How To Access Localhost – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access localhost,

Method 1 – How To Run Your Html

Hello everyone in this tutorial im going to show you how to run a website on localhost 8000 or any. Other localhost port on your computer by using this you can run a php file in your browser without having. To put on a server first first thing you need to do is install php the easiest way to do. This is by installing xampp it comes with extensions installed and other features that may be useful download xampp for.

Your operating system im using windows when the download is completed double click the installer and go through the steps. To install xampp most of these things are not things you need i will stick with just apache mysql php. In my phpmyadmin the installation could take a few minutes okay now that its finished installing youll have to test. It out ill create a new folder called test project inside i will create a file called index.php inside ill. Write php code that will write hello not world whats up with the formatting here ah there we go so.

Now the next step is going to be running loco host so we have to open the folder contain the. Index.php file open the command prompt and type php hyphen s localhost and the port number which ill use eight. Thousand press enter and now when you go to localhost 8000 you should see this website see hello world if. You want an easy way to start up this loco host 8000 for this project you can create a new. Batch file well call it start.bat and edit it to contain the line php hyphen s localhost 8000.

And now. When we run this batch file it will automatically run the command php hyphen s logos 8000 in the in. This directory so when we reload the page it will still work this command prompt needs to stay open while. Youre running your website on localhost 8000 i hope you learned something if you like this video please give it. A thumbs up and subscribe for more content just like this if you have any ideas for new videos please.

Let me know in the comments and i will also like to help if you have any questions bye you.

Method 2 – How To Access A Local Website (Localhost) From Internet With Port Forwarding

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Method 3 – How To Accessing Localhost From Anywhere

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Method 4 – How To Access Localhost Anywhere With Ngrok

In this tutorial i want to show you a way where you can quickly share what you have on your. Localhost with anyone in the world now who will find this useful usually people who work in the team where. They would like to show their progress to their team manager or the three lands person who wants to show. Their progress to somebody you can usually share your progress after you deploy your code either to a staging environment.

Or to a temporary web server but sometimes this process could take a long time especially when you have little. Changes that you want to make so a way to fix that would be to use something called an grog. And crook allows you to tunnel your local hosts into a temporary url and this is all real time meaning. If you want to make a change and show it to your manager he or she looks at it and. Say hey i would like to make this small change here you can quickly make a change on your localhost.

And then update the url the url will automatically be the same and you will be updated with the change. You just made so your manager all they have to do is to refresh the website you dont have to. Deploy your code anywhere so this is extremely useful if you want to quickly make changes and show it to. People so to get started and grok allows you to tunnel your local hosts to any firewall and ite and. Its its free if you have one single connection so to get started go to anger comm and you need.

To sign up for an account its free as you can see in the pricing page you get one online. And grog process and four tunnels and forty connections per minutes which is good for most cases but if you. Want to support their servers you can definitely pay for basic or pro or business accounts i just want to. Say we are not affiliated with agra i just find this tool very useful and like to share with you. Guys so to get started go to the downloads page and then download the application to your computer in my.

Case im using os x and it will download the os x executable you can unzip the file and then. You can connect to your account you can connect to your account by running the actual and grok bash script. I dont know actually i dont know if its a basket but you can run the process with the command. Off token and enter your off token to it now this is the token that you get once you log. What you sign up and log in youll see your dog token and then thats it thats all the setup.

Process and ill show you how to use it in real time so i have a project here that im. A for a previous tutorial called sticky side bar for reactor yes and this is currently running on poorness started. Again so i go into the project you guys can clone it on my github page if you want to. Follow along i start the server and its running on port 3000 right now so this is a very simple. You know application the shells you can sticky things to your sidebar so if i want to show somebody what.

I have on my localhost 3000 i want to use and growth to do it so in order to do. That lets start another terminal session and i downloaded my own croc executable in my downloads folder so all you. Have to do is to stop / and grug http and then the port that you want to tunnel into. So in my case the application runs on port 3000 and i just need to enter this command and then. And grok will start the service for me and then whats important is you need to look at here it.

Gives you both non secure and secure url so https or http they both work so im just going to. Go to this randomly generated url here now this is a public url so anybody can access it and look. At it and you can see the content is actually whats on my local host isnt that amazing now if. I go to my application and then im gonna like change something here lets see go to source application now. I just want to change the title welcome to react add a two to it so if i do the.

If i change the title to welcome to react to if you now heres what i have on local and. If i go to the internet we see that it locally on the hancock server automatically reload and then it. Updates my changes so this is the exhuming youve useful for anybody who wants to do instant changes to people. And lets say you on a video conference that share you know theyre showing people what you have you can. Easily update your local progress and ill show it to people so this is very important is that this port.

Will be open as long as this command is run so anybody can actually access this so ive only touched. The surface of what anger can do if you go to the dock space you can see a ton of. Features that they can help you with so you should go to anger comm and see how it works and. I cannot recommend this highly enough and i hope you find this tool useful and by the way guys i. Started a newsletter if you go to pentacle comm and then go to news you can sign up for a.

Newsletter in the news page this newsletter will not span you all necessary things every day it will send you. A list of what deaf news straight to your email so you can you will never miss anything that happens. In the web dev world so check it out guys ill see you guys in the next video.

Method 5 – How To Access Xampp Server Localhost On Other Devices (Same Network – Ip Addresses)

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Conclusion – How To Access Localhost

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