How To Access Keychain On Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Access Icloud Keychain Passwords Mac

Hey everyone welcome back this is dan from d h tv and thing to be showing you where your key. Chain pass codes are stored and how you can access them on your mac lets get started alright so from. Our mac what we want to do is open up the keychain access application and well start by clicking on. The launch pad and then the other folder and you should see keychain access right there if for any reason.

You dont see it you can always search for keychain access at the top but using the search and then. Just click on it to open it so this is keychain access and it does look a little bit intimidating. But thats ok because were only gonna focus on our accounts so on the left side click on the icloud. Section and this is going to show you all the accounts you have set up with your icloud keychain all. Synced between your ios devices that use the same icloud account so your iphones ipads your macs anything thats using.

This account with keychain youll be able to see them here so obviously to protect my privacy i have a. Lot of them blocked off but for example ill show you my instagram right here if we click on it. You can see the name instagram calm you can see your account name a dht vtech so head on over. To instagram and follow me there on the right side youll see the type of password it is so a. Web form internet password if its an application password it all be displayed there additionally at the top youre going.

To see all of your account information once again now to change the password for any one of these accounts. All you have to do is simply double click on the one you want to change itll open up this. Window here where once again you can see your account information were gonna focus on the show password section so. Were gonna check the box well be prompted to enter in our computer password here so that we can access. It so enter that in and then itll display the password once again im blocking it out to protect my.

Privacy here but youll see the password you use for that specific account you can also change the password just. By clicking in the box and typing in a new password or you can click on this little key icon. To the right and this is going to help you select a pass thats a little bit more secure than. What you might be using and this is particularly helpful if you use the same password for all of your. Accounts its never recommended to do that so you can select from the type you can choose letters and numbers.

Numbers only random obviously will give you the best quality and you can choose the length here as you go. Higher you can see that the quality of the password it improves as well well close it if you do. Choose to save that password youll be prompted here to save the new password and were just gonna say dont. Save for now on your mac dont forget to check out the ios version of this video which will show. You how to find your keychain passcode on your iphone or ipad also if you have any questions feel free.

To ask in the comment box below and ill do my best to help you out if you enjoy this. Video hit that like button subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon to be notified when i post. New videos thanks for watching ill see you in the next one.

Method 2 – Keychain Access On Macos 10 – Tutorial And Introduction

Hi everyone this is anson from anson alex calm and in this video im going to provide an overview of. What keychain access is on mac os10 and how you can use it so what keychain access is and well. Open it up here while i start explaining the easiest way to find it is to go to your spotlight. In the top right and just search key or keychain and you should see it pop up in the list.

And then you can click to open it what keychain access is is its a application thats native to mac. Computers its built into the operating system that allows you to save your passwords so that you dont have to. Enter them every single time you go to a particular website when we open up keychain access we see a. Bunch of stuff in here and it can be a little confusing but one of the things we want to. Look at is this login this is the default keychain thats already been created for us just by creating a.

User account on our computer now the password to this keychain is the same password that you use when you. Log into your user account so im using this user account right now that anton alex calm knew the same. Password that i used to log into that account is the password that ill use when i unlock my keychain. Now by logging into my account my keychain is automatically going to be unlocked which means that if i have. Saved passwords and i go to a website associated with one of my saved passwords that username and password should.

Already be entered now to get started with keychain access you actually dont even have to open up this application. What you need to do is go on the internet and go to a website where you use a username. And password to log in so lets go ahead and take a look at that im just going to open. Up safari down here in my tool bar and im just going to go to google extras go to Now when i log in to my email account im going to go up here to sign in youll notice.

That nothing is saved here in my web browser because i havent saved it yet for keychain access i need. To log in the first time so if i log in this first time here and i click sign in. Youll notice that i get this pop-up box that comes up automatically and this is keychain access right here its. Asking me do i want to save this password if i hit never for this website im never going to. Get the option to save this password in my keychain access again ill have to go in and ill have.

To chain some preferences within keychain access to get this to pop up again if youre just logging in on. A friends computer or somebody else is logging in on your computer you can just hit not now in that. Way its not going to save this username and password at all but if somebody else comes to log into. Gmail itll prompt them whether or not they want to save the password now if this is your account and. You do want to save it you can hit save password its going to log into gmail im not going.

To show you that right now because you dont need to ill see my gmail account in order to see. The passwords that weve saved in keychain access we have to move away from this login section here in keychain. Access and we have to click on local items because weve stored it locally weve saved this password to our. Machine and youll notice that i now have a line item in here for accounts google comm with my username. And then my password is in here as well if you want to see what your password is you can.

