How To Access Microsoft Account – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Add Or Remove Microsoft Account On Windows 10

Hey guys in this video im going to show you how you can add or remove a microsoft account to. Log into your windows 10 operating system so suppose you have installed your windows operating system and at the time. Of installation you have given the local password so lets see how we can add the microsoft account to login. To your windows operating system and we are also going to see how we can remove it so to add.

A microsoft account into your windows operating system what you need to do is just click on your windows start. Icon and then select settings and in the settings window you need to select this option which says accounts and. As soon as you click on the accounts you will be able to see under this profile picture which type. Of account you have so most probably you will have a local account written here if you havent provided your. Microsoft account details at the time of installation of your windows 10 operating system so as you can see in.

My case i have logged in with my local account that means i havent used microsoft account to log into. My windows operating system but lets say i want to just add this feature into my windows operating system so. For this what i can do is i can click on this option which says sign in with microsoft account. Instead and you can also read this which says windows is better when your settings and files automatically sync use. A microsoft account to easily get all the stuff on all your devices so just click on this sign in.

With microsoft account instead option which is going to open this kind of window where you can provide your microsoft. Account details so im going to provide my email id which i use to log into my microsoft account you. Can also create a new account if you dont have any microsoft account by clicking on this button so let. Me give my email id and then im going to click on the next button and then im going to. Provide my microsoft account passwords so let me give my microsoft account password and then im going to click on.

Sign-in button which is going to sign in to my microsoft account now on the next window as you can. See sign-in to your computer using your microsoft account next time you sign in to your computer use your microsoft. Account password or windows hello if if you have set it up also it says we will need your current. Windows password one last time so you need to give your windows password which is your windows local account password. One last time so im going to just provide that password and then click on next on and once i.

Do that its going to set up my account and then the next step is to create a pin so. Just click on the next button here and here you can create a pin so why you need the pin. Create a pin to use in place of passwords having a pin makes it easier to sign into your device. Apps and services so here you need to give any pin if you want to include letters and symbol you. Can also check this check box which will enable you to enter letters and symbols into your pin also so.

Im going to just enable that and then im going to give this pin and i will repeat that pin. And then click on ok and now once you do that as you can see this will change here under. Your account name so here now im logged in to my windows operating system using my microsoft account so now. Here you will be able to see your name using which you have logged in to your microsoft account and. Also you will see your email so in this way you can just enable windows to log in with your.

Microsoft account now lets test this so what im going to do is im going to just log out of. My those operating systems i will just click on this name here and then im going to say sign out. Which is going to sign me out of the windows operating system and then i will try to log in. With my microsoft account so here you can give the pin which you have given at the time of the. Setup of your microsoft account so im going to provide the same pin and then im going to just press.

On enter or submit button and you can see i am successfully logged in to my windows operating system using. My microsoft account now in order to remove this microsoft account you just need to go to the same place. So windows start button then settings then accounts section so just click on accounts and now in order to switch. From your microsoft account login to your local account login you will see here you have this option sign in. With a local account instead so im going to just click on this sign in with the local account instead.

And here you can see this warning are you sure you want to switch to local account i will say. Yes and i will just click on the next button and then you need to give the pin for your. Microsoft account login so whatever pin you have set just give that pin once again and then click on ok. Which is going to give you this kind of window so from here you can set up your local account. Once again so this is the username you can give the password here and then confirm the password here and.

If you want to give some hint you can provide some hint here ok so i will just write hint. Here and then click on next and then on the next window its going to ask you one last time. Switch to local account so i will just click on sign out and finish which is going to sign me. Out of my microsoft account and you can see its going to sign out of my windows operating system once. And then when i try to login its to login with my local account which i have set up not.

With my microsoft account so im going to just give my password once again and then press enter and as. You can see and logged into my windows operating system with my local account so this is how you can. Add or remove microsoft account in order to log in to your windows 10 operating system i hope youve enjoyed. This video and i will see you in the next video.

Method 2 – How To Login To Microsoft Account On Windows 10

Hello good morning to you all today in this video well see how to log into microsoft account on windows. 10 so this is my windows 10 laptop you need to click on the start menu you need to click. On settings here so for to login into the microsoft account we need to set the password for this particular. Computer i have already done that if you dont know how to set a password for windows 10 i uploaded.

