How To Access Hidden Apps – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access hidden apps, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access hidden apps,

Method 1 – How To Find Hidden Apps On Any Iphone! (2021)

Welcome back everyone you may be in a situation where for some reason you cant find specific apps on your. Device and it may seem like some apps are hidden on your iphone but believe it or not these apps. Are probably here theyre probably just nested in a folder or theyre nested you know deleted off your device in. Terms of the home screens but theyre saved in your app library so ever since ios 14 weve gotten this.

App library feature so if you look for an app right and you look for something like snapchat right you. May be able to see it here but when you scroll through your home screens you just cant find it. Anywhere you tap on the screen you tap on this screen you just cant find it anywhere well the problem. Here is that with ios 14 as i mentioned we got this new app library feature so basically all your. Apps are stored into here and they can be applicable or theyre optional to be stored on your home screens.

So they are 100 going to be stored here if theyre on your phone but theyre not going to be. Stored on the home screens you know for the most part so in this case all you have to do. Is swipe to the side you want to swipe down and you want to search for the app here now. The app should be in this specific panel so if we wanted to go ahead and bring something like you. Know garageband to the front we would go and hold down garageband get into this little option and wed be.

Able to drag it wherever we wanted to and as you can see i can go ahead and drag it. Right there so it wasnt there before but look at this if i click this minus option and i go. Ahead and click remove from home screen this app is still on my phone its not deleted from my device. Its just removed from my home screen so this is exactly where you need to go to find all your. Hidden iphone apps you need to go all the way to the right and scroll through and find the specific.

App that youre looking for and thats really all you have to do in this specific case thats exactly what. You have to do and thats technically what i do whenever i cant find a phone on my device i. Go into this specific area and most of the time thats pretty much how to do it there can be. Chances where its nested in a folder so you may have to go in like a folder to find the. Specific app but most of the time you can find it in this specific area so thats pretty much it.

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Method 2 – How To Find Hidden Apps On Android 2021

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Method 3 – How To Hide Apps – How To Find Hidden Apps

Hey everybody welcome back to samsung in a minute the channel that trains you on your samsung galaxy devices in. Around two minutes today were going to talk about how youre able to hide applications or bring back those hidden. Apps now hiding an application really only comes in handy if you have a few applications that you dont want. To use but you also dont want to get rid of them and the best way to get this done.

Is lets say that you pull up and you go inside of your application tray then youre going to click. On those three little dots on the top right hand side and you go to your home screen settings and. Then as you scroll all the way down this is where you see hide apps now how youre able to. Hide an application lets say that we do this from the very beginning you just go inside of this menu. And if theres a few apps that you dont really need to use right now maybe youll use it in.

The future or you specifically need to hide something for some reason then you just choose those that you would. Like to hide and then you hit on done and then thats really about it all of those hidden applications. Will not show up on your home page theyre not going to show up inside of here theyre not going. To show up inside of your application tray its a really nice way to kind of clean some things up. Now i already put things inside of folders and thats my way of cleaning up the phone i dont really.

Need to hide anything but sometimes people would just rather not see an application on the screen now to bring. Back those applications go to the very top click on those home screen settings go all the way down go. To hide apps then once you tap on those ones to get rid of them now you just hit on. Done and youre finished now sometimes some people might put on you know maybe a tracking application something to kind. Of locate a phone you know parents might do this out of just concern of of a daughter or son.

So if you feel that you might be having an application on your phone uh this is one thing you. Are able to do its one of those things that people ask random questions like hey how do i know. If somebody is you know maybe using an app to track me this is one of those ways to see. If there was anything hidden and they didnt really try that hard to hide it but its just something to. Really do but more than likely should be hiding an application if you just simply dont want to see the.

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Method 4 – How To Find Hidden Apps On Android! (2021)

Welcome back everyone you may be trying to find your hidden applications within an android phone now this process is. A little strange a little bit different but it really depends on which phone you have on a stock android. Phone like a google pixel theres really not a crazy amount of options we have for hiding our apps but. With different phones maybe like a oneplus or with the samsung you have a different experience but this is the.

Way that ive done it back in the day and its you know pretty much helped me every single time. Now what you want to do is first of all if youre trying to find like a list of these. Applications on your phones but for some reason you cant see the applications here what you can always do is. Make your way over to your settings application like this you want to go ahead and find something that says. Like apps and notifications you know something along those lines and then what you want to do is you want.

