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Method 1 – Linksys : | Basic Setup Your Linksys Wireless Router | Netvn

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Method 2 – How To Install Your Linksys Wireless Router – How To Setup A Linksys Wireless Router

Hello this is nick but nicks computer fixed comm and heres a short video on how to install your linksys. Wireless rather okay to start with on the left hand side here is our linksys router and on the right. Hand side is our cable modem for our internet service from our internet service provider and lets take a look. At the rear of both these devices on the router we have ethernet ports one through four we have an.

Internet port and we have a power cable we have a power cable here and we also have a an. Internet port here and we also have a cable port or connection here on the cable modem art to begin. With we want to go ahead and hook up the internet cable on the router and we plug that into. The ethernet port on the cable modem once you get that done we go ahead and take another cable in. This case its a blue one and we plug it into one of these ethernet ports in this case port.

One and then once youve got those plugged in you do want to go ahead and plug in your power. To your router and then over on your cable modem go ahead and plug the power cable into your cable. Modem power both these devices up and once they are fully powered up within a minute or two we want. To grab this cable here in the blue on the other end and we want to plug that into our. Ethernet port on our computer or our laptop okay once the ethernet cable is plugged into the router and the.

Computer we can now go ahead and power up the computer and go into the linksys router configuration go ahead. And open up a browser and go to this ip address of one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot. One dot one and youll be prompted for a user id and password and on the linksys routers by default. The user ids admin and the password is also admin and then click ok this will bring you up to. Your main setup page for your linksys router by cisco and the begin with theres an optional setting here the.

Hostname and i like to always put in the name of the router here my router number 1 is going. To work for me and once thats done go down and make sure that the dhcp server is enabled and. Then go down and click on save settings and click on the continue button when prompted all right up next. Is our wireless setup lets click on the wireless tab up top here and well go down and click on. Manual and the first item is the network mode we want to just go ahead and leave that at mix.

We could change it to g or n or but mix includes all the modes and well leave it at. That next item is our name lets go ahead and type in our router name of my router one here. Thatll work for this demo and then on the radio band we want to go ahead and leave that as. Standard and then on the channels 1 or 6 or 11 which is available in the united states we could. Choose either one of those but were gonna leave it on auto thatll work just fine here and click on.

Save settings and when prompted lets go ahead and click on the continue button again ok up next we want. To go ahead and work on our wireless security we want to protect ourselves here and we want to enable. Security mode so well click on the drop down here and click on wpa2 personal and this is good protection. For most home networks so were work with that and lets go ahead and give it a passphrase for this. Demo lists a tests one two three four five and be good enough and well click on save settings and.

When prompted again click on the continue button all right up next we want to go to administration and to. Protect the access into this configuration we can change the password from admin to any password wed like because by. Default it is admin and once you do change it click on the save settings and thatll work just fine. Okay well thanks for watching this is nick with nicks computer fix calm and please subscribe.

Method 3 – Linksys Ac1000 E5350 Initial Setup & Config

We were setting up the linksys ac1000 dual-band wi-fi 5 router the model is e 5350 so basically were going. To plug it in and get it online on the back of the router you have four lan ports one. Yellow internet port where your modem is plugged in a wps button and the power the place where you plug. In the power cable on the bottom of the router you have the wi-fi name and the wi-fi password those.

Are the defaults when you reset the router to default settings then you have your serial number in your mac. Address and over here you have the reset button the router comes with one ethernet cable one end of the. Ethernet cable goes into your modem and the other end goes into this yellow port thats labeled internet now you. Can plug your power in to reset your router to factory settings which i usually like to do so make. Sure that these default network names and passwords are actually in place that comes from the factory i always like.

To reset the settings so you take a sharp object or a pointy object and press this little button on. The bottom and in general usually its you gotta hold it down for like five 10 15 seconds something like. That so well see what happens you press this button in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. 10 11 12 13 14 15 all right so this since this router doesnt have like a power light on. It or anything which is kind of weird usually you look for the lights to flash and stuff but this.

