How To Access Mls – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access mls,

Method 1 – How To Get Mls Access Without A Real Estate License

Are you struggling to find distressed properties are you looking for an easier way to secure real estate deals in. Your area if you answered yes then its time to learn how to take advantage of the mls the mls. Or multiple listing service is a tool used by real estate brokers to share property listing information and facilitate deals. Its a private database exclusive to members of the n ar or national association of realtors but were here to.

Explain three alternative options savvy investors can use to gain mls access without having to first obtain a real estate. License the first way an investor can gain access to the mls is by working with the real estate agent. An investor friendly agent has the ability to grant a person mls access by setting them up as an unlicensed. Assistant at their brokerage so how can an investor convince an agent to form a partnership a flat fee finders. Percentage fee or a mix of the two is often negotiated in order for an arrangement to be mutually beneficial.

Investors should also be able to articulate how the partnership will boost the agents business for example working with an. Investor will save agents time money and potentially boost their commissions you can find investor friendly agents through sources such. As craigslist ads linkedin ads or groups facebook groups agent forums investor friendly brokers or your own real estate network. Another way to find information similar to that on the mls is by searching online for example is a. Free site that provides the phone number of each broker representing the sale of a property in a given area.

You can collect a list of contacts and reach out to the brokers to gather information on leads zip realty. Goes one step further by providing property details like current sale price changes in said price and whether the property. Is a short sale or reo all of which comes in handy when negotiations begin offers users market trend. Analysis neighborhood comparisons and allows users to search through various categories of listings such as foreclosures resells or for sale. By owner properties is similar to trulia but also provides accurate home value estimates for every property if neither.

Of those options are right for you you can always try this third alternative using an individual realtors website some. Real estate agents pay for mls listings to be available on their personal website as a lead generation tool and. You can use it for the same purposes each agents website will vary but many will allow you to create. Custom searches view price changes examine how many days a property has been on the market and save your favorite. Properties this strategy will require some research in order to find websites that match your business goals but the information.

You access will pay off in the long run applying any one of these three methods will help you access. The mls for free as well as gain useful information that will alleviate your search for real estate deals as. Savvy investors know the easier it is to find deals the easier it is to build your real estate business. Which option do you think will be the best fit for you let us know in the comments and as. Always if you enjoyed learning with us today dont forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel.

Method 2 – How To Get Access To The Mls Without Being A Realtor

Hey guys its ryan g wright with do and today what were going to be talking about with the. Just asked ryan question of the day is how to get access to the mls without a realtor without being. A realtor yourself and were going to cover that in detail in just a moment but before we do if. Youve got a question youd like to have me answer type it in the comments below and ill put it.

Up as one of our just ask writing questions of the day because every single day i answer a question. Just like this how do you access the mls without a realtor in about five minutes give or take and. If youre not already please be a subscriber to our channel by hitting that subscribe button now theres a few. Ways to get this back in the olden days it was really hard you either had to be a real. Estate agent or you had to know a real estate agent and sometimes depending upon the mls you could be.

A real estate agents assistant meaning you could get an assistance license it didnt have all the permissions but you. Could get that data and you could have access this was all prohibited but lots of real estate investors tried. To just get the mls login from the agent and back in the day lots of people did that its. Becoming harder now because you cant have two computers logged in in most mls systems right now but theres lots. Of ways to find information so theres different states theres disclosure states and non-disclosure states basically disclosure state means theyre.

Going to tell you what the property sold for as a matter of public record non-disclosure state says thats private. Information and what a property sold for is not something that were going to tell the world about and its. Not required so depending upon your state if youre in a non-disclosure state youre going to have a hard time. Knowing data if youre in a disclosure state you can get that information from the tax assessors as youre pulling. The tax information to know what the property actually sold for so thats one thing that you want to look.

At but one of the problems is lots of times that information is delayed so youre not seeing the most. Up-to-date information in addition that you can use websites like or zillow those will typically show you the active. Homes whats currently for sale on the market but in lots of cases the sold homes are not going to. Be there now one of the things thats happened is the mlss across the country have started to sell their. Data to third parties one of those who we buy data from is and we we can get you the.

