How To Access Iot Hidden Menu – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access iot hidden menu,

Method 1 – Iot Hidden Menu | System Ui Tuner

Get strong hey guys this is our from godzilla for nine in this video were going to see iot hidden. Menu settings now keep in mind that this video is made for android 11 but in case you have android. 10 or lower then check our article link is given below oh the first thing you need to do is. Download the app the link is given below once it is downloaded and so on simply open the app now.

You can mess with different settings such as time or battery percentage but in case you want to more about. The iot hidden menu settings lets check our article link is given below all the settings are mentioned there and. You can simply access the menu by simply tapping on the app so this also today guys put any of. The query in the comment section below and dont forget to like share and subscribe our channel and if you. Want to see more useful videos then check out our youtube channel.

Method 2 – Iot Hidden Menu

Hey everybody so im trying to figure out meaning of this iot hidden menu here this is a samsung galaxy. S6 you go into settings and then activate this device ill show you here click pst and it will bring. Up iot hidden menu you can go in here and check out some cool stuff well i think its cool. I havent really been able to figure much out hoping somebody out there knows something again this is a sprint.

Ive never been able to well i just decided i havent activated it yet so im hoping somebody can figure. Out something cool that you can do here if you can post it in the comments thank you.

Method 3 – Top Secret Hidden Menu On Samsung Galaxy Smartphones – (Note 20, Note 10, S20, S10, S9, Etc)

This is the menu right here let me give you a quick example lets say i want to test that. My speakers both of them are working properly as you know most samsung phones have two speakers on the top. And the bottom so when i tap this button the both of the lights are going to light up up. And down so its going to play a music its doing a test now lets test the bottom speaker individually.

Its pointing downwards this speaker is working and lets uh test the top one all right so lets dive in. See how to activate this menu see all the secrets hidden inside and wait till you see this menu right. Here a lot of stuff is going on over here lets dive in hey guys soccer from sake ticket in. Todays video im going to show you guys a top secret menu for all samsung smartphones that youve probably never. Seen before now some of you guys may have seen it because you might be a genius but theres a.

Lot of people that have not seen it so lets dive in and see what im talking about so to. Activate this top secret menu what you have to do is you have to launch your phone application once youre. In the phone application what you do is you tap star pound zero star pound boom you get a brand. New mini when you get the mini for the first time the brightness is going to maximize so make sure. Your eyes dont blow out now inside this secret menu you have a bunch of options that allows you to.

Test your phone and to make sure that its working properly for example you can go in here to your. Sensors and its going to give you a breakdown of all your sensors and you can go in and you. Can do individual tests for all these sensors accelerometer barometer the gyroscope the magnetic sensors and of course the fingerprint. Test for example if i want to test the fingerprint i tap the normal scan and its just going to. Run the test and its going to give me a quick answer in a little bit this way you can.

Make sure that your phone has no trouble sometimes i get messages from people uh saying somethings wrong in my. With the color of my screen my fingerprint is not working properly this will give you the details of every. Single thing so in this case as you can see all the tests have passed all right now if i. Go back here uh lets say you want to make sure that your uh screen is properly calibrated all you. Do is tap on the red button okay you should be seeing a bright red on the now in the.

Video it looks a little vague but its in in real life this is looking like super bright red so. Thats good you tap the screen you can do the green okay again this looks super green to me on. The screen it looks a little bit different and if i go back i can tap on blue and the. Blue looks perfect all right again on the screen its going to look a little different but you will if. You do it yourself youll see it perfectly fine you can even check the black so if i it should.

Look like darkness okay now after you press black you do have to press the power button to go back. If you want to exit the menu you just double tap this twice okay sometimes it works with one tap. But sometimes you may have to press uh press it twice okay so one doesnt work double tap to exit. All right just so you dont get stuck in it uh okay so lets look at the other things here. We have the front cam test so if i launch this one uh its gonna allow me to test the.

