How To Access Hard Drive – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Access A Hard Drive From A Dead Computer.

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Method 2 – How To Find Your External Hard Drive In Windows 10

Hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here of another quick tutorial today im going to show you. Guys how to locate your external hard drive on your windows 10 device so for some reason its not showing. Up and youre unable to locate it even if you have plugged it into your physical computer this tutorial will. Be for you so this is gonna be pretty straightforward and were gonna jump right into it and we are.

Going to start by heading over to the start menu so just a lot click on the start button to. Get to the start menu and you want to type in disk manager one of the best matches that comes. Up should say create and format hard disk partitions right above control panel you want a left click on that. You so for most people experiencing this problem underneath volume name there would be nothing listed underneath the usb or. To the side of it so you see how to see : And system reserves and vmware tools there wouldnt.

Be anything listed next to it so assuming its just a blank picture all you would do is locate that. You would right click on on that drive or desk left click on change drive letter and pass and then. At this point you will click on change and you can assign the following drive letter you could also add. Right here and down into an empty ntfs folder but id recommend trying to left click on this change button. And assign a drive letter to it and then hopefully itll be discoverable by your computer but again like i.

Said you only want to do this if theres nothing to listen next to it if theres a name for. There not obviously this is not going to be of assistance for you but if its a blank if its. Just like a hard drive a little picture and theres nothing next to the picture this tutorial should be able. To hopefully help you out so i do hope this brief tutorial helped you guys out as always thank you. For watching and i will catch you in the next tutorial goodbye.

Method 3 – How To Recover Files From A Hard Drive – Laptop Or Desktop – Mac Or Pc

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Method 4 – What Is A Nas Drive? (External Hard Drive Vs. Nas Explained)

So when it comes to backing up your data whether your personal photos videos and music files or professional work. Most people use an external hard drive however another option is a network attached storage or a nass and in. This video im going to be talking about the pros and cons of each solution coming out hey whats up. Sean here with fink media bring you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and.

On this channel we do a lot of tips and strategy videos as well as tech tutorials just like this. One so if youre new here consider subscribing and hey at any point during the video will list out all. Of the gear we mention in this video in the show notes in the description so check those out at. Any time lets jump into it so ive been creating content for the last 15 years originally just kind of. As a hobby and also volunteering at my church then eventually i launched a business and started doing video production.

And today im running think media as well as a few other brands with a team and so our workflow. Has evolved over the years originally i just kept buying more internal hard drives for my desktop computers lots of. External hard drives in fact ive got a pile of them in the other office and you can imagine that. Seeing even this image is its kind of crazy like thats not a great solution and so ive realized that. My workflow had to evolve and thats what really got me interested in network-attached storage you have better reliability scalability.

Your data is more protected theres a lot of pros to getting a mess this particular one is from synology. And they were kind enough to send one out for us to test and so im loving this dissipation and. Well talk about it a little bit more in the video but lets talk about what the differences between an. External hard drive and an ass solution is and the pros and cons of each now external hard drives are. Something im sure youre familiar with they come in many different shapes and sizes theyre typically fast theyre affordable and.

Theyre very convenient for storing your data and backing up your data on the go additionally they connect directly to. Your computer versus connecting to a network like an ass however lets talk about some of the cons the downsides. Of an external hard drive is there is no sharing so if your workflow gets more complex or even if. You just work on your laptop and maybe a home computer of some kind you have to unplug it from. One computer plug it into the other computer to get access to the data versus being able to access it.

From multiple different computers with something like a mess furthermore the downside of external hard drives is that they could. Be lost dropped or stolen ultimate your data is vulnerable in fact weve dropped hard drives before and had them. Stopped working and lost all the data and it wasnt able to be recovered theyre also vulnerable because inside of. This case here is just one drive and so this external hard drive is basically just like a case around. An actual hard drive inside and if the drive fails you would lose your data as we start talking about.

An ass theres ultimately multiple drives that help you create redundancy so your data is much safer in case one. Of the hard drives fails so that brings us to the benefits of getting a nass now they come in. All different shapes and sizes this one from synology is the des 16 18 plus its won multiple awards its. Super super cool but they have ones that have multiple different bays in them this one happens to have six. Drive bays some have more some have less if you enter a nass youre always going to have probably at.

Least two drive bays in the different solutions that are out there and one way to think about this is. From a personal standpoint so lets say youve got multiple computers in your house a desktop a couple laptops maybe. You also have a gaming system you also have a security camera thats kind of capturing footage keeping your home. Safe and youve got maybe a lot of large video files your itunes library music files and you want all. Of that data stored in one central place thats accessible from anywhere that is connected to that network a big.

Difference between an external harddrive is thats plugged directly into a computer whereas your nass is going to be plugged. In to a router and so any computer that is plugged in or even over wi-fi you can get access. To all of the data on that nass so lets talk about some of the pros of investing in an. Ass solution the first one is thinking about it as like your own personal cloud so if you ever use. Dropbox or google drive thats kind of like youre uploading your files online you can access them from anywhere with.

