How To Access History On Chrome – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access history on chrome,

Method 1 – How To View And Clear Browsing History On Chrome

Hello in this video i will show you how to clear or delete google chrome browsing history from google chrome. Browser so just open your google chrome browser and you can see the history by going here to the right. Hand side and see this 3 bar button here and just click this button and you will find history menu. Here so just to click this history and depending upon your your preferences you can delete history for last one.

R of last one day of one become one month so when you go into the history you see all. The browsing data here so what you need to do is you click clear and you can choose from here. For how long or give the amount of time for which you want to clear the history for example right. Now the past are is selected you can select past the past week past for week or the beginning of. Time so im choosing the past alvah and i click clear browsing data and whatever i have browsed in the.

Last past hour that data is gone now one more thing if you want to delete individual entries for example. I want to delete these four entries i just select them from here and i say remove selected items and. Click they move so it will only remove the selected entries and not the whole browsing data so i hope. You have enjoyed this video please rate comment and subscribe and bye for now.

Method 2 – How To Search Google Chrome History By Specific Date

Hello everyone welcome to on how channel the place where every day you learn something new today well be showing. You how to search by date on google chrome history so basically google chrome browser can save you searching or. Processing history forever but lets just keep it honest there is no way to take advantage of that by searching. On your chrome history for a website that you view with the last month or the last year maybe so.

The ability for google chrome brussels to save your browsing her story forever is basically a wasted future because why. Would google chrome browser save my browsing history from the last year why i cant even reach it or access. It because on the browser histories section there are only one option which is to search by a keyword or. A name for a website that you did view but what if you dont remember the name for the website. Or maybe something that you did view in the last year or the last month currently there is no option.

To see that but hopefully you did click on the right video i will show you how you can see. That so without any more talking lets get to it but first lets just access the history section to show. You guys what im talking about as you can see there is only a search bar at the top of. The page and you can only search by a keyword but if you want to find a website that you. Did access the last month and you dont remember its name you need to keep scrolling like this for ages.

And that can take forever so to search by an exact date or maybe even hour yes because this option. Day will show you right now you can search by an hour the first thing youre going to do is. Scroll down description and you will see a link for a chrome extension right here and make sure to install. It this one there you see right now as i said you will find the link for it in the. Description box and after it was successfully installed lets just access the history section right now and as you can.

See the history section its completely different right now and there is this option at the top of the page. And each bar on it represents a day and you can click on this arrow and keep scrolling through the. Days just like im doing right now and as you can see in a couple of seconds i already did. Rich december 2020 and by the way this extension is also have a dark mode on it you can enable. It from this option right here and as you can see the page becomes black right now and also as.

It said at first you see this numbers right here this represents the hours as you can see each hour. And the history section for it and thats really handy right and thats how you search on google chrome history. By an exact date and as i said i will put the link for the extension in the description box. Otherwise i think my java is done i hope this video helped you out if it does help me out. Present the like button make sure to join the family by hitting that subscribe button its completely free and if.

You are interested in learning new tricks and expanding your knowledge i daily post videos on how to do stuff. Now so if you are interested make sure to join the family thanks for watching and catch you on next. One.

Method 3 – How To Clear Browsing History On Google Chrome

Hey whats up friends this is a to m tech and today on this video i will show you how. We can clear the internet browsing history on google chrome so this tutorial is for the google chrome browser so. If you want to kill your internet browsing history for any other browsers like like firefox or microsoft is then. Ill put the link for that in the description below you can check those video so this is only for.

The google chrome browser so lets get it started first of all lets open the google chrome browser now to. Clear the internet browsing history first we have to click on this trade icon red dot icon on the right. Side so click on that and here you can see history so either you can go to history with control. And add shortcut or you can go to history from this option here so click on history and here you. Can find all the browsing internet browsing history for your browser so to delete those browsing history we have to.

Select this option from here clear browsing data click on it now you can see what time raines is you. Want to delete so you can either select all time or last hour 24 hours you know i can select. One of these options here and im going to select all time so it will clear everything from this browser. So you can slip all these apps in here and click on clear data now this will erase all the. Internet browsing history from this browser and so you can see here all the browsing entire browsing history has been.

Deleted and you can see there is no any history left on this browser so this is how we cleared. The internet browsing history on google chrome browser thank you guys for watching this video and subscribe this channel.

Method 4 – Recover Deleted Browser History For Google Chrome On Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – Chromebook 101: Check History, Clear Cache & Delete Cookies

A couple of tips and tricks to check the history and how to clear the cache and delete the cookies. On a chromebook so theres a couple of ways you can check a students history the shortcut is ctrl h. Or you type in chrome colon history this will bring up a students history students wont be able to delete. It staff can but youll be able to see a students history here now if youre looking to clear the.

Cache and delete all of the cookies i recommend doing this about once a week the shortcut for that is. Ctrl shift and the backspace key on a chromebook the longer version to do it you do chrome colon settings. Backslash clear browser data click enter and students wont have all of these options so they wont have the first. Two options they will be able to delete cached images and files and cookies and other site data you just. Want to make sure that the beginning of time is selected here then you can click clear browsing data now.

Youre also.

Conclusion – How To Access History On Chrome

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