How To Access Internet On Switch – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access internet on switch, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access internet on switch,

Method 1 – How To Go On The Internet On Nintendo Switch [Connect

Welcome everyone ill actually show you how to easily browse the internet on your nintendo switch so obviously we can. Connect to uh our wi-fi networks on our switch but we can only use this to play online games now. In this video im gonna be showing you a 100 working method doesnt matter when youre watching on how to. Access any website you want on nintendo switch essentially browse the web so first of all what you want to.

Do is just open up system settings and you want to scroll down until you see internet internet settings and. What we want to do is we want to make sure first of all we are already connected to a. Wi-fi network so if you havent done this connect once youve connected tap on the wi-fi network youve connected to. You can see by the tick thats the wi-fi youre on so well tap on this now were going to. Tap on change settings and were going to scroll down until we see dns settings were going to tap on.

This and were going to set it to manual and once weve done this we want to set the primary. Dns to the address you see on screen so for you the primary dns will be set to oh 000.000.000. God that was a tongue twister but just set the dns to what you see on screen right now so. Just pause the video screenshot the video on your phone and then just type this in on your nintendo switch. So pause video screenshot it and once youve done this just tap on okay save okay and then tap on.

Connect this network now what youre going to see is its going to do its thing and youre going to. See its not going to be able to outright connect to the internet because we need to register so were. Going to tap on next and heres where the magic happens so the old way to connect to the internet. And browse google um was to go on the switchs website through the store and then navigate around until you. Found facebook and then through facebook youd find google and then through google then you could access the web however.

Now its very easy because you can see switchbrew dns thats the server we connect to were going to start. On continue to google now on google how cool is that now if you just tap on back uh let. Me just go back again you can see you can go to the news right here and this is the. News from google news or you can enter url directly i would stop on google and i mean if you. Want to do the search queries here its probably uh your best bet so what i do is im going.

To search up um my name so alf saunders so saunders whats up on dumb google search and lets have. A look so we have to verify were not a robot okay so lets have a look lets do this. Together now keep on watching because im going to show you how to revert this because if you if we. Just go off and do this you dont be able to connect to the internet anymore so just keep that. In mind so when we have to play online games so well just tap on these buses right here so.

Bus bus oh its doing this horribly slow transition jesus okay dont tell me theres another bus all right verify. Okay right lets try this again apparently im a robot its kind of crazy i am a robot and so. I apologize right there is no fire hydrant there we go now we can go on google search as you. Can see yes showing up the google results and we can do which is really cool is theyve already thought. About you know making this a proper browser so you can use your thumbstick in order to control your mouse.

Pointer and you can see ok is essentially a left click so if i left click here and click on. This its now going to bring me to twitter x will end the session so well close out the browser. And b will go back a page right so if im on twitter and i type b its going to. Bring me back to the google search so you can see this my twitter account if you want to follow. Me thatll be very appreciated so just see and also if you bring your things near to the bottom you.

Can see you can scroll down and yeah i mean everythings fully working right now look the fonts are a. Bit glitchy so you can see the font i was using a custom font but overall while it is a. Bit laggy over we can see everythings working great right so you know if you want to you can use. Twitter on your nintendo switch see all the images load if i click on the image you can see a. Bit slow but it will load so there we go the image loads shout out to that and yeah this.

Is honestly actually pretty darn cool in my opinion so lets actually fix this lets go back to normal switch. Mode so we can actually play online games so well tap on x and then well tap on ok and. This is going to close us out the internet and then once weve done this im just going to wait. For other networks to show up were going to tap on our network change settings and then were going to. Set the dns settings back to automatic save ok and then connect to this network so whenever you want to.

Connect back to the internet in the future all you need to do is very simple you just tap on. Manual dns and then it will already have the dns server you need custom already saved which is really cool. So hopefully this video helped you out if it did make sure to smash like subscribe if youre brand new. See you guys later bye-bye.

Method 2 – Nintendo Switch: How To Surf The Internet? Where Is Web Browser?

Have a nintendo switch here im going to show you how to surf the internet okay basically bring up the. Browser its actually kind of hidden okay so first thing you want to do is this were going to go. To the home here and then we want to go directly to your settings right here and then from here. Were going to go down were going to go down to internet right here then were going to go and.