Right click on the line item and click get info its going to pop up on a screen that has. All the information about this account and if i click the show password button which im not going to do. Because i dont think you all need to see my password it will show me what that password is the. Reason i can see that is because i am currently in keychain access and ive logged into my user account. On my computer so keychain access is open to me right now i dont have to enter my master password.

Now lets say somebody else is going to be using your computer for a few minutes and youre really concerned. About some of the passwords you have saved in keychain access what you can do is you can come in. Here to keychain access just like we are right now you can click on the lock at the top left. Of the screen you when you do that youll notice that everything disappears from this screen your contents of your. Keychain are no longer visible so people cant just go into keychain access and hit show password and see your.

Password because youve locked it now if you click the lock to unlock it you have to enter the password. For your user account that youre logged into on this computer so i enter my password and boom my accounts. Are now being displayed as soon as i add another account in safari to my keychain access just by logging. In and clicking save its going to be added as a line item down here as well so lets go. Ahead lets take a look at that just so we havent two examples of it im going to go back.

Into safari im going to go to and im going to log in to my face account youll notice. As i login it asks me if i want to save the password if i hit yes its going to. Save it im going to quit out of here quick youll notice now in keychain i have another line item. In this time its for facebook now if at any time maybe my password changes or i just decided dont. Want my password saved in facebook or gmail again what i can do is i can come in here to.

Keychain access i can go to my local items i could right-click on one of the items and i could. Just delete it i get a pop-up message confirming and that password and username is no longer stored in keychain. Access theres one other aspect of keychain access that id like to show you before i go and that is. That you can create multiple keychains on one computer so we have the default keychain that it was created automatically. For us when we created our user account which is what weve been using so far in this video but.

Lets say weve got another user on the computer we want to use the same user account we have a. Different set of passwords or maybe you have personal passwords and business passwords it could be multiple situations where you. Could use this for you can actually create an entirely separate keychain if we go up here to file and. Keychain access we can click new keychain and we can create a brand new keychain we can just call this. Personal and im going to save it in the keychains folder its a folder thats already on my computer thats.

Where i want thats where keychain access knows to see it so thats fine were going to hit create now. We need to create a password for this keychain this is going to be the master password for this keychain. So make sure its something you can remember obviously mines weak right now but you could create a much stronger. One if you were doing this permanently so i hit ok and now youll notice that over here on the. Left in my keychains i have my personal keychain where i could store more user accounts and passwords so i.

Could come in here and i could find this local items keychain and i could lock that so nobody has. Access to that one yet the personal keychain is still accessible if its for a child or just again another. Family member you can lock yours and then they can have theirs open when theyre done they can hit lock. They can lock their keychain and you can go over here and you can unlock yours so you can use. Multiple keychains on one user account for multiple users so i hope you guys found this video helpful i actually.

Did it because so many of you requested it in my beginners tutorial on mac so go ahead and check. That video out as well ill post a link to that in the description of this one here on youtube. If you have specific videos related to mac os10 that youd like to see more information on some tutorials produced. For go ahead and let me know in the comments section of this video here on youtube or on anton. Alex calm if you enjoyed the video id really appreciate a thumbs up dont forget to subscribe to my youtube.

Channel for more technology tips and tutorials thats all i have for you for right now this is anson from. Anson alex calm.

Method 3 – How To Use Keychain Access – Mac’s Password Manager

Oh everyone this is john andrew social and digital media manager for red board information assurance today im going to. Do a little video tutorial on how to use the password managing application called keychain access on a mac a. Lot of mac owners arent even aware of this application and how beneficial it actually could be to managing your. Passwords its actually common for people to use the same password for virtually every account that they have online which.

Isnt a good idea once hackers have access to one of your passwords then theyll try to pat that password. Along with your account name on every other site to see how many they have access to the best way. To avoid this is to use a password manager like keychain access to handle all of your passwords with ultimate. Security so this is how you get started a start on your mac by clicking or pressing at the same. Time command in the space bar and this will bring up the spotlight window or you can just simply click.

On the magnifying glass in the top right corner here depending on what operating system you have it might look. A little different than mine in this case i just upgraded my operating system the yosemite yesterday and i actually. Loved it so at this spot type in keychain and it should pop up with keychain access once this pops. Up you can go ahead and press enter or return and it should bring up the user interface here you. Can view a multitude of things ranging from passwords to secure notes that you may want to create or have.

Created to ensure nobody has access to them but you under my passwords i mean you can see the different. Accounts that your password already has stored for you that you may not have already known about but lets say. You want to see what your lets just see you want to see what your evernote password is so i. Will simply just click double-click on evernote and down here i will click on show password and then whatever your. Login password is for this application or better yet just to log into your mac you would simply just type.

