How To Access Google Passwords – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access google passwords,

Method 1 – How To Know All Password Saved In Your Google Account

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Method 2 – Recover Your Google And Gmail Password

You cant remember your gmail password you cant remember your gmail address or somebody has compromised your gmail account what. To do what to do we will tell you today steve dotto here how the heck you know what this. Fine day let us dive right into it it is so frustrating to have forgotten your email password or even. Worse to have forgotten your email address and it is terrifying to think that your account might have been pirated.

By somebody else so what to do about that well google gives us a series of tools now each one. Youre gonna have to work your way through and be a little bit patient in and if youve done your. Homework before you can make your life a lot easier but more on that in a moment if you have. Forgotten your email address if you go to sign into a google account right here youve got the option to. Recover your email if youve forgotten the email address in that case you have to either give them the email.

Address of the account you created it with because typically we create child accounts from other google accounts or the. Phone number that youve attached to the account thats why its so important to go through your privacy and your. Security settings in google and make sure that you have a recovery phone number and recovery email address attached because. You can use that to recover your email address if youve forgotten the email address if you happen to be. In that position having said that if you remember your email address but you cant remember the password its a.

Really easy process to just click on recover forgotten password they will send an email or a message to your. Phone and allow you to recover your password quite easily people do this all of the time dont worry its. Not that big a deal now what is a big deal is if your account has been compromised in that. Case you need to go to the account recovery console within google let me show you that google has a. Terrific help document to walk you through this entire process and we will put a link to it in the.

Description below but effectively if you feel someone has hijacked your account you have to go to this account recovery. Console and you have to work your way through recovering your username and your account and they will ask you. A series of questions again its important that you have a recovery email or a recovery phone number that they. Can attach but theyll ask you what your user name is what the last password that you signed in with. And youll begin a process of recovering a lost account this not simple to do it will take some time.

And you should be able to recover your account but it is a process that you are going to have. To go through now once again you can make your life so much easier if you have made sure that. All of your security kind of insurance policies are in place with google now since we are way over the. One top it allotted for this particular video im not gonna go into that today but i will create a. Link to our video where i walk you through that process i love reading your comments and suggestions so please.

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Method 3 – Don’t Use Google Chrome Password Manager

Do not use the built-in google chrome password manager it doesnt matter if youre on android or iphone mac or. Windows this is why you shouldnt be using the google chrome built-in password manager and should be using a dedicated. Proper password manager it is one that is so important to understand because well if you get this wrong then. Youll be caught with your pants down kind of like matt damon did recently nice watch this video which is.

Just one example of why you shouldnt be using google chrome all i need to do is insert this usb. Device which basically types in a single command on a command prompt window which runs a script in the background. Within a few seconds on an unlocked computer and sends all of those chrome passwords to an offsite server under. My control within a few seconds im able to look at those usernames and passwords on my mobile phone just. By going to a web address you can see here that the details that id saved in chrome are now.

Visible remotely on my mobile and thats how simple it is for a hacker hi my name is pete and. For the last 10 years right up into last year i ran my own it business we helped look after. Businesses of all sizes here in the uk and one issue that cropped up from time to time was when. Someone swapped machines and couldnt remember their various like google passwords and the only solution was to start from scratch. But they needed all of their passwords which theyve been conveniently saving into google chrome for the last like five.

Years and when i say that the video that i just played is just one of many reasons why you. Shouldnt be using google chrome to manage your passwords i really mean it every time my staff who were a. Lot clever than i was would always find a way in some form to extract the passwords from google chrome. Without knowing any of the login details or like information so whilst google chrome does offer the most convenient solution. Because well lots of us are using google chrome already and it handily pops up to ask us if you.

Want to save our passwords but it is far from the most secure and definitely not the best reason number. Two well passwords and other information stored in google chrome are only good when youre in the chrome browser now. You can store more than just passwords in chrome how about debit or credit card information it is quite a. Painful process when youre out in a shop wanting to you know pay for something to then get your phone. Out open up google chrome and go through the menus and find that information going back to the browser and.

Sometimes there are websites that just dont work in certain browsers so even if you wanted to use chrome you. Cant if you use an iphone then you probably want to use safari with all the optimizations it has perhaps. At work youre locked down to a yet another browser and then third reason is on the autocad you might. Want to share a password with someone with chrome you just cant do it the best solution to all of. These issues is to use a proper password manager now earlier this year i tested pretty much all the password.

