How To Access My Netgear Router – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access my netgear router, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access my netgear router,

Method 1 – How To Login To Netgear Router?

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Method 2 – How To Login To Your Netgear Router’s Web Interface | Pc And Mac

Connect your routers interface typing router login net or router login dot-com into a web browser will take you to. The routers web interface in most cases if router login batman or or belong in dotnet dont give you access. To the gu.

Method 3 – Netgear : ( Routerlogin.Net Or Routerlogin.Com ) | Setup And Install Netgear | Netvn

How do i set up and install my netgear router here are the steps you to login to the router. Launched a web browser from a or wireless device that is connected to the network type router login dotnet or. Router login calm or i a.

Method 4 – Netgear Nighthawk Ac1900 R7000 Initial Setup And Config

This is a net year wi-fi routers ac 1900 smart wi-fi router and it is the our 7000 so this. Is the router right here we got the antennas installed and what were gonna do here is plug it in. Plug everything in that needs to be plugged in hook it up to the computer and install it and get. It on the internet so we have a functioning network so first lets take a look this is a really.

Nice i like the design of it very pretty basic but its got like the slanting side yeah thats kind. Of cool leds are pretty simple on the back yeah got a reset button got a for lan ports you. Got a internet port thats different than the rest got a usb 2.0 port a power button and the power. In so lets go ahead and get this thing plugged in so we can configure it i always like to. Start with the modem the other end of this line is plugged into my modem in the other room and.

Lets go ahead and plug it into the router of course the modem always goes into the one thats different. Or the internet or lan port so you got all those that are the same and we got this one. Thats different thats yellow and its in a different spot and its labeled internet thats where the modem goes now. The router came with this the yellow cat5 cable were going to use that to hook up to the laptop. Here you can choose any one of these that you like i always choose the first port because number one.

Makes sense for me were going to start with number one you dont have to thats just the way i. Do one of those the other end of this goes into the computer right there nice and satisfying click now. We need the power power comes in right here now for this router in particular but for any router really. If its coming new out of the box you dont really need to do this next step but if you. Bought it like on ebay or got it from a friend or if its if its not a brand new.

Router i recommend restarting or resetting it to factory default that way youre not wrestling with unknown or improper settings. From the beginning so to do that were gonna make use of this little handy reset button there on the. Left and this pin so were gonna go ahead and turn the router on youll see the lights are coming. On so its starting up so as long as this on were gonna go ahead and press this pin into. The reset button two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 well looks like it.

Might have get already gotten to where its going to go so basically what i do is i look for. The lights to change what looks like they already did so ill let go that or i might not have. Waited long enough for it to lets try it again what im expecting to happen is the lights to change. Lets try it one more time its pressed in 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 twelve. Oh there we go theyre changing so now what were gonna do while were waiting for at the boot up.

Is ill turn it on this way first i want to show you something before we go to the computer. And you turn the router over youll see theres these theres a sticker usually the routers have these stickers on. Them and youll see the mac address in the bottom right hand corner there you see mac 9c3 dcf blah. Blah blah blah thats the mac address of this router so if you previously had a router plugged in and. That was on the internet and youre just simply replacing that router with this one and youre having trouble getting.

It on the internet then you may need to do something called mac spoofing or mac cloning so if thats. The case if youre having trouble getting this online or whatever youre youre gonna want to get that mac address. Off of your old router usually youll find it lavar i just showed you on that sticker on the back. Of the router sometimes itll be on the box like on this one its on the box youll see the. Mac address there in the bottom 9c3 dcf but if you cant find the mac address or if you if.

That confuses you if you just dont feel like doing that thats fine youll just have to call your internet. Service provider and tell them you bought a new router and theyll help you fix it up i cant really. Help you at that point but if you are just upgrading your router or switching to this router then that. Mac address from your old router will be very helpful if you can get it so get that and write. It down like i did i wrote mine down from my old router right here and so we have everything.

