How To Access Iphone Files On Pc Without Itunes – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access iphone files on pc without itunes, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access iphone files on pc without itunes,

Method 1 – Transfer Files From Iphone To Pc Or Mac Without Itunes

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Method 2 – (Updated)How To Transfer Files From Pc To Iphone – Ipad – Ipod (Without Itunes – Without Program)!

Hi in this video tutorial ill show you how to transfer data from your iphone or ipad to your computer. Or vice versa without using itunes or any other external application first of all your devices the computer and the. Ios device must be connected to the same local network lets create a local user account for accessing the shared. Folder on your computer open start menu and search for add user click on add edit or remove other users.

Under other users click on add someone else to this pc click i dont have this persons sign-in information select. Third option add a user without a microsoft account give it a username and it is important to make it. Secure by entering password and just answer these three questions as you like then click next local user account has. Been created successfully you can share an entire drive my right click it properties then click sharing but i dont. Want to share my entire drive ill share this folder that contains videos and images right click it select properties.

Click sharing tab click on advanced sharing tick this checkbox share this folder click permissions by default everyone can access. It i dont want that so ill remove everyone and ill add the local user account that ive just created. Click check names click ok give him full control and click ok ok then click share button add the user. Here as well and enable read and write for him click share click done close now this entire folder with. Its content has been shared with this account now lets find the local ip address for this computer right click.

On connection icon and click on open network and internet settings click change adapter options right click on your adapter. That is being used to connect to the network and select status click details this is my local ip address. You need to memorize yours thats it for the computer side now lets go to my ipad open up files. Application tab on the more button and select connect to server type smb colon double forward slash and the computers. Ip address tab connect select register user and enter the username and password for the local user account on your.

Computer tab next thats it now weve accessed the shared folder named videos with all its content to save or. Transfer data from this shared folder to my photos application just select the data you want and tab share and. Select save items this is how to transfer data from your computer to your iphone or ipad without itunes and. Without any external application but if you want to transfer data from your ios device to your computer select the. Data you want to transfer then tab on share button scroll down and select save to files select your computers.

Ip address and save the data inside the shared folder tap save thats it i hope it was easy to. Follow and helpful thanks for watching.

Method 3 – How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Pc (And Windows To Iphone) – Updated

This video is an update of another tutorial of ours showing you how to transfer videos from iphone to pc. And back from windows to your iphone four different ways using the latest methods that are now even faster and. Even easier so that you can find out which one is gonna work best for you right now hey its. Justin brown here from primal video but we hope you grow an audience and scale your revenue with online video.

If youre new here make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything that we mentioned. In this video you can find linked in the description box below lets jump into it okay so if you. Ever shot a video on your iphone or on your ipad and you want to edit it on your pc. Or you have photos on your camera that youve saved on your windows computer but you want to edit it. On your iphone or ipad well the chances are is that youve already realized that this transfer process between the.

Two is really not as straightforward as you thought that it might have been well the good news is is. That there are a few different ways to transfer files between your pc and iphone both ways so in this. Video were gonna run through four of the easiest ways to do it right now so that you can find. The option that is the best one for you now just a heads up though there are a couple of. Different options that are going to be running through and you might find that one of them works particularly well.

With your workflow so i would definitely suggest that you stick around to see all the different options before you. Head off to put this into action so the first couple of options are gonna run through will be where. We are connecting your phone or your ipad to your computer just using the usb cable and then i will. Show you a couple of other wireless options as well okay so for method number one were just going to. Use windows explorer with our phone connected so this is where you want to plug your phone into your computer.

Make sure its unlocked and if you do get a message sharp on your phone asking you to trust your. Device you will need to accept that or you hit trust for this to work so you can see straight. Away in my case here windows explorer has popped up now if that didnt show up for you in your. Case you can come down the bottom here to open up a new explorer window and under this pc you. Can see weve got apple iphone here so if we double click on that internal storage dcim is the camera.

Folder all of your photos and videos and stuff go and and here are all of your photos and videos. On your phones you can select the ones that you want or select them all and you can literally just. Drag and drop them from there onto your desktop or into a folder and that will copy off onto your. Computer now i have heard that there can be some issues if youre trying to copy off some larger files. This way so if thats you and youre having issues then the next solution will help you with that now.

