How To Access Icloud Drive On Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access icloud drive on mac, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access icloud drive on mac,

Method 1 – How To Use Icloud Drive In 2021

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Method 2 – How To Access Icloud From A Mac

Hows it going out there welcome from h2 tech videos today i want to show you how to access icloud. From your mac and theres two ways to do it the first way here is you would go to the. Website wwe comm and youre going to log into your account ok and from from the website youll be able. To access all of your icloud files well almost everything what ive noticed is you you dont really have access.

To your photo stream on the website but you do have access to your mail your contacts your calendar find. My iphone and your i work stuff if you have that set up cool thing is if you go into. Calendar you actually be able to you know make modifications to your calendar or just if you just need to. See what your appointments are whatever you actually have full control from the website and youll be able to go. Through the different days and you can add things and just a lot of functionality okay so im gonna go.

Click on the little cloud here to go back to the main icloud screen we have access to our contacts. And let me tell you why this is important there was a day a couple years ago where actually someone. Stole my iphone and i actually needed eye contact out of my contact book and so luckily i actually had. Whats called mobile me at the time mobile me is what came before icloud and so i was able to. Log in on the website and i was able to actually pull up my contacts so you will always have.

Access to your contacts as soon as you input a contact into your contacts on your phone or ipad or. Ipod touch as long as you have an internet connection it will sync online and by you having icloud set. Up its always seeking your contacts so you dont have to worry about getting stuck maybe that important number you. Had all your stuff access to it from the website here same thing with mail so this is kind of. Like the first way that you can access your icloud from your mac the second way is this im going.

To minimize this here and im actually gonna go to system preferences and now either youll have it down here. Or youll have it up here you just type in system preferences target wrong and click on system preferences and. Then from there you will have to go to actually i actually already had it open what close that lets. Do it again system preferences okay and as soon as it pops up theres going to be icon that says. Eye cloud there it is under internet and wireless click on icloud itll actually take you here but heres the.

Thing your computer your mac needs to be updated to the latest lion software if you are not running line. You will not be able to access your icloud from the computer you will have to go on the website. to have access so just an important note you will need to be running the latest learning software to. Have access this is the second way you can access your files and this actually lets you control what you. Sync on the computer so mail and notes your contacts your calendar you can have your photo stream set up.

You can also have documents sync the computer so if you have i work which is i which is pages. Numbers and keynote if you have those set up on your mac on your iphone or ipad and youre working. On a document itll sync on all the devices and every time you make changes they will sync all together. Okay so this is the second way you can access icloud and this is again where you would control what. Is synced on the computer okay and so as long as you have a check then those options will be.

Synced up for example with the mail app you have a contacts app on the computer you also i can. Be synched up with your character on your ios device iphone or ipad your bookmarks sensor or you can also. Have those things so you have the same settings on each device and then your photo stream which allows you. To have a photo taken in one place saved on to another so this is kind of in a nutshell. How you access icloud from your mac either online icloud calm or youre going to go on system preferences and.

Have the control in this option or area right here okay so hope that was helpful subscribe to ht tech. Videos keep watching and have you.

Method 3 – Storing Files Locally When Using Icloud Drive

Hi this is gary with today lets talk about using icloud drive but forcing some files to be stored. Locally macmost is brought to you thanks to a great group of more than a thousand supporters go to Patreon there you can read more about the patreon campaign join us get exclusive content and course discounts so when. You use icloud drive everything is stored in one virtual location thats on icloud drive you see those files on.

Your mac but theyre also stored on apple servers and then you can see them on all your other devices. But what if you want to store some files in icloud drive and some files locally im going to show. You three methods including one you shouldnt use one that may solve all your problems with no hassle and another. One that allow you to decide which files are on icloud drive and which files are not theyre just stored. Locally the first method i want to show you is actually the simplest but whether its for you depends on.

