How To Access Network Drive On Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access network drive on mac, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access network drive on mac,

Method 1 – How To Map Network Drive On Mac

In this video im gonna show you how to map network drive on your mac computer so first thing we. Need to do we need to click on go and then we need to click on connect to server and. Then here in this pop-up box we need to type path to our location to our network drive the one. That were trying to connect so its either we need to type our server name in here or we need.

To type ip address by some reason i found out that sometimes when you type a server name it will. Not connect by some reason it will not discover so by typing your ip address it will find it for. Sure so right here type your ip address or a server name and then the location of your network drive. Minus storage and then in here we need to save to our favorite servers just click on a plus sign. And now we need to click on connect and at this popup box live at registered user and then type.

Your credentials the ones that were provided by your system administrator so it could be domain name and username so. For example if youre working for microsoft you have to type microsoft and then backslash and your username and then. Your password but in my case since im not connected to the domain im just going to use administrator and. Then type your password and then in here put a check mark next to remember this password in my keychain. And then click on connect and thats it now youre connected to your network driver but there is one more.

Thing we need to do for it to automatically connect to your drive once you log in so heres what. We need to do we need to click on system preferences then click on users and groups then login items. And then in here if you see this lock is locked you need to press on it to unlock type. Your mac credentials and then press unlock okay and in here what we need to do we need to click. On the plus sign and then we need to choose our server and then we need to choose our network.

Share that we would like to connect minus storage and then in here we just need to click add button. And also one more thing we need to do we need to put a check mark next to hide otherwise. Windows will be open automatically every time you log in and thats it and then you can close this window. Next time when youre going to log in youre going to be able to just click on go and then. I dont know choose home or computer and in here on the left hand side youre going to be able.

To see your server the one you added and once you click on it youll see your storage location and. Its going to be automatically connected to it and if you think this video is helpful to you press that. Like button and dont forget to subscribe thanks for watching.

Method 2 – How To Connect Your Mac Computer To A Windows Shared Folder

Hi this is carlo with net focus technologies today im going to demonstrate how you can access a share on. Server 2012 r2 from a mac to proceed were going to go to the server 2012 r2 c drive going. To right click here im going to create a new folder in this case im just going to name it. Something simple like data im going to right click over data select properties go to sharing and over here were.

Going to click on advanced sharing this place that yet tech box here next to share this folder and for. Permissions i usually go with authenticated users so what we need to do is click on add here click on. Advanced click on find now and there is authenticated user select that click ok click ok and typically i want. To give authenticated users the full share rights so we select the a checkbox for a full control click apply. Click ok and then apply again ok and then close the next thing i want to do is create a.

User that will be allowed to access this share so to do that we go to start administrative tools computer. Management and under the local users and groups select the users folder right click select new user and in this. Case im just going to use my first name 3 a password as well and typically ill uncheck the user. Must change password next logon for this demonstration click create and close out of here so the next step is. To find out whether or not we have a static ip set on our server to do that click on.

Control panel go to network sharing center click on change adapter settings right click over the ethernet select properties you. Want to highlight internet protocol version 4 select properties youll notice that we have selected the use the following ip. Address and in this case its going to be a static ip of 180 168 0.30 so this is basically. Saying that the machine will always consistently use the same ip number so go ahead and click on ok on. That typically if youre going to be sharing a data folder you want to have a static ip set on.

The server and the other thing is if you are going to be using the name of the machine rather. Than the ip youre going to want to have a ez name thats on the server that you can remember. At least if you could just right-click over the server name here select properties youll notice here weve named this. Particular server when 2012 and if you notice it i actually modified this name here by going through the change. Settings option here click down the change button here i just typed in a simple name of win 2012 and.

If youve got dns setup on there this is the correct way of doing it is to be able access. The actual machine name versus the ip now that we have all the information that we need were going to. Go ahead and switch over to the mac alright now that were back on our mac were going to be. Demonstrating how you can access the shared folder by using os x mavericks version 10.9 so to proceed lets go. To the go menu and drill down to connect to server and in this case what you want to start.

Off with is by typing smb colon four slash four slash the machine name for slash the actual shared aim. In this case it was called data since were not using dns for this demonstration im going to substitute the. Machine name which is win 2012 for added static ip that i had set which is 192 168 0.30 and. Once we type all that in click on plus sign to add the actual smb share to the favorite servers. List and then followed by the connect button here now you may be prompted for a username and password on.

The server as you may recall we created a and a user name under the computer management so make sure. You put that in there followed with a password very important now that weve connected to our shared folder on. The server we could actually create other folders in here by right-clicking selecting new folder this case ill call this. One accounting we have excel or word files that we want moved in here could just drag them now if. You want to be able to access your share folder from the desktop what you need to do is basically.

Go under the finder menu select preferences and then in here you want to put a checkbox next to connected. Servers you notice that when i do that you have the data share access on your desktop if we double. Click on here we able to access the shared folder thats on these server 2012 likewise if you want to. Have local access to your mac hard disks you would just check off this box as well and once we. Do that youll notice that the hard disk for the mac on your computer is successful directly from the desktop.

I hope that the this video has demonstrated to you how you could set up a share folder on a. Windows system and be able access from a mac id like to thank you for viewing this video.

