How To Access Live Tv On Hulu – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access live tv on hulu,

Method 1 – How To Use And Get Started On Hulu With Live Tv 2021

Hello everybody today were going to go over uh hulu with live tv im going to run through some of. The basic features and functionalities so you can effectively use hulu with live tv as a cable box alternative i. Feel like most of you will wonder why anybody actually ever uses cable boxes were gonna start with the home. Screen you see home live my stuff tv shows movies um sports hubs um you know most of these are.

Pretty useless in my opinion and a little confusing when you get started so were just going to focus on. Live so you go over to the live area you hit your select button right at the center you know. Right here these are the recent shows that weve watched or recent channels rather that ive watched we can go. Over to the all category these are all the channels available for hulu with live tv you just scroll you. Know scroll up or down were gonna just click on something we can see what there is in home you.

Know uh we can just scroll down here you got a bunch of categories again i wouldnt pay much attention. To the home screen at first its a lot of the same stuff repeated over and over again so thats. One thing that frustrates me if we go over to tv shows you could break it down in categories uh. Same thing with movies we got all the categories uh for sports fans this category is useful um it has. A lot of the live sports especially since hulu doesnt like youtube tv prioritize the sports so its nice that.

They have this category and you can see all the live sports up here one more thing we want to. Cover is the my stuff category and well go over in another video on how to actually record stuff to. My stuff but thats the hulu equivalent of a dvr and that is everything you need to know in a. Couple minutes to get started navigating hulu with live tv please get back to us with any feedback any questions. Certainly we also have a subscription plan available where your questions become our videos thank you.

Method 2 – Hulu + Live Tv: Walkthrough Demo And Main Features

Welcome to who plus live tv a demo and walkthrough of what the sign-up process looks like for hulu plus. Live tv and showing you some of the features and benefits of hulu plus live tv first up its a. Little bit confusing at first but there are different versions of hulu so theres the hulu that contains a lot. Of movies and tv shows and originals and thats its own separate entity there is a hulu plus live tv.

Which is what ill be showing you and that is the hulu that you know or perhaps have watched at. A friends house or even checked it out but thats the hulu with the movies and the original programming and. The tv shows plus live television so a lot of your favorite television shows and networks such as fox and. Nbc etc so well get more into that in a little bit and then there is the bundle there is. A bundle out there thats the hulu plus espn plus plus the disney plus and its called the disney plus.

Bundle and that gives you those three that does not include hulu plus live tv thats just the regular hulu. So that thats another version thats out there but again what well be showing you today is hulu plus live. Tv alright lets jump right in click on the sign up now button and the first screen is you have. To create an account pretty basic email address name etc then youve got your billing information you have a choice. Between a credit card or paypal its good to know that theres a paypal option and then here you go.

In terms of selecting the plan that youre interested in that the hulu plus live tv the plan details it. Goes into details exactly whats available and whats available as add-ons so of course these will cost you extra if. You want to add on hbo had on showtime cinemax etc and as you can see right above you can. Watch on two screens at the same time it includes 50 hours of cloud dvr storage i also hope includes. Low all television to your local tv channels your cbs and fox and nbc so ill put my zip code.

In and up comes those local channels including telemundo cw what else we got here too and some other channels. So theres the local channels now well scroll through and see what other channels are available theyre included in hulu. Plus live tv sports channels your fs ones fs to espn espn2 espnu z– fox sports regional channels and the. Add-ons i mentioned before too which would be additional cast if you want to have those on if you wanted. To get your hbos its also a spanish add-on to you can see the bottom fox deportes and universe so.

As well as espn deportes so from the spanish actually from overall if youre a soccer fan the only major. Omission is being sports so you dont get to be in sports or be in sports in espanol but you. Get your espns yet your foxes and you get your nb cs and then scroll through he receives any other. Ones too that pop out cbs sports network is on there too some other acc channels etc lets go look. At those add-ons now too so i mentioned before some of the add-ons you can also if you want to.

Get more cloud dvr coverage if you want to get if youre the type of person that records a lot. More than average then you can go ahead and add that it also includes an unlimited screens too so if. You have a family or you mean you want to have available on multiple devices at the same time that. Is an option too so i think see it a limited screams screens at home as one option for a. Little bit more and then the device is what devices is hulu plus live tv available on this demo im.

Doing is just through the browser so you can see that its available on chrome in this case but also. You got android phones apple phones etc on that long list there too you know you can always pause it. And go back if you want to look more closely at that list add-ons lets skip that no add-ons for. Us so were gonna start watching hulu the first thing it does – asks you some of your favorites so. If you have nfl teams i want ill click on the mls soccer here and has all your mls teams.