Also note that using this method on windows explorer this is a one-way copy off from your device you actually. Cant copy things back over to it you can see we get that little red marker on there so this. Method will only let you get files off your phone not putting them back onto it well get to that. Next okay so the next method were going to look at is again using d cable so you want to. Make sure that your phone is connected to your computer its unlocked youve hit trust or allow so that the.

Two can speak together and then going to go ahead and open up itunes so you will need to have. Itunes installed on your windows computer yes itunes is dead on the mac side of things but it is not. Dead on windows so you will need to install that for this method so we wont open up itunes once. Your phone is detected by your computer it will show up here so select that there come down here to. File-sharing and essentially what were going to do here is use one of these apps that we have installed on.

My device as the go-between to help us transfer files to and from your device so if you have some. Of these apps or whatever apps are showing up in here for you then you can use those to transfer. Your files so im going to jump across to the iphone now and show you what i mean so we. Open up the photos app lets go ahead and find a video file here we go 25 second clip lets. Just hold in on that lets go to share were then going to go down to move to files and.

Were gonna pick one of those apps thats showing up here so lets just choose in this case chrome well. Hit save so lets move the file internally on our phone into that area and then when we come back. Over to the computer and select chrome then we can see that weve got our video file in there so. From here we can just hit save and it will let us download down or save that to our computer. So lets just put it on the desktop and you can see the progress bar at the top was really.

Quick but that file has copied over and is now here on our desktop computer so likewise we can use. This to transfer files back the other way so lets grab this video file here and lets transfer this back. To the iphone you can see that its got the progress bar at the top here so this ones obviously. A bigger file so its showing us how much of the transfer has completed now obviously as i said im. Just using google chrome here to do the transfer but obviously if youre going to be transferring files across from.

Your computer to edit them on your iphone or ipad you could drop them directly into the app like the. Luma fusion app so once thats completed you can see its shown up in here and if we go back. Over on the phone and open up the files app and then we can see that file in then if. We obviously tap it we can play it if we want to have it in our camera roll or an. Our photos app we can just hit share down the bottom left and just hit save video and that video.

Is then going to be downloaded into our photos app as well or you can really share it and move. It to any of the apps that youre going to be using it with ok so thats option 1 and. 2 done both of those were using the cable the next option ive got for you for transferring your files. Is doing it over wi-fi so you will need to make sure that your phone and your computer are connected. To the same wi-fi network and for this one were going to use the vlc app which is a free.

App which is also an amazing video and audio player so once again what well do first is find the. Photos or the videos that you want to share across so lets pick this three-minute video here and were going. To go to share it well go down to save to files and were gonna save this in side of. Vlc app and then hit save at the top right now were going to go back and open up the. Vlc app we can see straight away that our video file that we want to share is in there next.

Were going to go across to network down at the bottom and you want to make sure that youve got. Sharing via wi-fi enabled here so what this is going to let you do is create a wireless connection between. Your computer and your device just by visiting that website from your desktop computer again on the same network so. Were back on the computer now open up your web browser is this edge sure edge lets use you you. Want to type in that number so in our case 1 9 2 1 6 8 eighty 6.30 and straightaway.

We can see the files that weve added into the app there so if we select on them the thing. I say do you want to open it or save it were going to hit save and its going to. Download that file to our computer and its not doing it over the internet its just doing it over our. Local wi-fi connection thats a great way that you can transfer your photos and videos and stuff off from your. Device now likewise this works exactly the same back the other way we can also drop our files into this.

Top section and its going to transfer them back to our phone so lets grab our same clip here and. Drag it to this top section and let it go and you can see the files appeared and the transfer. Has started now if you dont want to drag and drop it says here that you can also click the. Plus button up the top here and select your files and manually okay so once thats completed well go back. Over to the phone again open up the files app lets go back out of this and lets go down.

To vlc and there is our file in here 1.4 gig and again if you want to have that enough. Camera roll or in our photos app we can long press on that and we can choose share and then. We choose save video and thats gonna save that over into our photos app so you can see weve now. Got a few different versions of that same file in there and the last method ive got for you is. Just to transfer your files over the internet using a service like google drive dropbox icloud any one of these.