A video on that you can watch that i will drop the political ink in the description so once you. Click on setting unity click on accounts so under setting you need to click on your info see your info. See as of now this is local account we can sign in with a microsoft account instead so click on. This option so i will read this for you windows is better when your settings and files automatically sync use. A microsoft account to easily get all your stuff on your devices so to sync between various devices this microsoft.

Login is useful i have an outlook account enter your password so once we enter the password you will see. The sign into this computer using microsoft icon so next time you sign into this computer you use your microsoft. Account and password for windows hello if you have set up so i didnt set up any windows hello so. With my microsoft account when i login for the next time i need to log in with my microsoft account. So my current password on this computer so i need to provide the current password you click on next so.

Now i am signing into this computer using the microsoft account with that outlook account so this is how you. Can log into your microsoft account on your laptop or computer so i need to create a pin which is. Windows hallo which works offline so im creating the pin see here as soon as i entered or login into. My outlook account which is microsoft icon now this sign in is from be using microsoft icon so in this. Way you can plug into your microsoft account on your windows 10 laptop or computer i hope you like this.

And thanks for watching have a nice day.

Method 3 – How To Create A New Microsoft Account | Microsoft

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Method 4 – How To Get Microsoft Office For Free

Hi everyone my name is kevin today i want to show you how you can get microsoft office which includes. Such popular programs like word excel and powerpoint entirely for free it wont cost you anything i work at microsoft. And this is the product that i work on and today im excited to tell you about it ok lets. Jump onto the desktop here i am on my desktop and im going to show you two different methods how.

You can get microsoft office for free the first one uses your browser and so whether youre using say windows. 10 whether youre using mac or whether youre using linux or chrome os whatever operating system you use youll be. Able to take advantage of this so lets open up a crumb and open up the chrome browser here and. Im gonna go into incognito mode and what im gonna do is were gonna go to the website so. Office comm is how youre gonna get to your to be able to use office for free so on the. website youll see two different option options one is get office the other option is sign-in now if you. Click on get office thats a marketing site where you could purchase the offline version of office or you could. Purchase a subscription but i mentioned that we want to get free office since i get free office what were. Gonna do is were just gonna click on sign in okay so make sure you click on the button that. Says sign in and once we do that were gonna get the sign in prompt now if you dont have.

A microsoft account dont worry its very easy to create one and creating an account is entirely free it doesnt. Cost you anything to create an account i happen to already have one if you have a skype account if. You have any other type of account you already have a microsoft account so im gonna go ahead and type. In one of my demo accounts that i have so kev strat 2 at outlook comm and im gonna go. Ahead and click on next and now it wants me to answer my password so were gonna go ahead and.

Type in my password you can click on keep me signed in if you dont want to sign in again. In the future and so what this will do now is this drops me off on the office comm website. And so youll see a few different things on here you know i have i have all these different options. And the first one says start new so im gonna click on this start new button and what youll see. Is i can create a word document i could create an excel workbook i could create a powerpoint presentation you.

Also have other stuff like being able to create a form or a survey you can also create a sway. So there are many different things that you could create from this site i said id show you how to. Use microsoft office for free so why dont we go ahead and create a word document im gonna click on. Word document and so what youll see happen now is its gonna drop me in a brand new document so. Here i am in the the word interface here i could rename the document to something else so maybe ill.

Call this lets say kevin youtube star thats right maybe not quite so here i am in my document and. I can type away this is an example you could you know apply different styles different headings you have all. The typical functionality of word so im gonna go back to office comm now what youll see is i could. Also click on this word tile so if i click here this will drop me on the word start page. And you know i have a whole bunch of templates i could choose from if i click on more templates.

I have a whole bunch that i can start from and then here i have my list of recent documents. That ive been working on i could also pin or see shared with me if i go back i could. Also click into microsoft excel looks very similar to the start experience for word and then here i could also. Click into powerpoint and you get the idea i get all the different apps now one of the things that. I love about this is i also have this recent list down here of all my documents ive been working.

On so what i could do is you know here i could click on it and i could pin it. I could remove it from the list i could open the file location so lots of things i could do. With the file what i can also do is lets say that you have a document youve been working on. On your computer and now you want to work on that using this office com experience what you can do. Is theres this upload and open button here and if i click on that what i could do is i.

Could select a word in excel or a powerpoint file and then i could upload that and continue working on. It online now lets say that i have a document and ive been working on it on office comm and. I want to work on it just on my machine or maybe i want to send it to someone so. Let me go back to my kevin youtube star document here and what i could do is so i clicked. On clicked on the file menu so im clicking the file menu and within the file menu theres an option.

