How To Access My Voicemail – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access my voicemail,

Method 1 – How To Set Up Voicemail On Iphone And Android (Any Carrier)

This is what happens when you call someone who doesnt have their voicemail set up im sorry the person you. Are trying to reach has a voicemail box that has not been set up yet please try your call again. Later goodbye i think that is the worst so in this video im showing you how to set up your. Voicemail box on both iphone and android first lets dive into iphone its a fairly straightforward process here you jump.

Into the phone application and then in the bottom right you have a voicemail icon if you tap that you. Will see right in the center of your screen an option to set up your voice mailbox tap setup and. Create a voicemail password now this can be anywhere from four to six digits i typically like to use a. Safe and secure four digit passcode that no one is likely to guess ahem please dont steal my password and. Actually use something different once youve created your pin you have the option to use the default greeting which sounds.

Like this your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system nine seven eight four six zero eight. Two two seven is not available at the tone please record your message when youve finished recording you may hang. Up or press one for more options or you can record your own custom greeting just tap the record button. Uh talk for a few seconds say something like hey youve reached stetson thanks for calling ill get back to. You as soon as i can whatever you want to say for your voicemail message tap stop tap done and.

Youre done and you can see this number has been getting a lot of spam calls and if you ever. Want to change your voicemail greeting again because you realized it was awful and you were recording an example video. For everyone else you can tap on greeting in the top left and you can change your greeting either back. To the default or record a new custom greeting thats how you set up voicemail on iphone heres how you. Set up voicemail on android and this may vary depending on your carrier or what type of android phone youre.

Using im using a samsung galaxy s20 for this example and its on us mobiles super lte plan which uses. The verizon network to set up your voicemail youre first going to want to actually call your own number that. Will bring you to your voice mailbox you will hear your prompts in english to confirm this change press pound. To cancel this change press star language changed hello and welcome to your personal mailbox on the message management system. This is a special introduction for new subscribers to begin this introduction we will set up your mailbox for your.

Personal use first we will set up your password your password is a secret number that protects the security and. Privacy of your messages you will be asked to key in this number each time you access your mailbox pick. A number that will be easy for you to remember but hard for anyone to guess okay thats pretty obvious. Just do then press pound your password cannot contain a series of consecutive digits enter the new password between four. To seven digits then press pause all right theyre on to me now uh what i actually recommend you consider.

Uh for a password is do a pattern on the keypad so im just gonna do a random pattern i. Just thought of now and definitely dont use for anything else enter the new password between four to seven digits. Then press pound okay i just did that too your new password is two five six three please select the. Greeting you wish callers to hear when they reach your mailbox to record a personal greeting press 1 to select. A standard greeting that will play your phone number press 2 at the tone record your greeting at the end.

Of your greeting press pound so first you set your language in my case i set it to english then. You create your voicemail pin this one on us mobile actually was smart enough so i couldnt use the one. Two three four super secure voicemail pin and instead i had to use um just a random pattern i thought. Of on the spot and definitely dont use for anything else and now once youre done uh recording your greeting. Which is going on for far too long you press reading has been recorded as uh recording your greeting which.

Is going on to re-record your greeting press star to keep the greeting you just heard press pound so you. Also have the option to re-record your greeting if it was awful my mine was awful so im going to. Re-record it once youre satisfied press pound greeting kept thank you your mailbox has been set up to change anything. About your setup in the future use the personal options menu you can reach this menu by pressing 4 in. The main menu remember your password 2 5 6 3 you have no new messages in your mailbox to change.

Your personal options press 4 to disconnect press star thank you and goodbye and there you go that is how. You set up your voicemail on android again it will vary possibly depending on what phone and carrier you have. But in general thats it thats the setup process for both iphone and android so you can get your voicemail. Messages and allow callers that you care about like your family and friends to actually leave you messages share this. Video with anyone who hasnt set up their voicemail box yet i know you have a few friends who havent.

And be sure to subscribe for more videos like this one im stetson and ill see you next time.

Method 2 – How To Listen To Your Voicemails Just By Dialing Your Number And How To Set Up Voicemail On Iphone..

Whats up guys and voicemail for todays video i want to show you guys how to basically get your voicemails. Read to you not just like checking and reading through all your voicemails you can do that a lot easier. So lets get into that video real quick you just wanna show you guys whats gonna do with a quick. Video about this i just wanted to show you guys okay so starting on the video were gonna go on.

