How To Access Inventory In Ark – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access inventory in ark,

Method 1 – Ark Tutorial – How To Use The New Ui – Controller Shortcuts Tips Xbox

Hello ratbags joe plays games welcome to a special video today i cant believe im asking to do a video. On this but ive seen so many people still struggling with the brand new layout for the control pad so. No matter what use now the xbox the ps4 youll know that the actual inventory the ui has changed now. Its changed a few days ago that maybe last week but im getting so many comments and people saying they.

Dont know how it works and so im going to go through everything even if its a bit simplistic i. Just want to do x or so many comments from you guys so first things first you press the circle. Button or the b button to go into your ui so it does look quite different and youd be wondering. Whats going on what you have to actually do well the first thing you probably get confused with is up. Here youve got an inventory and crafting there you can do that what im just doing and scroll on it.

And then you can change whatever one you want if you actually just tap r 1 or r b and. You can see you switch between the infantry and the crafting taps and thats xbox appears for exactly the same. Im going to mention every single button when youre looking at the inventory of something like a fire or a. Workbench you can hold triangle and then access the infantry and choose what you want to do demolish it for. That fire etc or if you just press the square button and as you can see r 1 or r.

B school navigates just your inventory and your crafting if you want to switch quickly to the infantry all you. Need to do is press l 3 or the left stick in and they go on switching now between both. Infantrys and in that way you can actually move stuff over really quickly as i could just bit there so. Lets try again there you go l free or lipstick in highlight what you want to transfer over then press. L for your less sticking again then simply tap the a button or the x bar and they go off.

Moved it over at once again so pretty simple pretty simple stuff but you know theres no real options that. Tell you and you this so how do you quickly get to some of these and sort of atoms go. Up and here and try and do it that way well there is a way to do it so next. Up if youve got a fire or youve got to turn something on if youre inside the inventory just press. The right stick in and there you go you can see ive turned the fire off press it in again.

And youll turn it on and thats exactly what you do to turn anything on or off so how do. You access your engrams and your tribe manager and all the rest of the things well if you touch the. Touch pad or the back button on the xbox controller youll go left so you can choose between going to. The explore nodes your all the groups your tribe manager your engram points and your inventory again you press the. Options button or the start button on the xbox youll do it the other way and you can just simply.

Go between so by tapping either the options and back button or the options and the touchpad you can go. Back and forth back and forth in between whatever one you need to look up again it makes it quick. And easy to see what engrams you need to unlock what explorer notes you want how to manage your tribe. While in your inventory highlight what item you want and then hold the r2 button and you can see you. Quickly consume it so again it for whatever youre eating whatever youre doing if you just hold that are two.

On the rt button youll eat it really quickly be careful you dont eat the wrong thing and same thing. Goes if youve got something to place you can press the r2 button and it will take you out out. The inventory and youll get to place it where you want to place it if you want to quickly move. Something from your inventory to your hotbar just double tap on your x button or the a button and there. You go it will quickly move it if you want to equip something in your arms so quickly just press.

The r2 rt bun and they go it moves the over into position if you want to take something out. Of an infantry so say youre looking at a fire or crafting bench if you double tap the x button. Or the a button youll take just one item but if youre holding it down youll take all the items. As the same thing if you want to transfer it to the inventory quickly as well you can simply just. Hold down the x or the a button and there you go a few things people be missing if youve.

Got toggle tooltips not highlighted so currently its off when you look in your crafting menu youll see it doesnt. Actually tell you what you need to craft the iron just make sure this is ticked on and there you. Go now it will show you exactly what you need to actually make the iron as usual if its made. You want the add to make it next up youve got a fold with you now you can have all. Your engrams laid out like that and thats okay early on in the game once you start unlocking loads and.

Loads you want to sort them out so its pretty simple put in folder mode and there you go its. All sorted for you now there is no folder view on your inventory screen but you can make your own. Folders just simply press the x button or the a button move it over and click on what you want. To put in so again thats an easier way to keep your inventories nice and organized now youve got the. Option to sort items by unsorted another thing you can do with the toggle tooltips is well highlight on it.

