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Method 1 – How To Open The Interaction Menu In Gta 5 Online On Ps4, Xbox One, Or Pc (Fast Method!)

Welcome everyone this is tim from your sixth game and today in this video im going to show you how. To use the interaction button in grand theft auto 5 online so lets go ahead and jump in the video. Right now so the interaction menu gives you additional settings that allow you to go ahead and interact with grand. Theft auto 5.

Like enable passive mode kill yourself voice chat so how would he go ahead and open up. The interaction menu on the pc ps4 and the xbox one well this is very easy to do on the. Playstation 4 controller go ahead and press down the touchpad in the center of the controller this will open up. The interaction menu like that on the xbox one it will be the view button the view button will be. The boxes button in the lower left side of the xbox button so its right in the center of the.

Controller as well its the two little boxes that button press that and open up the interaction menu and then. On the pc this will be the m key so press the m key on your keyboard and it will. Open up the interaction button if you need additional resources for the xbox 360 if you still play that version. This will be the back button and the ps3 will be the select button so go ahead and open up. The interaction menu and start interacting on a deeper level with grand theft auto 5 online if this video did.

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Method 2 – Gta Online : Interaction Menu Ps4 Guide : 2020

Youtube welcome back to another video with this time were talking online interaction menu for gt 8 on the ps4. But first as always if you new to the channel be sure to like be sure to subscribe turn on. The post notification bill guys damn it in this video were gonna tackle 12 key tabs that i feel like. You need to know now were gonna skip the emcee and ceo tabs because those two videos could take on.

The life of his own so let me know down below if you want to see a video involving that. First thing to do the access the interaction menu is to press the touchpad in the center of the controller. Once you do that the first thing youll notice is a quick gps where any properties you own you can. Set away points and quickly go to that destination once on the vehicle it is show you where youre going. Youre good now lets go inside to work with the interaction menu as were gonna be knocking out two birds.

In one stone dealing with the property so here well access the arcade management as were inside of the arcade. This allowed me to invite people set the propertys access to allow friends crew etc and even in some cases. Move stuff around now on to objectives this is where rockstar give you a chance to make some extra cash. Were not gonna out daily objectives inventory first thing youll notice is the cash so like if you do a. Headhunter mission or still a car sell a car from off the streets here you can split the cash with.

A friend inside of the lobby your armor and snacks also held inside of here and your ammo can be. Purchased for all mark one weapons not mark two weapons okay thats got to be done inside of your m. O cs and if you purchased a ballistic armor suit that also could be dropped from here your style tab. Is for your wardrobe appearance and accessories like mask ear pieces hats earrings etc the parachute can also be accessed. From here as well as different outfits speaking of outfits all the outfits that you saved in a closet can.

Be accessed inside of your quick menu as shown right here your action tab allows you to change up your. Remotes or usually most you can also access your emotes by hitting the l 3 and r 3 at the. Same time on your joystick the vehicles tab were gonna save that for later so i can show you that. Outside with an actual vehicle and also i will time stamp each one of these tabs down into the description. Below the services tab you can access your mobile operation center avenger and terabyte as well as your yacht if.

You own one the terabyte feature can also be used to call in your oppressor in addition to your mechanic. Or motorcycle club again were gonna skip the ceo and motorcycle club feature the height options is for your map. You can basically hide different icons on your map that you dont want to see highlight player this is pretty. Cool if youre a new player and you dont know the locations on the map you got something going on. You trying to explain somebody with you where youre at but you dont know where youre at and they dont.

Know where youre at you can highlight yourself so on the map youll be blinking thats pretty neat voice chat. Pretty important if you do a lot of game chat this right here you can set it so who you. Want to hear and who can hear you and furthermore if you and ceo a motorcycle club you can set. It particularly for just the organization or the most like club spawn locations self-explanatory properties that you own where do. You want to spawn when youre loading into the game and play a targeting priority three different settings strangers attackers.

Or everyone thats simple who the hell you want to be shooting that you aim your gun now lets head. On outside to take a look at the vehicles tab with an actual vehicle now first you can request the. Personal vehicle that youve been using throughout the game you can empty the vehicle if theres someone in it that. You dont want in it set a different access for friends crew etc and you can also open and close. Any of the doors the remote functions this is where you can turn the engine on turn the lights on.

Like if youre doing a car show something like that and lastly if you own a plane or helicopter or. Something like that you can request it by going up to the request personal aircraft section still located inside of. The vehicle tab scroll on over to the aircraft that you want call it in your mechanic will deliver it. To you now keep in mind the spawn locations for aircraft are different all over the map depending on where. Youre at at the time that you called it in so keep that in mind and over time youll become.

