How To Access Military Email On Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access military email on mac, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access military email on mac,

Method 1 – Military Cac Access For Mac User

Hey everybody im going to show you how to download cac access for your mac so first youll want to. Go to know take a comm should be the first link and youll scroll down to how to use cac. With your mac os so first youll want to check what os youre running on just to make sure that. The i guess its a newer version an important step is to make sure that your computer is able to.

Read the cac access or the cac card its its self so you go system reports and here my shows. And depending on which one you have itll show a different id mine was currently at this version i guess. If you have this version you will need to down downgrade your firmware if youre using this which i okay. So once youre done with that you can skip down to this portion and youll want to go to your. Keychains so alright youll type in keychain and youll have a list of certificates and emails already downloaded youll go.

Ahead and select everything that shows dod email id and root anything with dod basically so once you have that. You will delete those items i just downloaded this im not going to delete them but you can do that. On your own once youve deleted those items youll come back to military cat and download each of these certificates. Once you have those certificates downloaded you can go ahead and select each one and then itll ask you to. Login youll click add once youve added each one of those certificates you will want to scroll down to you.

Will want to find the the roots each of these dod roots will initially be read like lets see like. This so once you have once you click on each of these you you always select always trust to gain. Access to military websites for each one of these routes ive already done it so its blue that means its. Good to go after that yeah so after youve done that youre good to go youll be able to access. Any military website if you have any questions go ahead and leave a comment if you found this video helpful.

Go ahead and give it a thumbs up thank you.

Method 2 – Installing Dod Military Cac Certificates On Macos Catalina – Draft

And this is where we will simply click on how to use your cac with mac os when you open. The link it will basically tell you all there is to it so the first option that will tell you. Is to uninstall anything that you have for your calc and neighbors so you can start fresh but if if. Youre on a fresh install you dont need to worry about that so its your cac reader mac friendly most.

Of them are but you need to make sure that you actually have the proper connection so if yours if. Your particular mac uses usb c or thunderbolt then you need to make sure that you actually get a usb. C type reader or an adapter for thunderbolt 2 usb or usb c can your mac see the reader and. That usually happens whenever you go under your mac and if you hold the alt key system information where we. Will get the system report and under usb or thunderbolt depending on your particular system you will see if we.

Have the cac reader and thats because i dont actually have it installed on this particular machine and i will. Have it installed at a later date i just dont have it on me but this is where you would. Find it so again about this mac and then click on system report or system report or about this mac. Hold the alt option key and then system information and that will launch this window back here ok so thats. How you would know most kak readers are supported by mac and if in doubt basically you just need to.

Make sure that your cac the apple mac local thats all there is to it here it just tells you. A different way of doing it with a different machine older versions but its exactly the same thing so thats. Just the same thing that i was telling you theyll verify the firmware version of your cac reader so if. You have a reader any of these readers you can proceed to step 3 otherwise you would need to upgrade. The firmware so if youre buying the the the cac reader just recently then you most likely wont even have.

To worry about that so here we have alright so click or go to the top screen and double click. On keychain well when your computer is all you have to do is just click on the spotlight and type. In keychain and thats it so theres your keychain access ok thats our keychain access lets just put it to. The background for the time being and then were going to go under login which is this one over here. And all items which is this one down here then were going to download the five links down here one.

Two three four five so this one has all of the certificates and this has four root certificates so right. Click or if youre an american youre if you dont have enable to right-click you do ctrl click and then. You will save link as here male cac ok and because i like making sure that i have the latest. Version i will put the date off when i downloaded the certificate so i know when is it that i. Actually did this so all right so all certificates and then we go for the root certificates save save save.

And save very simple right okay so once each of them has downloaded we can simply double click on each. Of the files and they will immediately install them to our keychain or you can just drag and drop them. So one choice is to just bring them in here and they will install and then you just click on. Add add okay thats the easiest way or otherwise you would just double-click and and the same process basically thats. The same thing its exactly the same process okay so if we check it by kind we will see over.

Here that we have all of the dod okay so here are the dod email dod i see dod sw. Dod routes as w blah blah blah okay so there we go those are the fto ts and verify the. Arrows pointing up and look down at the certificate again we are making sure that it is login and all. Items if youre missing any of the certificates you have two choices delete all of them and rerun the files. Above or download the ol certs and follow the instructions but its very simple as you can clearly see im.

