How To Access Icloud Photos On Computer – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access icloud photos on computer, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access icloud photos on computer,

Method 1 – How To Access Icloud Photos From Your Pc

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Method 2 – How To Access And View Icloud Photos — Apple Support

With icloud photos you can access your entire photo library across all of your devices straight from the photos app. To check if youre already using icloud photos on your iphone or ipad open settings tap your name tap icloud. Tap photos and see if i cloud photos is turned on with icloud photos turned on your photos will be. Stored in icloud and synced across your devices you can access your collection in the photos app here on your.

Iphone or ipad to view your photos on other devices like your mac turn on icloud photos on each of. Them individually to do this on your mac click preferences while in the photos app now click icloud and turn. On icloud photos if it isnt already as your photo collection grows you might be prompted to upgrade your icloud. Storage plan when you start to run low on space now open the photos app on any device that has. Icloud photos turned on and you can see all of your photos and videos there login at to view.

Your library on other devices including a windows computer if you edit or remove a photo on one device that. Change will appear on your other devices too so if you delete a photo on one device it will be. Deleted everywhere any new photos and videos you take will automatically upload to icloud photos and join the rest of. Your collection photos will stay organized across devices as well so if you create a new album or mark something. As a favorite youll see those changes everywhere and thats how you can view your collection in icloud photos and.

Keep your memories with you wherever you are for more photos tips subscribe to the apple support channel or click. Another video to keep watching.

Method 3 – How To Transfer Icloud Photos

Hows it going everybody youre watching that about tag and today i have a video that you guys have been. Requesting for quite awhile and that is how to transfer your icloud photos to your computer in the best part. This process works with any computer so a mac or a windows pc keep in mind that in order for. This process to work your photos have to be in the cloud so i called photos have to be turned.

On if you dont understand a lot of days if you dont know what im talking about im gonna have. A link in the description teaching you everything about it you really should check it out because i kveld photos. Is awesome okay guys so lets begin in this process is awesome for many reasons reason number one you dont. Need your iphone or ipad at all you dont need to plug it to the computer or anything like that. You just need the computer you also dont need to download any software or anything like that and last but.

Not least as i mentioned it works on any computers so it can be a mac like this macbook or. It can be any windows pc so lets go and begin all you need to do is go ahead and. Open your browser can be any browser im gonna open safari okay and youre gonna need to go to As you guys can see there icloud calm as soon as it opens up its gonna ask for your apple. Id thats how youre gonna identify yourself so just type in your apple id in your password and then we.

Can go ahead and click next so then were gonna sign in to our icloud in our browser and it. Is amazing i love this feature right here but today were gonna obviously focus on the photos so lets click. On photos so then just like that we have just loaded our icloud photos or full icloud photos here in. Our browser and just demonstrate you guys can see that i have seven thousand six hundred and seventy seven photos. In five six seven videos and it is the same story here on my iphone have exactly the same number.

Of photos and videos so its 100% synced up and working but then let me show you what you guys. Actually came here to see how to download your photos and video to your computer and its actually very easy. You just click on a photo okay and then if you actually wanted to look more than one you just. Hold shift and then click on the last one you want so then of course youre here now i have. Selected four photos in one video and then youre just gonna click on this download button so the air so.

The cloud with the arrow down were says download selected items you can even click on this small arrow right. Here and then you have the option to download unmodified originals or most compatible which include edits im just gonna. Leave unmodified originals so all you have to do is go ahead and click on the icon and as you. Guys can see it is automatically going to start downloading right here at the top keep in mind two important. Things first of course it is gonna depend on your internet speed so depending on the internet speed is gonna.

Download the very fast or its gonna download a little bit slow another very important thing this always downloads full. Resolution images so 100% full resolution which is awesome another very important thing is that it will download straight to. Your downloads folder but what i like is that its gonna download as a zip file so if you download. For example 100 or a thousand photos at once because maybe you want to do that youre not gonna have. A thousand files right here piling up or anything its gonna download you one single folder because its much easier.

In much smaller that way and then you can move this folder around to your desktop or to a flash. Drive or to a hard drive or anything you want okay guys so lets have a look let me just. Minimize this and have a look at our full resolution photos and videos thats why i took a little bit. Of time to download because for example this video is in 4k 60 frames per second this photo is in. Full resolution hd i see file so thats perfect lets have a look at this video for example so as.

You guys can see perfect perfect resolution just incredible if you look at that its completely 100% crisp with audio. Of course and everything else so of course we download everything works perfectly so we dont get anything cropped or. Anything compressed or anything like that and if we have a look at this image as well as a set. Is in agic so full resolution and look let me zoom in a little bit and as you guys can. See full resolution all the details and everything it is just perfect so thats pretty much it guys thats what.

I wanted to show you how to download how to transfer your photos and videos for from icloud so from. The cloud to our computer and again it works with any computer so thats just absolutely amazing so see you. Guys in a couple days bye.