Select it again now you have to be connected to a wi-fi internet right now okay so it give us. A second here now im connected to this i tsh guest right now right here so let me just go. Ahead and tap on that okay and now down here it says change settings right here lets go and select. That now lets go down here okay now the thing is when you go down to dns server your says. Probably says automatic you want to change it to manual okay just click on just click on it or you.

Can select with letter a from automatic you want to go to manual ok and then then you got to. Change at the dna primary dns so go down to primary dns select that and then you want to type. In this dns address ok and its going to be 0 for 5.05 5.1 for 2.12 2 right and dont. Forget you guys got to put the dot in there ok anyways once thats done just like that just go. Ahead and tap on the ok and then make sure you tap on save down here and then click on.

Ok alright now were ready just simply just go back to your home screen here just click on the the. Home button and then what you want to do is you want to go down toward says news right here. Ok so let me go ahead and tap on that right there and now you want to tap on find. Channels up here so highlight that up there and then select that give this a second here usually this takes. Like like 10-15 seconds so thats going this way for this to get loaded sometimes it takes a little bit.

Longer just leave it on there ok as long as this keep turning just wait till we see start seeing. A status bar on here ok there we go so weve got status bar coming up here now a page. Is loading now i need to do is tap 1 it says continue to google so tap on and then. Voila and then right here you can go ahead and do your thing now and go right into the browser. Here and type in whatever youre looking for and just do a search so now you have you can surf.

The internet so pretty simple any questions or anything just comment below all right good luck bye.

Method 3 – Nintendo Switch – How To Use Google Web Browser

All right so for whatever reason nintendo switch does not come with a web browser you cant download one from. The store either so not as of yet anyways but uh come on nintendo give us a web browser already. But there is a bit of a workaround kind of like a little hidden secret so from the nintendo home. Screen go down to settings and go to internet settings on the side there and then you should be on.

Internet settings so go ahead and click internet settings by pressing a now its going to search for your networks. Around you so choose the one that you are currently using so for me im using nacho wifi so go. Ahead and click that or whatever one youre using now go down to change settings select that from this screen. Were gonna scroll down to dns settings right now its by default set to automatic what were gonna do is. Change it to manual go ahead and do that press ok now well scroll down to primary dns thats the.

One were going to change select that now enter this series of numbers first youll get rid of these zero. Zero zeros by pressing x now these are the series of numbers that youll need to enter in your primary. Dns 045.055 dot one four two dot one two two so go ahead enter those numbers once you got that. Hit the okay or the plus sign on your controller so that is now your primary dns so head over. To the side the side and hit the save button we want to save our new settings okay scroll up.

To connect to this new network now its going to try to connect to the network here itll take about. 10-20 seconds okay so now it says registration is required to use this network so go ahead and hit the. Next button now if youve done everything correctly you should see this screen welcome to the switchbrew dns says thank. You for using our dns server well youre welcome so go ahead and hit the a button well continue to. Google and here we are were at the home page of google so just to prove that this works well.

Go ahead and try typing in something because i know some of you guys dont believe me you know the. Internets always skeptical so well enter a search go okay and here we are works perfectly when youre done using. The nintendo switch web browser here were going to switch our dns back to automatic and ill show you how. Im going to press the b button to go back it says this screen will be closed ill go okay. Once again well select the network that we are using so in my case nacho wifi well go to change.

Settings just like before well go down to dns settings go ahead and press ok here well go back to. Automatic and press ok and dont forget to save your new settings okay settings have been saved all right okay. Guys thats the video hope it was helpful if it was please hit the like button thanks for watching.

Method 4 – How To Set Up An Ethernet Switch | Internet Setup

So in this video im going to talk about how to install your ethernet switch so lets say i have. My laptop here and i really want to connect it to my network so ill take a little ethernet cable. And ill plug it to the laptop and on the other side of course it has to go to my. Router but oh no im out of ports on my router all my ports are already full because ive connected.

Them to all my other computers so what am i going to do this is where the ethernet switch comes. In handy you can see the eastern edge switch just has a bunch of ports on it so to connect. To the network what i have to do is first take one of the ports that are already connected to. The network and move them over to the switch now the reason im doing that is because i need a. Free port on my router so i can connect my switch to so im going to take another external cable.