Information through investors at software on investors at software we can get you access to not just the mls and. Mirror area but the mls in like 90 of the mlss throughout the whole united states by the click of. A button thats really really helpful because you can know the tax records you can know the mls actives and. The mls solds all from the click of the button without having to be a real estate investor now that. Comes because of big data deals that are being done in big data packages and selling information thats getting then.

Propagated into useful a useful form like our investors edge software so if you havent checked that out come over. To do and check out our investors at software among other things that we have to help real estate. Investors so in the end youve got to decide if youre a disclosure or non-disclosure state you might be able. To get the information if youre in a disclosure state through tax information but its typically delayed or youve got. To make friends with an agent which the whole thing is how to get this without being an agent so.

Using a software like investors edge that has a data aggregator behind it thats pulling that information from those sources. Is going to be the way now that requires licensing agreements and everything else so you may want to check. That out because it can be a huge huge help the reason why you need access to the mls is. To pull your comparables if you dont know whats the latest home that just sold and how much its sold. For see property may be listed for 200 000 but it may only sell for 150 and if you didnt.

Know that sold for 150 you could get yourself in trouble thinking that homes really going to sell for 200. 000 if you have a similar property so getting the most up-to-date information is critical so that you can know. What properties are really going to sell for and you can do your comps in a quick and easy manner. Because finding a property is part of the battle but knowing that what that property is really going to sell. For is the second part and thats where a lot of people get in trouble so check us out over.

At do where we can help you with these things like finding comparables finding mls without being a real. Estate agent if youve enjoyed this video please tell youtube by hitting that thumbs up its fun to do and. It means a lot to me i appreciate it otherwise make it a very profitable day and bye for now.

Method 3 – How Do I Access The Mls If I’M Not A Real Estate Agent? [#Askbp 022]

Today on the ask bp podcast were answering the question what websites should you use to look for properties stay. Tuned youre listening to another biggerpockets ask bp podcast where youll hear short direct answers to your biggest real estate. Questions submit your question today on facebook twitter or the biggerpockets forums by using hashtag ask bp and dont forget. To pick up your copy of the ultimate beginners guide to real estate investing and other great content when you.

Sign up for your free account at biggerpockets com with that lets get to the show hey everyone this is. The ask bp podcast my name is brandon super excited that youre here joining me today today were talking about. Websites what website should you use to find good deals and so thats were gonna be covering couple quick housecleaning. Things first number one i just want to thank everyone whos left a rating or review for the show you. Guys rock definitely picking those up pretty quickly weve been ranked pretty high in itunes which is awesome but i.

Would love to get higher so dont take that the wrong way get it higher anyway uh i really want. To get higher in the rankings on itunes and so the more ratings reviews and subscriptions you can leave andrew. In itunes and we dont do multiple ones but the more i get the better it is so others that. Secondly um i dont know i guess thats all i got for today so that was my only thing jump. On biggerpockets thats the second thing if youre not hanging out on bigger pockets in the forums you should probably.

Do that alright to todays show today show were talking about the question comes from jaron from san francisco and. Jaron asks what websites do you use to find properties for sale if you dont have access to the mls. Alright so first of all let me explain what all that question means so jaron is asking he is not. A real estate agent which means he does not have direct access to the mls the mls stands for the. Multiple listing service that is the collection of the collection of listings or properties that are for sale by other.

Real estate agents so all the real estate agents get together and they put all their stuff in one location. Sort of thats a really simplified explanation but and they put it all in one location and other agents can. Go and find out what is for sale and all the information its all kind of standardized now in reality. Theres multiple mls is all over the country lots of them and then we just kind of call it the. Mls is one big thing but its really not but so if you are not a real estate agent you.

