How To Access Memories On Snapchat – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access memories on snapchat, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access memories on snapchat,

Method 1 – How To Access Memories On Snapchat | 2021

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Method 2 – How To Fix Snapchat Memories Not Working!

Welcome back everyone you may be in a weird situation where for some reason your snapchat memories are just not. Working now this can happen for a couple of different reasons and ive seen this time and time again its. Happened to me a couple of times now if you dont know what snapchat memories are basically if you swipe. Up if you get into the snapchat app and you swipe up you basically see a bunch of saved stories.

And different things like that now obviously if you dont know you got to add me on snapchat right now. I always forget to say this theres the code theres the everything you can add me just like how you. Standardly add me whatever you guys know now sometimes this can happen because you know first of all snapchat even. Has their own support page about this specific thing but honestly ive seen this time and time again of you. Know times where for some reason snapchat just pushed out an update and it just breaks every single aspect of.

Snapchat for the most part especially these type of situations so the best thing i can probably recommend a lot. Of people to do is to actually go on to their app store so whether on the play store or. You know ios app store here and once you open it you just want to search for a snapchat or. You can just you know search like this or look forward to your apps so once you search for it. You can just go and click on it just like this you see a bunch of apps and you can.

See the open button right there and what you can do here is go ahead and make sure theres not. An update for it if there is an update for it or if youre just experiencing these things right after. Updating so lets say you update your app then that possibly means that the app itself is probably corrupt and. Youll probably have to wait until snapchat pushes out an update so its totally okay that can happen now its. Also an issue that you know for some reason if its just your account and other people arent experiencing this.

Problem then it might mean that you dont have enough storage on your device to actually go ahead and save. These type of snapshots onto your device even though theyre kind of uploading the cloud a lot of these things. Need to be cached into the app itself so another good thing is to go into your settings whether youre. On android or ios you want to scroll down to your storage settings so you can go and find whatever. Storages so here its just on general then iphone storage and you want to make sure you have enough storage.

On your device if youre like really running out of storage and theres like barely anything left then probably the. Best thing to do is to clear out some things delete some updates delete some apps or put some apps. On the cloud and until then make sure your phone has enough storage and then once clearing out you want. To go ahead and go into snapchat actually you want to hop out of it then you want to go. Back into snapchat just like so and then you should be able to actually go ahead and swipe up and.

Start to see your memories open if it still doesnt happen what i recommend doing is deleting snapchat as a. Whole delete the app from your phone go back into the app store reinstall it and that should end up. Fixing the issue if that still doesnt happen then ill promise i think its going to be a snapchat update. Issue i think you know theres something wrong with the update as long as your photos youve seen them before. In memories and theyre still there then it probably just means snapchat pushed out a faulty update youre probably gonna.

Have to wait until its fully fixed so that really pretty much covers it up if you guys have any. Other questions or anything let me know in the comment section below hit the like button that way so much. But definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount so me so much if you. Guys can hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram. My other channels more importantly everything else every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys in the.

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Method 3 – How To Look At Memories On Snapchat

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Method 4 – How To Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos

Welcome back everyone ill go ahead and show you a couple of different ways on how to recover some photos. Videos chats whatever data snapchat has that you may accidentally delete on your device theres a couple of different ways. To actually recover it so the very first method is going to be able to recover a lot of data. But maybe not all of it in your specific case so what were going to want to do is first.

Of all make our way over to our snapchat app so you just want to open up snapchat just like. This and once you come into this specific panel you want to go ahead and click on your profile icon. Which is right here and once youre here you want to click on the profile icon which is in the. Top left corner so go ahead and click on that little option and then what you want to do is. You want to click the settings button which is right up here in the top right corner now once youre.

Here what you want to do is you want to scroll all the way down until you get into this. Little panel which says my data so you want to go ahead and click on that little option and then. Once youre there its going to tell you to basically log in okay now i already logged in earlier so. You dont have to sit through that but you want to go ahead and log in now what this is. Going to allow you to do is to request whatever data snapchat has of you to actually send over to.

You now what does this mean this basically means that all the specific data theres you know the the names. The chat history also like the data available to tell theres so much data here your purchases your snapchat support. History your user profile so anything like that i believe the people youve added your chat history your chat sent. History your chat received history a ton of different data points right here that you can literally just go ahead. And download so what you want to do is you i would probably recommend everyone to read through this sift.

Through it and probably you know understand whats going on and then what you can do is go ahead and. Submit the request so what this means is basically snapchat is going to work on a little report for you. And theyre going to basically send it over to you and you can basically go ahead and recover whatever things. Were deleted so you would go ahead and click submit request it may take a while it could take a. Couple hours could take even a couple days for them to eventually send everything over to you and from there.

All you have to do is just wait for snapchat to send it over and thats pretty much the main. Way to recover a lot of different data from your specific snapchat account now lets say that doesnt work or. You wanted to get you know some other data you know some other ways to retrieve your data well first. Of all the second way that i would probably recommend a lot of people to do is to go through. Your photo library go through your photo gallery on your android or ios device and you want to see you.

