How To Access My Cloud – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access my cloud,

Method 1 – Accessing Your Wd My Cloud From A Web Browser , Sharing File Links , And Accepting Remote Uploads

Everybody gets lawnside but we are back with our wd sponsored series of videos on their wd my cloud line. Of network attached storage devices and in the next two videos were going to be looking at some new features. That just got pushed down to all the my clouds via a firmware update that brings pretty much full dropbox. Like functionality to the device so that means you can sync files up with your pc and mac both on-site.

And off-site as well as access your my cloud via a web browser or give friends links to files that. Are sitting on your my cloud without requiring them to have a login or anything else a lot of the. Things you can do on dropbox you can now do with your my cloud with a device you own thats. In your home versus on a cloud service somewhere so were going to start first with the web-based features and. In the next video well be looking at how the file syncing works with your pc or macs lets get.

To it now before we start i want to make sure you are on the current firmware so the best. Way to check is to go over to this firmware box on your web based control panels intro screen here. The home screen click on the arrow itll go out to the wd server and ensure that you are up. To date on your firmware and my drive is another thing you want to check is to make sure that. You have cloud access enabled and you get to that via the settings icon here and look for cloud access.

And this is on the single drive unit this works with a single drive all the way up the line. And so your screens might look a little bit different depending on which one you have but generally these two. Settings are in the same place on all the different my cloud devices that are there so the next thing. You want to do is go to my cloud comm and when you set up your wd my cloud device. You should have set up an account with them so click on sign in and youre going to log in.

With that account that you set up with your device initially im just going to do that right now and. Log in and once you do that you will see your wd my cloud remotely from wherever you are so. You can see weve got my e^x 2100 selected here i can also click on this icon and select my. Single drive my cloud if i wish to do so also so very easy to switch between the my cloud. Devices you might have on your networks and again these can be anywhere so you can have you know onedrive.

At home one at the office and as long as both of these are tied into your wd account you. Can access them from the same interface here right on your web browsers that is a pretty handy thing to. Have so what were going to do here is go into our test phone there and ive got a file. In here already this is a product manual from wd so i can click on that itll download into my. Computer and i can read that product manual if i wish i can also add files i can click the.

Upload button here to add files in there but i could also just drag them into this folder also so. You see weve got a little thing down there telling us its uploading and what its doing is its going. Directly into my my cloud device so on other cloud services youre updating uploading to their servers and everything in. This instance youre using wd is kind of an intermediary between your drive and you but these files are going. To get loaded up onto your drive and as you can see if i click over to my folder here.

That image file that it is dragged in via the web is now on my network here on my my. Cloud locally so very easy to get files back and forth you can grant access to these web interfaces to. Multiple users you can set up a folder thats just for them and if you have people that are sending. Very large files back and forth this is really convenient because they can upload the file once youve got the. Full how many terabytes you have on your my cloud and the nice thing is is that once that file.

Arrives after its been uploaded you dont have to redownload it because its already on your network so it really. Does actually save some time when somebody can send over a four gigabyte file that actually resides on a drive. In your home versus having to go out to a cloud service first and then download it after they upload. It so there is some efficiency that can be gained here you can also share files back with people too. So for example if i wanted to share that product manual with somebody that i know i can just right.

Click and go over to share here and ive got a couple of options here and the best one that. I think for most you know non mission-critical super secure files is to just go over here and send a. Link and what you can do is just click on get link here and what its going to do is. Generate a one-time link thats pretty unique it actually it should be unique and well go over to new incognito. Window and just paste it in here now not logged into the my cloud in this web screen here so.

This is like a kind of simulating somebody just coming in right off the web to grab that file when. I click on that link that i supply to that person they can now get at that that product manual. Again through their web browser its a very easy way to get a file over to somebody they cant upload. Anything all they can do is just read the file and if really you know just want a quick way. To share something with somebody thats on your my cloud drive thats the best way to do it now if.

