How To Access Igtv – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Igtv All You Need To Know (2022 Beginners Tutorial)

Hello and welcome to this video where im going to be showing you everything you need to know about instagram. Tv great so let me walk you through instagram tv let me show you where to find it how to. Use it and youll be good to go so when youre inside the instagram app uh youre a little bit. Limited with what you can see with instagram tv because as you know it has its own separate app as.

Well but instagram have done a really good job to kind of integrate the two so if you dont want. To get that extra app totally fine you can still use instagram tv so this particular account already has an. Instagram tv video uploaded to it and thats why you can see this icon right here uh because there is. A video there already on but regular accounts that dont post to instagram tv wont have that option there so. Thats not where you find instagram tv the easiest way to get there is by pressing the search icon and.

Up the very top left hand side you see a panel here with igtv written on it and as soon. As you press that you can see it sort of swiped across and youre now taken to instagram tv from. Here you can scroll and see who is live right now so these are not people who i am particularly. Following at this point these are just people who are actually live at this present moment so you could see. Some live content here if you wanted but also those longer form videos that have been posted to other peoples.

Instagram tv can be found here theyre going to start showing you things that they think that you want to. Be seeing and all you have to do is just start interacting with this kind of content and it will. Show you more of that sort of style of content to post your own instagram tv video you can press. This plus button on the top right hand side and pick a video that is more than one minute long. So if its less than 60 seconds you wont be able to put it up on igtv but uh you.

Can put it on a regular post so if you have those shorter videos save those for posts or stories. This is for longer form content so its between one minute and 20 minutes long you could just press next. You can choose to add some image art here go ahead and press next and then you just post this. To your instagram like a regular post so add yourself a title add yourself a description you could put it. As part of a series if you have some promotion going on as a company or something like that you.

Can add this to the to a series or again you can share across um different platforms here is also. A place that if youd like to use this as a longer form content and use those smaller bites of. This content to share as a post and give someone like a sample of what they can go and experience. Here is where youre going to do that so you can post a preview like this uh it will be. Shared to your news feed as a regular post and ill show you exactly what that looks like let me.

Add a title and a description here great so im going to press post to instagram tv and give it. A moment to think come back across to my profile down the bottom and you can see that in my. Instagram tv panel here this video has gone up no problem but also because we chose to use a portion. Of this as a post youll see that now this shows up on my instagram as a post now it. Will only give a minute content worth of this so you you will only be able to post the first.

Minute of your video if it goes for 15 minutes they can choose to press that button on the bottom. Left-hand side and go across and see the full thing at any time if you want to share this to. Your story if you want to post a snippet over there you can press the airplane button and press add. Video to story and you can add any sort of gif here any sort of text to jazz this up. And get people excited about this brand new instagram tv content that you have just posted this is what the.

Instagram tv app looks like right here if you press on that youll see that the interface is pretty similar. To the one over on instagram uh it will definitely start with the content uh that the creators that you. Already follow are creating so thats there at the top you can scroll through more like the newsfeed looks on. Regular instagram so whereas before we had uh all the different little thumbnail options here we sort of have big. Long form video showing up the top you can of course search for somebody or press that video to on.

The top right hand side to go live you can post a live video if you want and down the. Bottom here is your profile where all your instagram tv videos will be shown this middle option here is the. Discover tab so here is where you find all of the content that instagram believe you and your page might. Want to interact with but that is how you use instagram tv do you.

Method 2 – Why Instagram Is Getting Rid Of Igtv

It was a valiant effort but instagram is getting rid of igtv it was intended originally to be a rival. To youtube or the vertical version of youtube it really wasnt embraced by the masses on that platform its a. Very different experience vertical video on instagram than it is to consume content on youtube which is a behemoth unto. Itself and is a search engine of itself so i think that what we saw was that it was more.

Challenging for people to create in that format and i think it was a bit bumbly in the sense that. It was kind of complex right we had you know a different way to access the igtv it was kind. Of sequestered off onto its own but yet still part of instagram and i think it was a little bit. Confusing for the average instagram user to grasp that concept so here we are you know three plus years into. It and instagram has said you know what were getting rid of igtv and were going to really merge the.

Video experience uh adam moseri who is the head of instagram uh has actually launched a video to explain the. Change and heres what he has to say this week were announcing a number of improvements to video on instagram. A few months ago i announced that we were no longer just a photo sharing app and we got a. Pretty significant response from all of you but the idea here is to lean into what our community is telling. Us that theyre interested in and were seeing that video is driving more and more of the growth at instagram.