It doesnt break it down to european leagues or leagues from other countries but so well skip that and then. Add your favourite networks for a better live tv experience of course you get everything listed here but its always. Helpful to have my channels and youll see that a little bit later so lets go ahead and pick some. Of my favorites fs 1 fs 2 fox of course so theres the fox channels covered got espn espn2 ill. Skip espn news and whilst we go here look for the nbc channels yep nbc and nbcsn and telemundo first.

More coverage tnt for the champions league and lets go back to the top – i miss anything yep cbs. Cbs sports network shell be good for the nd nwsl and also for the champions league beginning in 2021 the. Summer so there you go theres some of my favorites i just picked out here – you see kids channels. These news channels sports galore so lets go to the next screen and personalize some experience yes all right now. We are into the main screen on hulu and from here we can go ahead and navigate through the different.

Channels if we want to of course the the hulu apps available on all major devices – as you can. See the the layout is is attractive its its simple you can scroll down and see kind of some recommendations. For tv shows theyre on right now some of these are hulu programming programming some of it is live tv. Or you mean regolith regular tv cable satellite television programs i got some movies hulu pix unwatched in my stuff. So my stuff things that there thinks i would enjoy you got the new section got live news there too.

And a whole bunch more fx shows blockbuster movies so this of course i think its fifty four ninety-five a. Month which includes practically everything except for being sports i mean if youre not into la liga as much then. You wont get that browse you can see all the different genres you can choose so check out sports as. Were recording this demo theres no soccer on right this second so we probably wont have soccer on here but. You see theres some games baseball games softball recommendations for me other is soccer okay so theres some reruns of.

Some mls games there too so you can see i can pick and choose those and of course as the. Seasons pick up will seem a lot more recommendations there for both like live and on-demand games my stuff so. My recommendations so these are the channels i go to the most and these are the programs it recommends for. Me and i can watch them right there rather they have to navigate through and right here thats close thats. Starting up on the channels so here we have the typical programming guides but this chickens the sports which you.

Can see whats on right now whats coming up in the next couple of hours if we wanted to narrow. Down to just a sports whats coming up to watch tonight and we can do that and then lets go. Back to all so here you go again this is all the channels available which is over 60 channels covering. Practically everything you name it the programming guy guy the way its listed is easy to use pretty straight forwards. Simple but elegant design and you can see – you can actually that has a symbol to go back so.

You can what you can click into a and go back to the beginning so you dont you dont miss. Anything wow theres a lot of channels here and weve reached the bottom of the file which is the still. A ton of stuff so lets take a look and see maybe just look at one of these channels and. See what it looks like just as an example here you go lets check out telemundo so we just click. On here and it pulls it up in the corner now if you wanted to actually just try that again.

You can see okay that theres the player buttons volume settings if you want subtitles and also full screen so. We can do full screen if you want to again – if we click the one in the bottom right. Hand corner it go completely full screen but im not going to play too much of that just because i. Dont get any copyright infringement from telemundo but as you can see the streaming quality is high im watching this. On wi-fi and then you have night mode too so if you want to you can actually change it from.

The white background to the black background thats handy and back to where should we go now news okay lets. Check out news and here we go again the layout is easy to understand its pretty intuitive so a nice. Clean layouts i mean it doesnt take long to figure this out but ill show you a couple of other. Great features of it in a second back to the main screen here so if we can add this to. My stuff so if you like a lot rojo vivo you can like it and give it a thumbs up.

Or you can add it to your library so it has it to my stuff in the future so that. Way you can really take control of what you wanna watch the handmaids tale fantastic series i love that you. Like that and that all i can add it to my stuff too so it will record future episodes now. If its something i dont like see if i can find something here that im not a fan of let. Me see we scroll down here to tru bloods tru bloods pretty good some of these shows i havent seen.

Ok ah i see you one misses american fx i tried watching this i did not like it at all. You may love it but so then it tells you okay we wont recommend this to you anymore so thats. A great way to really again again take control of your viewing experience and to let hulu plus live tv. Do the work for you in finding the programs that you want to watch whether its sports news or whatever. So there you go hulu plus live tv check it out oh one more thing – hulu plus live tv.

Does not offer a free trial so if you go ahead and click on the the sign-up link you can. Go right in and sign up and again its fifty four nineteen ninety-five a month and its easy to cancel. You can just cancel online if you want to and theres no contract so you sign up and enjoy.

Method 3 – 2022 Youtube Tv Vs Hulu + Live Tv Vs Sling Vs Directv Stream Vs Fubo Vs Philo ( Streaming Vs Cable )

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – Hulu Live Tv Channel Line Up 2022 New Channels

Hey whats going on youtube this is daxton here um so i try to make a video at least once. A year of kind of things like this this is hulu live tv uh recently their prices did go up. Another ten dollars but they are giving you uh espn plus as well as um the disney plus or whatever. Its called but those are both apps i think it is kind of silly that theyre forcing you to pay.