Press the square button or the x button and it will bring up this description so if he does like. That little bit of description on the actual item just press the square or the x button and it will. Turn it off in this sort inventory screen theres a few different options you can sort by spoil time by. Pressing l2 or lt you can sort it by weight by pressing the square button you can sort by name. By pressing triangle or y or you can answer it by pressing r2 so again a few different options thats.

Not the biggest theo ever if you do like organizing your inventory in particular way whether its weight or item. Name then thats the way to do it quick and easy as ivo youve got to drop all item im. Not going to do that but its pretty self-explanatory if you want to drop one item just hover over the. Item and press the lt l2 button and there you go just dropped all my stuff in the water so. I need to go back up last couple of options in your inventory screen what you can do you can.

Split your items just by pressing the square and it will split by one so thats a really good method. To do with your meat so you can get spoiled meat quickly and easily if you want to split something. In half you press the triangle or the y bun thats all the shortcuts to do the infantry now theres. Just one more thing to tell you guys about in the inventory if you press the r2 on a food. Item or consumer vault youre eh straight away so its nice and simple you can simply do that as long.

As you seen your infantry alright next up were going to take a look at the crafting and show you. A few more shortcuts so if you want to craft im just simply tap the artery back if youve got. Multiple resources and you press the square button or the x button on the collects box you can create multiple. So see on the hat there i can make two but as i havent got enough materials i can only. Make one of the actual sleeping bag so theres press the square button to show you guys that and finally.

If you press the triangle button or the y button on an item as long as youve got loads of. Resources it will make as many as it can using all your resources so be careful you dont press this. You can cancel it if you look at the crafting queue or you got be very quick particularly if youre. Making three or four expensive items so thats always shortcuts through infantry in crafting lets take a look at some. Of the other stuff we can do obviously your explore notes are designed to show you what youve unlocked your.

Engram points are obviously to show you what engrams you want unlock and what items you want to make now. Theres no real shortcuts on the actual engrams just simply highlight what you want and press the x or the. A bar but as of the brand-new update you can actually choose an engram and it will unlock all the. Previous engrams associated with it so if you want to unlock stonewalls but you havent unlocked stonewood as long as. Youve got the engrams it will do it automatically for you its been something everyones been asking for for a.

Long time it saves you having to go back through all the engrams unlocking all the previous tears you can. Now just go straight through one you want and it wont unlock the whole prerequisite before you same thing goes. For time all the group theres no real shortcuts just simply do what you want to do obviously when youve. Got some more creatures this is how you do it im going to show you guys how to do that. In another video when ive actually got some times im company planning on official server and then youve got your.

Tribe manager same thing again just call you tribe manager what youve done and you do this by pressing the. Options button or the start button or the touchpad depending on what you use in jobs a goodn if you. Want to eat something in your inventory really quickly ive got 17 bows there just hold whatever combination it says. And you will eat the whole amount of food in that box and they normally got normal buttons xd pad. Right d-pad d-pad damn d-pad to choose what weapon you want if you take a look in the options menu.

You will realize that it doesnt actually match up anymore if you having trouble reading your ui make sure you. Havent quite all the way to left as you can see you can make it as small as you will. Hunt nearly but you dont obviously want that so pull it all the way to the right if you having. Trouble actually reading a new ui thats as big as it can go same thing goes for the slots you. Can make the slots really small and thats not so bad another top tip is sometimes motion blur doesnt actually.

Turn off you always want to keep that off because its horrible so whenever you load into a new game. A new world or even an old game an old world whenever you basically just login always press the start. Button and press apply and exit and that should mean youll get go back to where you were in terms. Of having either the motion blur off still go guys a little quick tutorial it seems really simplistic and if. Obviously you know what youre doing then hopefully you still give this video a like for all the noobs out.

There but with the latest changes loads of people wink caught out and it took me a good while to. Get you get used to the new controls im j plays games ill see you guys later.

