How To Access My Router From The Internet – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access my router from the internet,

Method 1 – How To Access Your Router From Outside Network

Hi there this is when i once again and welcome to rtt videocast so in todays video i am going. To show you how you can access your home router from different location so lets get started okay so let. Us assume im out of town and for some reason i want to access my home router so this is. How its going to look like i will take out my phone and turn on the mobile data then open.

Up any web browser of my choice and in the only box type in this special url and there we. Go as you can see i can access my router login page even though i am in a different city. But brenell– this is cool if youre a geek but why would an average user would do that what are. The use of it well surprisingly this is even useful even for a normal user and here are some use. Case for instance lets say you are a parent and want to check if your childrens are playing gaming a.

Pc instead of doing their homework so you can easily do that by going to the dhcp client list and. Then see the list of all the connected device similarly if you live with your roommates then you can remotely. Find out which one of your friends are at home since their smartphone will auto connect to the same network. Or if you find your neighbors still in your wi-fi then you can disconnect them from your network even when. You are not at home and finally if your router supports a usb drive like this one then you can.

Also connect an external hard drive to your router and then access all the content of the drive from all. Around the world i do this all the time when im away from my workstation now at this point some. Of you may be wondering well this can easily be done with the help of teamviewer or any similar remote. Desktop application so why should i play with the router instead and then youre right you can do this with. Jeans or any similar application but the biggest advantage of using this method is that if you are using deal.

Viewer then you will have to keep one host computer turn on all the time but in case of router. Brown tora all these turn on a 24 by 7 plus you dont have to install any software on either. Of the device all you need is a web browser and you can access your router from any device all. Around the world now this entire setup will take less than one minute but before we go into that we. Should first understand how exactly things are working here so for that let us take example of a typical home.

Network so lets say there are some devices which are connected to the internet with the router now as we. Know whenever a device is connected to the internet ip address is assigned to it so in this case the. Public ip address will be assigned to your router and your router will then assign local ip addresses to each. Of the connected device now here comes the interesting part anytime you want to access your router from the inside. Your network then you will have to type in the router ip address from the connected device however if you.

Want to access your router from outside the network then you will have to type your public ip address followed. By the remote control port number which is 8080 but there are two problems here one as a part of. Security measure every router by default has this remote access turn off and two well most home users are assigned. Dynamic ip address which means every time you restart your router your public ip address will also change so in. A nutshell if you want to access your router remotely then you will have to solve two problem one you.

Will have to turn on remote sharing from your router setting and second you will have to figure out a. Way to bypass this dynamic ip address for that we will use services like dynamic dns so lets take a. Look at this method one by one okay so turning on remove sharing is pretty simple start by logging into. Your router to do this you will need a default gateway now if you dont know how to find it. Simply open up your command prompt or terminal and type in the command that you can see on the swing.

Right now now the ip address next to the gateway is the routers ip address so simply copy it and. Then paste it in the only box of your browser next you will have to enter the user name and. Password again if you dont know what the user name and password are then simply ask the person who has. Set up your network okay now once you are in you may find your interface little bit different from mine. But the basics always remain same so here you will have to look for the option which says remote sharing.

Mine was under system tools but in case you do not find the sorption then you can always look for. The routers documentation i also get the same thing now once you are they simply enable the remote management and. Save changes by default the port number is 8080 but as a security measure you should definitely change that also. Remember to change your login credentials to something complicated or anyone can log into your network with simple brute-force attack. Now lets check it i will use my mobile data to make sure i am on a different network then.

Type in my public ip address followed by colon 8080 which is the port number for remote sharing and as. You can see here is the router page but there is one small problem how can you find your public. Ip address then you are not at home and also it keeps on changing every day so lets solve that. In part 2 now there are several companies that provides dynamic dns service and usually your router manufacturer has a. Tire with some of them so the best way to find out which service should i choose you should check.