One doesnt have a light so im assuming the routers settings are reset now if not i might just try. Again with doing it longer like 30 seconds or something but im pretty sure thatll be good the next thing. Youre gonna want to do is connect to the router via wi-fi you can do this on your phone you. Can do it on your laptop you can do it and any inner tablet on any mobile device and now. Im gonna use it im gonna use my chromebook here so im gonna go down here to the network and.

Then the go-to networks are right here the networks pop up youre looking for linksys linksys with a bunch of. Numbers one has five gigahertz at the end and one doesnt the one that doesnt say five gigahertz is your. 2.4 gigahertz network this one is the this is the same network name but its got five degree hertz at. The end thats how you know so im gonna go ahead and im gonna join the five gigahertz one if. You dont see five gigahertz just because your device doesnt support the five gigahertz band or it might be turned.

Off or something so im gonna either one you can join the same its the same thing so the default. Password is the one its its printed on your manual its also printed on the bottom of your router so. For example my manuals right here ah manuals right here you open it this is the same thing its on. The bottom of your router so im gonna go ahead and type that in so once you have your wi-fi. Password typed in your default one which is going to be different for every one youre gonna go ahead and.

Hit enter or connect next you open up your favorite browser im gonna use chrome and then up here youre. Gonna go to its very important youre on wi-fi before you do this if youre using your phones data connection. This will not work you must be on wi-fi so you go to my router dot local and then hit. Enter if typing in my router dot local doesnt work like it didnt for me for some reason then you. Can just go to and hit enter so now it works select i have read and accept the license.

Terms for using this software then hit next so if youre having problems like me then youre probably going to. Get this window saying your ethernet cable is not plugged into your internet port properly so that cable goes from. Your internet port on the back of the router which is right there that yellow port and the other one. Is supposed to be plugged in your modem and your modem needs to be online so if your modem is. Online and you had another router working if you have that one click cable plugged into your modem and youre.

Had another router working were gonna im gonna help you out if you dont have this problem youre probably on. Youre probably on the internet already you probably wont even get this box and youll probably be able to access. The internet already but for those of us that are having problems on this box were just gonna go ahead. And click exit if you get this window just click do not set up then you get this box that. Says you have not finished this setup please close the window okay close the default login for this router is.

Admin all lowercase admi and enter so if you previously had a router online and youre simply upgrading to this. Linksys router and this router for some reason is not getting on the internet but your last router was working. Fine there is a trick the proper thing to do would be to call your internet service provider and tell. Them that you got a new router and they all read reset the mac address settings for you but if. You just dont feel like calling them or dont cant call them or whatever to save yourself a phone call.

You can kind of fix it yourself real quick so what were gonna do is mac configure mac address clone. So you go over here to configuration and then the left side over here you go to mac address clone. So on this screen you want to select mac address clone and then you your mac address from your old. Router you want to type in there so for example if this was my old router this other linksys i. Would simply look at the bottom and theres a sticker down here and it says mac address so 2 for.

F5 blah blah blah blah i would take all those or it would be different for your router because your. Outer were to have different numbers on there and you would go on this screen and this is where you. Would type it in then you do not click this button do not click this blue button once you have. Your stuff typed in there you go to safe and if you do that you might it doesnt work for. Everyone you might have success being online after that but if not then youre gonna need to call your isp.

Because youre probably having problems or they they might work different for them this will not work for everyone and. Its not even really a proper solution but itll save you the phone call if you dont want to do. That if you want to change the settings for your wireless networks for your wi-fi if you want to change. The names and passwords of your wi-fi you go over here on the left side and you you first were. Already in configuration so you want to be in configuration and then you want to go to wi-fi on the.

