How To Access Nvidia Control Panel – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Fix Nvidia Control Panel Is Not Showing Or Found In Windows 10

Hey guys welcome back to the channel technology and today in this video im going to show you guys how. To fix nvidia control panel is not showing over there as you can see if i right click over there. Its not showing over there so in this video im going to show you guys how to fix this issue. So you just need to follow me and dont forget to subscribe my channel for more update like this so.

First of all what you have to do is you need to click on your start menu or else you. Can click on this search button so click over there and after that you have to type over there services. Dot msc so dont worry with that i will give you this command to my video description so after put. This command you have to press enter or else you can click on the services app okay which is showing. Over here now after open this services window you have to find is you have to press n to find.

Nvidia uh display container ls this one so if it is not started yet you have to start this and. After start as you can see my right now showing it is running so if i right click on my. Uh desktop as you can see its showing control panel so if it is already started on your computer just. Right click over there and click on restart and it will fix your problem so still if your problem is. Not fixed then i will suggest you to go to this website which is dot in slash download slash index.aspx.

So i will give you this link to my description you can copy paste from there so after go to. This website you have to select your product type in my case it is geforce after that says is 1050. Ti in my case so i will select your g4 10 series and here i will select here our 1050. Ti operating system i have a windows 10 64 bit so i will select your 64 bit so if you. Dont know your architecture version then just go to your my computer and right click over there and go to.

Properties or else you can right click on this pc and go to properties now you can see system type. Is showing over there 64 bit operating system and x64 base processor so i will download this one okay 64. Bit and after that you have to select your game ready driver and click on search button once you have. Done now here you will create one download button so you download the nvidia driver from this website and after. Download you have to go to the control panel so just go to this search button and type over there.

Control space panel now press enter or click on this control panel app now from your right side corner make. Sure that you have selected here category and under program you will get one option is called uninstaller program so. Select over there and now you have to find nvidia geforce experience graphics drivers you have to uninstall one by. One also you can uninstall from here just right click on your start button just right click over there you. Will get a new uh menu so you have to go to device manager and once you have get this.

Skin under display after you have to expand that option and you will get your graphics driver so in my. Case it is nvidia g4 gtx 1050 ti so right click over there click on uninstall device and you have. To select this delete the driver software of this device so select this and click on uninstall and after that. You have to install this uh software on your computer which you have downloaded from this website and it will. Fix your problem so i hope this small video will really help for you and please dont forget to click.

On the subscribe button like comment share button and if you have any queries or question then comments down below. I will see you guys on the next one next video take care.

Method 2 – Fix Nvidia Control Panel Not Showing In Windows 10

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Method 3 – 🔧 How To Optimize Nvidia Control Panel For Gaming & Performance The Ultimate Guide 2020 Update

Whats going on guys it is pandjit here and today im going to bring you guys the 2020 ultimate guide. To the nvidia control panel settings inside of this video were going to be going through all of the nvidia. Control panel settings showing you guys the best settings depending on which graphics card you have installed to your machine. To allow you to completely optimize your graphics card at the driver level to ensure that you guys are getting.

The best visuals and performance within side of the games and making sure that everything is set up correctly if. You guys have seen my previous guide to the nvidia control panel settings make sure that you do follow along. With this video or if youve never seen any of my videos before make sure you do stick around and. Watch all of the steps inside of this video as there has been a plethora of updates to the nvidia. Drivers adding in brand new highly anticipated features alongside many bug fixes and many of the settings have changed from.

My previous video as always guys if you guys do enjoy this video and im happy with the results please. Leave a like in the video that helps me out tremendously alongside leaving any results questions queries or suggestions in. That comment section down below its always fantastic to hear from you guys and if you guys do enjoy my. Content and wish to stay up to date with the channel please do consider pressing the subscription button and the. Notification bell to be notified instantly of whenever i upload so to kick things off first thing you need to.

Do is actually make sure which graphics card you have installed to your pc to do this its very simple. And easy to do right click anywhere on your desktop and you should be seeing the nvidia control panel settings. If you guys see radeon control panel settings or amd radeon settings there is a separate video which can be. Found in the description down below for any amd or radeon users so make sure that you follow along with. That guide as youve come to the wrong video but for anyone running an nvidia graphics card you should be.

Seeing the nvidia control panel if you guys dont see the nvidia control panel dont panic it just means that. We dont know which graphics card you have installed yet so you can simply skip this step but for any. Of you who are unsure which graphics card youve installed open up the nvidia control panel navigate to the top. Left hand side to the help tab click on help then go down to system information after a few short. Moments the system information tab will open up on the far left hand side you should see items and youll.

See the graphics card on which you have installed listed on the left hand side for me im using a. Geforce rtx 2080 for this video so now that i know which graphics card ive installed i can exit out. Of both the nvidia control panel and the system information and we can navigate into the description down below and. Youll find the nvidia geforce driver link once you guys have clicked on the link this will then link you. To the latest geforce drivers for any nvidia graphics card out there its incredibly important that you update to the.

Latest gpu driver as theres been a plethora of fixes and tons of additional content and settings available in the. Latest drivers so if you guys havent updated your gpu driver in a while it is highly recommended that you. Update around about once every three months or so to ensure that you guys are running on the most optimized. And bug-free drivers once you guys are inside of the geforce page for you guys who are not sure which. Graphics card you have installed simply select the automatic driver updates utility found here select download it will download the.

