all of. Those benefits that i called out and by far the easiest way to get a file into the cloud is.

To simply select a file from your computer and then you could simply drag and drop it into google drive. Here i have a word document and ill let go of it and here you see it uploads now into. The cloud along with uploading individual files maybe you have an entire folder that youd like to put into google. Drive well you can upload it the exact same way here i have a folder from my pc and once. Again ill simply drag and drop it onto google drive and here itll upload the entire folder into drive getting.

Content in is very easy up in the top left hand corner i also have this big and prominent new. Button when i click on this here too i can upload an individual file and i could also upload a. Folder so just another way to get content up i dont just have to start working from existing content on. My pc down below i can also start new blank documents sheets slides and there are many other types of. Google content that i can start creating now lets say i dont want to create a blank document i can.

Also hover over this arrow and i could start from a template up on top of this menu theres the. Option to create a new folder just like any other file manager you can use folders to organize all of. Your content im going to go ahead and create a folder this opens up a prompt to name my folder. Im going to call this financials once im all done ill click on create here now i see my new. Folder to organize content just like any other file manager i can click on one of my files and press.

And hold and i can drop it in folders to start organizing content along with the new menu i can. Also simply access it by right-clicking when i right-click this opens up the same exact menu so once again google. Makes it extremely easy to get your content into google drive i now have many of my different files showing. Up within google drive the benefit is these files are now backed up and i can access these from anywhere. One of the other massive benefits of google drive is i can very easily get back to any of my.

Files and the first way to do that is using the search field up here when i search i could. Search for content within files and its not just limited to documents i could search within pdfs and also within. Images here for example i have a pdf with the text fy21q1 when i search here i see both a. Document and a pdf so it could search within pdfs back on the search results lets say that i wasnt. Able to find what im looking for over on the right hand side of the search field i can expose.

Additional search options and here i can set different filters to help me find the file that im looking for. Search is all well and good but sometimes you dont know exactly what youre looking for and thats where quick. Access comes in this surfaces all of the documents and all the content thats most relevant to you so lets. Say that maybe someone just shared a document with you or maybe you open a document a lot google looks. At all of these different signals of how you interact with your documents and then it recommends the most relevant.

Documents to you and here i see this pdf file i just opened it and i probably want to go. Back to it here i see its in the first position of quick access so once again these are benefits. With search quick access that you wouldnt get with just documents on your pc down below i see the core. Of the google drive experience here i see all of my different files and i see all of my different. Folders and just like we looked at before i could organize drag and drop the files wherever i want to.

Organize this view how i want it along with being able to organize the files i can also adjust this. View to help me find what im looking for here for instance right now its organized by the name i. Can also organize it by last modified if id rather see it in a different sort order i could also. Change the way all of these files are visualized up in the top right hand corner i can toggle between. The list view which i currently have and the grid view which is a more visual way of getting back.

To your files within drive if i select one of my files ill see additional controls appear across the top. Lets briefly walk through what you can do with these the first one is get link this allows you to. Generate a link that you can then share with others so they can also access the file down below you. Can set permissions on the file right next to that theres also another way you could share a file and. You can share with specific individuals now you could toggle back and forth between getting a link and then also.

Sharing with people or groups here too when you click on the settings gear you could set your permissions on. The file when you share it once i share a file with someone here ill see this shared icon appear. Next to the title indicating that this file has been shared back on top and next to the sharing icons. I also have the option to preview a file not only can i preview a file but i have some. Additional controls i can comment on a file i could print it or i could download the file back to.

My pc moving along i can also remove a file if i want to delete it and then i have. A context menu with additional actions that i can take on a file the last icon up here is the. Details icon when i click on there i could see all the details related to the file and most importantly. I could see all of the activity right now i just uploaded this file but once i start sharing it. And working with others additional activity will show up in here once again google drive provides many different ways to.

Get to the most popular actions here when i have the file selected i can go up here but i. Can also simply right click on the file and this will show a menu with additional actions now some of. The more interesting ones in this list i can add it to start and when i add it to start. Itll show up within the starred category in a moment well take a look at how that works and for. Now ill simply star the file back within the menu i can also manage versions lets say that im working.

With others on lets say a document or a presentation i can go back to previous versions if lets say. Some changes happen that i didnt want just like with files i can also select a folder and then right. Click on the folder and thatll expose a similar context menu here too i could star folders and interestingly i. Could also change the color to help me find this folder more easily for folders as well i can even. Go ahead and share an entire folder so lets say im working with a team and we all want to.

Share files with one another i can set up a folder and then i could share the folder with others. And we could all drop our files there now that weve looked at some of the core file management capabilities. Lets shift our attention over on the left hand side where we have these different views by default im in. The my drive view and the my drive view shows me all of my content so here i see my. Main root folder or the main my drive view and underneath that i see all of the sub folders that.

