How To Access Notes On Icloud – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access notes on icloud,

Method 1 – Just Show Me: How To Move Your Notes To Icloud And Access Them Anywhere

Hi everyone im ashley sceva its time for another installment ive just show me on teca tv where we take. Your tech toys and gadgets and show you how to get the most out of them today im going to. Show you how to move your notes from your mac laptop or desktop computer to icloud so that it can. Sync to your ipad or iphone its a really easy and fun thing that theyve added in the newest software.

Update for os 10 which is called mountain lion you can get it on the app store on your mac. And its an expanded functionality that really comes in handy if youd like to sync all those notes across all. Of your ios devices lets take a look once youve purchased and updated your computer to mountain lion youll notice. That notes has become its own separate app so its not hidden inside mail anymore and once we open it. You can see we have these lovely notes that ive created for myself and some that ive shared with friends.

And colleagues and theres actually this set of buttons right here one with a window and one column and another. With a window and two columns well lets see what happens if we click on the two column button now. We can see all the different places we have notes stored so you can see i have a couple of. Different email accounts that i have them stored on and theres also icloud so if id like to move a. Note right now from here into icloud i can do that simply by clicking on the note and dragging and.

Dropping it into notes for icloud so once ive done that you can see here it is right here dont. Forget its the same note that i just had ive moved it from my email account to this particular icloud. Notes which will now sync across any device that i have set up for icloud so its a really easy. Way to share notes you can see now i have it on my ipad because ive shared it with icloud. And its a really great way to remind yourself of things if youre not using all of your devices at.

The same time so lets say youre at work you want to make a note for yourself but you want. To access it later on your iphone this is the best way to do that and thats how to move. Your notes from your mac laptop desktop to icloud thats it for just show me on tech of tv be. Sure to check out tech accom for all of other content and well see you next time.

Method 2 – How To Recover Deleted Notes On An Iphone! [Iphone Notes Disappeared]

Okay everyone so on your iphone your notes can be very essential things for you to keep or save it. On your device but the problem is there are certain people they either lost their notes or maybe they have. Unfortunately deleted them from their iphone and as soon as they do that they ask the questions whether can they. Be able to get them back on their iphone or not honestly speaking of course you can get those notes.

Back on your iphone therefore were gonna go ahead and show you the two ways to get back your notes. On your iphone first we will show you how you can get it directly from your node application and second. Of all we will show you how you can get this back from your icloud accounts now were gonna go. Ahead and open up the notes and we will show you how now lets go ahead and delete some of. The notes and show you how you can get them back so as you guys can see i have deleted.

Some of the notes from here and if i tap on this options right here called folders you simply can. Tap it on and then it will put you through on the screen now on this screen you will get. This option called originally deleted folder if you just go ahead and tap the recently deleted folder then it will. Give you all those recently deleted notes that you have deleted from your iphone but please be aware of that. One thing that it will actually give you time around 40 days before you get those back on your iphone.

Now lets go ahead and tap edit and then you can mark those notes that you want to get those. Back on your iphone so we just look to those four notes then ill tap move and ill select notes. And then they will get back to work so ill tap back and ill open up the notes and these. Are the notes that we get back on our iphone all right guys now lets go ahead and see our. Second step to get back or to just recover the notes on our iphone in the second process you need.

To be careful with one thing so previously if you had turned on your note from your icloud account then. You will be able to get them back from your icloud account now after lets say you had turned on. Your note before and now all you need to do is simple go ahead and open up your browser and. Type so ill type and then ill tap go as soon as you do it it will give. You this prompt and it will ask you for the password if your icloud account is locked in with your.

Iphone now go ahead and tap continue the password if you want to get your note from your apple accounts. That you have logged in with your iphone already now ill just enter that apple id password right here go. Ahead and type continue now as soon as you do it it will put you through on the screen and. All you got to do just go ahead and tap your notes and then check whether your notes are already. Been in there or not so lets say it is not in there i mean your icloud account is still.