Camera so im gonna take a photo so its running it its uh tests right now its trying to focus. So it did focus that means its perfectly fine you can even do the test on the time of flight. Camera thats on the back of this particular samsung galaxy s20 ultra but some phones dont have the time of. Flight sensor you may not see that option if you go to vibration its going to check your vibration the. Phones going to start to vibrate so that that means its working perfectly fine all right its not going to.

Give you a pass you just tap on it to go back everything is good to go as long as. The phone is vibrating you can us play with your touch sensors so here look at that so once you. Draw the whole thing its gonna pass it okay that means theres nothing wrong with the actual screen now there. Seems to be something interesting here its known as the grip sensor so basically if i tap on the grip. Sensor then what i do is i grab the phone and just grip it and it says its working so.

The phone is able to uh guess when youre gripping the phone okay so thats not bad at all i. Put it down and just go back so when you grip the phone it says working thats something i did. Not know that the phone actually had built into it maybe samsung can in the future build a feature around. Gripping the phone shout out for this video goes to follow fell on twitter thank you for bringing it to. My attention if you guys have any tips to share send me a dm on twitter ill make a video.

And youll get a shout out all right guys for now have a fantastic day all right all right so. If you found this video useful make sure to subscribe to saki tech by clicking that button and also click. That bell icon on the side to make sure you get notified every time i upload a new video and. If you do use twitter instagram or facebook you can follow me at sakitech online to get the latest updates. As well alright have a fantastic day.

Method 4 – Samsung’s Hidden Menu – Feature Rich Menu For Open Applications

Hi everybody welcome back to jimmy as promo and today were gonna talk about the hidden application menu now its. A menu that gives you a bunch of different tools per application that you have opened so for example we. Just open up disney plus but if you go inside of your recent applications this is the screen that you. See now lets say that you have a different launcher maybe youre using good luck or maybe youre just using.

The stock you know recent menu screen no matter what youre viewing if its looking like this or like this. When you look at the icon and you tap on the application itself and it pulls up this screen now. Yours will more than likely to look like this over here where it pops up in the center this is. Using android 9 this over here is using android 10 which is the new beta you know 2.0 with android. 10 so were just gonna look at this phone your phone will do the exact same thing all of these.

Will pop up again the exact same thing but inside of this little menu it gives you a bunch of. Different tools so i was asked a couple questions about this recently and so i wanted to shoot a video. Now really the bread and butter of all the tools of this hidden menu is lock this app and pin. This app what lock this app does is its a way that youre able to lock the application so this. Way it does not turn off or close when you hit on the close all so lets say that you.

Always watch youtube maybe you always have to go into a conversation or whatever the case whatever application you always. Go into even if it feels like you just closed every application and then you reopen it back up a. Minute later and then you closed all of them again and then you reopen it back up this is where. You can lock it also to lets say that youre watching a video so im watching my own video just. For the sake of this and so as youre watching this video lets say that you hit on pause real.

Quick you go inside of your applications you can see this little lock icon it means that that one is. Locked now i have other applications that are opened if i hutt if i hit on close all and i. Go right back up into my recent applications you can see that that application is still there all the rest. Are shut off and its still right at the video that i was just at and so its really cool. That youre able to lock it down its just one of the ways that youre able to keep an application.

If you always use it now if you want to unlock it you can simply just tap on the lock. Icon now heading over into this one right here which is pinned this app so this one will definitely help. Out if you have any kids and you dont want them to go through your phone so how youre able. To turn on or off pin windows is that you want to swipe up and hold so this one has. Changed my guess is that if because i am using gestures thats the way to get out of it if.

I actually have the navigation buttons on the bottom of let or back home and recents itll probably be a. Little bit different but again were watching youtube were checking out this dude hes super cool he knows what hes. Talking about you know i can run through i can do anything and everything i want to on youtube but. When i try to head back home im not able to get out of it i have to unpin the. Application first even if i was to hit on the power and i we reopen it right back up its.