Method 2 – Ark: Survival Evolved

Whats up guys gg munchies here and were back for another ark survival evolved tutorial if you liked this tutorial. Hit the like and subscribe button if you want to see more tutorials check out the playlist and tell me. What you want to see next in the comments down below alright guys so in this tutorial were going to. Be covering the inventory and crafting menu just in brief detail for those starting out ark as a new player.

So firstly you want to hit i to get into the inventory screen this is whats going to load if. Youve got nothing in the inventory this is where youre going to see you may very well see a hat. Sort of skin for armor in there as well but that depends on what part of the game youre at. As a beginner you will see a hat in there as well as the specimen implant so firstly youre going. To want to get used to the inventory youre going to be in this inventory a lot throughout the whole.

Game youve got your different tabs up here so youve got your inventory tab your engrams tab you tribe manager. Tab if youre in a tribe or an online server things like that retain groups depending on if you even. Get into those i personally dont survive a profile different things that you can find here theyre all here and. Then your options menu as well today it was just the inventory screen is what were going to be looking. At so firstly down to the basics weve got these different screens here you have three main screens the left.

Screen the middle screen and the right screen going from left to right youve got the main inventory screen here. This is where youre going to see everything in your inventory if you go ahead and go into crafting screen. This is where you can craft items using materials in your inventory this button here when its highlighted like so. Well say transfer or so that means you can transfer all of these items into another inventory this item will. Be drop all this means if youve got ten or eleven or however many items in the inventory here and.

Hit the drop all button everything will drop into the ground and pull out a little sort of box on. The ground the sort items by simply sort the items in alphabetical order way to order spoil time order or. An so the items entirely into just a scrappy little mess and then you can create folders here simply kick. Click on the burn name your folder and accept and youve got yourself an abd folder if thats what you. Name it you can simply right-click on those to delete them just like that and get further information on an.

Item just by right-click and get and you can see the different options that are available you can use them. Or just a quick button by pressing e drop it or press o for the quick drop repair it there. Is no quick button for that transfer or hit t for a quick transfer remove it there is no speed. Transfer for that or a split stack and that is listing it in half going back into inventory screen for. Pressing i you can go into the middle screen this is where youve got all the personal details about the.

Avatar that you are in the inventory of in this case your own avatar and your own inventory so here. This is where all of your armor essentially shields and tortures will be but this is where everything is going. To be located in terms of armor and things like that so at the top youve got your name beneath. That youve got your level as stated and southeast ensures that is the type of area were in on the. Map also located in south zone 3 when you spawn in you may very well select size 2 zone 3.

And you may spawn into the area that im in at the moment thats where it is youve got the. Day which is day 4 for me the temperature 14 degrees celsius in this case you can select fahrenheit in. Your options menu the time at currently 651 in the morning and then a wind speed 19% im not too. Sure how that works yet that is only a new feature then youve got your armor have currently got no. Armor on so ive gotten home rating of 0 hyper thermal insulation 41 and hyper thermal insulation 41 thats just.

How much you can withstand hot and cold or cold and hot temperatures whichever way around it is so that. Is the basic of the inventory screen now going back into the inventory screen youve got all of her statistics. Now everything in the game has got these statistics not necessarily crafting speed and fortitude theyve got similar statistics such. As health stamina oxygen food and water i dont think dinos have water but they do have weight mailee damage. And move speed as well as torpidity but you cant increase that on a dyno so your health is very.

Self-explanatory that is how much health youve got left stamina that is how much energy youve got left these but. Can both be extended by hitting your plus buttons when you level up oxygen that is how much time you. Can breathe underwater for example if i was to go underwater very quickly here you will notice if i hit. I again that this is actively going down going back above land then will recover that straightaway because you can. Breathe back into the inventory by hitting ai youve got your food and water you need to keep these necessarily.

Above sort of 50 but if you can keep them above 30 youre in the go zone for anything you. Can do anything you want to do bearing in mind to the more stamina you use the more food and. Water youre going to use to be careful weight is how much stuff you can carry for example if i. Was to carry rocks and metal my weight is going to go very quickly because theyre very heavy items but. If they were going to be fetching fiber and things like that you can carry a lot of it because.