Managers which you can watch up here somewhere but spoiler alerts the one i felt is best is one password. And if you want to get a proper password manager then there are some links down below this video that. Get you up to i think its up to 50 off a subscription depending on which license you sign up. For but to be honest almost anything is better than just a built-in password kind of browser manager you know. Be that chrome or firefox edge safari whatever it may be but with a proper password manager you can store.

Your data login information passwords card details bank details copies of passport driving licenses and pretty much whatever you need. You can even store those like two-factor authentication codes in some parcel managers to save you the hassle of having. To like yet open another app to go and find those passwords because the one password app is designed really. Really well if you ever need a password or like bank card then you can just fire up the app. Sign in using your face id or fingerprint search straight away for what you want and and get to it.

With just no fuss you can also share passwords between friends and families or co-workers and and you can even. Create custom fields to store non-password type information like say the answers to memorable information or security questions memorable dates. Or even upload documents like driving licenses or passports for safekeeping so dont use google chrome to store your passwords. Use a proper password manager again links down below for some cool discounts and if you have some questions or. Think im wrong change my mind next up go and watch this video to see how to make your one.

Password account even more secure with one of these keys or if you really want to ruffle your feathers watch. This video that youtube thinks you should go and watch and then go and watch this video anyway so uh. Yeah go watch both and ill see you in both of them lets go.

Method 4 – How To See Passwords Saved In Chrome (2021)

Many people save their passwords in google chrome but dont realize how easy it is to look them up when. You need to this is alison from here to show you how you can see passwords that youve saved. In chrome its just five quick steps and youll find a one-page recap at the end of this video im. Demonstrating on a mac but the steps are exactly the same if youre using windows first step of course is.

To open chrome find the familiar colorful icon i have it down here and click on it chrome opens lets. Make the window a little bigger and zoom in so you can see better locate the profile icon thats the. Little circle in the upper right hand corner of the window and click on it if youre signed into chrome. You should see your name and email address this says im not signed in so if you see that click. Turn on sync and sign in with your gmail or google account and password this is one of the only.

Passwords by the way that you cant save in chrome so youll have to keep track of it separately turn. On sync so that your passwords will be saved to your account now that youre signed in click on the. Profile button again notice that if youre on this google page there are two circles like this the one you. Want is the top one up here not the lower one the profile window opens im going to blow up. This part of the screen so you can see it better notice the little key symbol below your name and.

Email address we need to click on that next the key brings us to the password page on this page. You can see all the passwords youve saved in chrome in columns first the websites in alphabetical order then the. Username for that website and then the password that goes with it for security reasons the passwords are listed as. Dots so if we want to see a password we have to click the eyeball symbol next to it lets. Try one im going to scroll down the page to pinterest and click the eyeball next to its password for.

Safety chrome still wont show the password until you verify your identity see how its asking for my password the. Password it wants here is the password you use to log into your computer not your gmail or google password. Or anything else depending on your setup you might also be asked for a fingerprint and if youre on a. Windows computer it might ask for your pin like this or even a facial scan whatever you use to log. Into your computer as soon as youve verified that its really you chrome shows you the password for this account.

And as long as you stay on this page you can see other passwords without having to re-verify yourself this. Is just a demo account so there arent that many passwords in the list but you may have hundreds so. Dont miss the search option at the top of the page it makes it much faster and easier to locate. Your accounts just type whatever youre looking for and up it pops when youre done click the x to clear. The search and show the whole list again theres a lot of other useful stuff on this page like the.

Check passwords option which i encourage you to try but i dont want to make this video too long so. Theres one other useful thing id like to point out you can go directly to the websites in the list. By clicking on them when i click here on jetblue for example the jetblue website opens in a new tab. And the login information is filled in automatically notice that your password page is still open in another tab so. You can get back to it anytime you want as promised heres a quick recap of the steps to see.

Your passwords in chrome first open chrome and sign in if you are not already signed in next click on. The profile icon in the upper right corner of the window in the profile window click the key to get. To the passwords page to show any password click on the eyeball symbol next to it and finally verify your. Identity using your computer login to unlock the password display thats all there is to it thanks for watching if. You found this helpful check out our new classes on zoom via the link above feel free to leave comments.

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Method 5 – How To Use Google Password Manager

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Conclusion – How To Access Google Passwords

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