A master of the map hey thats it for me thatll do it for another video i certainly do appreciate. You guys watching if it helps you out in any way please be sure to like comment and subscribe and. If i missed anything hey let me know that too and hey what am i talking about like coming to. Subscribe even if you dont like it id appreciate it man but you already know into the next time check. Out more content right now.

Method 3 – How To Open Interaction Menu Gta 5 Online On Ps5 & Ps4! (Fast Method!)

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Method 4 – Gta 5 Online How To Active Your Interaction Menu Ps4

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Method 5 – Gta Online – Interaction Menu Guide!

Hey yo whats nobody its tyler issei q8 sigh killington yeah yeah man alright so this video listen this is. One of those videos where i know most of you know what this is all about were talking about the. Interaction menu okay ive always wanted to make a guide or a tutorial about the interaction menu i know it. Sounds super boring but every day i get online i hear people and this regular lobbys are like how do.

I pop my hood or take my mask off and on so thats what were talking about okay lets get. Right into im gonna skip over to the sakura serve part of the interaction menu going to sakura serve you. Can register as a ceo alright once you do that theres a whole bunch of cool things that you can. Do inside the interaction menu and features and things like that that are important that most of you i know. Already understand and know but some of you may not so while youre in your ceo you can offer to.

Hire your friends right you should know this by now so im gonna hire bullet and nimrods and bullet and. Nimrods thank you so much for your help they helped me out with the ceo portion of it and the. Mc biker portion of it as well okay so while youre in here once you are registered as a ceo. Theres a whole bunch of good ways to make money alright you have a whole bunch of vip work then. You have a whole bunch of challenges and the challengers are really cool because you can pit your members of.

Your ceo up against each other to do things to help make money its really really fun its really cool. Plus you have a lot of really cool ceo abilities what were looking at right here you can spawn in. Vehicles bullshark stuff like that then it really helps out now like i said i know most of you know. This but every day i get into a theres a writers responding to a lobby im getting ready to start. Doing my stuff i hang out and play or just you know record a video and i hear people asking.

How to do things that are in the interaction menu they dont know while youre in there under management of. Your sakura service that yo you can do friendly-fire turn that offer on i recommend you turn it off that. Way you dont accidentally kill your teammates and your ceo which is a big deal and you can also change. Your style and give different kind of cool clothes and things like that and this may lead to some kind. Of outfit glitches that you may want to do as well and then while youre on under a certain style.

You can also select you individual outfits for each member to kind of set them aside which is pretty cool. Here are some cool stuff like that once again i get it guys i know most of you know this. But just so you know now you do now so lets go into the whole emcee business the whole motorcycle. Thing this is really cool too this has their own set of money making methods and ways to you know. Delegate like i dont know i guess features and perks to each member which well talk about that as well.

And you see right there im now mc president and theres a couple of cool things you can do you. Can get rid of your personal vehicle what we just showed you and then you can spawn in your own. Motorcycle which is what you saw right there the very first feature in the menu is you know your your. Motorcycle menu or whatever and you can spawn in your motorcycle which is really really cool i like that and. Its very very easy to get that vehicle spawned in for yourself now with your members you can give them.

Titles or ranks sergeant-at-arms road captain you know etc different things with them and enforcer is one of them and. This is important because with a ceo the the ceo can actually spawn in a chopper right there if you. Make somebody a road captain in your mc business they can also spawn in a chopper it will not be. Weaponized but its a good way to move around the city if youre stuck far out and you could do. The same thing with your clothes your outfits you can also throw on your crew emblem onto your leather cut.

Your jacket which is a really nice feature i thought they add it in there and the same kind of. Thing you can do different kind of styles and stuff like that which is nice and you know this kind. Of be unique with your crew and with your outfits which is i like that its really good you can. Do cool things like you know you can ways to make money if you go there you manage your mc. Youve got you know we can race to objective you can do stuff like that you can have them you.

Know they can joust they can go rob stores and get money and stuff like that which is really cool. Its kind of little mini challenges that you do with your crew and they can all make cash which is. Really nice its just something to kind of keep it fresh the road captain right here who was nimrods was. Able to spawn the chopper in which is nice they i made him a road captain and that was his. Feature is a enforcer and hes able to as you see right here spawning some body armor for you which.

Is pretty cool lets say youre doing i dont know some kind of youre just killing people in free mode. And stuff like that you need some armor there you go and as an enforcer you could also call in. A hit on somebody we thank you off center for helping us out the enforcer bullet called in a hit. On austin and then the lost mc came out there and of course they killed austin a crew member so. We had to kill them thats this rule there is rules and cool features like that that some people may.