Do not have direct access to the mls which is sad because i would love to have that direct access. To the mls you would probably love it too but were not agents and agents guard that pretty closely and. So we do not have access so how do you find out properties that are for sale well let me. Go give you a number of websites now keep in mind that websites change im recording this here in the. Beginning of may 2015 if youre watching this or listening to it in the future websites change people go to.

Business new ones come up so just keep that in mind but these are my favorite im gonna give you. My favorite websites to look for number one i really enjoy red fin comm red fin calm it works really. Well theyre actually a seattle-based company i live out here in western washington so i think theyre just a little. Better in this part of the country then they are maybe in other parts maybe not i honestly dont know. Maybe theyre awesome everywhere but i really like them in that they have like not just the best design but.

Also they seem to have the best information of what i need and in a good search functionality so red. Fin re d fi n comm uh i should probably say this too not all of these are good in. Every location so some are better some are worse in other states or whatever so yours might be totally different. Number two i often use re alt o our realtor comm that is id say yeah i probably just. As much maybe a little bit less than red fin but i like realtor comm a lot too i think.

I mean all these are fine they all have really good information but i like realtor a lot they have. A good search functionality as well and very pretty design zillow and trulia those are also good sites they dont. Work as well in my area they dont i mean like in my town theres you know 30 properties for. Sale when i go in zillow theres only like seven listed so they must not have a good agreement with. My local mls but in your area that might be great now zillow also has some cool stuff like the.

Zestimate which are probably not that helpful for you but they kind of give you an estimate of what prices. Are worth but whats really cool about zillow is that they give you like sold comps its easy to use. That for like finding out what other properties of sold for zillow is really good about that thats my favorite. Thing about zillow trulia is owned by zillow theyre kind of same companies so they have similar data but theyre. Just a little bit different functionality and then out here in washington in a few other states theres a website.

Called the mls so the mls and i like that side a lot too that was one of. The first ive ever used out here in washington and i know theyre in a lot of states but thats. One of the first i use and if theyre not in your state theyll just give you a link to. Like their realtor or another you know listing site will show you but they just have a nice format and. They have a lot of information they really cover a lot of stuff so those are the most important websites.

I use now keep in mind i dont use any of them that much but im not an agent so. How do i get all this data about properties that are for sale very easy i use a real estate. Agent thats what theyre there for the beauty of a real estate agent is that theyre free for the buyer. Most of the time you dont pay a thing the seller pays the agent out of the commission you know. The seller pays the commission and they get both york you know kind of like your fee and their fee.

Essentially like the seller pays everything so you dont have to pay your agent to go help you find deals. So if you can find a good hungry solid real estate agent not literally hungry but you know looking for. Deals looking to make money they can be invaluable to you and so what i do first of all i. Have my agent we set up automatic alerts for certain terms so any property in my specific town of montesano. Which is where i live any property comes on the market i instantly get notified now not a lot of.

Properties get listed here its like one every week or something but like any new property listed in my little. Town i want to know about because i live here and i like to buy properties here and then i. Have like he works like multifamily over my whole the whole area anytime a multi-family comes up on the market. I get an email as well and then that email contains a link to the mls listing but im not. Using the real mls i mean its the real mls but its through my brokers portal and so the mls.

Gives their agents ability to share reports on properties with their clients and so i get to access all this. Cool mls information directly through my agent and i get it in just as fast if not faster than any. Of those other sites that i listed so if youre looking for a property those other websites are great for. Cruising around see what you can find but nothing beats the data youre going to get directly from your real. Estate agent so make sure you build a good solid relationship with an agent who wants to work with you.

Who is investor friendly who understands what you want as a real estate investor unless youre a homeowner then work. With a homeowner agent and you know that thats how you do it thats how thats how you find properties. And go search on there all of them have like search capabilities and so you can kind of narrow down. Your choice and what youre actually looking for zip code number of units number of bedrooms a price range and. So get you can get very very specific and most of those sites that i listed also have automatic alerts.