Empty so all you can do just go ahead and tap this arrow button right here if you do it. Then it will show you all of this list whether you have it or not so lets say you you. Didnt really have any notes from here as well and you also can tap one more time to this arrow. Button and then it will give you this option where youll be able to find this folder called recently deleted. Now go ahead and type your recently deleted folder and youll be able to get every single deleted notes that.

You have deleted from your iphone now go ahead and select your notes that you want to recover so lets. Say i want to recover this one so all you can do you simply can tap recover option then your. File will be recovered lets go ahead and tap back just check whether we got it or not so here. You guys can see that we got back the note on our iphone all over again and these are the. Ways that you guys can follow to get back your notes i mean to recover your notes on your iphone.

Alright guys hope this video is useful thanks for watching and see you next time.

Method 3 – How To Use Icloud – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Hey everyone in todays video i want to teach you all about icloud and a lot of people already know. What icloud is but theyre not utilizing it the way to its fullest potential really so what is icloud if. You dont know what it is if you have an apple product so apple makes iphones they make ipads they. Make imacs or different types of laptops and all those have access to whats called icloud and what icloud is.

Is a cloud-based storage system okay meaning instead of storing things on your phone or your ipad or your computer. That has a limited amount of storage you could extend that storage by putting it in the cloud basically in. A digital environment that is not on your physical device okay thats the cloud okay its just a remote server. Some other computer somewhere else that will store those things for you from apple now its been around since 2011. So almost as long as the iphone has been around weve had icloud before but what i really want to.

Teach you in this video is exactly all the different features that icloud has to offer now by default you. Get a certain amount of icloud storage when you buy an iphone or an ipad and you sign up for. Whats called apple id and that right now that limit is five gigabytes okay which is not that much thats. The free version of it but you could actually update and get i believe i get 200 gigabytes for about. A dollar or two dollars a month something like that that lets me basically put all my photos and videos.

And documents into the cloud and ill show you that here because i really want to show you in this. Video you do have icloud on your phone and on your ipad too it looks like this ill cover. This in a different video because what im going to show you on the website all these options are going. To be available there too but this basically is going to show you things that icloud has access to on. Your phone so you can see my mail contact calendar reminder all those are turned on so this is more.

Of an option to turn things on and off for your phone but the website is really what is. The most useful so how do you sign in here go to and type in your apple id as. Long as you have an apple device most likely you already have an apple id which in my case is. An email address so type that in and if you forgot it you could go ahead and press forgot okay. And if you dont have one then just look up how to sign up for apple id you could create.

One down here pretty straightforward ill go ahead and log in and here is icloud and these are all the. Different apps and services you get access to just by having an icloud account okay now whats great about this. Is with that apple id now whatever i do here on is gonna transfer over or sync up with. My phone and my ipad and really any other device that i have linked up so let me show you. In order what youre looking at here you got your mail now this is the same mail application i have.

On my computer for my icloud email address if i click this its going to let me basically review any. Email i have in my inbox i could go ahead and compose any email and just work off of this. As my email from i dont have to sync it up to my computer and this all syncs up. To my phone on the same email address okay this is really really useful option let me go back thats. Icloud mail here or apple mail you have your contact again if you remove or add people here it will.

Sync up with your phone and your computer if you have apple computer in your icloud account you have your. Calendar this is just a typical calendar here where you could sync up different calendars and move forward and backward. In time very useful you have your whole photos library here now i use icloud to backup all my photos. Theyre not actually on my phone so i could access them here anytime and you also have this thing called. Icloud drive now this is super powerful that most people are not using at all but what icloud drive does.

Especially when you upgrade to a bigger storage so i have 200 gigabytes i could upload any document here and. Store it in the cloud so this will take it off with my computer and my phone i could store. Everything from documents to downloads to keynotes and pages which well talk about all that could be on idrive so. This is like google drive if you ever use that or dropbox and let me show you one more thing. Here if you have it set up on your computer you get this little option called icloud drive which is.