Not know about which is you know just fun things that it offers but it can all be found in. The interaction menu and so if youre the enforcer you go to interaction menu go to your abilities and thats. How you do that all right now theres some cool ways to make money you get your club challenges search-and-destroy. And then you also have your own kind of work and things like they got criminal mischief wheelie rider and. Stuff like that its just really you know you got your club work deathmatches jousting things that you can do.

To kind of like you know pit your members against each other to compete which is really fun i like. That ok so those are two the really important parts of it which i know most of you already know. So i wanted to get that out of the way now were going to go through the basic stuff here. Interaction menu just from the very top going down quick gps you can use the quick gps to select the. Area so were going to mod shop select it and then bam now you have a gps on your radar.

Telling you where its at if you go into inventory you have features like body armor where of course you. Can equip the body and once again i know i know you probably like tie what theyll i get it. I know but i promise you people out there do not know all the features of this now you can. Select to turn your armor on and off and show your armor with certain types of outfits they can do. That and your vest will actually show if you go under your snacks who have your ps and qs ego.

Chase or meteorite and ecola which will give you health the cigarettes and the beers will actually take health away. From you ok if you go into ammo you can actually under inventory for an ammo you can actually resupply. Your ammo so i can go to rifle ammo i can go to whatever rpgs and i can buy ammo. Out in the middle of the street versus going to an ammunition you can also disable or enable your custom. Weapon loadout you know your little gun locker you may have in one of your properties and you set you.

Know what type of guns you want say you want to use your revolver again now i can go in. Here and i can actually disable that and i can use my revolver in all my weapons you can also. Order your ballistic equipment so say you spent five hundred thousand dollars on the juggernaut suit thats where youll be. Able to order it from is in your inventory and then youll have that ready then you can also remove. It in the same spot okay which is pretty cool if you have them now under style in your inventory.

You can actually pay a hundred grand to do cosmetic plastic surgery which is cool and change your characters appearance. Under accessories you also have your gear your glasses your hats or helmets or chains and on the go instead. Of going into a shop by actual ponds and bees or whatever you can just switch up whatever out whatever. You know accessories that you already own plus you can go into your parachute you can turn your parachute on. Or off you can say if you want smoke trail as you are flying through the air a lot of.

Your light i how do you get the smoke to come out of your feet this is how you do. That you have to purchase it then you can turn on and off select what you want with the type. Of bag you want all that stuff under style you have your outfit where you can change what types of. Outfits you have obviously i know you know this but i get it you can also set your racing outfits. When you go into a race you actually have a particular type of outfit you can put it on whichever.

Of the saved ones you have you also have your option to change your bike helmet your helmet visor you. Can make it go up and down you can also do that with the left arrow key on your directional. Pad but sometimes it glitches out and gets stuck well this is where you can go to kind of reset. It all right and you can have your auto bike auto show your motorcycle helmet on or off where you. When you get onto a chopper or a motorcycle i call a motorcycle chopper it automatically put your helmet on.

For you or you can take that feature away if you just want to have like your mohawk showing or. Whatever here i mean theres also your action where you can select your actions i just had somebody asked for. The day how will you switch your actions to go from like salute you know jerk it off in somebodys. Face to whatever freaking out this is pretty cool too you have your walking style if you have a female. Character or you just want to be dumb and troll your friends you can change your walking style fam or.

Posche or gangster or normal whatever and your character will actually walk a little bit different and if you i. Should have put my gun up to show you the hands im thats my fault i apologize but the hands. Are like wave and swing a little bit differently too which is pretty cool i like that so you had. Those features in there and thats where you can adjust it a lot of people dont know about that as. Well if you have illuminating clothing like the shotaro motorcycle outfit or like the christmas body suits these will actually.

Glow or theyll pulse and if you go to illuminate illuminated clothing you can turn that on or off or. Make it pulsate which is really cool if you have a zip jacket like a jacket thats like an open. With a zipper you can have it open or closed and if that jacket has a hoodie with it depending. On what type of helmet you have on you can have your hoodies show up now on your character thats. Really cool i think all right now its back up and go to your vehicles in this on this submenu.

You can request your personal vehicle you can request your personal aircraft your special vehicles like your ruin or mm. All that good stuff you could empty your personal vehicle if youve got some idiot and their you dont want. You can just kick them right out you can also have vehicle access set to passengers or crew and here. Is where you can select the vehicle doors you can open up your hood your side doors left and right. Your trunk or all of them at the same time and then close all them at the same time -.

