How To Access Itunes Account – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access itunes account,

Method 1 – How To Fix This Apple Id Hasn’t Been Used In The Itunes Store! (2021)

Welcome back everyone you may be experiencing this specific issue where for some reason your iphone keeps telling you or. Prompting you that this apple id has not been used in the itunes store or the app store and basically. You just get into this pop-up and you cant download any apps or anything like that now this process is. Very easy to fix in a couple of different ways the first way being pretty much directly just you know.

With the prompt itself and the second way being mostly with other settings within your devices settings now the very. First thing i would recommend doing is pretty much once you get this pop-up its a just a review or. An agreement process and what this is is that sometimes when you go ahead and you know set up your. Apple id for the first time you may not agree to their terms of service so you may not you. Know put in your shipping address or things that apple themes that you need in order to actually download apps.

And this is totally okay because you can go ahead and modify these in the settings but in this case. What you want to do is you want to go ahead and click review right there so once you get. This little pop-up if youre able to replicate it again by downloading an app i would recommend clicking review and. Then youll get into the prompt where you can go ahead and review the terms of service or whatever the. Case is and agree to those terms and service now lets say you dont see review or it just says.

Close or whatever the case is well what you can do there is at this point you just have to. Go into your settings app at the very top right here are your icloud settings so all you have to. Do is click on your icloud settings like this youll get into this little prompt youll see a bunch of. Devices that have your you know apple id and stuff but what you want to do is you want to. Click on payment and shipping and then at that point you want to go and it might it may prompt.

You for your password or something and once you get into this little pop-up you basically want to go ahead. And add in your payment method and your and add your shipping address this is typically what apple wants sometimes. Like i said before it may not be exactly whats going to be fixing this issue but it is a. Step in the right direction and typically from what ive read online and from what ive seen in person typically. This will end up fixing the issue if youre able to click on a review and agree the terms of.

Service and that doesnt work then the next thing i would recommend doing is adding your payment and shipping so. Adding some sort of payment method whether thats paypal your credit card banking statement whatever it is and then adding. A shipping address which is whatever address you can use whatever dress you want to and that is pretty much. The first set way that i would go ahead and do it now another way that ive seen this specific. You know error work where if your apple id hasnt been used in the app store and you just cant.

Seem to fix it and it looks like you did everything right ive actually read this on reddit and it. Seems like it has a pretty decent success rate so in order to fix this issue the second way what. You want to go ahead and do is you want to make your way over to your settings app just. Like this once you get here like i mentioned before the top setting is your icloud settings so what you. Want to do is you want to go ahead and click on that little settings icon once youre on this.

Page all you have to do is pretty much locate your little media and purchases little tab so its right. In the middle its underneath icloud in the middle of find my you want to go ahead and click on. Media and purchases now once you get here youll basically get a couple of different options youll see view account. Password settings sign out what you want to do is click the sign out option right here now whats going. To happen is its going to sign you out of icloud most likely and then all you have to do.

At this point is basically either open up the app store or go back into your settings and log back. In to your icloud you know settings then you want to go ahead and try downloading the app again most. Of the time from what ive seen in my life this might actually end up fixing the issue in and. Of itself and all you have to do at this point is pretty much download the apps that you want. To and pretty much move on with your day this is the other way that i would recommend doing it.

So those are the two main ways if that still doesnt work id recommend checking your internet connections if you. Get that pop-up i would clicking review and then reviewing the terms of service but if none of those things. Work then i would recommend contacting apple and then having them fix it for you basically so those are just. A couple ways to fix it if you guys have any other questions or anything like that let me know. In the comment section below hit the like button on me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every.

Single subscriber that we get really discount so me so much for you guys can hit that also check out. The other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram my other channels more importantly everything else. I love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys in the next video peace out till. Then you.

Method 2 – How To Login To Itunes Account 2021? Itunes Login Sign In, Itunes.Com Login

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Method 3 – How To Access The Itunes Store On Newer Macs

Hey guys its max and today im going to show you how to buy songs music on the itunes store. On newer versions of mac os now apple said that they got rid of itunes but theyre actually lying to. You its because they want to have everyone use apple music instead if you hear any weird noises its thundering. Outside and raining hard well more than i thought today actually but lets get into it so you are still.

Able to buy actual songs some people like buying their songs rather than basically renting because thats what a streaming. Service is when you cancel you lose all the songs that you did not actually buy so some people dont. Like that some people its better for streaming rather than getting individual so first thing were gonna do is go. To the music app and this is for catalina big sur and anything that comes after this video so right. Here i have a radio and youll have everything on the side your playlist but thats actually not where youre.

Gonna find this yeah its raining out so what were gonna do is go to the search bar and search. For a song ill do dream on by aerosmith so click it and then youll see it in apple music. So then what you do is you go over here youll see plus for add to library if you have. Apple music but you click on the three dots and then after that go down and you should see show. In itunes store so once you click that here you are in itunes and ill try and advertise apple music.

And you can get started with that if you want to or you can just click the x and get. Rid of it and now you have the individual songs some of them are album only you also have the. Buy the whole album and then if you want to go back to just itunes store for all music like. You would do back in the old days you click on music right above the album and just give a. Minute itll take you to music so now this is the old itunes store just like back when apple had.

It available and now you can click on a album for example this one no idea what this is uh. Oh country music and you can buy a song just like you used to be able to do and of. Course you can search for it whatever you want to do and then when you do buy a song you. Dont have to worry about it being removed from your library or anything like that you bought the song or. The album its gonna stay there in your library so nothing to worry about then when youre done again it.