I have now down below i have an option called computers this will only show up if you set up. The get drive for desktop app otherwise you wont have the computers option this allows you to see any of. The files that youve synced onto drive from your computer the next option is shared with me and just like. The name implies i can see any folders or any files that others have shared with me on this list. Now one of the nice things is you might have files in here that have been shared with you but.

You want to be able to see that file within your my drive view whats nice here is i can. Simply right click on an option and within here i can add a shortcut to drive this opens up a. Prompt and i can define where i want the shortcut to show up ill add it to my drive and. Then click on add shortcut when i go back to the my drive view here i see the shortcut to. This shared folder so in a sense its almost like having my own folder this is especially helpful if lets.

Say youre working on a group project and all of you are contributing to one folder you can have everyone. Add a shortcut to that folder within their my drive view that way its extremely easy to access under shared. With me theres the recent view and this shows me all of the recent files that ive interacted with so. Whether its because i opened a file maybe i uploaded a file or maybe i modified a file anytime i. Interact with a file itll show up on this recent list now youd be surprised but typically when youre working.

On files youll go back again and again to the files that youve worked on recently this is an extremely. Valuable view next we have the starred view and any file or folder that i star shows up here so. This is in a sense like pinning a document if its a say a document or a file that you. Go back to often you can star it that way you have easy access to it the last view i. Have here is my trash and when i click on this i can see all of my different folders and.

Files that ive recently deleted and after 30 days theyll be automatically deleted but here too i could also empty. The trash proactively at the very bottom i can also look at my storage and when i click into storage. I get this helpful view showing me what files are using up most of my storage now one thing thats. Interesting youll notice that powerpoint files word documents or graphics they all consume some of my storage space however all. Of the google file formats whether its docs sheets or slides youll notice that they use up zero bytes ive.

Always thought it would be interesting if i simply created presentations with all of my photos that wouldnt use up. Any google drive space now that weve looked at how you can use google drive on the web i also. Want to show you how you can use google drive on your desktop with the backup and sync app once. You install the backup and sync app youll see a few extra things on your desktop here i have a. New folder called google drive when i click on this this will show me all of the different files that.

I have in google drive and i can access all of them directly from my desktop using file explorer i. Also have another folder called marketing flyers and ive set this up to sync with google drive youll see a. Green check mark here and this indicates that this folder is also synced in google drive along with the folders. On my desktop i also have a new icon in my system tray for the backup and sync app when. I click on this i can see all of the files that have synced with google drive when i hover.

Over i could very quickly share those files just like i could on the web up above i have some. Quick shortcuts to view all of my google drive files in file explorer i can also view them on the. Web or within google photos when i click on the ellipses lets go down to preferences to see what we. Can do there within preferences i can define what folders that i want to sync with google drive here earlier. I showed you my marketing flyers folder and theres this green check mark here here ive indicated that i want.

To sync this folder with google drive over on the left hand side i could also click on google drive. And here i have it set up so whatever files i have in google drive also get synced with my. Computer so before i walk through a few different ways i could get files into google drive by dragging and. Dropping or simply creating on the web instead i can also have google drive do all of that for me. And whatever files i have on my computer will be automatically synced with google drive so i really dont have.

To do anything to back up my content lastly i want to show you how you can use google drive. On your phone here i have google drive open and its mainly focused on getting back to and viewing files. Here at the top i have access to drive search and just like on the web i can very quickly. And easily find whatever file im looking for here i have the quick access where i see some of the. Files that ive recently interacted with down below i can view all of my starred files right here so just.

Another way to get back to the files that i care about i could also click on shared with me. And here i get a quick view of all of the files that have been shared with me lastly if. I click on files this is the my drive view where i can see all of my files directly within. The app so this is another nice way to get back to your files regardless of where you are just. Using your phone all right well that was a quick look at how you can start using google drive if.

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Method 3 – How To Use Google Drive For Desktop (Tutorial For Beginners)

You already know the many benefits of using google drive online however if you want to save time and get. More flexibility out of all of your files and folders you should consider installing google drive for desktop so in. Todays video im going to share with you everything you need to know in how to get the most out. Of this app everything from installing and setting up your settings to why you should consider using the desktop app.

In the first place hello everyone scott friesen here at simplitivity helping you to get more done and enjoy less. Stress and lets start off with the two key benefits of downloading and using the desktop application number one youre. Probably used to logging in and opening up your browser to access all of your files here you can see. Ive got a couple of test folders up here and then a variety of different files down below but sometimes. I get tired of always having to go to my browser keeping a tab open or just opening up a.