This is really cool for car shows and you know just kind of showing off the cool features of your. Vehicle if you have a bennies vehicle and you know i like that and once again i heard someone actually. Asking how to do that in the game ok what else would go yeah thats how you can open it. Up all the way with all of them i mean that is so cool and some car shows and if. Youre making a video or whatnot thats a really cool feature i like that with the remote functions you can.

Also turn on the car you can turn on off if you have headlights you can turn those on or. Off if you have a neon ground kit like the lights underneath the car you can turn those on or. Off you can even have your radio turn to whatever station you want and thats in the vehicle remote functions. In the vehicle subset menu of the interaction menu so its like a menu inside of a menu thats inside. Of a menu right its pretty cool anyways though in this area you can also select who controls the bomb-bay.

Are the bombs on your plane and that youll find that under vehicles you can set it to the pilot. Which would be you flying or your copilot they can also control the countermeasures the flares and the chaff so. And thats where youll set that to where if you dont want your co-pilot to have access to that and. Now you can change that here under the same you can have the mobile operations or your avenger thats your. Subset menu right there or you can request either one of them depending which one you have you can give.

Cab access to crew or friends or strength whatever you want you can empty out your cab the trailer same. Thing even turn your radio on and off with your mobile operations center or your avenger thats the subset menu. For that inside here you can find your daily objectives and your interaction menu you just scroll on down and. It shows you the three daily objectives every day you do those when you log on you get $25,000 after. A week you get a fifty thousand dollar bonus after a 28 day period you get a five hundred thousand.

Dollar bonus make 1.2 million dollars now does your map look like this right here is it look like its. All polluted with all this all over the place and as you drive around the city all these dumb corona. Rings are popping up everywhere this is where you can turn those off and it makes it look so much. Better you scroll all the way down side the hide feature the hide menu and then you could turn off. All these events you can either show them or just hide them or you can customize and show which ones.

You do or dont if you turn off the events thats the free mode stuff if you dont want to. Do wheelies or do like you know the you know driving up flying upside down or whatever you could turn. On it off and you wont get those dumb notifications that kind of mess with you and you know its. Just whatever but some people like to have those on because you get a little couple extra grand in there. And then you can make your map look like this were only the essentials are on your your properties your.

Coke businesses the gas stations mod shop stuff like that so much nicer and as you drive through the city. All that bullshits not there impromptu race this is something i find is so cool you want to race a. Motorcycle versus a supercar we can set up an impromptu race with your friends and get some people together set. Your destination invite the players to the impromptu race they could accept it and then its not a big gamble. But you can have you know every person that jumps in its like 50 bucks or 100 bucks depending on.

Your distance out you know i think ive gotten like a like 2000 bucks that they maxon one of these. Its just a fun way to kind of hang out and kill some time in the game with your buddies. You start it up you get the count down and then you just haul ass and its really cool its. Really fun to just hang out you know its like kind of like a fast and furious style you know. Impromptu race and thats in your interaction menu man there you go i won 100 bucks you know no big.

Deal is this this is something just you know just to kill some time is to have a good time. With your buddies so you can also highlight a player someone say someones messing with you you want to try. And find them on the radar you can go to their name and highlight them and on the radar in. The map their icon will blink and it sets them apart from the rest of the people in the game. This particular guy tried to mess with me i had to kill him and he just went away so plus.

Are you tired of hearing idiots screaming the mic and little kids are you amata are you a mother are. You hearing that stupid well if you scroll down to voice chat you can mute all these idiots in the. Game you can have it towards just crew and friends or everybody or no one and then you can turn. That you dont have to be inside of a party to mute the lobby youve also got your yacht services. Once youre on your boat you can sound the horn yacht defenses you can turn it on or off and.

Set who is allowed to fly through your airspace over your yacht if you can exclude your friends and your. Crew or whatever anybody else that flies to they will get shot down it comes in handy a lot alright. Youve also got player targeting priority i cant stress this enough if you are hanging out with your friends in. Free mode switch your targeting priority to strangers that way you will not auto lock on to your friends if. Youre tired of killing your friends or tired of getting killed by your friends tell them to go the interaction.

Menu scroll down to the player targeting priority and time to put it on strangers that way they wont be. Locking onto you and killing you okay youve also got your passive mode down there at the end all the. Other stuff and banned thats it i know this is a longer video i get it i wanted to show. You more but it was like a 30 minute video to show everything so i know most of you 95%. Of you know everything about this but i promise you there are people that need help with this or did.

Not know and maybe i just kind of reminded you or this is like a refresher for you so i. Hope you enjoyed it if you do enjoy it make sure you go on to subscribe to my channel for. The illest realest content the game make sure you smash i mean smokes mutters that like button you guys stay. Dangerous or i will see the next one peace out yeah.

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