Method 3 – Map A Network Drive In Os X (Mac) Permanently

Hi guys and gals and today we are going to be learning how to map a network drive on mac. So previously in the last video i showed you how to map a network drive on windows 10 now today. Im going to be showing you and demonstrating this in os x 10.10 ive always known as yosemite now the. Same process will work exactly the same in the newer tempo in eleven which is known as el cap tap.

The three things i want to show you today is first of all how to map a network drive step. Two is basically making that drive persistent what that means is when you actually turn off your mac in the. Future and turn it back on the drive will automatically reappear and remount for you step three im going to. Show you how to make that map drive appear on your desktop now for step one theres two ways of. Starting this you can either go in the finder you can go select the go menu and then select connect.

To server thats kind of the long winded way the short way is to press the command button and k. On your keyboard now once youve done this you actually have the connect to server menu appear and essentially youre. Typing in the server address now the server address youre going to be using a protocol of either afp or. Smb depending on the server that youre connecting to so in this instance im going to be using smb so. You want to type smb colon forward slash forward slash followed by it the server name or ip address of.

Your device that youre actually mounting and then im going to actually use four slash photo as a directory that. Im going to hit connect on now you dont want to connect using the standard my credentials you want to. Type in the username and password of the actual computer or device that youre connecting to after clicking ok thats. It straight away youll see that the photos library or the photos album is now actually successfully connected i can. See it under the shared tab in finder i can see photo at the top and i can see all.

Of the photos in there directly however if i now turn off my pc thatll be it gone so whenever. I turn it back on that means im going to have to repeat the steps so what were going to. Do here now is weve actually mapped the drive but we now want to make it persistent so this is. Step two so to make it persistent you want to go to the apple icon in the top left click. On it and choose system preferences now in system preferences you want to hit users and oops you then want.

To choose login items though the next thing you want to choose is the plus sign now after youve chosen. That you simply want to click on to the ip address of the shared device that you put and select. The folder once youve selected the folder press ok and then you actually see that it will appear in the. List that will automatically open when you log in so you want to make sure that thats checked and then. After that you can lock the changes because you dont need to make any more and close that window so.

From now on every time i close down my mac and turn it back on that drive will be back. Excellent so thats step 2 complete now that weve closed this off were going to move on to step 3. For step 3 im going to show you how to make a shortcut on your desktop so you dont have. To keep opening finder go to the shared tab click onto other device and then choose a folder or go. Straight into it each time because it can be a bit long-winded what you need to do is go to.

A finder and then choose preferences in the finder menu and then after that all you need to do is. Tick connected drives and then thats it you can close out of that and straight away youll see that the. Actual map drive is now shoving that is how to map a network drive thats how to make it persistent. And also how to create a desktop shortcut for that map drive on your desktop i hope you guys enjoyed. This video if you do have any questions or you have any issues or even some of you are using.

Older versions then drop a comment below ill be happy to help you guys out when and where i can. But for now thanks for watching ill see you in the next video.

Method 4 – Mapping A Network Drive For Macos

This is a tutorial on how to map a network drive like a windows network drive if you are running. Mac os so if youre on a mac book or an imac and youre off-campus and maybe you want to. Map into a network drive for example the college of engineering shared drive or maybe the h drive something like. That im going to show you how to do that the first step you need to make sure you do.

Is that youre connected to vpn thats with the cisco anyconnect theres a link in the description if you havent. Set up vpn on a mac yet thatll walk you through how to set that up so once youre connected. You can actually map to network drives on nmsu campus so the way were going to do that is were. Just gonna open up finder and its pretty easy youre just gonna go ahead and appear at the top youre. Gonna click on go and then connect to server ok and then its actually pretty easy so its a lot.

Like windows except the slashes are a little bit different so for pretty much any network drive youre just gonna. Type smb colon forward slash forward slash sorry smb colon forward slash forward slash and then the name of the. Server so for this example im gonna go ahead and do our college of engineering shared drive and then i. Know that its shares dollar so i have the name of the server in the first part and then i. Have the name of the folder im trying to access here so then im just gonna click connect and its.

Gonna ask me enter your name and password for the server and so heres what were gonna erase whats in. Here and were actually gonna use our mine msu credentials so im gonna type acn backslash and my acn username. Along with my mind msu password and then you can see that im connected and so heres like part of. The engineering chair drive youll notice that we have some software available for students in here stuff like that yours. Might look a little bit different than my depending on what you have access to but yeah thats an easy.

Way and youll notice here in locations that it mapped the network drive so anytime i want to go to. The server i can click on you know over here and then get into the folder that i need were. Gonna ill try this example again with like the h-drive just so we can go through it one more time. So youre gonna go to go connect to server and again its just gonna be smb colon forward slash forward. Slash and that server is known as avalanche and then its forward slash users dollar and then your username so.

Im gonna do mine and since i already had my username saved from the last one it went ahead and. Signed me in with that anyway and so heres some of my documents and my desktop from my avalanche h. Drive so very useful tools if youre on a mac and you need to get into some windows folders it. Doesnt require remoting in or anything like that so you can just map it straight to your macbook.

Method 5 – How To Access Network Folders On A Mac

You go up to connect the server and then its gonna say smb colon forward slash forward slash here forward. Slash students it connect and then there you go your programs profiles and personally its all there.

Conclusion – How To Access Network Drive On Mac

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