Still there i dont have to type in the little pin there but it just its stuck you cant get. Out of it theres no way that you can get out of this one even when i hit on the. Back button this is back im using the back icon the back gesture with android 10 and i cannot get. Out of this because it is locked so if you have a kid you dont want them to go through. Your phone this is the best way to do it now to get out of it with mine anyways is.

I would have to do the whole swipe up and hold now if you have the icons more than likely. You have to press and hold on a couple of them to have it unlocked but you can see there. That once i got out of the application you have to put your credentials back into the phone to use. Your phone again so the first one that youll see here is the app information this is just going to. Give you all the information about the application your notifications if theyre turned on the permissions it has things like.

That also you can clear the data clear the storage and anything else so lets just go right back on. The inside lets head over into the exact same application this is where you can open it up in split. Screen view now i do want to mention if youre doing this to a application and you see less options. That just means that that application is not made to do split-screen or not made to do pop-up or change. Aspect ratio things like that not every single application will have all of these now this is where you go.

Into your split views so if i want to go inside of my messaging application if i want to look. At some photos lets say well i want to go to my settings over here so heres disney this is. Two different applications that you probably wouldnt open up i dont know maybe you would maybe be listening to music. On your phone then disney plus is playing under tv if youre if youre casting it is just kind of. A way that youre able to do two applications at once now this little blue line in the center this.

Allows you to bring it up and bring it smaller or larger now its pretty hard for my finger to. Kind of get on that small little blue line and it could be because of this new beta update that. I have its not 100% fluid and finished you can see that i did move it there but whatever this. Update does come off and its the the full-fledged application itll work much better on this one but yeah that. Blue line just allows you to kind of change how big or small you want the application to be pop-up.

View its just a way that youre able to make it a little bit smaller make it pop up kind. Of looking like different windows so there is youtube lets say that we want to open up lets go right. Back over into messages so heres messages and so if i wanted this one to also be popped up i. Can just do pop up view and then i got this one now popped up view so this is where. You can have multiple windows working at the same time you can make them bigger you can make them smaller.

Really position them anywhere and everywhere that you want but yeah thats kind of a quick way that you can. Also do your little pop-up window and another way is that if you turn it on youd have to swipe. Up from the corner i just dont have that turn on i have it turned on through this little tool. Set here thats built inside of the application icon now the next one is changing the app aspect ratio this. One wont make a lot of difference for a majority of the applications most of them are already fullscreen or.

Their auto and they work the best so i dont really play too much with the app aspect ratio i. Just kind of leave it the way it is through my settings all of it is set to auto but. If you need to change it and force it this is where you can change the app aspect ratio but. Really this was kind of just showing you the hidden little menu some of you knew about it some of. You didnt maybe you did know about it but you didnt know exactly what these meant or what they were.

Used for again really everything thats most important i would say is the bottom two locking the application so it. Doesnt always close every time you hit on close off and then pinning the application its a really good childproof. Situation where people if they cant the screen theyre not able to get out of the application if they do. Get out of the application then they have to put in your credentials to do anything else so its really. Cool everything else at the top i dont really use as much but the bottom two i use all the.

Time but i hope you guys have liked to this video if you guys did please give this thing a. Huge thumbs up dont forget to hang on subscribe subscribe right over here in the very bottom left hand side. And if you liked this video then more than likely youll also like this video and ill see you guys. Later.

Method 5 – The Hidden Menu- 10 Hidden Android Features(2020 Works)

Now android is a highly customizable operating system the user has complete control over his or her device and can. Change everything from how the device performs to how the device looks but did you know that they are a. Set of hidden options in android settings targeted towards advanced android users and developers its called ask the developers option. Now if you had rooted your device in the past or had watched my earlier video then chances are that.

You already know about developers options but i thought hey why not look inside the developers option and show you. Some hidden things that your android device can do so without any further ado i am your host head kay. Welcome to the android guy now the reason developer option is called as hidden option is because they dont show. Up in android settings youll have to scroll down to about devices then tap on the build number six times. In rapid succession which is give you a pop-up saying that you are a developer now sounds cool and when.