Know snapchat saved any of those things onto your photo gallery as well so open up your photo gallery open. Up your app and kind of go through it and see if snapchat you know whenever you save to snapchat. If its saved on your device thats probably the number one way to retrieve a lot of that stuff is. To go through your own photo gallery or go through google photos and see if any of those specific photos. Or videos are in that specific app now another thing that you can do which should be a given for.

A lot of people hopefully you do have it enabled is to actually go onto snapchat itself most of the. Time if you have your snapchats and stuff here you should be able to go into the specific chats within. People and probably retrieve some of those photos as well so id recommend going through any of those you know. People that you tend to chat with the most and download those specific photos and videos straight from the chat. You can always do that by holding down the photo or video and then saving to your device finally i.

Would probably tell a lot of you if you may not already know this if you swipe up when youre. Here you will be able to get into your snapchat memory now what does this mean this basically means that. A lot of the times if you posted any stories photos anything like that you may have actually already had. It saved to your snapchat memory so all you have to do is pretty much have it in this specific. Device just like right here and then you can just download the stream to your device again so you can.

Click here you can hold down you can export the stamp you can even send the snap to people and. You can easily do that just by straight up going into your memories just like this by swiping up and. Then going through and downloading the data that way too so those are just a couple ways in how to. Retrieve your photos videos and messages within snapchat as well as a ton of other data if you guys have. Any other questions or anything like that let me know in the comment section below hit the like button tell.

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Method 5 – How To Use Memories In Snapchat

This video will show you how to navigate your way through the new feature on snapchat called memories it is. Way cool lets get started im going to go into my snapchat app here i am so as you can. See im in my traditional snapchat screen where i can capture a snap whether i record myself by holding down. This button right here or i tap it and i can do a still snap so lets go ahead and.

Grab a snap really quick because i want to show you how this works first of all so im going. To snap myself to smiling fake little smug going on right now they are now along the bottom left youre. Going to see the down arrow leading into a little tray and that is now designated as saving the snap. To your memories before this would actually download the snap into your phone your camera roll but now it will. Actually save it to your memories as well as your camera so im saving this snap and its a four.

Second long snap because of the timer i put on there alright and i can also i have the options. To add it to my store with the other icons along the right but what i want to do is. Actually go see what happened now that ive saved it to my memories so if you look with me to. The bottom of your screen now you have this little dot down here you should have this on your snapchat. App as soon as youve done latest update if i tap that dot i am now in memories now you.

Can see that ive got two tabs in memories ive got snaps which are things that ive snapped and actually. Saved via memories and is this is backed up by snapchat by my account i also have a tab for. My camera roll which includes any snaps any pictures that ive taken that are on my camera alright and youll. Also see along the top that youve got a couple options you can search for specific snaps so ive got. It categorizes it based on location or time ive got my independence day ones taking nearby which obviously was here.

And ones with people in them and since again this just rolled out i dont have a ton in here. But the other option you have is this little selection okay so now i am able to select any of. These snaps so lets say that i want to make i want to select a couple of these so im. Going to select this one snap over here the one i just took now youll see along the bottom left. I have a couple of options i can delete the snap with the trashcan icon the next one over i.

Can share the snap out via any means on my mobile device whether thats texting it adding it to facebook. Tweeting it out whatnot or even even emailing it as an attachment if i click on the little lock icon. That will allow me through a setup option to change this to where nobody else can see this snap if. I happen to be showing these memories to somebody else all right now youll see that ive got a little. Icon thats grayed out right now and its not available lets say that i want to make that available and.

Create a new snap story a little mini snap story based on what ive got in here so now that. Ive selected more than one snap the option is open to create a snap story so im going to go. Ahead and tap on that and now i have a snap story just of those two snaps so if i. Tap it this is what is shown so its got my little 4 second picture of my lame smile and. Then my husband enjoying fourth of july which is a really quick snap that i did so im going to.

Back out of that so that allows you now ive got a little mini story ive just made using the. Memories feature here in snapchat if i want to see all of these without segregating them into different little tabs. Ill just click on the all tab and now i can see all of them now the fun part is. Where i can click on my story and you see the little edit and send option at the bottom this. Is my story and i can do a couple things to it i can edit it share it i can.

Trash it if i want but i can also send my story so now snapchat has given us the option. Of creating a mini story out of snaps that we make and we can send it to any of our. Contacts as we will or just add it to our story if we want so those are some options you. Have for using the awesome memories feature here in snapchat and again it really allows a lot more creativity for. Where you can create a customized little story just to send to a couple of individuals or add to your.

Story but the editing features on this have just gone way up and now youre able to have a lot. More control over what you decide to share on snapchat i hope this was helpful and well be sharing some. More about this as we learn more about it going forward have a great day.

Conclusion – How To Access Memories On Snapchat

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