Not sure i didnt see any deal the root certificates that are not trusted but lets check just in case. Oh here they are okay so all we got to do is double click on them trust and when using. This certificate always trust thats basically what you gotta do and then you enter your password repeat the same for. All the others trust always trust and repeat done thats all there is to it for that part of this. Ordeal yep thats it thats it thats all there is to it firefox it just does a little bit a.

Bit of an extra step but i dont have firefox installed on this machine so im going to skip that. For the time being but you can always just read the instructions and follow them and and you can see. How simple it is with mac os and this applies for pretty much all of the versions of mac os. Including catallena which is the one that im currently running.

Method 3 – How To: Ako & Cac Cards On A Mac

All right so its about time im making this video and ive had a lot of colleagues and especially the. Dc national guard bc army national guard asked me how do i hook up how do i get on the. Ako and how do i use my cat card with a mac so its not as actually its not as. Complicated as personal windows-based laptop or computer so what youre gonna do were going to start off we open up.

Finder window were gonna go to applications were gonna go down to the utilities and youre going to look for. Keychain access were gonna open up key to nexus youre going to make sure all items are selected all items. Login all items youre gonna go down and youre gonna look for any certs i have do you know ud. And mill you know as dod or millet so were going to go back up here alright so anything will. Be in it select it i click delete a week gotta put in your password again i guess you have.

To do it for every single cert maybe not all of them but most of them alright so looks like. Ive got them all now youre gonna go to internet browser whichever one youre gonna use comes to ako and. All this other im gonna just use safari for now so youre going to look up give the rich certificates. Thats five so go to this website right here military kanaks information on the important to be to be so. Military cat calm so they have all do these service you scroll through here and youre gonna find a link.

Where you download all those certs format so here we are and links are going to be here when all. The links to these sites will be in the description here alright so picking up where we left off so. What youre going to do is youre going to find a length to download all these youre going to want. To follow all these instructions make sure make sure that all your hardware and software specs match are up to. Par according to them now my calculator does not look like this however my calculator works just fine i would.

Go with this one but ill show you the one that i use coming up so were going to get. To the point basically this is the lengthy one right here this is pretty much the lengthy one right here. I clicked it it sent me a download thing so now that i click that thats pretty much it theres. A few extra steps that im going to show you they tell you here all of it is shown to. You here on military kak org but im gonna walk you through it so minimize that i get over here.

Im gonna open my downloads and here we are all certs so if you double click on this file everything. Pops up in the year on a mat now whats new looking for what you want to do is you. Want to find a folder you want to extract this file and turn it into a folder you want to. Go in and you want to select all and drag them in back into your keychain access okay so now. That youve got them all on your keychain access you see these four with the xs on it the red.

Xs that means theyre not trusted so you gotta click on each individual one like that its the windows gonna. Pop up and its going to say when using this certificate im going to click always trusts and that goes. Down when you close it the major password and you continue to do so for any of the do research. That are not trusted or have an x have a red x on it red circled x okay so now. That weve got that taken care of god knows that bring up safari again bring up our end and explore.

Whatever our internet explorer is open up a new tab or just open up in a brand new window now. Again like i said that is the category that i use so pop that into your usb ports pop in. Your cat card lets go ahead and check out okay go well im in so there you have it its. All it takes its all the needs for your pleasure so thats it thats how you get the certs under. Your mac and to the best of my experience thats the best cat card to use and from there best.

Of luck my fellow service members hope we were able to get some stuff done and alleviate some of the. Stress and frustration im sure youve been having in the past so i hope this helps out check out the. Channel hope you subscribe like share and give me a thumbs up thank you.

Method 4 – How To Use Cac On Personal Mac Os

Is for our macbook users in our class uh just an example of how it works for certificates and how. To access this on your macbook is max are stupid so lets say youre trying to access this website link. And its going to give you this message and oh its always going to do that to you on majority. Of things you do youre just going to click on advanced and if it doesnt do that for you then.

You go to site permissions and you make sure everything says allow on it especially secure content already did that. So you just click on keep going anyways and most likely 10 out of 10 oh it worked nevermind it. Didnt work though you would go to certificates which says right here and it will tell you that it is. Not trusted so that means you do not your laptop is not going to trust this website because its sketchy. For it so youre just going to click on details see you click on details youre gonna scroll down and.

Its gonna give you the uri youre gonna click on the url its gonna download for you and you just. Gotta open it up once you open it up this should pop open which is your key chain access and. Once you have your key chain access open youll hear your certificate that says not trusted you click on it. Youre going to click on trust always trust once you trust it it should work and thats all you got. To do for just about almost any situation you run into just get the hang of using keychain axes and.