That says save as and if i click on save as what i could do is i could download a. Copy so thatll just download the the document or the docx to my machine i can also get it as. A pdf and so there are other formats you can also get but so if you dont want to just. Leave it in the cloud you could also just get it off now a few of the things that youll. See is all of this the word excel powerpoint this is all available online so you need an internet connection.

To be able to take advantage of it but as long as you have an internet connection you have a. Browser you can use this entirely for free um if you want offline access though thats where microsoft charges you. Then so if i see this you see this install button here in the top right hand corner so if. I click on that i get this little upsell message that says go premium with office 365 so if i. Want the app on my computer i have to pay for it i also have the option here just to.

Buy office 365 in the top right hand corner so i could do that and so i mentioned that i. Would show you two different ways how you can access the office apps the second way that you can get. To all your office apps is with an app called office and it comes on your pc if you have. A windows 10 so what you do is you simply click on the the search area down here in windows. And then you type in office and it should pop up as the best match im going to go ahead.

And click on the best match office and this will load the office app so here here i am in. The app now and youll see that it looks very similar to the office com experience the one difference though. Is if you look at the documents that are shown here versus the documents that are shown here in the. App i see a lot more documents and the reason why is a bunch of these documents are stored on. My computer and so the office app not only shows me all of my cloud documents but it also shows.

Me documents that are just on my computer and so i you know when i look at these two different. Experiences i actually prefer using the office app because not only do i see cloud documents but i see local. Documents as well so im going to go back for a moment and so that thats how you get office. For free i also want to show some cool functionality that you get with office its not necessarily related to. Getting it for free but a few things that i wanted to show so not only do you get word.

Excel powerpoint here if i click on all apps you get a lot more than just word excel powerpoint so. You know here i get a calendar i get flow where you could set up these different routines or tasks. You get a an app called forms which allows you to set up surveys and quizzes you also get onenote. Which is an awesome note-taking program which i use all the time you also get things like skype for calling. You get tasks you get sway which is you know setting up these inter two views or kind of interactive.

Experiences on the web that you can then share with others so you get all these really cool tools with. Office comm so it really goes beyond just word excel powerpoint and now one other thing that i want to. Show before i wrap up this video if i go back to let me go back to office comm and. Im gonna click on this document called sample coop document so were gonna open that document and what im gonna. Do now is im gonna put it side-by-side with a let me open up another window that i have and.

Im also in this document and so this is the window on the right is logged in with a different. Account than the window on the left and so what i could do now is lets say i type in. Here what youll see is the text that im typing and the right window automatically shows up on the left. Window so lets say that youre working with five or maybe ten people you can do real-time collaboration using word. Using excel using powerpoint whats also cool so not only can you all work at the same time but now.

What im going to do is im going to click on review and so ill leave a comment in here. So i could put in a comment and ill say hey please review this and so im gonna leave a. Comment and so now what i can do is ill jump into my other window and you could see lets. See im going to show all comments and here you can see the comments so not only can you work. With other people on a document and see what theyre doing as youre working on it but now you could.

Comment back and forth as youre working on the document so you get word excel powerpoint for free you also. Get real-time collaboration you also get commenting you get a lot of rich functionality in the web apps one thing. To call out the web apps are not quite as feature-rich yet as the apps you get on your computer. Which is why microsoft still charges for the apps that come on your computer but the web apps are pretty. Good theyre constantly adding new functionality and theyre getting better and better and better and one of the nice things.

Is if theres something thats not in the web app that you want theres this button in the bottom right. Hand corner set that says give feedback to microsoft so i can click on that you could say whether you. Like something you dont like something so if i say i like something you can type in a comment but. This is where you could request functionality and just from experience when you request something it gets added pretty quickly. You know in excel they recently added pivot tables and so a lot more functionality is into the web apps.

Anyway thats thats all i have for you today i wanted to show you how you could get microsoft office. Entirely for free its completely legal because office comm the office app these are provided by microsoft so you could. Use word excel and powerpoint you can create documents spreadsheets presentations and it wont cost you anything at all i. Hope you found this video helpful if you did please give it a thumbs up if you want to see. More videos like this please hit that subscribe button and if you have any other questions or comments leave a.

Comment down below in the comments and ill try my best to respond anyway ill see you next time thanks. For tuning in bye.

Method 5 – How To Create A Microsoft Account In Windows 10 And Activate ( Latest Version 2020).

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Conclusion – How To Access Microsoft Account

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