An internet connection well this is like creating your own personal dropbox but in this case youve got all of. The data stored yourself and so no other mega corporation has it and also theres scalability so lets say you. Were to buy an ass like this it has six tribe days but maybe you only start with two hard. Drives then you could add more later and youre not gonna pay more fees like you would to getting increasing. Size on your cloud storage another way to think about an ass is like a bunch of hard drives that.

Are all connected together that have a brain ultimately this is like a computer where this is just a hard. Drive for storage because this is essentially a computer the cool thing is that when its up and running and. Connected to your network even if this computer was turned off you could still access this and one of the. Cool things about accessing it is again you could hop on wi-fi like here at my home office and be. Able to transfer files to it or download files off of it and even watch like video files on it.

Real time streaming so thats super cool but then you can also access it remote and so one of the. Huge benefits of this is again youre not gonna be able to access your hard drive if you left it. Somewhere at home or getting really the files to somebody else could be a big hassle whereas if you maybe. Forgot about something you need and youre on the road you can just log in through a web client and. Get access to all of the files anywhere with an internet connection another benefit is cross-platform access now at think.

Media this has been major for us over the years weve been trying to figure out how to collaborate on. Footage from both a pc and a mac workflow this is actually a 4k video editing pc that we have. We did a video about it a while back if you want to check that out well link it up. On the youtube card but like omar and i think media team in kyle they both edit on everything mac. Ever there they have all apple workflows and what you can do with an external hard drive is typically if.

Its formatted for mac you have trouble accessing that data on pc without special software or vice versa whats great. About this is no matter what device is accessing the data everybody can collaborate on it no matter what their. Workflow is and even when ive worked on other projects thats been a problem in the past so this becomes. Kind of the ultimate solution for making everything work for everybody but probably one of the biggest benefits of investing. In an a solution like this is the fact that you can back up and have redundancy of your data.

So one of the biggest vulnerabilities as we mention of this hard drive is theres just one hard drive inside. Of this enclosure if you lose it if you drop it if you break it your data is gone in. This case theres multiple hard drive bays inside of this nasa lucien and what you can do is you can. Set up different raid configurations now thats a conversation for another day but ultimately with raid what you can do. Is basically link hard drives together and they could either work together to go faster so youre writing on both.

Of the drives at the same time or you can also mirror the data so ultimately you have two copies. Of the data at any given time raid can get into a lot of different configurations but whats great about. This is if one of these hard drives even begins to fail the software will start telling you theres gonna. Be a problem and if it completely fails because we have it set up to be backed up all you. Have to do is pop the driver out pop another one in and youre back in a situation where your.

Data is protected and so weve learned as we continue to you know work on different professional projects and continue. To shoot more footage our data is super important especially if youre doing freelance work or client work having a. Workflow that really protects your data i think is very important because your content is really your income your content. Is your cash and so ultimately having raid solutions and different backup solutions is a whole nother level of protection. Now one thing to define is the difference between redundancy and backing up your data technically if you really want.

To have your data backed up it needs to be in two places and they need to be in two. Different locations because heres the deal if this house burned down it doesnt matter if theres redundancy here youd still. Lose everything thats on these drives so a true backup would be potentially getting everything on some other device and. Getting it off-site but the thing with the redundancy is again if theres a crash you just know that you. Can always have that data recovered because youve got it backed up through your nass however of course there are.

Cons that come along with investing in an ass solution so lets talk about those the first being price ultimately. To get into an external hard drive that even potentially has quite a bit of space for your data can. Be relative inexpensive whereas if you invest in a solution like this nass right here theres a couple things to. Consider number one the first thing you pay for is just the housing itself typically they dont come with any. Drives installed and so this particular synology has a starting price of around seven hundred and fifty dollars here in.

The us and thats before you start with storage now theres all those other benefits right it does like a. Million things more than an external hard drive but then on top of that you need to invest in the. Actual hard drives themselves the cool thing is you only really need to get started with potentially one but you. Could get started with two drives and you could expand to more drives later which is great instead of just. Buying more drives and having multiple different usb connections like ive been doing in my other office you could you.

Know invest in your solution and itll grow with you over time and speaking of hard drives the other thing. To wrap your head around is the fact that if youre gonna create data redundancy you would want to buy. Two different hard drives so lets say you want to have four terabytes of storage so you buy two four. Terabyte drives the reason youre doing that is when you set that up as a raid one of those drives. Is basically just mirroring the other one backing it up so if one fails your data is gonna be absolutely.

Okay but in a way you have to be thinking im gonna pay twice as much because theres two hard. Drives that are installed to make that happen one way to think about it is kind of like insurance you. Know you pay for your car insurance and it could be kind of expensive and you never have anything go. Wrong so its no big deal when you invest in an s you might actually be investing more money but. What youre paying for is the insurance if something goes wrong you get in a car crash youre gonna be.