Accepting on trusting every single department of defense certificate youll be fine.

Method 5 – Cac On A Mac, For Real (Not On M1 Mac)

All right this is squiddy p here and lets get your cac an encrypted email working on your macintosh computer. As you can see i have a mac all right one of the first things we need to do is. We need to check to see how much ram is on your system to check your ram you come up. To the top left corner you click on the apple logo and click on about this mac and what were.

Looking at is system memory were looking at about 16 gigabytes but ive seen this work on eight gigabytes so. As long as you have at least eight we should be fine as long as you dont have a lot. Of programs running in the background you notice mine is a core i5 processor this is just one of the. Newer mac pros i am running mojave just so everybody knows which operating system i am running okay if there. Are some prerequisites to this we need to download two items we need to download virtualbox virtualbox so its just. all right and then well click on this big blue button that says download virtualbox 6.1 so were going. To click on that and again since we are on a mac were going to click on os x hosts. Makes sense right so were going to download that its going to download virtualbox where will it download it will. Download to your downloads folder more likely i have mine set the downloads all right that has done downloading now. What were going to do is were going to go to google and were going to type in windows.

10 download and i spell windows wrong thats fine windows 10 download and then were going to scroll down which. Might help if i spell it all right to the link that says software download windows 10. If you. Can also say iso file thats what were looking for click on that link all right now weve clicked on. This link and say you must where before you begin its going to ask a bunch of stuff but were.

Going to do is were going to click on the select edition section windows 10 confirm and then were going. To click on our language im doing english confirm all right now were doing a 64-bit system because the newer. Macs are 64-bit if you have an older mac and you know its a 32-bit system click on 32-bit were. Doing 64-bit now this is a 4.91 gigabyte file so about 5 gigs this will take some time depending on. Your internet speeds might not take about 15 minutes yours may take up to hours just keep that in mind.

And i will see you back here when the download is completed all right our download has completed so we. Can now close this window and we need to install virtualbox so were going to go to our downloads folder. So finder let me put my finder window over here finder from my downloads folder i got a bunch of. Stuff in here virtualbox can be towards the bottom were going to install virtualbox first double click on it oops. Dont do that double click on the icon itll pop in the there we go its going to verify and.

There we go now click on virtualbox which ive got over here were gonna double click on this icon were. Gonna go through and were going to install the system now i already have it installed so i am actually. Not going to completely con install this system but its already installed on my system so close that okay next. Were going to do is were actually going to pull this iso file out onto our desktop this way we. Know where it is its on the desktop okay so youve installed virtualbox now you will launch virtualbox all right.

Were going to go up here and click on new to add were going to call our our vm windows. 10 all right so thats our destination folder and make sure this says at least 24 uh 4096 thats four. Gigabytes of ram create disk image create dynamically allocated create 50 gigabytes it actually wont use 50 gigabytes right away. Only use what it needs and then it will go scale up to 50 eventually and go but were not. Done we need to go to settings all right we go to storage click on this empty right here this.

Is our hard drive this is our disk drive click on this blue disk over here right click on windows. If its not here just click choose a disk file okay and we moved it to our desktop there it. Is press ok or open excuse me now press ok now were going to click on this start button thats. How you will launch windows every time you will click on your disk image and click start all right now. This window will pop up and were going to click right here and click windows 10 press start and it.

Will boot all right and if youre a superhero you can read this but just click next install all right. Now were going to click i dont have a product key down here at the bottom make sure we select. Windows 10 home press accept you should read this click next im going to click custom because were gonna install. Just windows unknown ical space and allocated space click next and its installing and well see you back when this. Is done all right and it will automatically restart and youll get this black screen of windows as loading and.

Then youll have some preferences youll need to put in here and just include attaching account and as it reboots. A couple times youll be greeted with this just a moment screen blew just a moment screen and this will. Appear a couple times during this all right and cortanas gonna try and talk to you you just you can. Click this little button down here to mute it this is the microphone okay well click do you use the. United states all right might have some issues detecting your keyboard just click united states if youre in the us.

Do not add another layout or you can with this being a vm you may not have to put any. Network information in there as it reads it like a wired connection all right heres where you put the account. Information in you can click offline account thatll make this go a little bit faster so because i sign in. Just click on limited experience again just making this boot up faster okay youll need a login name for your. For your computer and a password security questions so when we get to our privacy screen make sure you click.

