How To Access Message Requests On Facebook – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access message requests on facebook, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access message requests on facebook,

Method 1 – How To Find Message Requests On Facebook 2021 (Ios & Desktop)| Hidden Messages Inbox

Did you know that facebook actually has two different inboxes when it comes to facebook messages yeah it took me. A long time to realize that too so todays tutorial is going to be showing you how to actually access. That second messenger inbox both on ios meaning iphone and also from a laptop desktop okay before we hop into. It in case you are new to me whats up im sheri brown and its my passion to help newbie.

Entrepreneurs get started building their business and brand online and if you hear some ruckus in the background i have. Two female cats who are total jerks to each other one just likes to pick on the other so yeah. Thats just a little background info on that that does not pertain to todays tutorial and also in case you. Just want to learn all the things facebook i will link to a playlist down below in the description and. In the comments also at the end of the video that has all of my facebook tutorials just how to.

Navigate the platform and of course if theres anything you want to know always throw it in the comments and. Ill be happy to do a video for you so with that being said and that big long intro out. Of the way which i know can sometimes be annoying lets go ahead and do the thing so all im. Going to do right here is im going to go into my facebook messenger app okay so this pulls up. Facebook messenger so in order to find that hidden box which let me just go ahead and tell you if.

What this hidden inbox is is basically people who you are not connected with people who you are not friends. With sends you a facebook message its automatically going to go in this hidden inbox which now has been renamed. Message request basically which most people they dont even realize this inbox exists not only that youre not going to. Get notified by facebook so the first time i actually realized that this existed i went in there and there. Were like so many messages and my mind was like but anyways uh with that being said what youre going.

To do is in the upper left hand corner and i do have the updated version of facebook messenger and. Again i am using an iphone may look a little bit different if youre on android um what youre going. To do is you are just going to click right here on your face and once you click on your. Face its going to pull up all these cool little options one being right here that says message requests once. You click that it is going to pull up all the messages that you have received from people you are.

Not friends with again now heres the deal okay this is just a quick little disclaimer little fyi for you. So if you just open the message from somebody and you do not reply back to them they will stay. In the this message request folder however if you do reply back to them it is going to bump them. Back over into your main facebook messenger inbox okay so click on your face go to message requests and its. Going to pull all of those up this theres two different options here so you know facebook likes layers so.

With that being said you have you may know these are people you might know and then also theres a. Little spammy spam right here so if you click on the little spammy spam which is also new theres actually. Three facebook messenger yeah like inboxes you got three different ones so these are all in spam these are all. I guess ones that facebook considers spammy so again there you have it of course if it is black right. Here that means you have not read it which i have not read any of these actually and then when.

You go to you may know these are ones that are grayed out that you have read but you have. Not responded to hence why theyre still sitting in your message requests folder okay so now what do you do. And how do you find it if youre on laptop desktop well lets go ahead and pull that up all. Right so once youre over here on laptop desktop anything other than mobile you are going to go right here. On the left hand side you are going to click on messenger okay and then once you click on messenger.

How youre going to find it here is right beside where it says chats youre going to see these three. Little dots when you click on these three little dots you are going to click right here on message request. That is going to bring this up right here these are all your message requests and fun fact on uh. My laptop right here i do not see the spam folder i just see the you may know folder which. Is quite interesting um im just saying right here so the spam is just something new that ive noticed on.

Mobile so im not for sure real quick how to access these spammy ones so if you like this video. Be sure to give it a thumbs up share it out and again you can check out the playlists that. Are popping up over here on the screen linking to some other stuff but with that being said hope you. Have the most productive day the most productive week and ill see you back here in the next one bye. For now.

Method 2 – How To Find Facebook Messenger Message Requests

Hey everyone im max dalton and in this video im going to show you how to find facebook messenger message. Requests on both an iphone ipad or android device and also on messenger com facebook messenger hides messages from your. Non facebook friends in a separate message request inbox this hidden facebook messenger message request inbox brakes messages up into. Two groups legitimate message requests and message requests that look like spam you can also read through your facebook messenger.

Message request without the sender being notified that youve seen the message until you reply now lets walk through the. Steps to find your facebook messenger message request on your iphone ipad or android device step 1 tap to launch. The facebook messenger app on your iphone ipad or android device youll land on your facebook messenger home screen step. 2 tap the people icon in the row of icons along the bottom of the screen the people icon looks. Like a silhouette of two people the people screen appears step 3 tap the add contacts icon in the upper.

Right corner of the screen the add contacts icon looks like a silhouette of a person with a plus sign. Next to them the add contacts screen appears step 4 tap requests in the row of options along the top. Of the screen the requests icon looks like a speech bubble with ellipses inside of it the request window opens. Your facebook messenger message request will appear on the top part of this screen message requests that facebook detects as. Spam will appear beneath filtered requests next lets walk through the steps to find your facebook messenger message requests on.

Messenger comm step 1 open a web browser and navigate to messenger comm youll arrive at your facebook messenger home. Screen step 2 click the settings icon in the upper left corner of the screen the settings icon looks like. A gear a drop-down menu appears step 3 click message request in the drop down menu the message request window. Appears on the left side of the screen your facebook messenger message requests will appear in the top part of. This window click see filtered messages to see message requests that facebook detects as spam congratulations you now know how.