As well that you can get automatically alerted about you know new properties that come up on the market though. I really enjoy my agents automatic updates cuz i think theyre probably little more accurate or at least more up-to-date. Since theyre the original but who knows maybe youll find different near market so with that we gotta get out. Of here todays quote of the day comes from stephen covey who said i am not a product of my. Circumstances im a product of my decisions again im not a product of my circumstances im a product of my.

Decisions i really like that a lot from stephen covey because you know everything that happens to us people oftentimes. Think that you know i dont know this person did this to me or this person said this to me. Or or the market here is not that good or or i dont have any money or my job doesnt. This or my boss said this my wife said this my husband said this whatever those are all circumstances but. You are not a product of that you are a product of what you do with that you are product.

Of your decisions on how you choose that there have been you know successful people coming out of every background. In the world probably a lot of successful people from the same background you come from so dont use your. Circumstances as an excuse not to take action with that lets get out of here remember in pursuit of your. Dreams dont just learn but take action my name is brandon here with the spp podcast you can check out. Other episodes of this show by going to biggerpockets accom slash ask vp and of course dont forget to leave.

Me a rating or review and subscribe in itunes if youve not yet or if youre watching this on youtube. Scribe there as well well see you around the bigger pockets and well see on the next episode this is. Brandon for bigger pockets signing off youve just heard another episode of the bigger pockets ask bp podcast submit your. Question today on facebook twitter or the biggerpockets forum by using hashtag ask bp and for more incredible real estate. Investing tools and education including a free download of our book the ultimate beginners guide to real estate investing head.

Over to biggerpockets comm and sign up for your free account today well see you on the next show youre. Listening to the ask bp podcast and today were talking about what web what websites.

Method 4 – How To Use The Mls (Step By Step)

Welcome to the first step at finding your new home what were going to do today is learn how to. Access the mls and learn how to use the functions to make the most out of your search i want. To thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic journey and just to let you know. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns lets go ahead and.

Get started now first youre going to receive an email and its going to say roger wright via flex mls. Now this is going to explain that weve set up a customized website called a portal for you its going. To tell you you can save your searches what you like and you dislike and im going to go ahead. And show you how to do that now first and foremost were going to go ahead and click on the. My portal once we click on the my portal the first time you view so youre going to see your.

Email where my email is now your email is going to be your login and your username then it will. Give you a password option now the first time it will actually say confirm password right underneath password thats when. Youre going to set up the password youre going to use moving forward make sure its an easy one so. You dont forget it but if you do just let me know or you can actually restart it reset it. Yourself lets go ahead and login now at this point in the search weve already spoken most likely and im.

Getting an idea of what youre looking for but its nice to see what you actually do choose to save. Because then it makes it a little easier for me to know what you are looking for and i can. Refine the search if necessary and be aware you can reach out to me at any point in time to. Refine the search or the parameters if youre seeing stuff you dont like so first lets go ahead and look. At the list view the list view is going to show everything within the parameters and ill show you what.

I mean by that on the map its going to show the area that youre looking for location location location. And then everything within the price range and if i set it up for a certain number of bedrooms most. Likely i put it on a minimum so what i mean by that is if you want three bedrooms minimum. You might see four bedrooms and five bedrooms lets go ahead and look at that together so on the list. View its going to show you multitude of houses first off the house right here on the left well use.

This one for example is in this area it is a single-family dwelling which generally speaking well talk about and. Ill set up to make sure that youre not getting apartments or townhouses homes unless youre looking for them how. Many bedrooms there are how many bathrooms a half bath means that theres just a toilet no shower or tub. Approximately how many square feet there are the price per square foot i wouldnt worry about too much because every. Area is different and then the subdivision its in now i know you can actually sort this by a number.

Of things you could do it by prize status youre most likely only going to see active you could do. It by how many bedrooms there are so say you tell me three youre seeing a lot of four bedrooms. In your range go ahead and look buy four bedrooms if youd like and of course you can do it. By bathrooms and if its changed recently let me explain what changed recently means if its changed recently most likely. Its either a brand new listing or theyve actually reduced the price might be a good time to jump on.