It in and then allow and then itll pop up under this little window right here but im not going. To do that because then youd have the password to my evernote account so i mean play around with it. Because there are a lot of different things you can do with this you can store all your different passwords. On here if you want the cool part i like about this is that you can actually create a secure. Note and i will show you how to do this real quick im just going to go ahead and delete.

This one delete ok yeah so like i know a lot of people who have macs they like to use. The stickies app down here to put like a lot of their user name and passwords on just said they. Like remember what account goes with what password and i mean thats fine but thats if youre the only one. Who uses that computer now if somebody starts to access your computer and then gets into the stickies app and. Then sees all of these passwords and accounts that you have they can easily access all of your private information.

Online and thats not good so this is why im showing you how to use keychain access because it actually. Is pretty beneficial in storing all of the different accounts and passwords that you would perhaps store on the stickys. App so to do this im just going to show you how to do one real quick so make sure. Secure notes is highlighted and then down here where the plus icon is youre gonna youre going to click that. To create on your sticky now no not sticky but uh secure no so under keychain item name i would.

Just put something thats pretty self-explanatory to make help you remember what it is so in this case im just. Gonna say gmail account number one and down here in the note is where you would put your gmail account. So lets just say username at and then like below it you would put your password or whatever your. Password it would be like i love dogs 3 or in this case im just going to put password and. Then after that you would just click add or return to add it into your keychain access of secured notes.

Now that right there is something thats going to show you what your password and username is but its locked. So meaning if i were to close this out and i go back in the keychain access i have it. There but when i double-click on it nobody can see what that note says unless of course i open it. And in order to do that i will show you you just click on the show note checkbox and then. This password will come up so you just type in the password that you created and then itll pop up.

Right here and then that way there you have secured a secure way of storing all of your passwords and. Like i said under the passwords category its a good way of recovering all of the passwords that you have. Already stored in here that your safari browser or google chrome browser or whatever browser you use will store for. You automatically on here so you can see like spotify mint evernote – game kik github which is programming you. Can upload all your programming code on chrome apple id you know stuff like that hey im password but yeah.

I mean its its really easy its very convenient i actually just found this out the other day and i. Thought maybe hey why not why not make a little video tutorial for everybody to see there are other ones. Out there that probably show you more ways you can use this for password storage but in this case im. Just showing you the basics and what you need to know to get started and its pretty much it if. If you have a whole bunch of passwords for different accounts and you just cannot simply remember all of them.

But it also creates a very very private way of storing them so thats it i hope you enjoy it. In the meantime check out our company website at where we offer quality information assurance and computer security and. Also follow us on our social media accounts that i was stored down in the description or if you would. That be great and in the meantime i hope everybody has a great day and yeah.

Method 4 – How To Use Icloud Keychain! (Iphone & Mac)

How is it going everybody youre watching then about tech and today were gonna talk about icloud keychain what is. It how to use it and how to set it up i know that icloud keychain has been around for. Quite a while uh actually for a few years now but a lot of people have no idea what it. Is what its for and just dont use this amazing feature so this is a practical video so its a.

Tutorial hands-on video so im gonna get my iphone and show you how to use everything and how to do. Everything you need to know about icloud keychain but before that im gonna need to give you an overview so. Just you understand what im talking about throughout the video okay so icloud keychain is just a password manager and. Please keep in mind that this is no app or anything like that its a native feature uh which is. Within the settings app so you dont need to download anything its just there in your iphone in your ipad.

And even in your mac its just there and you dont need again to download anything its just a native. Feature in ios and mac os and you can do a ton of things with it it just can it. Will store all your passwords and when i say passwords i mean logins so your usernames and passwords for websites. Uh like for example or social media like your instagram account facebook whatever so it would just store all. Your logins so usernames and passwords for you is truly amazing and on top of that of course its going.

To be synced to icloud thats why icloud keychain so they are going to have it synced up to all. Your devices at the same time your iphone your ipad your mac everythings synced up and updated its awesome because. Youll never forget a password ever again is truly amazing so without further ado lets begin with the hands-on part. Lets go okay so lets start with a little demo so lets say i want to open up instagram and. I need to log in but i forgot my username and password with keychain thats super easy all i have.

To do is tap on the username and then it will automatically suggest here password for and thats my. Username and it has the password as well so as soon as i tap on it and put my face. Id so of course its super safe because um it is secured with my biometrics could be face id or. Touch id and then its here autofill thats super easy all i have to do is log in and then. Thats it itll automatically log into my instagram and everything is working very very fine of course i can do.

That with apps as i mentioned but i can do that in safari as well for all kinds of websites. That have any kind of login information so im at and i can simply sign in right here at. The top and then automatically uh it will suggest here uh my email that i have registered with so. Tap here face id then uh password as well im just gonna hide my password very quickly and then tap. On password its gonna use that very same password for that very same username sometimes its gonna ask you twice.