You go back youll notice a new tab appear over the above devices tab called as the developers option open. That up and here you will find a slurry of options now depending on a device manufacturer and android version. Some of these options might be missing now while most of these are targeted towards developers but some of these. Options have a very interesting use like the mock location option turn that on and now you can fake a. Gps location to anywhere in the world by simply downloading a simple app from play store called as fake location.

Then enabling your gps then you can pinpoint any coordinate around the world and then hit on start next time. When you share your location on facebook messenger or any other social app the location that you want will be. Shown which means you can be anywhere in the world i mean at least you can make your friends think. So and next up down the list we have processed start option which will show you the device memory or. The ram uses and here you can check out what all apps are consuming most amount of ram on your.

Device it also shows the current status of your device ram whether its on the low side or whether its. Normal so if you find an app in the list that you dont use much and it is consuming a. Lot of ram then you can also force stop the app directly from here which will not only free up. Some ram speeding up your device but will also help you save some battery and further down the list we. Have a very small but very cool option called as the show pointer touches option which once turned on will.

Show the touches registered on your device clean which is very helpful if your screen recording your android device or. If youre casting your device display for a presentation again a very small feature but it can be helpful in. The future and further down the list in the hardware acceleration option menu you will have two of the most. Useful settings especially if you are into heavy apps or gaming number one is force gpu rendering which will render. 2d objects on the gpu if you have an app or a 2d game which is lagging on your device.

Then turn this on and it will definitely run smoother but the second option is very cool if you have. A high-end phone or a tablet with great graphics performance and you play 3d games on it there is a. Way to make those games look better by enabling the force 4x msaa option games and apps with support anti-aliasing. Will have assured boost in performance and will definitely look much better than before but probably one of the most. Useful feature in developers option is the ability to control the animation and transitions of your device here you will.

Have three options namely windows animation scale transition animation scale and animation duration scales which controls the speed of how. Animation flows on your device now by default all of these are set to 1x but for demonstration purpose if. I crank them up to 10 x then you can already see how slow the things are moving you can. Lay back and enjoy the animations but it seriously affects your device speed now turning all of them off results. In no animations between transitions which means no time is wasted between switching tabs which makes switching between windows and.

Apps lightning-fast but however i recommend you to set the scale at even 0.5 x which will make things twice. As fast as before but while still giving the smoothness of animation effects next up we have one of the. Most useful option because i show cpu users which will show you an overlay at the top right corner of. Your device showing you what processes are running on your cpu and how much load your cpu is taking and. At the very end of the list we have a set of very cool options which can literally speed up.

Your device and can be a lifesaver for low-end phones now first up we have dont keep activities option the. Name itself is pretty self-explanatory it will kill an app or activity as soon as you leave them now this. Wont be useful if you are running apps that gives background notifications like whatsapp or facebook but if you have. A really slow phone then this option will be very helpful and next up is background process limit option which. Is basically an advanced version of what you just saw now android is a pure multitasking device but too many.

Background activities can slow down your device with background process limit you can set a limit on how many activities. Are running in the background now i personally recommend to set it at even four or three processes but if. You have a low-end phone or if your phone is slowing down a lot without any reason then setting it. To two unheard now dont set it to one or no activities because i will turn your device into this. Yeah now the cool thing about all these options is that they are absolutely safe they wont harm a device.

In any way in case any of these options created an opposite effect on a device performance then you can. Always turn them off so no harm done there its always recommended to turn off developers option if you are. Not using them so after install it if you find this video helpful and interesting in any means make sure. To be the cool guy who give thumbs up to this video and similarly do subscribe if i havent already. To watch more interesting videos like these until then im your host hedge k from the android guy signing out.

And you guys have a great day.

Conclusion – How To Access Iot Hidden Menu

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