Exactly what youre looking at here on my computer and the website so whatever i do here on my computer. It will sync up to this icloud website which then will sync up to my phone super super useful and. Again as i mentioned if you have dropbox it works the same way this shows up right here i have. Microsoft onedrive creative cloud this is adobes so these are all kind of the same thing cloud storage from different. Companies they all show up over here on my computer let me go back now and you have notes and.

Notes and reminders are just documents that you already have access to on your phone and they will sync up. Here but you could start a note here instead so for example heres the note heres the script that im. Just using right now for this video and i could refer to it over here and i wrote it on. My ipad and it synced up to icloud so really really easy and useful option same with reminders and then. We get to this section pages numbers and keynotes now all these three applications i have complete videos on how.

To use them on your computer but basically with pages this is like uh microsoft word okay or google docs. Where you could just type in text very very simple to you use document creation numbers is like microsoft excel. Or google sheets okay where you have spreadsheets really easy to use as well and keynote is kind of like. Powerpoint or google slides where you could create slide presentations or powerpoint presentations okay so watch those videos if you. Want to learn more about those but you could create them directly from here and it will sync up to.

Your icloud account and you could get the apps on your phone too and open them up there find my. Friends is really easy and useful option for basically one of the most useful options with this is tracking your. Family especially if you have younger kids you could go ahead and activate this feature ill make a separate video. Thats more in depth on that so you could watch that after this and one of the main reasons i. Showed you on the computer here is because of find my let me click this and find my basically.

Tries to locate your devices if youre away from your devices most of the time if you lose your iphone. Or ipad or computer you could go to on someone elses device or computer and basically search for all. Your different devices so thats the find my option okay thats going to help you find stolen or lost devices. And ill show you account settings and with this this is really useful because you could get a good overview. Of your storage this is also available on your phone and your ipad too but it shows you how much.

Photos and videos you have i purposely got the upgraded storage here you could update on your phone easily and. I now update or upload all my photos and videos sync them up and take them off my device icloud. Also backs up any device that you have if you choose to do that on that device and that way. If something happens to it or you move to a different device you could use that backup i back up. All the time using icloud your mail shows up here and whats available shows up here very nice visual graph.

All your devices show up here too so you could click on any of them at any time for more. Information and thats really the broad overview of this page and if i show you that on the the phone. Here same kind of thing okay so under your apple id on icloud you could see the same graph and. You can manage your storage which is one of the most useful parts of icloud here on the phone but. If i press manage storage on that icloud setting its going to let me here change my storage plan so.

This is how i upgraded it but i could also decide what needs to be removed over here so if. I have a lot of things showing up on this side its going to let me remove it let me. Actually show you how to get to this page from the beginning all you have to do is open settings. On your phone so this is the settings app open it on this page click your name right here on. Your phone this works on ipad the same way and here you see that option right here says icloud click.

This and thats how i got to this page okay so i could see my storage i could manage storage. But more importantly any apps that are using icloud could be turned on and off here so if you dont. Want those to take up space in your icloud account you could actually turn any of them on or off. Just like this okay you just press this little slider right here and you could delete it from your phone. And not sync it to your icloud so this is really really useful just to know where to turn these.

Off and icloud drive i always keep on so then things on my phone could be stored to this so. I could open them easily on or on my computers folder that i showed you earlier and you can. Make sure any app you have is not synced up to icloud 2 if you dont want that information to. Be synced with your icloud account so those are some of the useful options on the phone but ill cover. These in a different video in more detail and thats your crash course on using icloud and i hope some.

Of the information i provided was new information to you so you could really utilize icloud to its full potential. Again make sure if youre gonna use it to upgrade and pay that dollar two dollars a month extra so. You could go and have a lot more information or a lot more storage than you typically get with icloud. I hope you found this video useful make sure you subscribe for easy to follow tech videos just like this. One posted every single day on this channel and ill see you next time.