It but of course talk to me about that before we move forward lets go ahead and look at the. Map so you can kind of see a little bit about the map and how that plays into the list. So say we are looking at this particular home right here and you know what im not sure where 4232. West a vida del sol is so im going to go ahead and go over here to the map and. Once i choose that map that map tab whats going to happen is its going to take me to a.

Different view now lets go ahead and open up our screen just a little bit here so we have a. Little better view now as you can see im interested or this particular client is interested in the north valley. Northwest valley but theyre also kind of interested over in scottsdale so they have two different areas that theyd like. To live in well where you see the star is whatever location is clicked or selected so as you can. See on the left hand of the screen youre going to see the house that weve been looking at 42.

32 and that house is selected as you can see on the yellow so wherever is selected is actually going. To show as a star and not as just a house like you see here so let me go ahead. And show you how that works now lets say this house you know what not sure i really like that. Area i might want to be a little more west or north whatever the case is lets go ahead and. See what this house is because i really like the way it looks on the front now it automatically takes.

Me to the photos im more interested in location location location oh nice its a little more west for me. I really do dig that its close to the 101 i think thats something that i can actually work with. So lets go ahead and look at those photos now so again come up here to the upper right hand. Side youre going to see photos go ahead and click on that tab now once i click on that tab. Now im seeing the photos of the house now just be aware sometimes theres only one or two photos does.

Not mean that its a bad looking house and if its really grabbed your attention with the photos there are. Lets go ahead and view it and just let me know and ill show you how to let me know. Here in a moment now i always do suggest you write down a list even though youll be able to. Save the listings that you really like in the homes you really like so lets go ahead and show you. Look at the pictures so to view the pictures youre just going to click left or click right and im.

Going through the house and say theres something i really like about the house but im not sure the details. Of it im not sure how big the house is it might look a little small or even if it. Is a four-bedroom or it might look a little bigger and im looking for something a little smaller easier to. Maintain whatever the case may be i could find out more information in the detail tab so right next to. Photos you see detail so lets go ahead and click the detail tab now now on the detail tab there.

Is a ton of information and you know what in this particular situation im really interested so id like to. Actually get a bigger view first and foremost im going to go right over here so if you see right. Here this little arrow is going to minimize our list so lets go ahead and minimize our list so we. Have more detail to look at now now that we did that youre going to see all the information about. The house now im not going to go over every piece of information right now but im going to show.

You where some very important things are so you dont really need to know how much the lot size is. Unless thats something that youre interested in you have an rv you know you want to do something big you. Want to build a pool or a volleyball court or something like that on the property we could definitely look. At that but lets go ahead and look at the things that most people are really worried about the bedrooms. So on this house its a four bedroom and two bath not 2.5 not 3 bathroom its a 4 bedroom.

And 2 bath so always the bedroom first and then the bathroom second now its also going to have the. Approximate square footage heres the square footage on this particular house not small but not huge it is 2082 square. Feet then right here you have the price square per square foot youll see in certain areas like scottsdale and. Other areas of that nature its going to be a little bit higher but in this area its pretty common. To be around $120 or square foot this is a single emily home it is detached so that means its.

Not sharing a wall its not an apartment its not a townhome it is a detached home and in the. Size of the lot size thats actually pretty decent size right there so lets go ahead and look at the. Cross stre.

Conclusion – How To Access Mls

The purpose of this post is to assist people who wish to learn more about the following – how to get #mls access for free!, mls access for wholesaling real estate – instructions, what is the mls & how to gain access to it without being an agent, how to get mls access without a real estate license | this is holtonwisetv (highlights), mls (multiple listing service) for dummies, how to enter a listing into the mls, how to access showingtime for the mls, how to get into the mls super draft, propstream no longer has mls sold comps | learn real estate investing baltimore, how to search on matrix mls for properties? #realtortools #realestatetools, how to access mls sold home prices, setting up a client portal search in the mls, how to get access to the mls (without being a realtor) [episode 9], mls access for real estate investors, how to use a flat fee service to get your fsbo on the mls.

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