You are concerned that people are going to have access to that file forever you can go up here to. The shared menu where it says shared with others and i can delete that link now just by clicking on. The little x up here that will stop sharing that link and if that person tries to click on it. Again and get rid of the other one i had here just to be safe here well get rid of. Both of these and if that person tries to come back to that link later with that same address that.

We just had theyre going to get an error that says sorry that file is no longer available to you. And there you go the share is no longer found so even though that file still exists on my drive. And its not accessible to that person remotely theres also ways to do something a little bit more carefully you. Can do a file share where its private to that person only where they have to do a login first. That might require a little bit more effort on the part of the person youre talking to so a lot.

Of times i like to just send that that link out and then remove the link after the person gets. The file that they are using there so that will do it for this overview of the new web features. On the wd my cloud 3.0 operating system very simple especially if you just want to send out a link. Real quick for a file and have somebody downloaded they can get at that file and nothing else and be. Able to get on their way without having to use a cloud service its great especially for larger files that.

May not fit on the cloud service that you might currently be using its also good too because you can. Very easily give somebody an account and allow them to upload files back to you and at that point you. Dont have to redownload the file from a cloud service because its going to be in your home or office. After the person you are getting that file from has finished uploading its a very convenient way to get at. Files especially from clients and other associates who are off-site so very convenient just know that the speed of the.

Connection is going to be determined on the speed of the internet connection you have in your home or office. So if you have a slower connection it might be slower than dropbox or other services are but the files. Will get there eventually but if you have a faster connection i think a lot of people who are uploading. To you may not even notice the difference so really good stuff there so thats going to do it for. This portion of our sponsored video on the new wd my cloud 3.0 features a tune in for my next.

Video where we talk about syncing files from your pc or mac back to your my cloud this is lan. Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you the generosity of my patreon supporters if you find the. Channel helpful you too can contribute for as little as a dollar a month visit lang tv slash patreon to. Learn more.

Method 2 – Wd My Cloud Configuration And Setup

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Method 3 – Wd Mycloud Os5 Remote Access Deadline

Hey are you worried whats going to happen on january 15 when wt is disabling internet access to devices that. Cannot be upgraded to os5 then probably should watch that video so you probably received the email just like i. Did and i have uh wwd ex ultra ex2 ultra and they are saying that the internet will be disabled. For this device because this is um one of the models on the on the list of affected devices so.

What does it actually mean uh what are the affected devices in is it as bad as it sounds so. The affected devices are all cloud series nozzes so this includes um my ex dl mirror series uh and. And so on ill put the screen on the screen the full list and um not necessarily if the device. Is affected the access internet will be disabled of that day the trick is that if you can install os5. Then you are just fine so if you break this down this list that actually there are only four models.

That will cease to exist basically after january 15 and you will need to get a new nas and and. Those are my cloud mic one bay mic load mirror which is two bay uh my cloud ex2 and my. Cloud ex4 so there was no ultra in the model number so simple ones so those are basically two models. Actually one and two bay options are two one two bay options but there are only two models but that. Will will need to be replaced so what do wd recommend to replace them with is our new mic load.

Home series so even if there is os3 they they manage to somehow update those models because they are actually. Relatively new models those with home home models so theyre saying if you have my cloud um uh nas you. Should upgrade to my cloud home or my book uh if you have this thing if you have um my. Cloud mirror or ex2 ex4 you should upgrade to my cloud ex2 ultra or my book um but if you. Have lost all your confidence into wd then you probably would want to consider replacing them without a completely different.

Brand like synology or keynote so to make make it easier for you to understand what sort of device would. Be a good alternative to your existing nas because if youre a happy result with a performance um already then. You might want to get the new nas which is similar hardware so which means its going to perform very. Similar so um ill give you alternatives on the synology side so if you would have pr series nas pr2. Bay or full bay then you would probably look at quad-core celeron based models like which is 2b model or.

