How To Access Mac Hard Drive – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access mac hard drive, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access mac hard drive,

Method 1 – How To Read And Access Mac Hard Drive On Window Pc

Welcome to fanny magnet in this video ill show you how you can access your external hard drive which has. Been formatted in math this hard life im using on mac and the partition of this hard drive is completely. In matte format and this is my windows laptop and ill show you how you can access or how you. Can you know copy your data from from hard drive which has been formatted in matte format so lets take.

A quick look the first thing you will need you will need to download this little software let me zoom. The camera in here is the software the name of the software is h f s explorer ok the link. Is in below description so you can download that little software once you download that software open that software the. Name is h f s explorer ok and as i said the link is in below description so you can. Go to that file – website and download that particular software so lets take a a quick look on how.

We can access though the data from this hard drive which has been which is in mac format so ill. Connect my hard drive in the laptop here we go it will just give you some normally when you will. Go in this pc you will not see any the hard drive so the first thing you have to do. Open the software click on files click on load file system from device and just take a closer look here. I hope this is clear ok yeah so though you only the thing you have to do there is a.

Drop down your hard disk one partition one and hard disk one partition to click on that and click load. And here you see everything which i have in my this hard drive which is in matte format i can. View all my data here so ill show you now how you can copy the data to your windows let. Me push the camera a little closer for a better view here we go now if you see if i. If i open this f drive lets say i have many folders and everything ok so just i will try.

To copy a little small file and see how it goes ok lets open this z drive and lets say. I want to copy this one dot jpg so select on select that file or any file or any folder. You want to its you know move or copy from this harddrive just right click on that and click on. Extract data it will ask you where you want to say so just give our destination like text opera in. Here anywhere and click on extract here and then click yes here we go you get a confirmation message once.

That file has been extracted click on ok as you can see on text show up here is that file. So this was pretty simple i believe so next time or whenever we buy a new hard line i will. Always recommend that you format in ms-dos format so that in case you know when you format in ms-dos format. You can access that hard drive without any third-party application or windows as well as on mac but in case. If you stuck in a situation like me you can use this software and get it resolved so if you.

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Method 2 – How To Find And Show Hard Drive On A Mac?

Hello everyone welcome back to the recovery channel providing you with professional data solutions today were back with another episode. Where well show you how to find the hard drive icon on a mac if you have recently purchased a. New macbook you might not be seeing the hard drive icon on your desktop and if you are switching from. Windows this will make it pretty annoying to access the files and folders on your hard drive but dont despair.

Because its not a technical issue by changing the preferences on your macbook or imac you can easily find and. Place the hard drive icon right on your desktop so in this video well show you how to change the. Preferences on your macbook and will also showcase an easy way to recover data from your hard drive in case. Of an accidental deletion before all of that though make sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell. So you dont miss out on any new updates many mac users want to know why they are unable to.

See the hard drive icon on their desktop so before talking about the solutions first lets address this common question. Its worth noting that the hard drive icon wont show on your desktop by default you actually have to manually. Have to change the settings to make the icon visible in any case however several other factors can restrict you. From seeing the hard drive icon on your desktop these reasons include one a corrupt hard drive meaning you wont. Be able to see the hard drive icon if the system file is damaged or corrupt in this situation youll.

Have to contact customer support or visit a repair store to get the hard drive repaired secondly could be a. Bad connection so in case you are unable to see an external hard drive on your system theres a huge. Possibility that theres probably something wrong with the connection so for instance either the usb port is damaged or the. Connector on the cable or in the port is actually broken and lastly hard drive failure finally a hard drive. Failure can also be the reason why youre not able to see the hard drive icon on your mac desktop.

Now apart from a critical hard drive failure or corrupt hard drive situation youll be able to find the hard. Drive icon without any hassle heres a step-by-step process on how to see the hard drive in mac fire up. Your macbook or imac and click finder at the top menu bar then select preferences to proceed further now switch. To the general tab and tap the check box next to hard disks under the show these items on desktop. Finally close the window and youll see the hard drive icon right on your desktop now if your mac isnt.

Detecting the external hard drive this can be frustrating especially when you want to transfer something very important at that. Moment so if you connect your external drive to your mac and its not showing on your desktop then there. Could be an issue with your settings the good news is is that the solution is here and we can. Help to find your external drive on a mac try to mount the external drive on your mac os manually. Lets quickly walk you through the steps to view the external drive on your mac connect your external drive to.

The macbook now again press the finder icon and click preferences in the preferences window click general and then select. The external disks under the show these items on the desktop tab thats it the external hard drive icon will. Now display on your desktop and youll be able to access all of its files and folders easily so thats. How you can find the hard drive on a mac when its not visible due to an incorrect preference but. If the problem is triggered by a corrupt file system well youll have to visit a repair center to get.