To the iphone and this is gonna require some blur outs because i dont want you guys obviously seeing my. Number because it requires you remember so you unlock your phone dont be on your home screen just see your. Home slide up button i dont know why im there and so what youre gonna wanna do is go to. Your home screen and you see the phone app tap on the phone app whoa i almost dropped my phone. There guys oh okay so you dont want to go to your keypad and youre gonna want to enter your.

Number im not gonna show you guys obviously it doesnt matter yet but im not gonna show you guys this. One so when you call that so so enter your password then press pound so im gonna enter my password. You have just one your personal options first saved voice message sent thursday march 5th at 1041 a.m. Okay so. Thats pretty good im out there i just didnt want to show you guys that but thats really all you.

Gotta do it if you dont know how to set up your actual voicemail if some it says like people. Are asking you youre not getting voicemail set up all youre gonna want to do is its easy you should. Guys should look back on my video but i guess ill show you in this one so youre gonna want. To go into settings youll go down to the armed phone app when youre in the phone app youre going. To be uh youre gonna have your voicemail password and you cant set voicemail password type at a password that.

Youll remember and your voice will set up just like that so say i want to get in my voice. My passwords very long and then i hit done not says re-enter new voicemail password yeah so its pretty cool. Guys she goes the next video i just wanted to make that quick one call it below if you guys. Want a house tour like around my house okay see you next video peace alibi that was an accident so.

Method 3 – How To Access Your Voicemail

To access your voicemail remember to dial star nine eight by default your password is six two eight two and. Also remember when youre away from home if you want to access your voicemail dow your home phone number when. You get to the voicemail prompt remember just hit the star button and then if you havent already changed your. Passcode the default is six two eight two.

Method 4 – How To Recover Voicemail Messages On Your Iphone

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – Mediacom – How To Set Up Your Voicemail

Setting up your voicemail for the first time dont worry were here to help first dial your own number then. Press star when you hear that standard system greeting next follow the audio prompts to set up your passcode your. New passcode has to be between 4 and 10 characters no it cant be just the last four digits of. Your phone number make it something youll remember next youll be prompted to set up your greeting you can choose.

To use a system greeting which gives your mailbox number or you can use a voice signature this is just. Your name you can also use a temporary greeting or a personal greeting which is recorded by you remember keep. It short and sweet 30 seconds max once youre at the main menu select option 3 change your personal options. Select option 3 again record greetings next youre given the choice of recording a personal greeting selecting a standard greeting. Or leaving caller instructions to record a personal greeting press 1 at the tone record your greeting and press pound.

If youre happy with your recording press one need a second listen press 2 not satisfied to re-record press 3. Done with the whole process just press star to cancel or press 0 and a mediacom rep is there to. Help you can decide to record a standard greeting by pressing 2 the message will play for your approval to. Accept it press the pound key to change it press the star key and record a personal greeting if you. Need help just press 0 if you want caller instructions to be played after the greeting press 3 for instructions.

To be activated press 1 for instructions to be deactivated press 2 and again just press 0 if you need. A hand if you want to record a temporary greeting then press three when youre finished recording instead of pressing. Pound if you choose to make a temporary greeting then you will get reminders on whether to deactivate it every. Time you access your mailbox now if you want to use the ten digit phone number as the greeting press. Two to accept press pound and to change press start to access your voicemail first dial your own number from.

Any touch-tone phone then press star during the outgoing greeting and enter your passcode your mailbox holds a maximum of. 30 messages which are saved for 30 days you can also organize messages as urgent or private now lets learn. About managing your messages to listen to a message just press one and any new skipped or saved messages will. Play if there are no messages the system lets you know and will send you back to the main menu. If you want to reply to the message press 2 if the caller is another mediacom phone customer with voicemail.

You can reply by recording and sending a response without dialing the other persons number otherwise to replay a message. Press 4 to fast forward eight seconds press 3 to rewind 8 seconds press 5 to delete press 7 to. Save press 9 to skip press pound to recover a message you deleted by mistake during this call press star. This will get you back to the main menu and you can listen to all messages again including those that. You deleted nailed it.

Conclusion – How To Access My Voicemail

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