Plug that one in and then the other side goes to my router now it doesnt really matter where you. Connect the cables to as long as the order is correct the specific port is of no importance so as. Long as i connected the switch to the router everything thats connected to the switch is also connected to the. Router basically the switch just extends the ports that are on the router so now i have to just connect. My laptop over to the switch and im done everybodys online the laptop is connected to the switch switch is.

Connected to the router and everything thats connected to both the router and the switch is on the network now. This is a really good trick if you have for example another room in your house that has a bunch. Of computers in it that you want to connect to your network not wirelessly but with an actual cable this. Means you only have to really run one cable over to that room and then just hook it up to. A switch that has more ports.

Method 5 – How To Go On The Internet On Any Nintendo Switch! (2020)

Welcome back everyone ill go ahead and show you exactly how to get on the inbuilt internet browser on any. Nintendo switch whether its a nintendo switch light or switch you know regular one now there are some weird issues. With this and apparently its kind of on and off so sometimes that works sometimes it doesnt so it works. For now im able to get on it but there is a weird issue which ill kind of explain later.

And you guys will see exactly what im talking about so the first thing you want to do is you. Want to load up your switch you want to make sure you connect to the internet browser in some way. And then what you want to do is you want to click on the settings tab which is where on. Your screen you want to scroll down until you get to an option that says users which is usually right. Up here or it just says user so once you see that you want to go ahead and tap that.

And then youll see a little couple options here you want to click on any user doesnt really matter and. As you can see were right here so what we want to do here is you want to scroll down. Until you see at the very bottom it says social network posting settings you want to go ahead and tap. That and then youll come into a page thatll look something like this so you can either click facebook or. Twitter now i have now gone the twitter route maybe there is another way to go about doing it but.

Ive always want the facebook routes so what you want to do here is you wanna go ahead and click. The link which is right there and then itll go ahead and take you to the actual facebook website as. You guys can see now what you want to do here is instead of logging in you dont want to. Log in you want to scroll down and you went to kind of a zoom in which you have that. Capability and you want to find the pages page which is right here so as you see that im going.

To go ahead and tap that then people resent it into this page now what you can do here some. People have suggested typing in gmail and going that way but ive actually gone type just typing in google and. Going that way because id actually you know i dont have to log into gmail or anything but apparently the. Gmail way has more of a likely chance of actually going and succeeding but ill let you guys be the. Judge of that so what you can do is you can go up here and you have to go ahead.

And type in google just like that or you want to click search ill probably take a second for it. To go through as you can see youre good now you want to go and tap that first one which. Is right here at the actual google page im gonna go and tap that and itll take a second for. It to go to the next page its totally okay as you can see youre in this page now whats. Really cool about this and this whole entire browser is that as long as you have a link thats you.

Know suitable for this specific switch you can go and go on it which is really awesome so you can. Go ahead and scroll down to zoom in i know its kind of hard to zoom out a little bit. But as you he right there to the right there is a hyperlink so you can actually tap that. And go into the whole page which is really cool so im going to go ahead and tap that and. As you can see i always mess this up i click the bag so it will take me back probably.

To the google page as you can see im back okay lets try this again ive messed up again okay. As you can see i typed it finally and then we are presented to which is really cool and. Now i can go and zoom in you guys can see it is im going to go and leave. It here so i can get a pretty decent thumbnail on now heres the thing i was talking about before. Thats kind of an issue so if i zoom out if i go into here i am able to access.

Other things i click on more and im able to get into like this page and stuff which is really. Cool but the other thing is is that when you actually search upon google there are a couple of issues. Which you know its not the end of the world but it is something to consider so if i go. Ahead and type something on lets say i just type in essay for example and i click search there does. Seem to be an issue but this goes on and off i heard of people having this issue and sometimes.

Not now so far ive had this issue because i just tried it two minutes ago and i tried it. Again and still running into it but you could keep trying and see if it works for you but thats. Pretty much it thats how you get access to it you can also mess around with the facebook and twitter. Hyperlinks to see if anything goes from there but thats really pretty much it if you guys have any other. Questions or anything leave it down in the comment section below hit the like button on me so much potential.

In you that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount to me so much for you guys. Could that also check out the other links down in the description as well twitter my instagram my second channel. All those things are linked down below id really appreciate if you guys to check it out more importantly everything. Else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys in the next video peace out. Alone.

Conclusion – How To Access Internet On Switch

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