Ten dollars basically forcing you to get these two apps is what theyre doing im sure theyre uh lining their. Pockets with more money is whats uh behind it anyway it is what it is not a lot you can. Do about it besides change you go to another company but anyway the basis of this video is im going. To go through and show you all of the channels now there is some lot um some local channels that. Will be on here that you wont specifically have where you live based upon where youll live but youll have.

Your own local channels so im gonna start im gonna go down the list so starting at the very first. One um is a e and then this is a local channel its abc though heres another abc local heres. The abc news accn i think thats an espn channel adult swim east adult swim west animal planet bet big. Tin network bloomberg television boomerang bravo cartoon network east cartoon network west krcg which is a local channel um cbsn. Sports network cheddar news cmt cnbc cnn cnn international um this one i cant think what that is comedy central.

Maybe its that c logo anyway keep going cozy tv uh dabble not sure what that is um discovery there. Is disney channel disney junior disney xd e espn espn college extra espn college extra another one another one um. Espn2 espn news espnu food network fox 22 kqfx box business fox news channel free form fs1 fs2 fx fxmfx. Fyi theres a golf channel hgtv history hln id lifetime lmn which is the lifetime movie network mt not too. Sure what that is msnbc mtv uh theres a nasa channel nat geo wild national geographic komu 8 which is.

A local channel local news news nation thats another new one nfl nfl channel excuse me nick jr nickelodeon theres. An olympic channel um oxygen paramount network pop qvc sec espn network smithsonian channel start tv i think thats another. New one sci-fi tbs east tbs west tcm east tcm west telemundo the cw tlc tnt east tnt west travel. Channel truetv east trutv west tv land universal kids usa vh1 vice and those are all of the hulu live. Tv channels and then of course over here on the left side you have your recent channels which are the.

Ones the that you frequent the most it shows like the top 10 or so you can go to and. Then theyre all categorized over here as well on the left which is uh pretty handy as well im gonna. Get out of this and lets see if i and i dont think i had the espn on here unless. Im overlooking it but anyway with the new update of hulu oh there it is but im not sure if. This is the same as espn plus or if espn plus is just a special membership there it is up.

There at the top but im not sure if im signed in anyway you get espn plus yeah im not. Signed in which is 6.99 a month apparently and then im gonna get out of this disney plus which i. Should be signed in which i think this was 10 or so maybe a little less a month and this. Was really cool as well which im not gonna im not gonna show too much on there or youtube will. Try to flag the video but theres lots of cool uh disney stuff on there pixar marvel star wars um.

Thats all unlimited you can watch all that and it doesnt cost extra so thats pretty cool as well and. Again thats included with the hulu live tv if you have any comments questions or suggestions as always leave a. Comment below this video on youtube and ill try my best to answer hope everyone has a happy 2022. Thanks. For watching see you later bye bye.

Method 5 – Disney + Now Included With Hulu + Live Tv Easy 5 Step Setup And Quick Look

Hey guys tech made easy and thank you so much for clicking on our link today well as you can. See on our screen were using a roku and weve got hulu weve got disney plus and weve got espn. And the reason for this video is i received an email today from disney plus saying congratulations set up your. Account and im excited because theres a ton of content that disney is giving us and youll be surprised at.

What theyre giving us and ill show you that later on but my goal in this video is to show. You how to activate and set up your account okay again im going to go into disney plus a little. Bit im gonna go into espn plus a little bit but my goal here is to mostly focus on how. To set up disney plus again i received that email and i am paying for hulu live tv which is. 75 a month it is now going to eighty dollars a month because hulu has decided to include disney plus.

And espn now the value is really good for another five dollars to be honest with you but lets go. Ahead and check out this setup lets get started lets go over some things to know so if you receive. This email then disney plus and espn plus are included in your plan i will be showing you some steps. In a moment most of us had a price increase when hulu decided to upgrade our plan so be aware. To use hulu disney plus and espn plus youll need to download each of the apps on your devices i.

Also want to say if youre looking for espn plus right now in the app store or on your tv. To my knowledge there is only an espn app not an espn plus app dont worry about that download the. Espn app each experience is going to be different depending on your device some of you might be using an. Apple tv some of you might be using a smartphone just be aware i am going to be presenting step. By step using my roku ultra also realize channels are different depending on the state or the country you live.

