How To Access Messages On Instagram – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access messages on instagram, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access messages on instagram,

Method 1 – How To Read Messages On Instagram

How about come kendo tack in this video ill show you how to read instagram messages so lets begin first. Open up your instagram app once you have it open if you look on the upper right hand corner you. See this right here the little blue circle this and that number over here shows you how many notifications you. Have and usually that means is how many messages you have been sent so if you tap on the little.

Blue circle with a 1 you take it to your inbox once youre here you see over here the blue. That shows you that theres a new unread message so if i click on that you show all the messages. That this person has say me and thats how you read the message from somebody an instagram if you have. Any other questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below if you liked the video give it. A thumbs up and definitely subscribe to my channel for more videos like this thank you for watching.

Method 2 – How To Dm On Instagram – Instagram Direct Messages

Everyone in todays instagram video i want to show you how to send a direct message on instagram its called. The dm if you send it using the app now this only works on the instagram app you cannot do. This on so simply launch the app and theres two different places you could do this ill show you. The easiest one and the way most people use this you could just go to the search icon here and.

Right on top go ahead and search who you want to message just simply search their username here and once. You go to their profile normally youll see a message icon right there so if you just send this it. Opens up direct messages a private message between you and that person that you chose or that business page that. You chose and all you have to do on this page is go ahead and type out your message so. Your message goes here and you can go ahead and press send now let me show you some of the.

Options you have inside of here then ill show you how to find all your messages and the second place. That you could use to send direct messages on instagram so besides texting a message just typing out text and. Sending you have this picture icon right here if you click this its going to give you access to your. Camera here so you could go ahead and take a picture here and send it this way so if i. Send this picture like that its going to send it as a photo message and the other person could click.

That and then view that you also have your microphone icon so you could press and hold and send voice. Messages this way this is very useful because you could just send your messages and i type them out for. Example if youre driving you just go ahead and use this and it sends it immediately now this one you. Dont have to press send its going to send it immediately next to that is the picture icon if you. Press it your photo library comes up and you could send a picture you already have on your phone and.

Next to that the plus sign gives you another option here which is stickers so you could take stickers here. And send those so for example i could send one of these stickers here and it will send it right. Away and then these three dots here lets you set up new quick replies and makes it easier to quickly. Reply especially for business pages its pretty useful to set that up so thats all you have on here on. The bottom and on top you could press i and you could get more options here like the theme muting.

Messages moving to general ill show you that in a second in your entire messaging platform inside of instagram and. You also have that little camera icon if you press this it actually creates a video chat inside of instagram. Im not going to do that in this case but you have some other options and i have a different. Video on how to video chat on instagram but thats inside of direct messages so when you open up a. Direct message you could also video chat now let me exit out of here ill just go back to the.

Home page so you see the home icon on the very bottom your messages icon should show up on the. Right on the top of the app now mine looks like a little messenger icon yours may look like a. Little airplane one of the most recent updates of instagram was they connect the facebook messenger to instagram messenger so. The instagram direct messages which is a platform for sending messages on instagram is not tied to facebook but some. People dont have to update that just yet so yours may look like a plane that means you cant send.

Messages yet to people on facebook i can i could communicate between facebook friends and instagram friends without them being. On the same app so i could click this the layout of this page looks the same for you regardless. If you have instagram messenger or just the direct messages on instagram so it would look the same no matter. What update you have so you have a primary tab and you have a general tab now primary tab typically. Sends you messages from people that you know or youve interacted with before general just captures all different types of.

Messages and then you have message requests where it says 25 requests sometimes instagram holds messages and doesnt show them. To you in your different categories here and just puts them on hold so you have to go to request. To see what people send you so to send a message from here you just press the compose a message. Icon right on top and then again you could use the suggested here or your recent friends or search for. Someone and select their name here and then press chat and it opens that same chat window i showed you.

So you could do this from a profile by pressing message or you could do it from here it comes. Into the same place and we already went over this section you can also video chat from here again the. Video chat icon next next to the compose message icon and that will just initiate a video chat right from. Here and it will create a video room where you could have one-on-one conversation or even group chats here so. The group chats could be created from here so group chats are very useful too you could do that with.

Video you could also compose a message and choose multiple different people and then chat and it will create a. Group chat here so now i have three different people including myself in this group chat all the same settings. Apply the same way you send a picture or send a video or all within the app right now and. Its that simple to use instagram direct messages now i have different videos about different parts of instagram instagram feed. Instagram story instagram reel ig tv theres a bunch of things that instagram can do so if youre new to.

The instagram platform watch some of those other videos i explain each of those step by step thanks again for. Watching this video please give it a thumbs up and ill see you next time.

Method 3 – How To Recover Deleted Messages On Instagram (Updated)

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Check Your Instagram Messages

Instagram got its start as a photo sharing platform back in 2010 and has expanded far and wide onto more. Platforms with new features added to become what it is today with more than one billion users worldwide and counting. You may be a fresh user wanting to get in on the fun if youre looking for a way to. Check your messages regardless of device its really easy in fact as one of instagrams core functionalities the process itself.

Is pretty straightforward heres how its done if youre on the app on your phone checking your messages is super. Easy just open the app and make sure youre logged in then tap on the messenger icon in the top. Right of the app from here youll find your entire inbox with a full list of your messages and replies. Any messages that have unread replies will be displayed in bold if you havent read them yet to read and. Or reply to them tap on any conversation to bring it up in full if someone you dont know is.

Trying to send you a message youll see small text in the top right telling you that you have unseen. Message requests tap on the text to look through those messages tapping on a conversation will give you the option. To delete block or reply to the message if you have to check your messages on a desktop browser just. Head to instagrams desktop site at and log in with your account from the main display look for the. Messenger icon in the top right to load your messages using the list on the right you can scroll through.

Each response like on mobile unread messages will be displayed in bold to read or reply just click on any. Conversation to bring it up in full if you like this guide make sure you subscribe for all sorts of. Videos covering instagram and other technology and dont forget to check out one of these videos we think you might. Enjoy.

Method 5 – Recover Deleted Instagram Messages And Conversations In 2021

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Conclusion – How To Access Messages On Instagram

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