Really thankful that you have insurance you invest in an ass and you have your data redundant youre gonna be. Really thankful that you had a solution set up like this should a crash come your way and the truth. Is inevitably someday youre probably gonna have a hard drive crash so its very important to be thinking about backing. Up your data another con to consider is the speed typically you would be using this for kind of your. Own cloud storage youd be using it for accessing photos and videos and even playing video content but maybe not.

Actual video editing youre ultimately limited by the cable itself and on the back here its a one gigabit connection. That connects to your router and so we tried editing 4k footage kind of just over the network and it. Was manukan do it but it was like super clunky and slow versus when you plug an external hard drive. In you can actually access that footage at faster speed however this particular synology the ds 16 18 plus allows. For expandability you can actually add more ram you can add a ssd disk cache a so itll go faster.

And you can install a card to get a 10 gigabit connection kind of blowing the roof off on your. Speeds whether youre on the road or even on a local network and those are all upgrades that we plan. On doing and so just something to consider especially if youre researching different solutions its not necessarily something youd be. Working off all of the time unless you had a pro unit like this one and one other con to. Mention is the complexity of setting up a nass solution again an external hard drive is pretty dead simple plug.

It into your computer and youre good to go in this case you are thinking about which hard drives you. Want to get to install in the nest youre gonna set it up you got to do the software connect. It to your router your network and get it all going and that is gonna take a little bit of. A learning curve however i think its something that you definitely should consider and actually kyle anderson on the think. Media team was setting this up for us and one of the things he reported was just how easy theyve.

Made it i think synology has tried to decomp lexif i if thats a word the challenge of getting this. All put together ultimately you just open these bays slide the drives right in there and one of the coolest. Things about synology products that everybody absolutely loves is the software i think thats actually kind of a game changer. Because they make it very user friendly to access your file station to access all the settings so ultimately even. If youre new to nass like we are you can still figure it out set up the solution and know.

That everythings gonna work great because theyve made it so user-friendly so in summary and a few final things to. Consider if you are kind of a newer content creator or you just want a simple solution for backing up. Your footage youre probably good with an external hard drive however you might want to start thinking about multiple hard. Drives like if youre gonna buy one thinking about at least buying two so you have actual redundancy in case. There is a failure and then if youre a little bit more advanced or if youre already a professional when.

It comes to video or photo and you really have precious and important data i would really consider thinking about. A nass solution even if thats something that comes down the road for you or something that you may be. Jumping to right now understanding that it is scalable investing in the unit getting a few drives and then adding. On over time so you dont just have to keep getting more external hard drives and if you want to. Check out any of the gear that we talked about in this video ill put a full list of those.

Links in the description below and you can also check out our series where were gonna talk a little bit. More about this synology disc station so check out a link to that as well question of the day what. Kind of content and data are you backing up are you doing professional work are you just doing hobby work. And what is your current storage solution let me know in the comment section below so thanks for checking out. This video subscribe during the bell so thanks for checking out this video subscribe and ring the bell for more.

Content like this and if you want to see other videos and our computers and workflow series where we talk. About video editing and backing up your footage and stuff like that click off the screen right there for another. Video from thick media click or tap the screen right there until next time this channel is all about bringing. You the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video keep crushing it and we will talk. Soon.

Method 5 – I Want My Data Back From Dead Laptop’S Hard Drive Recovery, Step By Step How To Copy And Save.

These asses of my customer you want to repair so ask me pick up the hard drive inside and want. To make it as x in the drive so this is a hard drive and closer and this is for. Sata and this is a cable now we try to open up this asus laptop and a back got how. Many screw one two three four five six seven eight nine yeah i think a one by one make sure.

That of – thats okay i put here okay theres a tree here 1 2 3 i organized it properly. So letourneau you in cage so we can open up this one and i want to remove the keyboard we. Just remove these two caper okay and now this is a dvd drive and memory memories to be the deal. In sight so now i want to do is with the staccato hadees and here it is lets see how. Many of these have this this is a 500gb this is very gp so now we are going to applying.

This have tried to this hot dragon closer okay and this hot dry is sapa so before that we have. To remove all these hard drives odor now this is a kosher this is a transparent and close and it. Is 2 pi point in size yeah sure can put it just pushing okay and its like it like this. Okay yes so this is a keyword this is a usb 3 and yeah we just put into our laptop. Okay now i can see my laptop can detect the d and a b d and f is belong to.

These external hard drive that i get it from this axis or laptop now i make it as a external. Hard drive so dn f you if you make sure that all data do one you can format it okay. Right now you have need attack him you can copy from here into your c drive so if the one. You want to format you can right click here and select comment same thing you do on this second partition. Then you want to if you want to unplug this hot dry okay want to practice if you want to.

Unblock this actioner harddrive so you must remove it in proper way okay if not you may crop the data. Power inside this i shouldnt have drive check you see one you each a are you in proper way remove. You cannot see that d and f means that you managed to remove to remove this external hard drive from. Your laptop you.

Conclusion – How To Access Hard Drive

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