Left side and once that loads this is the name this is you got your five yuka hertz wireless settings. Right there and down here you have your 2.4 gigahertz settings so this right here network name thats the name. Of your five gigahertz network i recommend leaving the 5 gigahertz on here and just only changing this beginning part. Or name it something completely unique because if you name both of your networks the same thing this is your. 5 gigahertz and this is your 2.4 gigahertz if you name them the same thing then when you go to.

Your wi-fi list its going to show up and its going to be confusing a lot which one is which. So you can leave that 5 gigahertz on there or just use the number 5 in there somewhere or just. Name them something completely unique so you can tell the difference so thats how you change the name now to. Change the password for your wi-fi networks once youre done with this screen you can go over to when was. It wireless security now you have your two passwords that you can set the top ones for your 5 gigahertz.

Wireless wi-fi and the bottom ones for your 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi these are the passwords this one youll see is. The default that you see printed on the bottom of your router so for example ill show you when you. Simply reset it to factory settings this little sticker on the bottom of the router see is 0 j jo. Is its the same 0 j jo is blah blah thats your factory default so yours will be different than. Mine so this you can set yours to this if you want but you can change your password or whatever.

You want and then you can say that i would recommend you leave the security mode at wpa2 personal thats. Probably the best option for pretty much everybody at this but this time you can leave it the same for. Both if at this point if youve plugged it in and reset all the settings and you tried the mac. Address thing and youre still not getting online then your best bet is probably going to be to call your. Internet service provider i know some people get confused by this your internet has to come from somewhere from this.

Router your router provides the wi-fi but you have to get the internet from somewhere so usually that comes from. Your modem which your isp comes to your house and sets that up for you you either theyll provide a. Modem for you or you have to go buy one because this router does not have a modem built into. It so youll either have to troubleshoot your modem or you can just call up your isp and tell them. You got a new router and theyll be able to help you out so i hope that video helps and.

If it did please let me know if the video is horrible let me know that too i get a. Lot of bad rap and a lot of some of my videos because they say its too long i tried. To make this one as quick as i could so if you enjoyed the video let me know thanks for. Watching.

Method 4 – How To Configure A Linksys Router

Whats happening guys so when i originally recorded this theres a huge lag between the audio in the video and. I decided that its just too hard to follow so im going to pretty much watch the video and record. A new voiceover for it um so that being said im gonna just jump into this well be talking about. Configuring a router specifically linksys router in this situation and mine is a e 4200 i will also discuss a.

Little bit of netgear bo well get into that when the time comes so to start off were going to. Go onto the start there we go type in cmd its going to open up our command prompt and were. Going to type here ip config space forward slash all there you go and thats going to give us all. The network info now im were really looking for the default gateway which is right there and that is the. Default for i think all linksys routers so from there were going to go and were going to open a.

Browser because were going to use this ip address lets open the browser come on go on bro open the. Browser there we go and there you go going to go to the address bar and youre going to type. In that default password that password ip address and there goes and there it goes now netgear ip addresses are. A little different one of those ones is a zero i forget which one but look on the router itself. For that info so over here the username is going to be admin and the password by default is admin.

But ive changed mine so mines going to be different but the default is admin admin for netgear routers it. Is admin and password so linksys admin admin netgear admin password so ok here we go this is a your. Home page for your router and this is the basic very basic stuff right here and what we have is. Your ip address which you can change if you want that is a router ip address not the ip address. Of your modem so so yeah its not the ip address given by your isp so if you want you.

Can change that you dont really want to mess around with any of those other settings this is pretty much. Just the you know the root of it and right there where it says maximum number of users you can. Change that to however many people you want to access at the same time that being said lets go into. Wireless have to keep up with this wireless is the main focus of this video and what we want to. Do is we want to stop your neighbors stealing your internet so what we have to do is let this.

Establish ssid dont mind the two configurations i have here i have a dual bound dual band router dont worry. About that youre going to have one of these most likely unless youre using the same router as me so. Right there we want to change that s society to something that you or your family kind of figure out. Easily like that you know you dont want to have anything too confusing usually the default is like linksys with. Some numbers or something like that so mine says soccer virus because i want to confuse people maybe they think.