Everything as no it will speed up your connection online so its not trying to update anything in the background. Just keep clicking on those do more across devices with account history activity history click no again thats a sinking. In the background we dont want it to eat our bandwidth nor our memory all right again cortana not now. All right and again just a moment hello well thank you will it though will it well i will if. You will get it done think you already said that and we are in windows all right first things first.

We install the guest preferences the guest services for this so the best way to do that so you can. Go up top to devices im going to insert guest edition cd again this is all virtual right once that. Is inserted which it should be now were going to click on our folder button click on this pc double. Click on the d drive guest additions guest additions youll see three vbox window editions here right click on the. Top one it says vbox windows editions click yes and were installed click click on next install again click install.

Now we will reboot the system click finish to reboot this will reboot the the vm it will not reboot. Your system which we will see here restart anyways all right now that windows has restarted we can try and. Maximize this window here it should auto resize it click on it log in all right you know so this. Is full screen this is gonna look like really really really small so what were gonna do what were gonna. Do is were gonna go to the top and were going to d maximize the window all right down here.

At the bottom youll see this little screen icon youre gonna click on that and go virtual screen when it. Goes auto scale 200 percent output all right then were going to maximize it again youll be able to read. This a lot better look at that and now were going to shut down the windows operating system start power. Shutdown all right now were going to plug in the cat card reader in your windows vm click settings under. Ports click usb click this little usb plus symbol im going to go to the cat card reader which is.

The smc microsystems cr33xx version two press okay now were going to start a vm again click start yeah it. Looks like a normal windows screen look at that all right now youre going to unplug your cat card reader. And plug it back in all right now were going to right click on the start menu right click and. Go to device manager now you will see smart card readers click the little down arrow right click on the. Microsoft usb click update driver you want to search automatically you will need to do this on a regular windows.

System as well if your cat card is not working on your windows system its probably because it needs to. Be updated this is downloading drivers all right has been renamed scr 3310 usb smart card reader and your smart. Card reader has been installed next were going to open edge and were going to update edge its going to. Prompt us to update were going to do it the new edge is 100 times better than the old one. With this new edge browser theres no need to install chrome this is a chromium based browser and it will.

Work just as well as chrome does click on run technically this step is not necessary but it makes your. Experience a lot better and you will notice to change all your icons on your desktop you now are in. The new microsoft edge okay now were going to go to military cac just type that in were going to. Go to this military common access card information for home use all right so were going to go to. This how to use your cac with windows 10 click on that then were going to install in the root.

The dod root certificates click on that and were going to scroll down to this line item it says oh. Lets go back up it says military cac zip version were going to right click on it were going to. Save linked as and were going to select the desktop press save and scanning for viruses should be saved its. Not very big up there it is all right lets close that double click on installing the root certificates double. Click all right click next and click next again yep were gonna install both graphical user face install now you.

Dont have to do this step you can install all the certificates individually but this will install them all in. One place so im going to run the installation route all right next next finish were going to select the. Dod ins uh install dod roots were going to click install roots click yes yes yes yes all right and. Then okay now we can close this and we can save before exiting it doesnt matter close this and they. Are done now were going to go to internet explore now youre going to check your email with internet explorer.

Cant use it with chrome unfortunately or edge excuse me okay were going to click on the little arrow im. Going to pin to task bar that puts it down here right click on that all right now were going. To insert your cat card into your cat card reader you should hear the boop boo doops and close that. Its just going to tell us hey use cro uh use edge were going to go to https colon slash. Web mail dot west dot nmci dot navy dot mil and press enter i am on the webs on the.

West coast you might be on a different um on a different server if youre in east press okay click. Ok for your certificate going to click your mail see it says dod email click ok put your pin number. In your email is going to come up okay so go to an encrypted email here is one okay it. Says s my support in this view click uh to view this message click the new window so you click. Here youre going to click on always allow which youre going to restart your webmail unfortunately go back and find.

Your encrypted email all right so you encrypted email it says contact cannot be displayed because the s mime controller. Isnt installed to install smim click here so were going to install s mime click run its going to install. The activex control there you go i have to restart your browser and voila youve just handed it now you. Can get your encrypted email visit your dod websites and all that i hopeful hopefully this was helpful if you. Have any questions you can leave them in the link below and have a nice day bye.

Conclusion – How To Access Military Email On Mac

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