Method 4 – Icloud For Windows 10! [Everything Explained] – 2020

Hello friends firstly you want to go to microsoft store on your pc and download this app hi cloud which. Is icloud for windows thing you can download this software from apples official website also please check out description for. All download links now click on this get button and hit install so it will take time to download and. Install based on your internet speed now it is installed lets launch it now you want to sign in with.

Your apple id and password hit sign in now you want to enter the two-factor authentication code received on your. Trusted device nowadays asking if you want to send diagnostic and usage information about this software to apple its your. Choice im gonna hit dont send you can change this later on from settings now heres your icloud for windows. 10 software interface its a software designed by apple for windows users for accessing icloud drive icloud photos bookmarks mails. Icloud storage on your computer without even launching the icloud website on your computer browser so lets see what options.

You have firstly as you can see if you want to access mail contacts calendar and reminders you need to. Visit icloud calm you cannot access this information from this software this thing will vary this windows version you might. Be able to access this information if you have latest windows version mine is little old so let me dismiss. This warning so the first option you have is this icloud drive the check box next to it is marked. It means it is enabled on this computer the second option you have is icloud photos very important option so.

If you have enabled icloud photos option on your iphone or ipad you can see all the photos and videos. From your iphone and ipad on this windows computer similarly you can upload photos and videos from your windows computer. And see them on your iphone and ipad ill show you that later in the video make sure you have. This checkbox marked another option is shared albums so basically there is this icloud feature where you can create shared. Albums and share it with your friends and loved ones and they will also contribute to this shared album so.

You can keep this option on now the third option is bookmarks so if you have bookmarks on your iphone. Or ipad you can sing them with your windows pc and keep in mind whenever you make changes in any. Of the settings here you want to click on apply button now there is one more very important option here. Storage it will show you all your iphone and ipad data in icloud and if you want you can remove. This data right from this software remember that if you are removing any data from the software it will delete.

That data from your iphone and ipad as well so make sure you know what youre doing with your data. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your icloud storage you can do that as well this section will be. Very helpful to you if youre facing issues while upgrading or downgrading icloud storage on your iphone now there is. One more section here called account details this will show you diagnostic settings and have link to manage your apple. Id now lets see the real stuff firstly to access your icloud drive you want to go to your system.

Tray on the bottom right corner and click on this i cloud icon now here select open icloud drive this. Will launch a new folder with icloud drive content so whatever you have on your iphone is now reflected here. Including the files and folders as you can see we have similar folders on our iphone and same set of. Folders on computer even if you open any folder youll see that the file inside that folder is also copied. To your pc so this is the folder where you can access your icloud drive this is the exact replica.

Of files and folders on your icloud drive if you want you can create a new folder here and you. Can see that on your iphone and ipad so it will be very easy for you to transfer data from. Pc to iphone or iphone to pc using this icloud drive very helpful now let me show you the second. Folder which is very important this icloud photos so here it will show all the photos from your iphone or. Ipad if you have icloud photos turned on on your device new photos and videos will download automatically you can.

Also choose to download your entire collection by year if i show you the iphone these are the exact photos. And videos on iphone so every time you add photo to your iphone or ipad that would be available on. Your pc right away on the other hand if you want to add photos from your computer to i phone. You can do that as well go to system brain tap on icloud icon and select upload photos this will. Open up a browser window select photos and videos from your computer and add to this icloud photos folder this.

Will upload all the new photos and videos from your computer to icloud drive and then you can see them. On your iphone and ipad so it is easy to transfer photos and videos from your iphone to computer or. Computer to iphone now last but not the least when you close this icloud for windows 10 software and if. You want to reopen it go back to the system tray select icloud icon and click on open icloud settings. Thats all your icloud settings are back so i hope you guys understood everything about this icloud for windows 10.

Software still if you have any questions ask me now in the comments below and i would be happy to. Help if you found this video useful hit that like button and subscribe to the channel if you havent already. And thats all for today thank you so much for watching and ill see you guys in the next one.

Method 5 – How To View All Photos Stored In Icloud

In this tutorial im going to show you how you could view all your photos that are stored in icloud. First thing you need to do is you need to go to your iphone and in order for all the. Photos to be stored in the cloud you need to go to your settings click on your name where it. Says apple id icloud and itunes and then you click on icloud and then where it says apps using icloud.

Where it says photos you have to make sure that icloud photos is turned on so that means that all. The photos storing your device will basically be backed up on the icloud so once you enable that you cant. View all your photos that are stored in your device only the ones that youve taken physically with your device. But if you want to see everything thats been stored you have to go to your browser on your pc. And then you go to forward slash photos or just go to better because i already logged in.

And in your case its going to ask you to log in once you log in with your apple id. Then you click on photos and once you click on photos its gonna take you to your photo stream and. As you can see ive have 49 photos 32 videos so this is how you see all the photos thats. Been stored on your icloud even if they were deleted on your device if they were back up backed up. On the icloud then this is where you will see them thank you for watching if you have any questions.

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Conclusion – How To Access Icloud Photos On Computer

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