And that people are continuing to tell us that theyre interested in particularly short form entertaining video so a few. Improvements this week the first i think the most important is that if you tap anywhere on a video and. Feed itll take you into a full screen viewer and from there you can actually swipe and view more video. If youre interested or go back to feed also we are stopping the 15 second pause that you get in. Feed videos so previews of videos and people go up to 60 seconds except for our monetizable videos were also.

Taking a look at the profile and now what used to be called igtv video and regular feed video will. Be in one tab on the profile more improvements to come we still have a two fragmented and complicated system. Were trying to figure out how to reconcile reels how to do better by vertical video how to get better. At ranking so more announcements to come over the next couple weeks but this announcement i think is one important. Set of steps on a much longer path so were excited about it so i love what adam was saying.

There and talking about reconciling with reels and reels has been a huge success for instagram and it was the. Result of them trying to rival with tick tock and the huge success that it is that is short form. Micro content not the long form version that they were really hoping to be successful with igtv so as adam. Mentioned i think more changes are coming with instagram well all have to keep uh watch on those changes another. Thing that adam mentioned back in i think it was in let me see here i think it was in.

June yeah june of 2021 where he talks about how instagram is no longer a photo sharing app which is. Really what the foundation of instagram was at inception was this beautiful curated photoshopped perfection almost magazine style grid and. Feed that instagram instagram became known for but as of june 2021 theyre coming out and saying you know what. We are no longer a photo sharing app our focus is now on four distinct areas and photos is not. One of them i will link his video that he did on this subject below this one so you can.

Watch it in depth but what he said was that were leaning into entertainment we are leaning into video and. Really with four focus areas focus area one being creators video shopping and messaging those are the four areas that. Instagram is committed to focusing on as it continues to evolve so you know originally meant to be rivaling youtube. Igtv really was not the success that they had hoped it would become and if you want to read more. About this you can go to facebook for business and if you look under the instagram tab youll be able.

To see all the latest news and let me see here this article here creating instagram videos just got even. Easier and that was published on october 5th 2021 and it goes at length to talk about how and some. At some of the changes that adam was mentioning there are mentioned in this article as well with even some. Screenshots of some of the changes that are coming so you may want to go through this article ill post. That below this video as well new ways to view and analyze videos and how theyre really merging this experience.

Into one cohesive video experience on instagram so i for one on a personal note im happy about this change. I think that instagram is is an amazing platform i personally love it but it did feel a bit convoluted. Sometimes a bit complicated with the igtv mixed in there and now that theyre bringing the cohesiveness of video and. That experience together i think will be a really great change for all of us who use instagram to promote. Ourselves our businesses to create content to provide value and ultimately to entertain our audiences which is what instagrams focus.

Is and what theyve heard from their audience of what they want on the platform as a content creator these. Changes might lead to some changes for our business on the back end in terms of how we create content. I know that ill continue to do instagram live which i love to do and that process is likely not. To change as a result of these changes that instagram is making so instagram live still very much going to. Be a part of our strategy thumbnails might need to be revisited in terms of design due to these changes.

I dont yet have the changes reflected on my own app so ill wait to see those and then get. Together with our team and look at our thumbnails and see if any changes in design are necessary and im. Telling you this because you might need to look at these areas as well for your own business if instagram. Is really a key part of your strategy another thing that we might have to look at is creator studio. Because our team members are accustomed to tabbing over to the instagram side and looking for igtv so does that.

Mean that some of our sops or standard operating procedures might have to change if team members go in and. All of a sudden they dont see that there anymore another thing that we really do a lot of is. Repurposing content do our processes have to change as a result of the changes that instagram is making those are. Some areas that were going to continue to look at and you may want well want to look at those. For yourself but what wont change is our dedication to video and im happy to say now that we know.

That instagrams focus is on video that were on the right track so doing instagram uh live is certainly a. Part of that posting regularly also reels im really getting a great great results with reels we mentioned that earlier. In the video and i think that is part and parcel of why instagram television igtv didnt really succeed because. Of the crazy success of reels and the short form content so were definitely leaning into that and continuing to. Do that as well so goodbye igtv and welcome instagram video if youre looking for another instagram related video just.

Look right below this one and ill see you over there.

Method 3 – How To Access Igtv Insights

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Method 4 – How To Access Igtv?

Hey guys so ig tv or instagram tv is becoming more and more popular but were to access it so. If you log in to your instagram and you are on your instagram profile page you need to go to. Your feed here on the home button and then in top right corner you can access your id tv feed. So here you have it and then you can also go to your ig tv channel so thats it thats.

How you access a gtv.

Method 5 – Igtv Not Showing On Instagram (2021) | Why Instagram Igtv Option Not Showing On Instagram

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Conclusion – How To Access Igtv

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