Plugged in the router is booting up so lets go over to the computer and teleport right in there once. Youre logged into the computer you want to go to your browser any browser you like you can use chrome. You can use it under the next or you can use edge or whatever browser you like i use edge. That out and of course thin and thats not gonna work as you can see but its possible if youre. Setting it us up for the first time this might this might already work for you you might already be.

On the lydia but if having problems like me were gonna fix it so up here youre gonna go to. Router login net it looks like youre going on the internet but youre really not its just a router trick. To get you to the administrative interface first thing youre going to get is this license agreement and youre gonna. Have to agree then you have this other agreement i agree what next now its going to detect if it. And see if it if you can find another router in the network somewhere so we just gotta wait for.

That to do its thing shouldnt take too long i dont know about you but im not really a fan. Of this interface here like i dont i dont know its just i dont know its just not as pretty. As some of the other ones so were waiting for that to finish anytime now anytime okay so this carina. Says do you want netgear do you need to help yes or no no one to configure the internet connection. Myself or i have longer settings i dont have any saved router settings in this case were gonna go with.

No i want to configure the internet connection myself and when we do this its gonna warn us yeah you. Need to know what youre doing next configuring internet connection requires networking experience are you sure dont worry im here. For you if youre not come if youre not comfortable with this im gonna help you out because all the. Setting theres its really not complicated so were gonna do this lets go ahead and click okay so its going. To ask you to login the default name is admin and the default password is password all lowercase for both.

Okay and this thing and this is for parental controls i just do never remind me again hit skip alright. So at this point it looks like everythings working except were not on the internet and thats the whole problem. Thats what were trying to do so we need to do mac address spoofing again if you dont have the. Mac address if you dont want to do mac address spoofing if youre not comfortable with it if you dont. Have the mac address at this point just call up your isp and say hey i got a new router.

And i need to get it online but if you have your mac address lets do a trick if you. Have you if you have a friend or a family member thats like frustrated because they cant get this router. Online youre gonna come in and save the day and this is what were gonna do were gonna go to. Advanced and then on the left side were going to go to setup and then were going to go to. Internet setup and youre going to scroll all the way to the bottom and it says router mac address now.

If that person who is trying to or if you if you had a computer plugged into a modem and. You didnt have a router at all and thats how you were getting on the internet before then you want. To select this use computer mac address but only if this computer that youre on right now is the computer. That youre using before but for the rest of us we want to enter in our old routers mac address. So we choose use this mac address and we want to replace this you want to get rid of all.

That so now we type this is where we type in our old routers mac address and we need every. After every two characters you put a colon so for me its going to be 0 0 : 1 d. : 7 e : 0 d : E 4 : 4 d thats the mac address from my old router. So were going to go ahead and apply now we just wait for the router to redo the settings and. Then reboot and whatever its gonna do and after this we should be able to get online so all the.

Other settings it was already there there pretty much went to default settings so we didnt really have to change. Anything else so now i just gotta wait right now my internet lights on the router it is still orange. Or amber so i expect that about its about 75% of the way through to turn on a light or. Green or something up there it goes it goes it turned white so now we had a white internet light. So thats good so by the time this thing this bar finishes going across we should be on the internet.

Lets say its about done i just need to wait for it to refresh there it goes now we go. Back up to the basic page and it should say were connected to the internet and then it that is. Good open up a new tab were online so that was pretty simple isnt it its just out a little. That little mac spoofing or mac cloning trick that pretty much is all we had to do other than plugging. Everything in so hopefully that worked for you so lets just go through here and look at the settings im.

The basics type you got internet got all these settings no we could just we could i just went right. There its right here – so if you go to basic and then go to internet you got that mac. Address setting right there that you can change you dont have to go all the way youll have to have. The advanced settings wireless this is where this is your 2.4 gigahertz network settings right here you can change the. Name and heres their password for it to connect to that wi-fi and heres your five gigahertz network you can.