To click on app information so you can also search for it in the top you know section and when. Youre here you can go ahead and see the complete list of applications on your phone so even if the. Apps dont show up here they will still show up in this section and here you can go ahead and. Click on the application you can go ahead and uninstall it delete it whatever you need to do its pretty. Much the same thing but obviously it wont open up the app here now lets say you dont want to.

Just see you know information and install the application you want to actually open it you cant seem to find. It well in that case you may have to install a different launcher on your specific android phone what does. That mean well essentially this is the home screen this is the launcher stock android you may want to install. A different one and see if the application pulls up there so in this case well just use a different. One than what were using so well just type in novo launcher this is one of the more popular ones.

This is the one i used to use on my main phone back in the day so we can do. Is we can go ahead and install the specific launcher launchers you can see its already installed you want to. Go ahead and swipe up from the bottom it may give you a prompt like all the application whatever you. Can choose home screen or whatever in this case well go and have to open it and well go ahead. And i guess use defaults whatever now this is not that stock android launcher we had before as you can.

See if i go ahead and swipe up this one is different than the one that nova launcher had so. Again if i go into nova launcher here this is a different one there we go now what this is. Going to do is its going to go ahead and give us the ability to basically see all the applications. That we have so all we need to do is go ahead and get into the application manager and in. This specific launcher we go ahead and drag from the bottom so we grab the application here and this will.

Basically show us all the applications we have by default so because this is a brand new launcher it doesnt. Have our save peripherals like oh we want to hide this app or want to hide this app so itll. Go ahead and show it so in this specific case lets say we dont want you know temple run being. Here we can go and click here we can click edit and sometimes you can go ahead and hide this. Application you can change the image color and all this stuff and even if we hit it on this specific.

Application itll still show up on nova launcher because we had it open so thats pretty much it you can. Find the application here and install just a different launcher and youll basically be able to find all the applications. That way so thats pretty much it thats how to do it if you guys have any other questions or. Anything let me know in the comment section below hit the like button help me so much but definitely hit. That subscribe button more importantly everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys.

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Method 5 – 10 Secret Apps You Can’t Find On The Play Store!

Not too long ago i created a video on packing nine incredible apps that you cannot download via the play. Store it turns out lots of people like the idea of finding and using apps google might not want them. Using and so i thought lets go back to the drawing board and find some more and so thats exactly. What ive done and in todays video im presenting not nine but ten secret applications that google dont want you.

Downloading you ready lets go now today were starting things off with f droid because for one its not available. On the play store but secondly f droid is actually a third-party option for downloading applications a lot of which. Are not available on the play store themselves now as for design thats certainly not the highlight feature of this. Application and in reality its a pretty basic layout but what the app lacks in look and appearance it makes. Up for in functionality you can scroll through a seemingly never ending list of free and open source applications and.

As soon as you find one you like just tap on install if you like checking out apps that might. Not be readily available on the play store f droid is certainly the way to go and so that brings. Us to new pot a lightweight version of youtube that unlocks a plethora of otherwise restricted features and if youre. Not sure where to get it from well just grab it from f droid now if youve heard of youtube. Advanced another youtube alternative not available on the play store well unlike that app new pipe doesnt aim to replicate.

The youtube app design in fact its fairly basic and simple looking but it packs in just about as many. Features including background playing picture and picture mode downloading for offline playback and more than anything the app is super. Lightweight and fast theres a bunch of other features as well but ill let you dive in and experiment yourself. Now flappy bird is an app that im sure needs very little introduction but in case you were only just. Born in the last five years then let me give a quick history lesson so flappy bird is a simple.

Arcade style game that took the world by storm back in 2013 but after going viral to an insane level. The developer who was supposedly breaking in around 50 000 per day at the apps height he simply took the. Game offline he claimed he didnt like the attention or that he created a game that was as addictive as. Flappy bird was now there are emulated versions of this app that are available to download on the play store. But if you want the original then side loading it is the one and only way to go and im.

Surprised at just how addictive this app still is now im not really too sure why high shot 2i is. Not available on the play store but the fact of the matter is that it isnt so aside from the. Pretty random name if you havent heard of high shot 2i it is essentially a mock-up generator that helps to. Make screenshots look a lot nicer if youve ever seen those instagram pages that only showcase home screen setups well. Most of them are probably using high shot 2i the app works off third party templates that you download and.