The issue fixed in this situation however you might end up losing the files once the process is completed by. Your repair shop but dont worry as we can easily retrieve all of the lost files using wondershare recovery wondershare. Recovery is a professional data recovery software that is designed to recover deleted files from different types of storage devices. Whether youve lost files from the internal hard drive on your macbook or accidentally deleted them from an external drive. Recovery will help you get to them back easily the tool supports different file types so youll be able to.

Recover pretty much anything using wondershare recovery the tool will perform a detailed scan on your macs hard drive and. Fetch all of the deleted files from there from there you can easily choose the files that you want to. Get back and save them directly on your system heres how to use wondershare recovery to get back deleted files. On your max hard drive first of all install and launch recovery on your macbook once it is completely installed. Launch it and select the location where the files were deleted if the files are in the external hard drive.

Youll see the hard drive icon under the external devices tab after selecting the location click next and recover it. Will start scanning the selected partition on the hard drive the scanning process may take a while to complete so. Just be patient once the process completes youll see a list of all the deleted files on your screen now. Browse through these results and select the files that you want to retrieve finally click recover at the bottom right. Hand corner to save the files directly onto your hard drive you can also preview the files if you choose.

To so thats it on todays episode of how to find the hard drive icon on your macbook if you. Were also unable to locate the hard drive icon on your macbook or imac were pretty sure that this video. Must have helped you out to resolve the issue so if thats the case then make sure to give this. Video a like and comment down below also if you want to see more videos in the future like this. One then dont forget to hit that subscribe button to our channel anyway look after yourselves and well see you.

In the next video bye.

Method 3 – How To Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up On Mac? [6 Methods]

Hello everyone welcome back to our channel in this video were going to talk about how to find an external. Hard drive on a mac thats not showing up in the device list in case you are new to this. Channel dont forget to click that subscribe button down below we all use external drives to keep our important files. Safe and transfer a large amount of data between two computers so when your macbook stops recognizing a hard drive.

Even after youve connected it several times things start to get a bit frustrating in this situation many people reach. Out to a technician to try to get the hard drive repaired but before taking such an extreme measure and. Potentially wasting hundreds of dollars there are a few things that you can try to fix an external hard drive. That doesnt show up in mac by yourself make sure to watch this video right to the end and youll. Be able to fix your hard drive easily firstly lets understand why external hard drives arent showing up on your.

Mac in general a hard drive may not show up in the device list due to different reasons a few. Of these reasons include the fact that your usb port on your macbook might be broken there might be a. Partition on your hard drive that is causing you a problem there might be outdated drivers on your macbook and. The hard drive itself might be formatted in the wrong file system if your mac is not detecting the external. Hard drive dont panic because no matter what is causing the error you can fix it on your own lets.

Follow these solutions to fix the external hard drive not showing on your mac error the first and simplest way. Is to check the cable first check the hard drives cable and ensure it hasnt encountered any physical damage there. Are many situations when hard drive cables become loose or damaged due to daily use if thats the case all. That you need to do is replace the cable with a new one and your macbook will start recognizing your. Hard drive again also check that the port isnt causing the problem as well try plugging in your hard drive.

Into a different port or if you have one try plugging another device in that port to see if it. Works okay another reason that might restrict a hard drive from showing up in your mac is a lack of. Power so make sure that you have enough power for the drive as this may fix the error its worth. Noting that an external hard drive needs an adequate amount of power when it connects to a computer this is. Genuinely achieved by using the right type of cable for instance for some hard drives they require a special power.

Cable to successfully connect it to your pc this type of cable has two split ends for a usb type. A connector as well as another type a connector to be plugged in to the two usb ports on your. Macbook so make sure that you are using the right type of cable that is compatible with your hard drive. And make sure that its getting enough required power if changing the cable didnt fix the problem and there is. No issue with power then the next step would be to change the preference settings in finder follow these steps.

To change the preference settings of finder start by opening finder and click the menu icon in the top left. Corner click preferences and then go to the general tab now make sure that the external drives option is checked. Finally close finder and youll automatically see the external hard drive icon on your desktop if your mac still doesnt. Recognize the hard drive you can use disk utility to access the drive heres what to do to use the. Official disk utility program in mac to find your external hard drive that isnt showing up press command plus the.

Space bar and type a disk utility and then press enter in the left menu bar click your external hard. Drive and select the volume now simply tap the mount button and the hard disk will automatically show up on. Your desktop if your drive is still inaccessible then run first aid in the disk utility here you can also. Use its first aid feature from the top of the disk utility window to repair corrupt hard drives so if. Youve had no luck so far you might want to run the first aid check on the hard drive and.