What you really want a lot of times when people ask me how do i make sure files are stored. Locally even though theyre on icloud drive what they really want is their files to be an icloud drive but. To make sure theyre also on their mac at all times so if theyre offline they could access them in. This case all you need to do is go to system preferences then click on apple id make sure you. Have icloud selected now at the bottom you should see optimize mac storage if you have that turned on that.

Means all of your files are always on icloud drive theyre always stored on apple servers but files are only. Stored on your mac if theres space and if you recently accessed the files or your mac predicts that you. Might need that file soon so you could find yourself in a situation where youre offline and you dont have. Access to your files because your mac didnt store a local version there doesnt appear to be any difference to. You all your files look like theyre there its only when you try to open them that it then tries.

To access them on icloud drive but if you have this turned off like i do then every single file. On icloud drive is also on your mac so you never have to worry about whether a file is available. Online or offline all files are available whether or not youre online the downside is youre limited by the storage. On your mac so you could only have as many files as you have space on your mac if youre. In a situation where you have a very small drive say a 256 gig hard drive on your mac but.

You have more than 256 gigs of files then you could certainly store more in icloud drive but youll have. To use this optimize max storage feature because your mac simply cant fit all of those files if you need. To access all your files offline then you should definitely avoid this problem by making sure you only buy macs. That have enough internal storage otherwise you might see something like this here i am in my documents folder and. I see next to this folder here this icon telling me that there are items in this folder that are.

Certainly there on icloud drive but i dont necessarily have local versions of them if i look in the folder. I can see the status of each file so if i were to try to access this file now while. Im online it would simply download it on demand i may not even notice a difference but if im completely. Offline it has no way to download it from icloud drive so trying to open this file wont work but. I could control click right click or two finger click on the trackpad on the file and select download now.

It would download this file im telling icloud that this file is important to me i want to make sure. I have a local copy and now i should be good for a while at some point in the future. It may decide well you didnt really access that file that often so ill offload it but at least for. The time being i have it available i can even select this folder here choose download now and now its. Going to download everything in there so youll see those little icons go away and now i have all the.

Stuff available even if im offline i can also select a file say if its a large file control click. It and remove download so just that one file now is no longer available i can use that to save. Space now what if thats not your situation what if your situation is you want to have some files that. Arent on icloud drive at all theyre only local to your mac for instance you may have a folder where. Youre storing video projects and you dont want all that stuff to be uploaded to icloud drive you just want.

It to be local well one method youll see a lot is to use dot no sync after a folder. Or file name and it tells your mac not to send this file to icloud drive icloud drive wont see. It at all now i dont recommend this method the third method im going to show you thats the one. You should be using in the situation but if you really want to do it you could take a folder. Like this you could put at the end of it dot no sync just like that and now youll see.

The icon changes to a cloud with a line through it that folder will no longer be an icloud drive. Anything you add to it will no longer be an icloud drive but i recommend not using this at all. Its not really technically supported it does work and it can be confusing you could easily forget why a folder. Isnt appearing in icloud drive because you didnt remember that you added this to it its not a good method. A much better method is to simply create a local folder on your drive for local files you see if.

You have in system preferences under apple id icloud you have under options desktop and documents folders turned on then. Your documents folder and your desktop folder are part of icloud drive as a matter of fact if you look. In the regular place for those by going to your home folder you wont see documents and desktop there anymore. Theyve been removed from here and they are actually in icloud drive now but your home folder is all local. Files these are files not an icloud drive so you can simply create another folder in here ive created one.

Called local documents and in here i can put documents that arent part of icloud drive at all theyre only. On this mac icloud drive has no idea they even exist this is a much better solution than no sync. Just set up a local documents folder or call it what you want you can set up a variety of. Folders here if you want with different names anything put in your home folder is not going to be on. Icloud drive i recommend you dont try to create a folder here called documents and certainly not one called desktop.

Because that would be confusing to have two folders with that name and then it will be difficult to figure. Out when youre saving a file to your documents folder whether its the local one in your home folder or. The one on icloud drive so dont use those names but certainly something like local documents make sense you can. Even use some of the existing folders like theres a movies folder here where all of your video data for. Things like imovie and final cut pro would be stored that makes sense because those files are usually massive and.

