How To Access Library Folder On Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access library folder on mac,

Method 1 – How To Show To ~

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Method 2 – Mac Tip: How To Show The ~

How to access your users library folder on your mac what is up ladies and gentlemen this is jeff benjamin. With i dental blog have you ever wanted to access the library folder under your main user folder on your. Mac you know heres my main user folder and when i open that up theres no library folder listed there. But i know there is definitely a library folder there its just hidden well how do you access that im.

Going to show you three different ways to quickly access that so lets do that right now the first way. That probably is one of the easiest or most straightforward ways is just to go up to the go menu. Here in your finder and then go down to where it says go to folder and then you want to. Type the following in your go to folder box you want to put the tilde slash library just like that. And then hit go and that will take you directly to the library folder in your main user folder so.

You see here library and you can tell its a hidden folder you see how its kind of like kind. Of grayed out so its a hidden folder but youre able to access that just by going directly to it. Using the go menu now lets try another way of quickly accessing that library folder actually this is even easier. All you need to do is hold the option key on your keyboard and then click on go and look. What happens there you see where it says library thats not normally their can see if i release the option.

Key look what happens it goes away or i can click the option key and hold it the library comes. Back so now all i need to do is just click on library and yes its back just like that. Now let me show you the last way and this is a permanent method for getting to your library folder. So all you need to do is go up to the go menu go to your main folder your home. Folder alright theres no library folder listed here but what well do is well go up to the view menu.

Now and then well select show view options and now you should see where it says show library folder all. You need to do is just click this and now you see the library folder is now permanently there its. No longer hidden so you can permanently access that just by going to your main user folder so those are. Three easy ways to quickly access your library folder on your mac let me know what you guys think in. A comment section this is jeff with a download blog.

Method 3 – How To Access Your Library Folder On Your Mac

Hello world well review slash tutorials here ross on is your host im gonna show you how to get to. Your library folder today go on your desktop look up to your left you see your menu you see the. Apple definer file edit view gold window help alright if you go to go you see all of the most. Important locations of your computer now if you hold the option key down an extra photo pops up if you.

Can see it right right now you have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven photos. If you hold the option button down you have an additional library folder alright maybe just click on it and. Now you have access to your library folder alright okay that was it for today peace.

Method 4 – How To Find Library Folder On Mac Os X – Mac Tutorial

Hey guys welcome back to another techguru video today i have a quick tutorial for you had a few people. Ask me how to do this so im gonna go ahead and do a video on it so its how. To access the library folder on a mac so a lot of times youre going to need to get to. Your library folder and with the newer operating systems like mavericks lion and mountain lion apples made it a little.

More difficult to locate that library folder to get to the folders where you may need to put some certain. Files so lets go ahead and take a look at that so first things first go ahead and open up. A new finder window by clicking on the little smiley face finder guy there and then once you have done. That go up to where it says go up there in the menu there and then go to go to. A folder which is almost near the bottom there and then youll need to type this here so ill put.

It in the description box as well but type that little squiggly line by our backslash library and then once. You do that click on go there and you will now be presented with your library folder also another tip. For you if you click and hold there you can actually move that to your sidebar there so if you. Actually want the library folder back over to your sidebar there you can actually drag that on over there and. Put it in your sidebar if thats what you want so anyways guys thats how you access your library folder.

Within a macintosh computer hope that helped you out if it did help me out click that like button down. Below subscribe to my channel for more great content just like this and i will see you guys next time.

Method 5 – How To Access Library Directory In Mac | Make Library Folder Visible

This video shows how you can access library directory where library folder you anime how you can make it feasible. So that you can delete some data in a free with the space so for other you go to the. User directory so my username is admin and right now you can see that i am in my home directory. That is users that have been and that a library directory is usually stored in your home directory only but.

You can see that that tree is not displayed it is actually there but it is not displayed is hidden. So basically what you do is unhide those directories or files and for that you have to press this shortcut. Keep shift command and in this dot war period all these three keys you have to place at the same. Time this one shift command and dot so im just gonna do that now from my keyboard a shift command. Dot and you can see that all the hidden files are displayed now and our library directory should also be.

Sprayed as you can see this library directory is displayed now and from here now you can and delete files. If you want if you want to delete you can delete the files there is a cache a directory as. Well which you can delete just to free up some storage from you or make so the keyboard shortcut keys. Shift command and this dot thanks watching this video.

Conclusion – How To Access Library Folder On Mac

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