To find facebook messenger message requests on both an iphone ipad or android device and also on messenger comm thanks. For watching leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below if you liked what you saw here click. The video link on the right side of the screen to check out another video or click the logo on. The left side of the screen to subscribe to this channel to see more great videos like this one.

Method 3 – How To Find Facebook Messenger Message Requests Ios Android And Pc

Hi this is mike from my sandbox reviews in how-to and today i will show you how to find your. Hidden message requests on facebook messenger keep watching to find out how okay on todays video were going to be. Looking at how to find your hidden message requests on both android ios and on pc so if youre looking. For facebook messages and youve not received them or someones getting content you saw a message you already this is.

How to find out if theyve actually messaged you and where the messages are hidden so first of all well. Start on the android device so the first thing to do is to go into your messages app and the. First screen that comes up generally is your chat screen so what you need to do is to click on. The people button at the bottom which looks like a silhouette of two people and then at the top of. The screen click on the silhouette of a single person with a plus sign now at the top of the.

Screen if you look at the request section which looks like the silhouette of a speech bubble with three dots. And now youll find your message requests so youve got it broken down into two sections so people you may. Know and also section which if you swipe across will show you the potentially spam ones so as you can. See ive got four messages in the spam section and ive got one in the people you may know section. So thats the android version done so now were go ahead and do the same thing on the ios version.

Though this is ios version 13 so again all we need to do is go into the messenger app and. Again first of all youll come up with the chat section so what you need to do is to go. To the bottom of the screen to get onto the people section which is a silhouette of two people so. Now what you need to do is to click on the silhouette of a speech bubble with the three dots. On it so click on that one its the left hand side one and this is your message requests so.

Again this is broken down into two sections slightly different from the android version so at the top youve got. The people you may not see know and underneath there youve got your filtering messages and you can click on. Show all to see all the individual messages so thats how to find your hidden or filtered message requests in. Ios so now lets go over to the pc and ill show you how to do it from messenger comm. So open up a web browser im going to be using chrome for this particular instance and you can go.

Into messenger com wwh comm or just type in messenger comm and first of all you can go into your. Chat section which is the default setting so in the top right hand corner sorry top left hand corner theres. The settings cog so click on the settings cog and then you can go down to message requests clicking on. Message request again it brings us to our people that you may potentially know and then underneath youve got filtered. Messages so these again could be spam messages so click on there and itll show your filtered ones so there.

Is how to do it from messenger com so there we go those some pretty straightforward and easy way to. Find in your slightly hidden messages from facebook messenger if this videos been helpful to you dont forget to click. On the like button and also click on the subscribe button and the time icon to see more videos just. Like this so ive been mike this is my sandbox in reviews and how-to and hopefully well be catching you. In the very next video thanks for watchin.

Method 4 – How To See Message Request On Facebook Messenger (Latest Method)

Hello and welcome to my youtube channel so in this video of facebook series im gonna be talking about how. You can see a message to request youve got in your facebook messenger message requests are those messages you have. Received from the people who are not in your friend list but before starting the video if you are new. To my channel then dont forget to click on the red subscribe button and the poll icon as well so.

Lets start our video in the recent update of facebook messenger they have changed a position of message requests so. Let me show you so before this update you could see your message request from here okay this is not. Here so so now to see message requests youll have to open your facebook messenger and after opening your facebook. Messenger youll have to click on your profile here your profile picture okay now as you can see that here. Is the option to see massive to request youll have to click here and now you can see your message.

To request okay so either you can reply to this person or you can hide this person from your facebook. Messengers so thats how you can see your message requests in your facebook messenger so thats all for this tutorial. If you havent subscribed to my channel yet then do it now so you wont miss my videos in future. Thank you for watching subscribe for more.

Method 5 – How To Find Facebook Messenger Message Requests

Everyone in todays messenger video i want to show you how to find message requests and filter messages on your. Messenger so by default if facebook thinks a message is spam it will put it in a request folder or. It will filter the message and you will never see the message i actually found dozens of messages that i. Happened to ignore simply because i didnt receive the messages so i wanted to make sure to make this video.

I show you how to find those messages so jump into your messenger app on the mobile device thats where. Im at here and on the bottom im on the chats window but i want to go to the people. Icon with the two people graphic here press that it will bring you to the people page and recently facebook. Moved their request option right next to the add person option on the top right so the add person option. Used to have the next two scan code invite used to have a chat icon that looks like a request.

Icon and no longer has it so if i go back to this page you see that chat icon go. Ahead and press it if you dont see it here press the plus sign next to it and see if. You see it there if you press that you should see this page with requests now these are people that. Facebook filter when they try to message you and if you have a lot of those scroll down in the. Page and you should have a filtered messages section as well those are the ones that messenger assumed where spam.

And they put them here and you could simply read all those messages just like you read any other message. And reply it right here i hope you found this quick video useful and you could find your message request. And filter messages on messenger please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for daily social media. And tech videos and ill catch you next time thanks for watching.

Conclusion – How To Access Message Requests On Facebook

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