It doesnt weigh that much at all so having a high weight is very good early on in the game. Mainly damaged also as as well as movement speed as early on in the game is extremely helpful mainly damage. Being how much damage you deal with mainly weapons not to ranged weapons so make sure you dont do that. And movement speed as home with how fast you can move within the game in terms of walking and running. Not on dinos theyve got their own movement speed stat crafting speed is self-explanatory as well its how fast you.

Can craft an item within ark survival evolved for example if i was to go ahead and craft a pickaxe. Usually it could take me about a second but with 140 percent it can take me 1.4 times that speed. So youre looking at about 0.8 seconds something like that fortitude is extremely important throughout the whole game even as. A higher-level fortitude helps you survive in higher and lower or colder temperatures throughout the game in the world and. The map that youre on for example down here in this earth its relatively friendly in terms of the environment.

That youre in so fortitude isnt relatively important apart from long night times where it goes extremely cold if you. Were starting up in the north zone or west zone 4 example where temperatures are a little bit colder towards. The nighttime and daytime youre gonna want to bank fortitude up quite a bit just to make sure that you. Can survive those nights they can be very long so put it to ten the last option is simply how. Awake you are at zero you are fully awake and you are not at risk of falling asleep or passing.

Out if you dont feed yourself and water yourself enough this stupidity will increase only if these factors are at. Zero and youre not fixing that issue if you get to a high enough torpidity you will pass out and. If you cant fix that while youre asleep you will indeed pass out and die so you want to be. Very very careful of that the only other menu to speak about is this one on the right here this. Is where you can see your avatar or a secondary inventory for example this is my avatar called him jaffa.

Were currently level 78 so this is what hes looked like the hair mechanism if youre on day one very. First minute youre not going to have any hair and the hair does grow over time and you can use. Scissors to cut them into a style of your choice so that is essentially the inventory screen the crafting screen. Then you can either access per pressing i and clicking on this crafting menu or backing out back to this. Screen and pressing v and its a quick shortcut to this straightaway to the crafting screen these ive got all.

The same menus here and you can use them just the same as you would this folder view menu would. Know that we have folders i can explain that folder view is basically this is sort of an organized look. And this is just an open lock of absolutely everything to do this you just hit the q key so. Obviously you can see straight off stone pick ingram torch saddle flexible pipe but now youve just got the images. If you find it easier to search through text you can a queue and youve got this nice option here.

If you find it easier to search through a picture you can just hit q when youre on the text. Screen and ill just flick between the two the search ben you then for example if i was to type. In pic max nothing will come up theres no pickaxe in the game but if its just a pic its. A stone pick if i was to type into saddle which is a much more broad range of item if. All of the saddles come up that youve learned in your engrams tree which is over here what youll find.

In another tutorial on my coming out of that then this is basically everything you can craft once youve learned. How to craft it there are certain things in this menu that you wont see you unless youve got the. Same mods installed thats another tutorial altogether so for now guys that is both the inventory and the crafting screen. Sort of explained and i really hope you enjoyed this episode and place the code for future tutorials in the. Upcoming future good bye.

Method 3 – Ark Xbox Controls And Shortcuts – Ark Survival Evolved

Hello survivors ark solo here and today were going to be getting into some xbox controls so obviously you can. Run you can look around with the analog sticks just like any other first person game jump with a b. Will access your inventory when youre in your inventory you can press start little three lines button there to move. Across these different options at the top here to access your ingrams your tribe log tame groups taming progress and.

Then explore a note now to access your crafting you can press right button i feel like this is a. Tricky one thats not free its not shown anywhere but right button to switch between inventory and crafting here and. Then i can access everything i need to craft and then go into these folders just click a and you. Can also search your inventory here so like theres a ton of saddles so if i want to search for. Something i can just click a on search and then type it in the search you can grab things with.