Method 4 – Apple Notes App Tips And Tricks – Your Ultimate Apple Notes Guide!

Hello my names tom and this is proper honest tech note-taking apps come in all shapes and sizes across the. Range of apple devices from complex to simple old to new premium to free one things for certain youll never. Run out of options if you want to try and find a note app that suits all of your needs. But ive recently come to the realization that for my personal usage case the best app is possibly the note-taking.

App already included for free on ios ipad os and mac os apples very own notes app because heres the. Thing the notes app included in your phone tablet and mac is way more powerful and capable than you think. It is especially with icloud integration without being overly complicated but its not always the most intuitive app to use. Particularly if youre not aware of what it can do so in this video im going to take you on. A deep dive into apples notes app right now in june of 2021 ill show you what it can do.

And show you how to do it and just so youre aware im running all the latest operating systems 14.6. On ios and ipad os and mac os big sur 11.4 on the mac side of things im gonna break. This video down into three sections creating notes then organizing notes then everything else first things first to make the. Most of the functionality were gonna be talking about here youre gonna want to ensure that youre logged into your. Icloud account on all relevant devices and that youve got icloud switched on for the notes app if youre unsure.

Head to your settings then head into the icloud part of your settings and ensure that this toggle here is. Switched on thats important partly because having the icloud functionality will back up any notes that you create but also. Because if you own multiple apple devices you can access view and edit your notes across all of them so. If you start off a note on your iphone whilst youre out and about theres nothing to then stop you. From picking up and finishing later on on your ipad or your mac im on notes on my mac at.

The moment but ill be jumping over to notes on iphone and ipad throughout this video and ill show you. How things look there but one thing youll notice is that for the most part the apps all look and. Act pretty much the same up here at the top you can see that weve got two folders which i. Typically ignore when im organizing my notes all icloud and notes i believe notes is the non-icloud version of notes. A bit of a legacy to how notes used to be back when you couldnt back everything up into the.

Cloud and you can see my folder is empty everything that i create nowadays is an icloud note clicking on. All icloud notes is of course going to show you all of the notes right lets begin with creating notes. To do that im actually going to use that empty notes folder we just talked about and then create a. New note in there ill give it a title and just put some text in to get things started so. Far all pretty obvious and i guess that this is how most people use the notes app jotting down a.

Quick note on their computer or on their iphone using the on-screen keyboard and whilst this first tip might be. Super obvious ill cover it just in case you can tap on the big a little a sign here to. Get access to all of the text formatting options available at the top youve got the option to put text. Into bold italics underline or strikethrough then under that youve got options for putting text into titles headings and lists. If i compare this with the iphone app you can see its laid out a little differently over here but.

Offers the same range of options although it does also include an option for indenting the text once you get. Good at using this youll be able to create really good looking notes the tick box lets you add a. Tick box to your notes which essentially serves as a way of creating a list this definitely doesnt replace the. Tasks function in ios but it can be useful if you need some kind of task or to-do list along. With some information perhaps youve created a note in relation to a project and you want to be able to.

Keep track of things as theyre being completed this would be a good way of doing that having information and. Activities together in one place next to that youve got the table option which when you click on it creates. A simple two by two table but you can add to this by tapping at the top of a column. Or the side of a row then choosing this menu and adding columns or rows as you need to and. You can still use text formatting within your table so you could use bold to create headers italics etc over.

On the ipad a cool trick related to creating notes is that if you own an apple pencil you can. Just tap on the lock screen with the tip of the apple pencil and the ipad will wake up and. Create a new note ready for you to begin handwriting straight into so if youre the kind of person who. Likes to take handwritten notes in meetings this would be really useful for you you can also begin creating a. Note when youre using other software on your apple device by making use of the share function for example lets.