Hopefully it fixes the problem again launch disk utility as ive shown you before select your hard drive and click. The first aid button at the top of the screen click run on the window thats appeared and wait for. The process to complete close the disk utility and check if your external hard drive icon is showing on the. Desktop or not in case none of the previous solutions work its possible that the hard drive is formatted in. The wrong file system so what we need to do is change the file system on your hard drive in.

This case you can reformat the hard drive using disk utility again open disk utility and highlight the external hard. Drive now click the arrays option and choose a compatible file format from the list ideally if you want to. Use the hard drive on your mac you should either choose apfs or exfat click arrays to complete the format. Once the process completes youll see the hard drive icon on your desktop we hope you can fix the mac. Not detecting the external hard drive issue from any of the methods that ive introduced but in case you are.

Still unable to repair your issues your drive might be truly broken or formatted using a file system that the. Mac cannot read in this way we suggest you follow the next steps to recover data from the disk drive. To recover lost data from an external hard drive it would be better to use a recovery tool to retrieve. The files before initiating the format why not try wondershare recovery its a professional recovery tool that can be used. To recover different types of files from a variety of storage devices it also has a user-friendly interface which means.

That anyone can use it to recover files heres how to retrieve data from an external hard drive that doesnt. Show up on your mac using recover it install and launch recover it on your mac connect your hard drive. To your computer and select it under the external drive tab on the recover its home screen click start and. Recover it will automatically start scanning the drive be patient as this may take a while to complete depending on. The size of the hard drive once the scanning process completes select the files that you want to retrieve and.

Click recover choose a safe location on your computer and the selected files will be automatically saved there so thats. How you can fix the external hard drive not showing on your mac error if you face any problems with. Any of these solutions then please let us know down in the comment section below and well get back to. You in case you found this video helpful then make sure to give us a like and also subscribe to. Our channel so you dont miss out on any future videos anywhere everyone will see you in the next video.


Method 4 – Mac Osx 10.7 & 10.8 – Show Hard Drive, Usb Flash Drive, Cds, And Other External Devices On Desktop

Hello this is music tech help guy and welcome to this video tutorial on how to show your hard drive. Flash drives other usb devices firewire devices uh cds sd cards and any other sort of external connected device on. Your desktop on the mac o.

Method 5 – How To Use External Hard Drive On Mac 2021

Hey guys on todays video were gonna be setting up your external hard drive or external ssd same deal same. Instructions so lets just get started right away on the top right hand corner of your screen youre gonna see. This this is for your spotlight search just click on it once you click on it start typing up disk. Utility once you guys see this utility just open it up which by the way some of you may have.

It down here below as well so just open up disk utility so once we open up this utility you. Might see something like so this is perfect so what we have to do in this case before we get. Started with anything that is is go up here and you will see view just click on this icon what. I need you to choose is show all devices so click on show all devices thats the very first step. Once we choose to show all devices were going to see this dont touch anything that says internal so what.

Were going to do is just click up here okay to get rid of internal because we dont want to. See anything thats internal and down here you might see external so make sure you open this up external just. See that arrow here on the right hand side just make sure you see that you might see two right. Here or you might even see more partitions it doesnt really matter now remember what were going to do is. Format formatting will erase the entire content within the external hard drive so this setup is usually for new external.

Hard drives however if youre having problems making it work on your mac you still need to properly format it. Which again will delete everything from within the external hard drive or external ssd so i also want to highlight. That it doesnt really matter which brand you guys have it could be a seagate wd anything really its going. To be the exact same instructions and thats because the software that you might have inside that external hard drive. Will cause you most likely problems later on and thats why we get rid of any files that are already.

Inside the external hard drive or external ssd that you just got because every time i deal with the problems. From anybody is because they install that software its no longer up to date it doesnt work with their mac. Because maybe you just updated your mac and the program is no longer compatible with the new mac os so. At this point just think of your external hard drive or external ssd like a usb stick you can just. Drag and drop stuff into it and you can also set up time machine to backup your entire mac which.

Is something thats already installed on your mac so might as well take advantage of everything that your mac has. And that way you do not need to install and download any software for your external hard drive or external. Ssd to work so right now were gonna get started on the top right hand corner of your screen you. Will see erase under disk utility so erase again will delete everything so were going to click on erase so. Once we click on erase were going to see this option down here below so im going to see this.

Here so you can format it in many ways and right now you can name it as well so what. I want to name this for now is just external hdd no ssd i guess same thing it doesnt really. Matter what you guys name it it could be your own name then from here this is the important part. What we have to choose so youre gonna have quite a few options down here below and you might even. See a few more options than me in this case which is perfect actually and what we want to do.