Sometimes just once if its just one screen or two screens okay and as you guys can see hello daniel. Right here uh so sign in very easy perfect and as i mentioned it not only will help you with. Your old passwords but it will also help you create a new password very safe and secure passwords so if. I open up safari once again im at and thats lets say i want to sign up so im. Going to tap here to join us so sign up okay so im creating a new account and then i.

Can easily uh type in my email address of course your ios will automatically suggest your emails but with passwords. It will right here pop up and ask you if you want to use a strong password so it is. Suggesting a very strong password i can tap on that and then i already have my strong password right here. And then if i just simply tap my email address and first name last name and just complete uh my. Signup process right here as soon as i go ahead and i finish up the joinness process as soon as.

I sign up itll automatically save all of that information in keychain as well so again it not only help. You remembering your old passwords but it will also help you create new ones very safe and secure passwords but. Um now that you know how it works and what it can do you probably want to know how to. Set it up right and its super easy as i said you just go ahead and open up settings and. Then first of all you need to turn it on so under here settings youre gonna tap on apple id.

With your name and then uh tap on icloud because thats an icloud service and then scroll down to keychain. It should be called icloud keychain now it is just keychain sometimes you see kitchen isnt that like cloud keychain. They have both names i generally call it icloud keychain so as soon as you are on the screen you. Just have to turn it on and as soon as you turn it on uh youre gonna enable icloud keychain. So then it will automatically start helping you helping you out doing all those sort of things but if its.

The first time you enable this youre not going to have anything under uh icloud keychain so you may want. To know how you can actually manage that so you can normally just go ahead and browse websites create passwords. And from now on uh icloud keychain will always help you remember and ask you if you want to have. That if you want to remember that thats one way you can do it the other way is of course. Manually go ahead under settings again okay and scroll down to passwords theres a whole section for that and then.

Youre gonna need to put your face id or touch id or your password and then here youre gonna see. All your passwords so from here is where you can actually manage everything if you already have a ton of. Passwords like i do youre going to see them up here if you dont have is going to be blank. But you can already start um using it as i said either automatically when youre filling up or signing up. To a service or logging in for the first time uh icloud keychain will always ask you if you want.

To save that to your keychain so its gonna automatically ask you or you can do that manually as well. Tapping on the plus icon right here tap on the plus icon and then manually typing it in so you. Can enable uh icloud keychain and then go ahead for example like you were and then you go ahead. And go to username password and you can create that so you can do that manually or you can do. That automatically and of course you can edit and erase any passwords that you dont want anymore and of course.

You also have the possibility of the autofill passwords uh thats the pop-up that is gonna for example i have. A password here uh stored for if i have autofill turned on every time i go ahead and try. To log into its gonna pop up with that auto view option you can have that enabled like i. Do like you just saw or you can have that disabled and if you disable that uh you can use. Icloud keychain just to store just to store your uh passwords but not actually to actively uh help you out.

In auto for you i like to leave it on because i like i called keychain to actively help me. Autofill my passwords not only store my passwords but store in autocomplete thats why i leave it on so now. You know how it works now you know how icloud keychains work in the iphone for old passwords for new. Passwords how to manage how to create how to set it up and everything like that but as i said. It also works on ipads and macs let me show you so here i have a macbook pro as you.

Guys can see uh and on the mac is actually an application and you can search for that on the. Search bar uh by clicking here or just command space bar and then you can open up spotlight search and. Then search for keychain and then its going to be here keychain access thats the name in the mac and. Then as you guys can see you have all your login information you can tap on icloud and you can. Have even like you can see even your wi-fi network passwords that are stored here or you can just tap.

On passwords altogether and just taking a look at all your passwords and you can just look at that very. Very easily and you can just search it up right here as well so you can do that exact same. Thing and you can even add here on the plus button so you can do absolutely the same thing and. Everything is synced up and um across all your devices as you can imagine and it works pretty much the. Same way uh in the on the mac so if you open safari for example and if you go ahead.

And open im going to open right here and as you guys can see its going to work. The very same way i can just sign in for example and its going to suggest my very same email. I have touch id on this mac because of the touch bar so then i can just go ahead and. Tap use my my fingerprint same story here for the password and i can use it very easily sign in. And it works the very same way for old passwords again for new passwords for suggesting passwords you have the.

Manager you have absolutely everything here that you do on your iphone youre gonna have on your mac and its. Gonna look the exact same way on the ipad thats why i dont even think its worth worth it showing. On the ipad because its just the very same screen and menu that you see in the iphone so thats. Pretty much it hope you like this video if you did please make sure to hit the like button down. Below the subscribe button the little bell icon and also comment down below this helps me out so much if.

Conclusion – How To Access Keychain On Mac

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