In in this video i will mostly be focusing on how to set up your disney plus account i will. Go into the disney plus app so we can take a quick look i will also go into the espn. App so we can take a quick look again i will be demonstrating this on my roku ultra device now. You might be using a different device step number one check your email and your spam you should have received. An email saying action needed activate disney plus and espn plus it should have come from disney plus at

Step two click on activate now then the disney plus website will actually open step number three enter the email. You want to use for your account after youre done hit agree and continue step number four create a password. For your new disney plus account and hit continue step number five download the disney plus app on your device. In my case i went into my roku i went into the channel store and i searched for disney found. The disney plus app and downloaded it step number six lets go ahead and take a quick look at the.

Disney plus app and afterwards ill go in and well take a quick look at the espn app okay lets. Take a moment and go into disney plus and take a look and here we go access to the full. Library now i i went into this earlier and i took a look and i was really surprised to see. That if you see the movie on the top that just launched that is just in theaters and yet they. Are giving you this movie this is a two-hour movie that youre getting now what i like about this interface.

Is as you go down you can go into the disney library you can go into the pixar library marvel. Library star wars library and the national geographic library this is awesome so lets go in for a minute and. Lets go into disney im not going to spend too much time but i wanted to show you that as. You can see here you can go in to the different areas and see all of the content to my. Knowledge i was very surprised to see the newest movie already included so really really nice all right let me.

Go out of this now and im going to go into pixar and as you can see you have a. Lot of the pixar um you know content in here do you have it all im not sure i am. So excited though to have this because they make some really good stuff all right lets get out of that. Now and lets look at marvel now im really excited about marvel because i love watching marvel movies i mean. Really you know its so awesome to pay five bucks more a month and have all this access all right.

Lets back out of that now and lets go to star wars now ive never been a huge fan of. Star wars and i didnt dislike it but some people really really love star wars and so you get access. To a lot of the content as well all right and lets back out of that and go into national. Geographic all right and heres the library well just go through some of the stuff here and that is a. Quick look at disney plus one other thing id like to show you and again this is on the roku.

I dont know if itll be the same on your device but when you go to the left side you. Have your home you have your watch list which i dont have anything in the watch list right now you. Have movies series originals and then your settings you can also have multiple profiles just so youll know ive only. Got one right now i just set it up but you can have a profile for you a profile for. Your daughter a profile for your husband or a profile for your wife lets take a look at espn and.

Dont forget there is no espn plus at this time they call it espn plus but for some reason the. Apps on my phone and the apps in the roku store just say espn now as you can see from. The interface youve got live channels itll actually tell you live as far as whats on right now um if. I go up to the top menu where it says featured thats what this is if you go to espn. Plus let me click that and see what that looks like this is my first time going through this interface.

But i figured id show you so lets go back to featured for a minute well look at that and. Then well go to espn plus and well go to originals as well so let me just scroll down so. You can take a look live they have leagues here so you can go in and set up your leagues. They have the different sports that you can go in here so if we go through the leagues just want. To show you whats available theres probably a ton not enough for this video thats for sure okay if i.

Go down and i go into sports let me just go across so you can see whats included and hopefully. This is helpful all right you go to top picks up and coming exclusive top videos events and so on. And so on theres a ton of stuff conferences are listed here as well so if youre looking for conferences. Thats really good channels so you can actually go to the different channels when you have this which is really. Nice all right now lets take a look at oops it logs me right out let me go right back.

In that was me i hit the back key on my roku lets go ahead and get into uh espn. Plus so let me go to the top and move over one and go into espn plus and just show. You a little bit of this we have top picks up and coming mens college hoops womens college hoops film. Spotlights so theyve actually got films in here which is good like the last dance thats pretty cool you can. Browse by collection again sports leagues conferences all right very similar the ufc ufc is on here as well which.

Is cool okay so let me go back up and let me go to originals and well just take a. Quick peek at that all right recent episodes okay welcome to the show inside the arena trailers film spotlight so. It looks like a lot of duplicate content thats in different sections but if youre a sports fan um this. Is pretty valuable all right let me go back up and lets go to browse for a minute and i. Guess browsing yeah okay now you can go in by featured by sports by leagues by channels conference so thats.

Nice i hope this setup video this simple setup video was helpful to you in some way i really do. If you have any questions definitely post them in the comments we love collaborating with our subscribers we definitely hope. You subscribe as well look this is a great value for five dollars more do i agree that hulu should. Raise your price and give it to you without any choice well i dont know about that what do you. Think tell me in the comments but i hope you found this helpful thank you so much for watching hey.

Guys take a moment and give us a thumbs up we really appreciate it as you can see brooklyn shes. Waving her tail for you take a moment and subscribe dont forget to hit the bell and youll get notified. Of new videos we come out with also follow us and contact us on instagram twitter or facebook wed love. To have you thank you so much and have a wonderful day you.

Conclusion – How To Access Live Tv On Hulu

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