Is choose if you just want it to work for mac just choose extended journaled thats the choice that you. Want to make now if you want this to work with mac and pc so if you want to plug. It into any windows machine and work then what you want to go for is exfat xfad will take care. Of that so you can transfer files between your mac here and any pc now lets say youre having problems. With older pcs or maybe you want to set this up for your tv or anything like that you might.

Have to choose this which is actually the worst format but some tvs theyre pretty old and they only take. This type of format so it really does depend what you want your external hard drive to do most likely. You will want to transfer files between your mac and other pcs and not just between macs so were going. To format it as exfat first so lets just choose that were just going to name this as so now. This is pretty important as well it should say partition and im going to teach you why you should say.

Partition and not master boot now this can also be a problem if youre formatting this for your tv you. Should actually try this format master and not partition because partition could have problems if youre formatting this for your. Tv but again right now were doing this to transfer information between macs and pcs and even between macs because. This works regardless with everything so were just going to go in partition now before i press erase if this. Is an older external hard drive or external ssd then you might want to go into security options which is.

In the bottom left hand side im just going to show you that and youre going to see this and. This is just in case you want to maybe sell your external hard drive or external ssd then you would. At least take it up to here for fast or here or if you have really sensitive information go up. To the most secure if youre formatting this way by the way its gonna take you forever its to take. You a very long time if this is your initial setup you dont really have to worry about this just.

Leave this as is press ok and youre good to go again if youre brand new youre just setting up. This for the first time you dont even have to go into security options youre just fine were just going. To press on erase so were going to go ahead on the bottom right hand side press erase once we. Do that we should see this and it should be done yeah so dont worry about it if it takes. You a little bit longer than for me this is an external ssd so its a little bit faster than.

External hard drive however for most of you since its brand new it will not take that long regardless so. Were just going to press undone and at this point in time if you wanted this to work just to. Transfer files between your mac and another windows pc youre basically done and i dont need to show you anything. More however i am going to show you time machine if you want to back up your entire mac and. Other options as well but lets say youre done in your desktop you might even see this now see this.

Icon thats exactly what i named my external so i can open this up so right now its open and. I can drag and drop stuff into here so lets say i created a file here on my mac like. This folder so i opened it up i can just drag and drop it in there so thats how easy. It is with external hard drives it would be exactly like a usb stick you can just drag and drop. Stuff into it or copy and paste stuff into your external hard drive in order to transfer it to another.

Computer or just to have it as a backup for now im just going to close this up though and. At this point in time i also want to highlight if youre having any problems youre getting any errors just. Try again format it again or you guys see right here says external make sure to open this up so. You should see an arrow here just make sure to open it up and youre going to see two options. Select the second option once you select that second option format that option so again do that if youre having.

Any problems and only format that particular option and then it should work and you shouldnt get any further errors. Also if youre getting any errors try formatting as journaled although you might format it as exfat in the end. Format it as journaled first im actually even going to show you that right now because were going to do. Some partition work so you guys can see exactly all the power that your star hard drive has so were. Going to go on and select the first option again and in this case were going to go on the.

Top and were going to select partition again if youre having any problems with partition just make sure to select. The correct options and format this journal first if youre having any problems right now we have it formatted as. Exfat which doesnt matter were just going to partition this right now so lets go ahead and partition so what. Does partition do well let me just show you this is very graphic so thats the good thing about this. So right now i have one partition and that means its only one external hard drive right so i can.

Divide this into parts and this is great if you want to keep certain parts for maybe just for pc. And mac other parts that you just want for your documents that only other macs can read only your mac. Can read so were going to go ahead and click on format were going to choose journal and then from. Here once you select journaled youre going to see this plus sign available so its very important to choose journal. First and click on that plus sign what did that do that brought up my external hard drive to be.

Partitioning into two so its kind of like having two external hard drives right now or two external ssds which. Is awesome so right now this external right here has 500 gigs and this other one has another 500 because. It split it up in the middle now we can give one more than the other but for now what. Im going to name this so we dont get confused is name this pc and mac because this format was. Exfat now this is just for you guys to know whats happening im also going to name it exfat just.

To make it very very clear whats going on now once i do that i can actually bring up or. Bring it down so to do that i can go ahead and just click here and move this around so. Im giving this partition less space because i maybe i dont want to transfer that much information or i know. Im gonna not transfer too much information between macs and pcs im just going to transfer some information so maybe. I dont want to give it that much space maybe i just want all this space to be for documents.

And backups so im going to leave that as is im going to click where it says here just anywhere. Here actually and then its going to highlight this portion and from here im just going to name this time. Machine thats because im going to teach you what time machine is you dont need to name it like that. You can animate backup if you like and im going to show you what time machine can do for your. Mac to back up your entire mac that means your files your programs your mac os everything so were just.

Going to up click on apply for now now again you should get a warning like so because partitionin.

Conclusion – How To Access Mac Hard Drive

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