Arrows to go back or you can just go to artists and theres all your music so thats how to. Buy music on itunes store on catalina big sur or any versions of mac os coming after this video if. You have any questions about this just leave them in the comments section below and sorry about the storm assembly. Day i could have to make videos so yeah its its loud out there im shocked with uh just how. Much lightning everything there is so thats it for this video and ill see you in the next video.

Method 4 – ~New~ Where Is Itunes? – Macos Catalina & Big Sur

Hello everyone this is abdul hakeem and today im going to explain what happened to the itunes and new microwaves. Versions starting from macros catalina recently you might have updated your os to macros catalina or maybe to bixer and. You have realized that you can no longer find itunes within your macbook application yes that is true what apple. Says about this is that they have replaced the itunes with a few new applications like apple music apple tv.

Apple books apple podcast these are applications that macro is the newest version of micros has it but i would. Like to say that unfortunately um you cannot find itunes anymore in this new version of macos but you you. Dont need to be worried about it at all um still you can access all those options that you had. Within the itunes uh they just changed the way how you can access it so im going to talk about. The two main issues in this video this will be a very short video the very first option will be.

Uh you know the very first topic will be how to access all those itunes options and new macos versions. Like if you want to backup your phone if you want to update it or if you want to sync. New music photos on all those stuff the second one i will be talking about as the apple music how. You can add new music to your itunes uh sorry to your iphone how you can export it how you. Can download new music uh from the itunes store and all those stuff so just lets go the very first.

Thing you need to do is to connect your smartphone to your macbook using the usb cable and then you. Just need to come here bottom left side find this option this this icon finder if you cannot find it. Here all you need to do is just press command the space and search it finder here you go as. You can see ive already connected my phone to this macbook i can find it here in this place so. Whatever device or whatever iphone model you connect to this smart to your macbook it will appear here and as.

You can uh see i think this display is the same as itunes um you can find the software update. Section here the backups the sync options that all you have its all the same im quite sure youre familiar. With this screen because its i think the same like items so this was the first step you can very. Easily access all those items options and functionalities here you can do all those stuff um the next thing we. Will talk about is the apple music how you can access your uh musics you might be you might have.

Been wondering that okay what happened to my itunes library you dont need to be worried about that whenever you. Update your macros to the newest version this application that i have opened recently this music application it will automatically. Download all the musics you had with the items like you can find it in this library section or maybe. In the playlist section that you have and then you can use this finder option come here to the music. And sync all your music uh or maybe select each and every single one of them using all these options.

This is the second thing but uh one one other thing i want to mention is that you might want. To have access to your itunes store also and you are not able to find it here thats very easy. All you need to do is just go to the music come here click on preferences and take this option. Itunes store click ok itunes store will appear here you can click on item store download whatsoever music you want. Uh very easily create a playlist for it or however you like you can do that and then you can.

Very easily come and sync it here so this is all from my site um this uh video will be. Very short because uh i didnt want to go deep into each and every uh uh option that you can. Find here im sure youre quite familiar to all of them they are quite the same as items i hope. This video was useful for you in the meantime i would like to point out one other issue is that. You might be able to install itunes on the new micros versions in maybe in catalina and pixar im not.

Quite sure about that because i personally did not installed it but i have heard some rumors that still you. Can install itunes and you can use it personally for myself i dont think so i will install it because. I can find all those options here i can backup my phone thats most important thing for me sync music. Or photos i can all do it here so i dont need to download items but in case if you. Have downloaded items and it works for you please you can put a comment below and let me know about.

That thats all i hope it was useful for you please do like the video and subscribe to my channel. For the coming new videos have a great time thank you.

Method 5 – How To Fix Cannot Connect To Itunes Store On Iphone Ios 15 | Itunes Store Is Not Working Ios 15 | ✅

Hello everyone welcome back to another latest video in this video im gonna show you how to fix cannot connect. To the itunes store itunes store is not working on your iphone and ipads ios 14 and 15. So lets. Get started without wasting any time first of all go back to your home screen and as you can see.

As i open the itunes store on my device and tap here and open the itunes app its always popping. Up as cannot connect to itunes stores so how to fix just go back to your home screen and actually. There are three steps to fix this problem so for the first step you have to just open settings app. On your device and then tap here on mobile data and check whether the connection is on or not if. The toggle is off then you have to turn the tools on and then go back and if you are.

Using the wi-fi connection then check the wi-fi connection whether it is strong or not or you have to change. Your wi-fi connection and after this if your problem is still not fixed then go for the second step for. The second step again open settings app on your device then scroll it down and tap on general and then. Again scroll down and type on date and time and from here make sure that set automatically toggle is on. If its off then you have to turn the toggle on for this and then go back and check whether.

The problem has been fixed or not if your problem still is not fixed then go for the third and. Final step for this again launch settings app on your device and then type an apple id profile here and. Now type on media and purchases and now type on view account enter your passcode and now type on country. Or region and now type on change country or region and from here you have to select the country which. Support the itunes store as you can see im selecting here united kingdom and now tap on agree again tap.

On agree and from here you have to select the payment method im selecting here none and then here put. The formalities and here you have to write the torn that is you can see london and here the country. United kingdom here you have to put the zip code you can put fake one and then tap undone and. After this go back and now again open the itunes store as you can see my itunes store is working. Successfully right now so my problem has been solved so thats it for today video if the video is helpful.

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Conclusion – How To Access Itunes Account

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