The router page so here once you log into your router you should look for the option which says dynamic. Dns now in case your router do not support dynamic dns which is highly unlikely but in case if its. Not there then you can still get it working all you have to do is download the ip updater software. From these service itself and then put it on a computer which is turn on most of the time now. This router supports two service dn my dns and no ip now since the first one is paid only i.

Will go with no ip so go to and create a free account then add a new host name. And select the domain name of your choice if you dont you can use a custom domain name as well. But then you will have to pay for it so lets go with the free sub domain name for now. Here you can also download the ip updated software and put it on a frequently used computer now copy your. Domain name and paste it in the router settings and also enter your username and password that you have used.

By logging into the service and then save the changes now if i want to see my router from a. Different location all i have to do is type in the domain name that have used in no ip followed. By the port number which is 8080 and there we go now i can log into my router from any. Location well this is all for now like always give this video thumbs up leave a comment and subscribe to. This channel if you find this video helpful and want to see more of them and also check out the.

Other videos on networking so with that being said this is my now signing off movies thanks for watching.

Method 2 – How To Access Your Routers Menus Find Out The Ip Adress And User Name And Passwords

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Method 3 – How To Login Into Your Routers Setting | Change Router Settings ( 2020 ) Router Login

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Method 4 – How To Open The Router Admin Page | Access Router Setup

Hi guys in this video im going to show you how you can access your router admin page by accessing. Your router admin page you can either looking you can make changes in your router you can change the password. You can block any mac address you can assign any mac address so there are lots of the changes we. Can do by having access to your router admin page so how to get the access of your router admin.

Page lets proceed further let me show you first of all open the run command type their cmd and press. Enter you will get the command prompt why im opening the command prompt in order because in order to access. Your router admin page first of all you will have to find out your ip address from your isp which. Is your internet service for haider until unless you dont know your ip address from the isp which is your. Internet service provider you cannot access your router admin page so first of all im going to find the ip.

Address from my isp so in order to find the ip address type there i p c– o n f. Ig i have discussed this in my previous video also but let me show you again so once i type. That command which is ip c o n f ig and press enter as i have connected my computer to. The wi-fi so its coming up here wireless lan adapter wi-fi and here is the ip version 4 address which. Is my computer ip address and the default gateway this is the address of my router from where this device.

My computer is connected right now so make sure i will have to remember i will have to note down. This ip address so im going to open this not bad and im going to note down this ip address. Which is 192 dot one six eight dot one dot one so this is the default gateway or you can. Say this is the address of my router so im going to copy this router ip address and im going. To open my browser you can open any browser you can open your google chrome edge explorer whatever you have.

And paste the same ip address on the browser address bar and press enter then you can see my router. Is from skyward and i can access my router i mean the admin page and its coming up here login. So my default i mean the password username and password is admin admin admin password so im going to login. Make sure this username and password differs according to the manufacturer of your router suppose if you have a router. From the netgear there will be different id in the password and if you have d-link router so it totally.

Depends what is the minke of the router you have got it differs according to the router so here you. Can see when i logged into my i mean the router page i can do every changes if i go. On basic i will find my ip address here my mac address and everything if i go on advanced i. Can see each and every options right i can make any changes in my router you can see here and. If i go on the security option i can change my password everything so this is the way how you.

Can access your router admin page and you can make changes whatever you want so thank you so much for. Watching the video please do subscribe the channel and share this video thank you so much bye.

Method 5 – How To Access Your Router From Outside Network

Hello everyone today im gonna talk a bit about a router in particular how to remotely access the router system. Administrative webpages remotely right so it could be sitting in say jamaica and your whole mission say minneapolis and you. Want to access your router for some reason you can do it most of the route to have that capability. Today so let me demonstrate how to do it so normally to go to a router you enter 192 168.

And the last two digits or updates are whatever you predefined and set so for my router it is 2.1. So this is my router settings im at home right now so i can freely access anything i want but. To enable router access you have to enable remote management functionality now my router here is the linksys wrt54g s. I know it is an old router but any modern router has the same capability and function to the old. Router so you know the access that you would normally go to administrator right most of the modern browser the.