Y so if im walking around theres stuff on the ground i press y right trigger to punch right button. Is also an attack button now to get into some of the more complicated stuff if you hold b it. Will bring up this wheel which has all of your whistles so whistle follow all to make all of your. Dinosaurs follow you whistle follow one for one specific dinosaur whatever dinosaur im looking at and this will follow one. Follow me so any of these uh it tells you what it is and whistle and change their stance like.

If theyre aggressive theyll attack neutral passive make flyer land and then you can access your emotes here so im. Gonna just hold on that and well open all of these and then i can access the emotes and you. Can poop so theres another wheel that a lot of people dont know about you can access by holding the. Select button or the two square button on xbox and then from here you can toggle third person so i. Can switch my view so that now its a third and third person i can toggle it back to first.

Person i can toggle the orbit camera here so you can look around and get good pictures this way with. Your dinosaurs come here lets see like that and then you can exit that by just pressing select again or. Pretty much doing anything if i hit or something itll take you out of order m2 and then you can. Toggle your hud your your heads-up display so if im trying to get a picture or something this works well. Too toggle tame names pretty much everything is it tells you what it does here so these you can act.

Like work with your team ordering groups here okay but a lot of people just dont know this wheel is. Here so i can hold select or hold b to access my two different wheels there now of course youve. Got your hot bar down here so id press left button to access these extra items on this side and. Then to equip items quickly you can double tap a and it will go to the next open slot on. Your hot bar if i want it off the hot bar i can also double tap a okay so access.

Other things inventories like your dinosaurs press x on them so some things it will say why but on almost. Anything you can press x to access the inventory so if i go over here to this skiff it also. Works in wraps then itll say y to drive but if i just want to immediately access the inventory i. Can press x now to quickly put things in to an inventory you can double tap a to put one. Or hold a to put the entire stack if i want to take everything out of the inventory i can.

Press the left button like that all this it shows up there too so while im in my inventory if. I want to split items in half i can press y if i want to split out one item so. Like if im trying to get a bunch of spoiled meat i can press x and then if you want. To equip things to your character you would press you can double tap to remove items so double tap a. Or press right trigger and then i can press right trigger to equip the items again so if i want.

To put close on and just press right trigger this also works for saddles so we can get this guy. Saddle and unequip with right trigger and then re-equip with right trigger to run you can click the left analog. Stick if i click it it will alternate between running or not running and then if i click the right. Analog stick it will make me crouch or uncrouch or if i hold it it will make me go prone. So you want to hold for a second and then go and back up when youre flying so you can.

Press a to take off for flying and then a to land on dinosaurs you can click right trigger to. Attack and right button will switch between your first person and third person while youre mounted on a dinosaur so. This can help if i want to look at my map to get your map out youre gonna click select. So you just click it once and it will bring your map out so on most birds if they can. Pick stuff up youll use the left trigger and then you can pick things up and drop them with left.

Trigger again and then you can click right analog stick for extra moves like the roll on the tara when. Youre on a dinosaur if you click b it will open your inventory you click x it will open their. Inventory so if i want to change the ammo in my crossbow or bow or different guns then you just. Click the ammo you want to equip and then click the particular weapon to change it so i can click. That and then go down here and change the ammo then if anything that has like y options if i.

Hold y then i have a number of different options here there you go arc xbox controls make sure you. Like and subscribe for more xbox art tips and well see you next time.

Method 4 – Ark How To Open Dino Inventory While Riding It – How To Access Dino Inventory (Pc, Xbox & Ps4)

Hey everybody hows it going i am stefan and welcome back to another video today in this very short video. Im gonna show you folks how to access the inventory whilst riding a dyno so that will be accessing the. Dinos inventory if you folks find this video useful and enjoy it please do not forget to support me and. The channel by hitting that like button subscribe to the channel if you are a new form or similar content.

And if you have just subscribed remember to hit that bell icon so that you get notified when i upload. New content and why not check out my other videos here on this channel who knows you might just enjoy. Them also for those interested in hanging out with me you can always find me on a visa topia dischord. Elisa this can be found down below in the video description as well as in a pin comment from myself. So with all that out of the way how do i know people are struggling with this well i just.

Asked my best friend g.

Conclusion – How To Access Inventory In Ark

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