Most of the ones i can find are only available through the high shot 2i telegram channel so ill also. Leave a link to that below it feels a bit like the substratum theming engine except for mockups but the. End results do look pretty fantastic now if youre someone who takes a lot of screenshots then chances are youre. A fan of customizing your home screen and if thats an accurate description of you then the ported super wallpapers. From xiaomi are a fantastic way to really super an otherwise dull looking home screen each wallpaper is a separate.

Apk file that you download via the mega file hosting site and once you install them they actually appear within. Your stock wallpaper chooser the wallpapers are all animated and respond to your touches and swipes and beyond that theyre. All visually stunning to look at as well now did you know that on top of the apps that google. Just blatantly blocks from the play store all together the country you live in might also dictate what apps are. Or arent available to you for example i just cannot download the hulu app because its not available in australia.

So thats where todays video sponsor surfshark comes in surfshark is a vpn application that allows you to securely connect. To your favorite apps and websites no matter where you are in the world and as far as im aware. Surfshark is the most affordable way to do this its just over two dollars a month for as many devices. As you want and because you can essentially pick and choose the location you want your device to come from. That means i can pick the us and download u.s exclusive applications so along with hulu this also includes stars.

Pandora music and even hbo max which means i can stream the latest zack snyder cut of justice league in. All of its 4-hour glory just make sure that you create a new play store account before attempting to download. These restricted apps as otherwise they still wont show up so check the link down in the description and use. The code sam beckman to get 83 off the monthly price and an extra three months for free they even. Have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you dont love the app so theres really no reason not to try it.

Out okay so at the start of the video we looked at f droid but if that doesnt do it. For you for whatever reason then an alternate third-party app store is apk pure now unlike f droid apk pure. Is essentially a full-on play store replacement as any mainstream app can be found on their platform but what makes. It a viable alternative to the play store is that you can also download older versions of applications so for. Example lets say you hate the instagram reels feature well uninstall the latest version then use apkpure to find the.

Version that came before that update install it and there you go its actually a pretty handy feature to have. Easy access to so it could be worth a shot now speaking of instagram barista is actually a third-party instagram. Client that packs in a few additional handy features firstly you dont need to have an instagram account to use. And browse public profiles and hashtags on the platform but you can of course also log in to unlock a. Few additional features you can pause and even download stories you can customize the theme and layout of the app.

Plus theres a bunch of other features as well and although the design and feel is not quite as nice. Or as fluid as the stock app itself its still got enough added functionality to make it a worthwhile download. All right vector camera is probably the most random app on this list and who knows why its not allowed. On the play store but its pretty cool at the same time and can certainly make for some very creative. And unique looking images so with the app installed youll notice that like a lot of the apps on this.

List it has a pretty basic design but tap the color palette icon down here and youll be greeted with. 34 very unique overlays that will transform your normal looking images and videos into high-tech abstract ones you can even. Create custom overlays if you want and whilst the end results are very distinct and probably dont have many real. World use cases i still think its a lot of fun to see a matrix version of yourself autodark as. The name suggests is an app that allows you to maximize your phones dark theme settings now these days most.

Phones do allow scheduling of the system-wide dark thing but whats cool is that with autoduck you can also have. Your phones theme change based on the sunset and sunrise and you can even set it up so that your. Phones wallpaper will change when the theme changes as well its actually a very similar app to the auto dark. Theme application ive featured on my channel in the past but that one doesnt seem to be as reliable on. Android 11 so this is a pretty great alternative it does require permissions to be granted via adb or root.

Access so keep that in mind when getting things set up now whilst of course you can update most of. Your apps via the google play store what about all of these newly downloaded apps that you cant download on. The play store well apk update is the solution it is an open source application that will find updates for. All of the apps installed on your phone regardless of whether they were downloaded via the play store or not. A lot of apps can actually be updated directly within the app which is kind of cool but for any.

Apps that cant youll simply be redirected to a browser where you can download the new version and go from. There its probably one of the bigger downsides of having apps installed on your phone that arent found on the. Play store and so this is a handy solution to ensure that youre running the latest versions of all of. These apps and so there it is another 10 applications not available on the play store for you to try. Out as with all of these videos im always after new app suggestions so if you have any apps that.

Also cant be found on the play store let us all know down in the comments below and ill try. And put together a third episode in the near future if you enjoyed this video then a sub would be. Superb and dont forget to follow me over on instagram and twitter for access to promo codes for paid apps. That i release each month aside from that hopefully you enjoyed the video thank you all very much for watching. And i will catch you later you.

Conclusion – How To Access Hidden Apps

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