The workflow is gonna be pretty similar so im gonna show you using google drive once again you want to. Open up your photos app find the photos or the videos that you want to transfer lets always pick this. One here come down to share go down to the bottom and select save to files now i already have. The google drive app installed in this case but you can see if youve got icloud drive set up thats. Gonna show up here as well so im gonna pick google drive im gonna make a new folder here and.

Just call it temp we get done and well select that and then hit save at the top and our. File is going to be uploaded into that location now obviously here depending on the size of the files that. Youre transferring and how fast your internet is this could be really fast or it could be really really slow. And then once that file is done over on the computer if we go to the google drive website well. Open up that temper file weve got our file in here that we can just right click on and choose.

Download and save it back to our computer that way and once again this works exactly the same and back. The other way lets grab this video file here well just drag it into our google drive folder its gonna. Go ahead and upload that to google drive once thats done we can go back over to the phone and. We can either open up the files app and then go back and select a google drive find our temp. Folder and we can save our file from here down to share and then press a save video thats going.

To save it to our device so that was using the files app the other way that you can download. It is by opening up the google drive app itself again navigating through till you find your temporary folder or. The folder and the file that you want to download and from here we can select the file that you. Want to download and was getting the three little dots on the end of it and were gonna go down. To open in thats gonna download and export your file and again depending on how fast or slow your internet.

Is and how big or small the file is this could take a little while but from here you can. Then choose save to files and you can save it onto your phone from here so now you know how. To transfer files from your iphone to your windows pc and from your windows pc back to your iphone now. Linked on-screen to more videos to help you if youre looking to edit videos down fast and efficiently using your. Iphone or ipad theres one video right there for you and the other one is a complete filming process to.

Help you get the most out of your iphone or ipad videos and ill see you in the next one.

Method 4 – How To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Pc Without Itunes Windows 10

Hi everyone my name is jim shahrazad and i am from professional tutorial calm in this video we are going. To learn that how we can transfer photos from iphone to pc now there is a lot of problem that. Most of the people are facing maybe there is a problem with the cable or maybe there is a problem. In itunes or maybe there is a problem with iphone itself but you can wirelessly can transfer your files and.

Photos without any problem how we are going to do that i will show you directly in my mobile and. We are going to see that how we can do that one now for this i will tell you in. Two parts one is for iphone configuration and the second is the pc configuration now lets go directly to my. Pc and lets get started here i am going to show you that first you have file like like in. Iphone and you are going to configure that in your iphone as well now for that one i will just.

Make sure that you have the application like like we have already this phone drive you are going to install. That one if you dont have you can directly go to the app store and you can easily download that. One and which is like iphone drive and after that you are going to click that iphone drive and then. You get some configuration like you have plus sign important here and you have like the fresh sign here now. What i am going to do that im going to click plus sign now im going to click the refresh.

Sign and we are just going to like 8 the these this option which i am going to tell you. Tells that the make and pc files should be transferred now when im going to click that then you will. Get here in bottom there is an ip address for you it may be changed because that could be different. Ip address but you are going to use that ip address now i have like 192 once you set and. Three and im going to write in in the browser that one 192 once it ate and dart three and.

We are going to click that one and here you can see that the jump sheets iphone is right now. Connected what else im going to do if i want to just transfer the file from my iphone to the. Pc then i will just close this one and since it is already connected now im going to just just. Press that plus sign and here we have like library here and im going to click the library and here. We have all the files i can just make all the files transfer from the iphone into my pc or.

I can either transfer the specific pictures which is here and either we can just transfer the files 40s as. Well now here im going to transfer the files like these all one and im going to get or if. You want to select all of them then you are going to click here select all or kill elr then. You are going to import it clicking here is now you can see that all of these files are here. And you will come in your browser and refresh that one and you can already see that you can also.

Get all the files here as well now what else you are going to do select select all of them. And after that one you are going to download and after downloading you will get like these dialog box and. Your you will get like these and you are going to open that one and you have all the photos. In here for example if i am going to click like these one and i have like these and im. Going to open these photos from here which i have already selected and you can see now every 40 is.

Working alright and you can download each and every one of that one i hope you got a basic idea. That how you are going to convert or transfer your photos from iphone to the pc.

Method 5 – Easiest Way To Transfer Iphone Photos

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Conclusion – How To Access Iphone Files On Pc Without Itunes

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