How To Access Icloud On Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access icloud on mac,

Method 1 – How To Access Icloud From A Mac

Hows it going out there welcome from h2 tech videos today i want to show you how to access icloud. From your mac and theres two ways to do it the first way here is you would go to the. Website wwe comm and youre going to log into your account ok and from from the website youll be able. To access all of your icloud files well almost everything what ive noticed is you you dont really have access.

To your photo stream on the website but you do have access to your mail your contacts your calendar find. My iphone and your i work stuff if you have that set up cool thing is if you go into. Calendar you actually be able to you know make modifications to your calendar or just if you just need to. See what your appointments are whatever you actually have full control from the website and youll be able to go. Through the different days and you can add things and just a lot of functionality okay so im gonna go.

Click on the little cloud here to go back to the main icloud screen we have access to our contacts. And let me tell you why this is important there was a day a couple years ago where actually someone. Stole my iphone and i actually needed eye contact out of my contact book and so luckily i actually had. Whats called mobile me at the time mobile me is what came before icloud and so i was able to. Log in on the website and i was able to actually pull up my contacts so you will always have.

Access to your contacts as soon as you input a contact into your contacts on your phone or ipad or. Ipod touch as long as you have an internet connection it will sync online and by you having icloud set. Up its always seeking your contacts so you dont have to worry about getting stuck maybe that important number you. Had all your stuff access to it from the website here same thing with mail so this is kind of. Like the first way that you can access your icloud from your mac the second way is this im going.

To minimize this here and im actually gonna go to system preferences and now either youll have it down here. Or youll have it up here you just type in system preferences target wrong and click on system preferences and. Then from there you will have to go to actually i actually already had it open what close that lets. Do it again system preferences okay and as soon as it pops up theres going to be icon that says. Eye cloud there it is under internet and wireless click on icloud itll actually take you here but heres the.

Thing your computer your mac needs to be updated to the latest lion software if you are not running line. You will not be able to access your icloud from the computer you will have to go on the website. to have access so just an important note you will need to be running the latest learning software to. Have access this is the second way you can access your files and this actually lets you control what you. Sync on the computer so mail and notes your contacts your calendar you can have your photo stream set up.

You can also have documents sync the computer so if you have i work which is i which is pages. Numbers and keynote if you have those set up on your mac on your iphone or ipad and youre working. On a document itll sync on all the devices and every time you make changes they will sync all together. Okay so this is the second way you can access icloud and this is again where you would control what. Is synced on the computer okay and so as long as you have a check then those options will be.

Synced up for example with the mail app you have a contacts app on the computer you also i can. Be synched up with your character on your ios device iphone or ipad your bookmarks sensor or you can also. Have those things so you have the same settings on each device and then your photo stream which allows you. To have a photo taken in one place saved on to another so this is kind of in a nutshell. How you access icloud from your mac either online icloud calm or youre going to go on system preferences and.

Have the control in this option or area right here okay so hope that was helpful subscribe to ht tech. Videos keep watching and have you.

Method 2 – How To Access Apple Icloud On Mac Or Pc

Hello everyone this is anson from ants and alex dot-com and in this video im going to show you how. You can access your icloud account from your pc or mac computer it actually works the exact same way on. Both platforms because it is a cloud-based system so to access icloud we just need to open up a new. Tab in our browser and were going to go to icloud comm once were at icloud comm we need to.

Login with our icloud account now you might already know your username and password for your icloud account it should. Be your apple email address it doesnt have to be an email address that is actually at matcom or at. it could be at its whatever you signed up for your icloud account with if youre unsure you. Can go on either your ipad or your iphone go to your settings go to the icloud section and look. At the account that is logged in there and that should be your icloud account so once you know your.

Icloud account and then just to throw it out there if you do completely forget you can open up a. New tab and you can go to i forgot dot apple comm and at this website you can say that. Sorry my browser is in spanish here because i like to continue to learn spanish so i put some of. My systems in spanish but you can click on this says have you forgot your apple id it would say. That in english you could click on this link to try and recover your apple id but going back to.

Icloud im going to go ahead and im going to sign in with my icloud account here real quick and. Once youve signed in with your icloud account you can see youve got access to a number of different icloud. Features you can access your mail online im not going to click on it actually my inbox is empty so. I can go ahead and click on that and youll see that my mail loads right up here so i. Can click up back here at the top left to go back to any of these sections i can access.

