How To Access Memories On Facebook – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access memories on facebook, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access memories on facebook,

Method 1 – How To Find Facebook Memories – Desktop And Mobile

Do you like when you log into facebook and you see memories from eight years ago last year who knows. How long depends on how long youve been on facebook and if you made a post that day sometimes the. Posts are cute you want to share them with new friends so you reshare it sometimes that post isnt really. What you want or maybe its a special occasion and youre thinking i know theres a better one maybe it.

Was a birthday or an anniversary or a car show so there is a way you can go and find. Other memories from the same day throughout the different years if youre on desktop youre going to go to the. Left hand side and go over to see more once youre on there youre going to scroll down and youre. Going to see the clock and memories once you click on that youre going to get to see memories from. Each year that you posted on the same day these are just for that day you cant search through different.

Times and years but you can see them all for basically the same time period as you can tell this. One is a little bit off but its close so there you go easy to find fun memories to share. Especially if you know there was something cool on that day all right when youre on your mobile app youre. Going to open up your facebook now im going to say i am on android so your ios may be. A little different youre going to go to the upper right to the top three lines and push now once.

That opens up your menu youre going to scroll down just a little ways and youre going to look for. Basically the same thing its going to be a clock that says memories now you can scroll through see all. Your different memories and decide if theres one there you want to share especially if its its a birthday or. An anniversary or something you know happened on that day you might want to go check them out thanks for. Watching be sure to share this video with your friends and subscribe.

Method 2 – Facebook Memories Setting – How To Find & Adjust Memories

Hey guys trevor here and in this video im going to show you how to mess with and edit the. Facebook memory settings so you can adjust when youll get notifications for memories and what youll get notified for its. All pretty quick and easy so lets jump right in i have facebook open here first i can tap on. The search icon at the top right and then ill just want to type in memories and that and hit.

Search and then itll automatically facebook will pop up with the shortcut for the memories you can see there are. No memories for today but at the very top right you can see the little gear icon i can tap. On that and then it will show you notifications you know how youll get notified or when youll get notified. The very top says all memories youll be notified no more than once a day about your memories you can. Tap highlights if you just want the really special things to be notified and then you can hit none like.

I did so you know in that setting you can tell facebook kind of how often or how regular you. Want to get these notifications for memories and then you can say hide memories so people you can start typing. In somebodys name say if theres an x that you really dont want to hear you know see a memory. From an x you can type in that persons name um i dont know just type in random person and. Then you can hit that person and then they will be added to the list where you dont ever get.

Notified for that person so you can add you know several different people or you can have nobody on there. And then the last option is dates what you can do is you can use this little toggle here to. Adjust when youll start and when youll end these hide memory dates so you can you know exit out of. There or you can set you know a certain one that they you know recommend here for today uh but. This kind of limits and says you know if theres i dont want to get any notifications or memories from.

You know say my college years you can hide everything from college or something like that or from senior year. Of high school or whatever so thats it thats how you edit and change all of the notification settings and. Memory settings on facebook hope this helps let us know if you have any questions in the comments below make. Sure to subscribe thanks.

Method 3 – How To See Facebook Memories (Old & New)

Hey guys its lindsey and welcome back to another video today im going to be showing you how to check. Facebook old memories so before we get started please subscribe to this channel down below and click that notification bell. To be notified when we post new videos so lets get started the first place youre going to want to. Go is your home page of facebook once youre at your home page go to the bottom right hand corner.

And click on those three lines from here youre going to scroll down to where it says memories to the. Right of the page and this is where all your old memories on facebook are you can scroll through them. It goes up to when you first had facebook so i hope this video helped you guys if it did. Please like and subscribe to this channel if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below. Thanks so much for watching bye guys.

Method 4 – How To View Facebook Memories And Past Activities | Check Facebook Old Memories

Hello everyone welcome back to the channel in this video i will show you how you can check your facebook. Old memories so without further ado lets move on to the video make sure youre logged in on your facebook. App open your facebook app and tap on the three dots or the three horizontal lines that you see on. The top right corner scroll down until you find the options of memories since my facebook account is new and.

I dont have any memories from the past i dont have anything here on my screen but if you have. Been using facebook for a while your memories must appear here so if you are new like me just scroll. Down and tap on settings and privacy and tap on settings scroll down until you find the options of activity. Log so if you want to see your old memories uh you just can go ahead and tap on filters. And tap on date so here you can select any year any month and any day you like from where.

You want to bring the memories back from so lets say i want to see what i have shared what. I have been up to for the past month so lets say if i want to get the memories back. From november ill just go ahead and select november and tap on anywhere on the screen and ill just see. What i had done during the month of november too so just go ahead and tap on done so these. Are the posts that ive liked uh comments that ive made during that time frame whatever time frame that i.

Just selected so that is basically how you bring your old memories from so go ahead and tap on filters. Select date and select any date that you would like and all of the activity logs or all of the. Things that you have liked comments or posts that you have shared on that very day or or on that. Very month or during that time frame will appear on your screen the next thing that you can do is. Tap on filters select on categories and now what you can do is uh you can select your post and.

And if you select your post you can see all of the videos that you have shared on your timeline. From way back and if you go ahead and tap on activity you are tagged in you will see all. Of the photos and videos that you are tagged on your timeline and also the comments where you have been. Mentioned similarly if you go ahead and tap on interaction all of the comments that you have made or the. Reply to your comments from other people and from different groups and pages or your friends will appear there so.

That is basically how you can get access to your old memories and if you have any problem regarding the. Video please make sure you leave a comment on the comment section and thank you for watching the video.

Method 5 – How To Find And Share Facebook Memories | Look Back To Memories On Facebook Bangla

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Conclusion – How To Access Memories On Facebook

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