Remote access management tool is on that ministry ax and then and its right here you just enable it ok. And note the port number my port number is 88 so after that once you enable it save the settings. Does this thing its gonna come back again so it shows s enable so so ive got a mobile full. On the side here so im gonna disable my wi-fi cable sorry guys its a bit slow because its going. To a team view support so you can see its an lte network now so im gonna open a browser.

And i need to enter the ip address of the modem followed by 8080 so in order to find my. Ip address of the modem i go to my trusty old google and type what is my ip address okay. So this is maya tree ip address so im gonna have to punch this right at the address area so. Its gonna be 68 146 152 3 8 8080 and when you hit enter good so the links is administrative. Windows get uploaded so yeah so this is how you do it but nine out of ten times or ten.

Out of ten out of ten times you dont own this ip address this ipa is owned by a service. Provider so they have the free rein to change this ip address so how do you mitigate this so the. Way to mitigate this would be – would be to go and enable your dd and as functionality so on. My links is again on this router nike dns setup is in setup and ddns so before you start your. Ddns youre gonna have to register with another dns server somewhere so im gonna use a dns server call no.

Ip calm you can have to sign up and then login ive already got my account here so im gonna. Log in here ill meet myself okay take note that for a sec and im gonna create myself a new. Hosting im gonna call it you can call it anything you want xy ber two four six eight right so. Your host name will be xy b e rm sorry xy b are two four six eight dot d d. And s net thats del p your complete host name you hit create as you can see its been created.

So the next thing you have to do is go back to your router settings here my router is old. So i only have a few selection here so im gonna go try it this one here once i select. That over here you enter your user credential whatever your no ip user credential is i know it does say. Tz or calm but for this router it works im pretty sure in the modern all the modern the router. Works too so its going to be d dns dotnet ddns dotnet right so when you hit save settings so.

Once is successful the people say updating dns ddns status right so im gonna go back to my mobile phone. Just gonna close this session here just gonna say just google you know refresh it so im still on lte. Network here you can see and my wi-fi is turned off right so now over here you type x y. Ber two four six eight dot dt and s dot net have to say colon 8080 and hit go so. Now you can access your router again im gonna come back after enter my password to the router okay ive.

Just entered my password im gonna sign in and there you go so you can actually use a dns name. To actually log in now so even if they even if your service provider were to change your name sorry. Ip address youre still you still will be able to access your router anywhere around the world so thats how. You do it so i have a few other router attached to my computer here so im gonna show you. Where the ddns and the remote management tools are located on this router so im gonna start off with the.

Very first one im going to switch over my ssid to another router this is a d-link router that i. Have okay very good so i dont have an internet connection to this but just for demonstration purpose im going. To show you where the setup is so thats thats my gateway here so ive set up a few settings. Here doesnt have been in that connection but but in order to enable your remote management tool youre going to. Have to go to management and you got to go to system admin and then after that you got to.

Go to the advanced setting here to enable the remote management like that and keep in mind you can change. Your port number anywhere you want on my linksys it was 8080 over here is 80 81 and after that. You save it so once that is done then in order to set up your d dns you would go. To features and then you go to dynamic dns just like that so you just enabled it give a hostname. It could be anything mine was dd and i start that and my username was and then you enter your.

Password here and you get save and then your dynamic dns will start working all right so this is dealing. Ive got another ive got another router attached to my network here im going to switch over the ssid to. The other network this one is a asa asa router as you sorry no asa azouz router so as ooos. Does it a bit differently you just have to enable the ddns and everything get taken care of so the. Way to enable ddns would be you go to when right here and then you go to d d and.

S here and just say yes and then register with others and and youre off the races so i hope. All these various router demonstration helps anyway you have a good day bye.

Conclusion – How To Access My Router From The Internet

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