Dsm 920 which is 4b model if you have um ex 2 or ex4 model numbers that would be compatible. With some synology j series nozzles so two betas would be ds220j and 4b would be ds420j if you have. Dl series models of your wd then um you would need to replace something with dual core celeron something similar. Like that because those are atom based models so you would look at as a two bay ds 220 plus. Or ds 420 plus is a 4-bay model and if you have my cloud mirror like gen 2 series then.

You could replace those with like ds 120 j or dsm 220 j that would be similar spec alternative um. Then the next question would be how do you update your nas so if you have one of those nozzles. That can actually have an os5 on it you can ill put a link as well somewhere in the description. Where you can go and download a new firmware manually and upload it and also ill put on the screen. Now how to do it simple steps so youll need to download the firmware you need to upload it youll.

Need to log into your admin panel you will need to be somewhere in the local area local network network. Area to be able to get into admin panel of your nas and once you have installed the new firmware. Manually once you log in it will give you an option to upgrade to os5 so once you have done. That you are not going to lose access to your internet which is cool but people are asking like what. Are the changes because they got used to os3 they installed their apps and stuff these os5 they are disabling.

Things like ab file aim and amu and fortress and ill put the full list on the screen so i. Dont need to read uh and if you need any third-party apps for os5 they are certain apps available like. Php bb um my cloud os5 app store amazon is free and ill put the list again there on the. Link as well but you can find it so its not as bad as it sounds again so wd is. Uh stopping a support after after april they will completely stop any firmware updates so the last firmware up that.

Youll get is going to be disconnecting itself from the internet so technically if you dont update you might be. Able to connect but you probably wont you might if you have um atom based wd you might be able. To install docker still and on top of on the docker you can install something like own cloud or something. Similar like that which would give you access to your nas without using uh this os5 mobile app or internet. Browser internet portal so you could help set up port forwarding and connect directly to your noise and use this.

App to manage your files upload and download that would be one one way of doing this but if you. Dont have um docker available on your wt you will need to think about either upgrading jonas or if you. Have a chance to update your phone but i hope this video was helping to understand how this device is. Affected and its not as bad as it sounds if youve got any questions you can always go to nuts. Compares fill the form send email to us uh or comment down below and if the question will be interesting.

We always gonna shoot a video helping you and help others as well so cheerio.

Method 4 – Wd My Cloud | How To Log Into The Interface

Okay welcome back to the channel guys today im going to share with you 2 ways of logging in to. The interface of the wd my cloud so the first way is simply using an internet explorer in this case. Im going to use firefox but you can use whatever you use on your computer now you really have to. Do is type in my forward slash setup it entered so what this is going to do is theyre.

Going to find the hard drive in your network and see it says here be sure your device is on. And connected to the same network as this computer so they are finding the hard drive the wd my cloud. For you and then theyre going to take you to your interface and thats where youre going to do different. Things so here it is ive already set mine up with a password when i first bought it and ill. Make another video on that but today im just showing you how to login im going to type in my.

Password here now this password is only to log in to your interface this is it theres different things that. You can do here including adding some of your cellphones or your family cell phones or devices ipad notepads tablets. So this is where youre going to add them in a watch my other video because this is important you. Have to know how to get to this interface ok so im going to show you the different way now. One thing you notice right away is that up here guys up here up in the top left corner they.

Give you an ip address well if you write that down for your device that all you need next time. Do you dont have to type in the my cloud comm forward slash setup you just type in those numbers. And ill show you so im going to log out close the explorer and this time im going to pull. Up the explorer and simply type in the address okay i have a temporary address im using right here just. For demonstration purposes and like i said they gave me this and here it is the main page of the.

Interface so ill type my password and were in the interface so again guys my next video im going to. Show you how to add devices so that you can see your pictures on your tablet on your smartphones or. Any other computers or anywhere in the world but this is important you have to know how to get to. This point alright thank you and see you on the next one.

Method 5 – Wd My Cloud Official How To Use Guide

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Conclusion – How To Access My Cloud

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