New tab to find all of my files when im working here on my computer wouldnt it be easier if. I could just open up my file folder system my explorer system or find file and go directly to those. Files yes absolutely the number two reason i would encourage you to use the desktop application is if you dont. Always want to be simply using your google drive applications such as docs or sheets or slides maybe you prefer. To use some microsoft office applications and you want to keep editing in that format heres an example right here.

You can see by the icon that this is actually a word document which ive uploaded now if i double. Click on this its going to open it up in google docs that really shouldnt be a surprise because were. Here within google drive but what if i dont like working with google docs and the menu options here up. Above what if id like to continue to work in word well no problem you can do that with google. Desktop so where do you go to get the google drive for desktop application well id actually recommend that you.

Do a search rather than just give you a url why because the url is not very memorable here you. Can see the second one down is download google drive and if i click on this link youll see a. Screen such as this now all you really need to pay attention to here is the blue button to download. Drive for desktop whether you are a pc or a mac user and also keep in mind you can download. Drive directly to your ios or android device now once things are installed lets open up our desktop and see.

How it looks and feels there well we dont have to go very far all i need to do is. Open up my file folder or in this case my explorer window and you can see at the very bottom. Here ive got a listing of some of my most common locations on my pc including my desktop documents downloads. Some other areas here heres my windows c file and then down below ive got my g drive google drive. G and as you can see here ive got two different sections ive got my drive and then ive got.

Other computers now im going to come back to this other computers here in just a moment but if i. Click on my drive you can see i have now access to all of the same files and those two. Test folders that you saw on google drive if i open things back up again here those two test folders. Heres the files down below i can now access everything here on my desktop computer so i no longer have. To launch a browser to find those files if i want to look at an image here i can just.

Double click on this and its going to open up this image right here on my computer now i can. Edit it here with any other application that i have installed on my computer and if we go back to. This word document remember this about page revisions that we saw on our online version of google drive well of. Course its a microsoft word document if i double click it here its going to open it up within words. So maybe im more comfortable using word here i can do so but everything here is going to be saved.

Continue to be saved to google drive so one of the nice advantages of using the google drive for desktop. Application now of course you probably have a mix of different types of file types here within your google drive. Account and although i have a word document here many of my files here are either a google sheets or. A google docs or maybe a google form so for example if i open up this google form it cant. Launch it within the desktop because google forms does not have a desktop application however its going to take me.

Directly to this file by opening up my browser so it was a simple double click to open the file. Up just like i would anywhere else and its taken me directly to this file so i didnt first have. To go to my online drive tab and then search for it i can go directly to that file i. Can make my changes and know that i can always access it right here from my desktop the other nice. Thing because youve got your own drive here your own google drive you can drag in any other file into.

This account so if i want to use this as a backup service maybe if i want to share a. Particular file or folder with others through my google drive account all i need to do is drag and drop. That file into my file here so it can be used as a backup tool can be used in a. Variety of different ways as well now that you know a little bit more about how to use google drive. On your computer lets make sure that youre comfortable with the different settings and some of the things that you.

May want to switch when first installing the desktop app so in order to access your settings all you need. To do is come down to the taskbar and find your google drive for desktop icon im going to click. On this and you can see that we are given some of the most recent activity here including the file. That i just opened here letting me know that everything is now up to date if there are any particular. Notifications you can find them here as well but where youre going to want to pay attention to is this.

Little gear icon so you can set your own personal preferences and thats going to open up this little dialog. Here now were actually going to start on this first tab you can see that theres two one is google. Drive and the top one is going to be listed either as my laptop or your computer or whatever youve. Named the system in which youve downloaded the application so im going to start here because this is i think. One of the key benefits of using this tool here we can safely back up our files or just make.

Them accessible on either google drive or google drive and google photos so in this case im displayed with this. Option here because i have yet to add a folder but maybe i have an existing folder here within my. Laptop and id like to access it on google drive so in order to choose a folder on your computer. Select the add folder button and this is going to open up your explorer bar or something similar so you. Can find your file so heres the particular folder in which id like to add to my google drive account.

Im just going to select it here say select folder and now i have the choice to either sync with. Google drive or i can also back up to google photos now in this case im just going to keep. This first option here and im going to select done so now under my laptop i can see a full. Listing which in this case of course is just the one folder which is now being backed up to my. Google drive account of course you can add as many folders as you like as long as you have room.

Within your google drive account and you can see them listed here now the second option that we have here. Is google drive and that is folders from google drive now i actually like this its giving me a warning. Here im going to go back because i forgot to hit the save button so im going to hit save. To make sure that this file is going to be uploaded and backed up to my google drive account now. Im going to go to my google drive here and now i can access my files and open in explorer.

This is simply going to open the exact same screen that we saw earlier but what we do want to. Pay attention to are the two choices down below stream files or mirror files now by default stream files will. Be selected when you first download and install the drive desktop application and what this me.

Conclusion – How To Access Google Drive

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