Its a real virus theres some idiots out there who could believe that so were going to have that there. And like i said have something that you could relate to your family could easily spot and make sure you. Save the settings after we switch through every tab and for wireless security you want to have wpa2 wep is. Old-school its really easy to hack these days you dont really want to mess with that so wpa2 were going. To go mixed-mode because i just think its easier and what youre going to do is youre going to set.

Up a passphrase and that passphrase is not the router passphrase that is the wireless internet passphrase so when you. See your ssid in your wireless network adapter when you look for a network to wireless network to sign into. Thats going to be your password right there theres my real password but nonetheless i do not like fish at. All unless its in a fish stick form funny enough i do like every other seafood including octopus anil best. Lets not get into that so yeah see theres my ssid since my laptop could catch 2.4 gigahertz it shows.

Sakho trojan rather than psycho virus so theres the password theyre the same for each because you never know which. One youre going to get forrest gump reference and guest account you may or may not have this this is. A very limited account that your guests could use if you want to allow that thats the default password i. Didnt choose that so i dont have it on because if youre using my internet your i dont i dont. Care if i give out the password because people dont remember it half the time ok so security you want.

To leave these at default this is your parental controls this is pretty useful if youre if you have kids. Around so what you can do is you could restrict certain websites at certain times on certain days and i. Think thats really cool if theres children in this house i would be using it but theres really nothing to. Worry about if you want to block facebook at youtube or whatever this is where you do all that and. Theres specific time interval specific days pretty cool i think so yeah theres a gets chosen amount of urls we.

Could use you can block the whole world wide web i mean im sure theres a way you could but. I dont see why you would want to do that next we got application to gaming if you want to. Do some port forwarding or such this is the place to do it its really not that big of a. Deal to do port forwarding but um next is our administration tab over here this is your router password as. It says right there now like i said default is admin admin change it to something good do not have.

It the same as your wireless because im sure somebody will catch on to that eventually and mess around with. Your settings in here so you even you cant access it until you reset the modem not the modem the. Router so yeah pick something fairly easy for you to remember and dont tell anybody else unless you have more. Than one administrator thats going to be working with the router so there you go thats the root of the. Configuration right there yeah thats pretty pretty much it now were going to jump into a firmware up not from.

Where were going to go factory defaults first i believe and that is if you uh if you screwed up. Somewhere for some reason your internet is not working you dont know what settings to mess around with you just. You went crazy and you clicked everything you could think of and messed around with all kinds of settings you. Could go back to the factory default and that will in fact set everything back to factory defaults like it. Says that being said lets move on to firmware you could download firmware from the website and then choose the.

File and do all that or you could use the software that comes with cisco routers and you could just. Simply click upgrade firmware from the software i dont think i show the software in this demonstration but it does. In fact come with software and yeah that would be a lot easier than downloading and choosing the file and. This is just the status of your internet as of the second you watch this see whats going on and. Then yeah like i said theres a maximum number of users that you would like to use your internet simultaneously.

Default is 50 youre never going to hit i mean i dont know where actually is possible i guess if. You do have this in a small business you could hit 50 but if this is in a home youve. Got to be pretty crazy to have 50 users even with if you have five family members that have a. Laptop a desktop and a cell phone all connected at the same time youre still not going to hit 50. So it takes a lot of devices out anything yeah you have to have some fast internet too if youre.

Having 50 users but yeah thats the juices of it all this i suggest everybody to have a password on. Their wireless internet because these i mean im sure your neighbors have a open wireless internet that you probably have. Used before you know you dont have to hide it its okay i do remember a case where somebody sent. A thing it was a threatening email through using a neighbors a wireless internet and the police actually came to. The neighbors house and questioned them about it and they had no idea what was going on because their wireless.