Say that youre browsing the web and you see something that you want to keep a note of rather than. Bookmark choose the share button then choose notes you can choose to create a new note or add it to. An existing one if youre creating a new note you can choose where in your notes app you want it. To live and you can add some text to it before you save it it works from safari so you. Can save pretty much anything from the web it works from maps if you want to share a location with.

Someone from photos and on ios and ipad os it works from pretty much everywhere so loads of different parts. Of the apple ecosystem you can also have siri create a note for you just begin with the standard siri. Trigger phrase then say make a new note for me when asked what youd like it to say you can. Dictate using standard dictation phrases just remember that the first thing you say before you create a new line will. Be your title for example my thoughts on dictation new line this is how you can use siri dictation to.

Create a note without typing anything at all full stop its a really great feature comma and one that not. Many people ever bother to use exclamation mark and incredibly you can do this from any of your apple devices. Obviously your iphone ipad and mac but also your watch your home pod even your car if you have apple. Carplay so if youre the kind of person who likes to keep a note of things that inspire you youre. Never out of reach of your notes app okay so staying with the mac for a minute lets click on.

The image icon here this button allows you to get images into your notes using a variety of different methods. You can see that weve got a few different options broken down into three sections at the top weve got. Photos which literally means we can add a photo from our icloud photo library directly to the note clicking on. This is going to take me into my camera roll all my albums and i can select an image to. Add this works exactly the same way on the iphone and the ipad but what if youre working on a.

Note on your mac and you suddenly realize that youd like to capture an image right away and add it. Into the note well youve got three identical options for iphone and ipad and thats because ive got an iphone. And an ipad connected to my apple id so notes knows that im able to access both of these functions. Im assuming that if you only had an iphone for example only the iphone option would show choosing take photo. Will wirelessly connect to your iphone or ipad and fire up the camera so literally all you have to do.

Is grab your device point and shoot ill try it now with my iphone there we go theres a picture. If youre not happy with the photo choose retake photo and go again but once you are happy with it. Choose use photo and the photo will immediately appear in your note no messing around having to manually transfer the. Photo from one device to another but it gets even better let me show you the other options scan documents. Works exactly the same way but the camera will be aware that youre scanning a document rather than taking a.

Picture and the camera settings will change accordingly let me grab a document and lets put this down on the. Ground and when i choose scanned documents the camera app opens on my iphone ready to scan a document you. Can choose whether or not its a color document scan multiple pages youve got lots of different options once done. The document will immediately appear in your note and you can see that it appears in its own frame separating. It from regular photos if you right click on it you can treat it like its own document opening it.

Up to see the separate pages if relevant and even export it as a pdf finally you can add a. Sketch ill use the ipad for this as its better for this purpose than the iphone in my opinion but. It works the same way and you would of course use whatever you have access to once i choose add. Sketch on my ipad my ipad will immediately change to sidecar with a blank canvas and the various drawing options. I can use my apple pencil to add in a sketch im pretty terrible at drawing as you can see.

But ill see if i can add a street in with a direction there we go thatll do ill choose. Done and the sketch is immediately visible in the note now this functionality works essentially the same way on ipad. And iphone the main difference being of course that youre not having to bounce from one device to the other. You simply choose the photo option from the on-screen menu if you want to add a photo or scan a. Document and you hit the pencil icon if you want to draw something in okay so that pretty much covers.

The actual creation of notes but the challenge youd be facing now is that all of your notes are just. Kind of dumped in a folder in your notes app with no real organization you can of course search within. All of your notes so if youre the kind of person who would like to have your notes in one. Folder and then search for what you want you should be aware of the search field which sits at the. Top of each notes folder you just click into it type and enter just like any regular search field but.

For those of us who prefer to have some kind of order there are thankfully a number of options available. To help you manage your note so lets move on to the second part of this video organization the most. Obvious form of notes organization is of course a folder on the mac theres a button at the bottom left. Which specifical.

Conclusion – How To Access Notes On Icloud

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