All of my contacts it is a good way to make sure that all of your contacts are backed up. To icloud you could access your calendar your notes your reminders find my phone is obviously an awesome feature so. If you lose your cell phone or ipad or even your macbook pro and youve enabled the find my phone. Feature you can go ahead and click on this section and it will show you the gps location of your. Device you can make it play a sound if youve lost it so you could find it where if its.

Sitting in your house someone you dont know where it is you could also erase it remotely if you think. Its been stolen you dont want anybody to access that data you can also access your pages numbers and keynote. Files that youve saved with an icloud and im going to go back home real quick here i know that. A lot of you are wondering how to access icloud because you want to get the pictures that you have. Saved in icloud well you cant get those pictures from here on icloud com theres a couple of different ways.

To do that you could if you have a mac computer you could actually go into iphoto and sign in. With your icloud account in iphoto and youll be able to access your photo stream your shared pictures if you. Dont have a mac computer you can youll have to access it through your mobile device whether its an ipad. Or iphone you can log on your icloud account and have your photo stream synced to that particular device there. Isnt a way to access your full icloud backup on icloud com so if youve done a full icloud backup.

Which means youve got all your phone or ipad settings pictures apps everything saved on icloud the only way to. Access that is to restore from your icloud backup so if you have a device and you want to get. Your pictures that are backed up to icloud not the ones that are just in photo stream but actually every. Single picture that you have backed up you would actually have to erase the device and restore from your icloud. Backup which you can probably search google how to do but this is how you can access your icloud account.

Which is what the purpose of this tutorial is you can access all this information in here so i hope. This video helped if it did i would really appreciate a thumbs up here on youtube and if you want. To see more technology tips and tutorials dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel thats all i have for. You for today its anson from ants and alex calm.

Method 3 – How To Access And View Icloud Photos — Apple Support

With icloud photos you can access your entire photo library across all of your devices straight from the photos app. To check if youre already using icloud photos on your iphone or ipad open settings tap your name tap icloud. Tap photos and see if i cloud photos is turned on with icloud photos turned on your photos will be. Stored in icloud and synced across your devices you can access your collection in the photos app here on your.

Iphone or ipad to view your photos on other devices like your mac turn on icloud photos on each of. Them individually to do this on your mac click preferences while in the photos app now click icloud and turn. On icloud photos if it isnt already as your photo collection grows you might be prompted to upgrade your icloud. Storage plan when you start to run low on space now open the photos app on any device that has. Icloud photos turned on and you can see all of your photos and videos there login at to view.

Your library on other devices including a windows computer if you edit or remove a photo on one device that. Change will appear on your other devices too so if you delete a photo on one device it will be. Deleted everywhere any new photos and videos you take will automatically upload to icloud photos and join the rest of. Your collection photos will stay organized across devices as well so if you create a new album or mark something. As a favorite youll see those changes everywhere and thats how you can view your collection in icloud photos and.

Keep your memories with you wherever you are for more photos tips subscribe to the apple support channel or click. Another video to keep watching.

Method 4 – How To Access Icloud Files On Mac | Acehouse Studio

Do you want to learn how to access icloud well in this video im going to be showing you exactly. That hello guys and welcome back to my channel the place for the selling content creators and entrepreneurs looking to. Uplift their brand online if youre new here youre welcome please subscribe hit the notification icon so that you can. Be notified when i post another video and remember that all the links mentioned in this video are in the.

Description section so youre interested in finding out how to access your icloud well in this video im going to. Be showing you how to do this so if theres something youre interested in learning thank you for watching so. Lets just jump straight to our desktop im using a mac mini and for this tutorial so in case you. Guys are wondering you can also do this on a pc as well all you need to do is to. Go to and you put in your apple id and put in your password once you enter the details.

Correctly then you will be asked to authenticate so a code will be sent to your phone so as you. Can see on the right hand side of the screen i got a code sent to my phone and um. I put in the code on the um field available on the desktop and once i verified to check the. Appropriate boxes and i was granted access to my icloud so here you can see i have access to my. Mail to my contacts so the calendars my photos most of the apps really that youd be interested in are.

Here so yeah this is it guys straightforward and if you have any questions please put them down in the. Comment section if this video was helpful give it a thumbs up and click on the notification icon so that. You can be notified when i post another video hit that subscribe button and before you go why not check. Out the videos on the screen and ill see you in the next video.

Method 5 – How To Use Icloud Drive In 2021

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Conclusion – How To Access Icloud On Mac

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