Internet was open somebody just probably drove in front of the house and sat in their car with a laptop. Sent the email from there that the neighbors even knowing but thats another reason you want to make sure you. Have a wireless internet password so yeah thats pretty much it make sure your router password is not the same. As your wireless i want to emphasize that because like i said someone will be smart enough to try it. Out i know i have and i havent succeeded yet because people are smarter than that but im just warning.

You just throwing it out there you can have it as the same password that is completely up to you. And yeah like i said if you do for some reason want to have everything back to factory settings in. You can even access your router you forgot the password or whatever the situation is you can in fact go. To the physical router and there should be a tiny little button you have to hit with a pen or. Pin and that will reset everything back to the default password and username which is admin admin for linksys and.

Admin password for netgear so yeah guys thanks for watching please like if it helped you out and leave a. Comment if you need any extra assistance ill be happy to help you guys out so yeah thanks again.

Method 5 – Linksys Wrt Ac3200 Router Setup

You welcome back guys welcome back to another video tutorial run-through and this time we are going to set up. The new wrt 3200 ac router from this so ive actually tested this router for quite some time on my. Tech news channel i will post a card do that so check that out thats going to be reviewing the. Actual router itself and my experience with it this video is actually on the in-depth of actually setting it up.

Now im not going to go through advanced setup there are a lot of things you can change on this. Router you can even change the actual operating system that this guys running if you want im going through the. Actual linksys branded standard set of procedure to get this running im going to do it on a macbook so. Were going to sexually set it up with my macbook and well go from there that said first step is. Getting out of the box theyre having on the box already right were going to need in my case i.

Have a cable modem the cable modems already set up so i hang that over there youre probably going to. Want to unplug your cable moanin especially if youre actually going from a different router to a new router unplug. The cable modem because were going to actually even have to reset which router its attached to so unplug the. Power from the cable modem you can just let that sit off to the side get the router up and. Going so plug it in and after you plug in the router after it gets up and going then plug.

In the monrell if you have to really do it in that order but i always tend to do it. Then i usually have the best look doing it that way so that said lets get this guy over there. All we have to do is plug in the power to the sky and then ill plug in an ethernet. Connection directly from the modem into here which i already have set up as well they do give you a. Turn a cable in the box if you need one im already have one set up over there and then.

From there we will actually and im going to actually connect one or two whether either net cables in here. From the rest of my house stuff and then were going to come back and do the setup so first. Lets get it over there and lets get it actually plugged in step one okay so heres where im actually. Going to set it up in this case i have the router and i the modem next door now i. Did unplug the power to the modem and i have the router all nothing plugged in yet but its all.

Ready to go in so i have all the cords already pulled power cord ethernet and ethernet to the modem. And then i do have anything it – well actually – a switch but in this case so you have. On the back of the router on between the last two antennas here we have the we actually have a. Power switch so we can im gonna actually keep it off so the circle is off then you have the. Dc power you have a reset button so if you need to actually reset this routers go back to factory.

Defaults while its turned on you push and hold that for its like at least five seconds and then youll. See the lights on the front start blinking like go on shall do a whole factory reset you have your. Usb is near you set out here im going to im not gonna do any setup stuff on that im. Just going to get the setup guy up and running so i have my yellow guy here is from the. Internet thats going to plug directly to the modem itself so thats going to be the big one that were.

Going to need i am going to actually use one of these forward lan ports now these are short shared. Ports so you can plug in from computers to other devices that use ethernet you can plug it in here. If you want to share this connection to other things like you need more than four ports like i do. I have an 8 port gigabit switch that i have coming up here that ill plug into well say port. Number 1 doesnt really matter which way i plug it in but sorry so ill keep it so you guys.

Can see it ill plug in power connection over here and i have it turned off so its not going. To turn on yet this white cord is actually going to my modem thats going to go in the ethernet. In the internet port and then this guys right here is actually going to one of my switches obviously a. Little loose on the conne.

Conclusion – How To Access Linksys Router

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