Change the name right there i recommend like here you see net year 31 for the 2.4 gigahertz oh i. Just want to bekir 31 with a 5g so when you name these networks i recommend you name one of. Them so that you know what it is so this one you know its the 5g and this ones not. Because this one says 5g on it because when you look at your when you look at the wi-fi list. Itll show both of these right next to each other and you wont know which ones which unless you tag.

It some power name it completely different so you know if its 2.4 meters or 5 yards so this is. Where you change or what are the settings attached devices quality of service qos parental gentle controls pretty share im. Not a huge fan of this interface um i mean it works thats ok im just i dont know its. Not even that big of a deal yeah im just being picky so advanced at wpsu had a whole bunch. More settings in here your wireless setup again you set up your wireless settings qls device name this is the.

Name of your router usb functions you have a device plug in here you can figure different settings for that. No usb drive administration you can reboot the router right here logs you can change your password this is your. Password for the administrative interface to get to get into this to change the settings update the router advanced setup. Theres all kinds of stuff in here yeah vlans vpns a lot of this stuff you wont really be messing. With unless you know what its for hopefully port forwarding this is what a lot of gamers use in people.

That have servers so they can access the stuff from outside the network you can turn you can change the. Mode of the router into different different modes its static routes remote management all kinds of stuff in a traffic. Meter so this isnt really meant to be a walkthrough of all the settings its just kind of im just. Kind of showing you what the interface is like so we got it online ron google we did mac spoofing. And we got it to work because we used to have a different router that worked and this we had.

To use mac spoofing to get this one online so i hope you enjoyed the video and i hope you. Learned something have a wonderful rest of your day and thank you for watching peace.

Method 5 – Use Your Old Netgear Router As Repeater, Extender,Access Point

This is a tutorial on how to use your old neck your wi-fi router as an access point what youre. Gonna want to do is reset it by pushing the little hole in the back with something pointy then youre. Gonna want to wait to every boots this is gonna be so easy anybody could do it you deserve to. Switch a couple of the settings and you said so youre gonna need to make sure that youre not logged.

Into the internet once you plug the router into the computer then what youre gonna want to do is plug. In an ethernet connection into one of the ports in the back not the not the wi-fi like ethernet connection. Port so youre gonna be using one of these other for some next what youre gonna want to do is. Get your routers address so you go to systems preference network and switch show to build an ethernet and what. Were looking for is the router address so we could customize the settings then youre gonna have to set up.

Your routers since we factor you reset it it in the beginning so answer the questions they shouldnt be able. To detect the network connection since we plugged it into the other four ports not a wi-fi connection port and. The internet says theyll be off so heres just telling you the ethernet cables not plugged in so you go. To manual connection then you just set up your new password to get into your router and then confirm the. Password answer the two questions im just gonna put any quick answer since this is just with tutorial real purposes.

So what youre gonna want to do is go over to your wireless and then youre gonna set up your. Network names and passwords so for the first one im just gonna name it skywalker fuji then youre gonna have. To choose a password so im just gonna go with guzman 2020 damn em again make the second connection skywalker. 5g since its a dual band router and im just gonna choose the same password then youre gonna apply to. Save the settings once its done updating what youre gonna want to do is youre gonna go over to advanced.

Settings then you go to advanced setup router and ap mode which is access point or you could choose bridge. Mode and then you just apply it and save the settings and you basically set with the setup so youre. Gonna want to wait until its fully rebooted since were switching from router to access point it takes a little. Bit longer once this things done basically what you do is just unplug the router from your computer and then. You just go plug it into your current router into one of the four ports since were not using the.

Wi-fi port so what youre gonna want to do is look for the connection check if its working properly as. You can see i found mine right since im on my phone im basically just gonna use an app to. Test it as you can see everything improperly and thats it thank you for watching and hit the like button.

Conclusion – How To Access My Netgear Router

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