Storing them on icloud drive isnt always the best idea but you can also create your own things in movies. For instance if you have a collection of some video backgrounds that you want to sometimes use theyre too big. To store an icloud drive instead of creating its own folder you can always create something under the movies folder. Because it kind of makes sense from an organizational standpoint but any folders that you create here in your home. Folder is going to be local not on icloud drive and then anything you create under icloud drive would then.

Be synced with icloud drive so you have complete control there theres no reason to use dot no sync on. Folders if you dont have to jump from your documents folder to your home folder you can just set up. Aliases so for instance here if i have local documents and i dont want to have to go to a. Different location to see those i could drag hold down option and command and itll create an alias and put. An alias inside of my icloud documents folder now in icloud documents i see local documents i jump to the.

Local documents folder inside of my home folder it works really well if you use column view in column view. Here i am looking at icloud drive i could go into documents and then to local documents and it appears. To flow down into this like local documents is really inside documents its not its an alias this wont be. Synced in icloud drive because its not really inside the documents folder its just an alias going to another location. On your drive so there are a few alternatives for you if you just want to make sure all your.

Files are available locally when youre offline just turn off the optimize feature otherwise if you want to create special. Folders that are never synced to icloud drive create them in your home folder hope you found this useful thanks. For watching if you like this video click the thumbs up button below to let me know i publish new. Tutorials each weekday hit the subscribe button so you dont miss out.

Method 4 – Turn Off Icloud Drive And Restore Files To Mac Desktop

Hi this is amy your mac mentor with another tech tip today im going to show you how to turn. Off your icloud drive without losing all of your files now if you had checked this box when you first. Set up the computer or right after a software update then all of your files from desktop and documents are. Now stored in icloud if you werent paying attention that box is checked by default so i will show you.

Where to go to change your settings and also to get your files back so were going to system preferences. And im clicking on apple id this is catalina it might look a little different in a different operating system. And when i clicked on my apple id i can see all of my icloud settings are checked the most. Important thing we want to check on today is under icloud drive and options if you see the desktop and. Documents folders checked everything you see on my desktop and everything in documents will be synced to icloud now if.

You are paying for storage you might notice down here how much storage you have and you can manage this. To see if youre paying for anything if you are and maybe you dont want to pay for it or. You want to minimize your storage or you just want to turn your syncing off you would uncheck this box. Completely or if you just wanted to remove the desktop and documents from syncing you can uncheck this box and. Then when i turn this off youre going to notice all of a sudden everything on my desktop is going.

To disappear so at this point you might be thinking did i lose all my files but you did not. When i click on show in finder if you missed this prompt youre just going to click on go and. Then icloud drive what has happened is everything got removed from icloud drive but its in an archive folder so. What we want to do to move these back into your system folders were going to create a new finder. Window and go to your home folder where now we have a new desktop and documents folder that are empty.

So what i want to do is take the empty desktop folder which is my current desktop go to my. Icloud drive copy and open this up heres all my stuff so im just going to select all of the. Contents and drop that into my new desktop folder or you can just drop it right on the desktop and. At this point you get a confirmation to move these items from icloud so at this point you are moving. The items off of icloud onto your system so just be aware of that now you should have another backup.

So we can talk about that in another session now that i have my desktop files back i also want. To put my documents folder which also was emptied but when i look here in the icloud drive here it. Is documents folder if i open this up here it are all of my documents so again im just selecting. The contents not moving the documents folder just the contents and then dragging that into the empty documents folder and. Again im moving these off of icloud and now they are only stored on my system if we look at.

Your settings this is now unchecked if we check that back on again at any point it will sync back. Up with whatever is on your desktop and documents put those back into icloud if you do choose you want. To do that all right thats it for today i hope this was helpful and have a wonderful day ill. See you next time.

Method 5 – How To Access & Sign In To Your Apple Icloud Drive From A Mac Computer | New

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Conclusion – How To Access Icloud Drive On Mac

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