Program install it to your pc it will then automatically detect and install the latest driver for your graphics card. If you guys do know which graphics card you have installed you can use the manual search found here at. The bottom so for me im going to be going into the drop down menu for the geforce rtx going. To the 20 series as thats the graphics card i have selecting the 2080 super my operating system my language. And start search once you guys have done that youll then find the latest gpu driver found here click on.

The game ready driver navigate up to the download button under the download page and on the bottom left hand. Side as youll see the driver will then be downloaded to install the driver its very simple and easy to. Do once its finished downloading simply open it up and itll automatically install the latest driver once you guys have. Installed the driver its incredibly important that you actually restart your pc by going to the bottom left hand side. Clicking on the windows key right clicking on the power option and selecting restart just to make sure that the.

Latest driver is properly running with inside of windows and youre good to go its incredibly important that you update. Your gpu driver at the beginning of this video as these optimizations will actually be reset every time you update. Your gpu driver so assuming you guys are now running on the latest nvidia driver simply then go ahead and. Right click on your desktop and you should now be seeing the nvidia control panel once inside of the nvidia. Control panel were going to start off with the left hand side were going to go from the top to.

The bottom starting off with the adjust image settings with preview with inside of here what were going to be. Doing is navigating to the middle option selecting use the advanced 3d image settings and then press apply once you. Guys have selected that navigate to the manage 3d settings tab on the left hand side and this is going. To be the most important tab with inside of this entire video make sure that you follow along with these. Options as closely as possible some of them might be a slight bit different depending on which graphics card you.

Have and if the options are available to you but do follow these as closely as possible so to start. Off with image sharpening if you have the image sharpening option available you should definitely use this as this will. Enhance the visuals on direct decks 9 10 11 and 12 games going into the settings options turning this on. Allowing sharpen to be set to around about 50 with an ignore film grain of 0.17 and if you guys. Have supporting graphics cards and have the options available to you make sure you do enable the option for gpu.

Scaling as this will enable a bunch of custom resolutions with inside of games which will scale natively to your. Monitors native resolution for example if your monitor is a 1080p monitor this will allow you to play games at. Low resolution than 1080p and properly upscale the game to your monitors 1080p native resolution this is especially good for. Some of you guys running on lowering graphics cards or if you wish to get the best fps possible most. Games you play you should always have this option enabled even if you dont wish to use it you should.

Always have this enabled if you can next up is going to be ambient occlusion ambient occlusion is going to. Be recommended to set the performance option anastropic filtering is going to be set to application controlled anti-aliasing fxaa id. Recommend turning to the off position anti-aliasing gamma correction turning this on anti-aliasing mode should be set to application controlled. Anti-aliasing transparency should be switched to off cuda gpus should be set to all and that brings us down to. Dsr factors which is dynamic super resolution this allows you to play games and render them at a higher resolution.

Than your native monitor supports allowing you to play 1440p 4k up to 8k on a 1080p monitor or if. Youre running on a 4k monitor you could upscale all the way up to around about 8k or as far. As your gpu will allow you to render for most people i wouldnt recommend using this option especially assuming most. People watching this video are looking for the best settings in terms of performance and visuals and dslr is really. Just there for some of you who like to play single player games and want the best visual experience possible.

If you are going to enable dsl factors id recommend turning on two times and four times only but for. Most of you watching this video i wouldnt recommend using this and unchecking everything with inside of here pressing ok. And that will switch it to off if you guys do set up dsr factors its recommended you set your. Dsrs smoothness to zero percent or at most ten percent you can play around with that as personal preference but. I recommend turning that all the way to zero and that brings us down to low latency mode which is.

One of the most important options with inside of here flow latency mode if you guys are capable of getting. Over about 80 fps in most games id recommend switching this to the on position as this will drastically help. You decrease input lag with inside of the game allowing the games for a lot more snappier and responsive and. Can also help out boost your fps underneath latency mode that now brings us down to max frame rate with. Inside of here i recommend switching this to the off position unless you guys are wanting the smoothest experience possible.

If you guys do want the smoothest experience possible its recommended switching this to the on position and setting this. To match your monitors refresh rate if you guys are running on a 240hz monitor set this is 240 if. Youre running a 144hz monitor set this to 144. Do bear in mind that games will not run past this. Fps and this fps will be a hard cap at a driver level allowing you guys for a lot faster.

Frame times and more stable frame times so youll be left with a more stable game but for most of. You watching this video i would recommend turning this off monitor technology if g-sync is available to you with inside. Of here you can use it if you wish to do so there is a brief explanation on the right-hand. Side of the screen now which will basically sum up how g-sync works for me im running on a 240hz. Monitor so i dont wish to use g-sync and im going to be using fixed refresh navigating down to multi-frame.

Sampled aaa im going to be switching this off for the best fps possible navigating down to the opengl rendering. Gpu switching this off of auto select and selecting the graphics card which we have installed power management mode again. This is one of the most important options with inside of here for ensuring that you guys are getting the. Best fps and most stable fps possible change this off of optimal power and switch it to prefer maximum performance. Under the preferred refresh rate option id recommend switching this off of application control and selecting this to highest available.

Shader cache should be switched to the on position texture filtering anistropic sample optimization so we switch to on texture. Filtering anastrophic sampling optimizations should be switched to the on position texture filtering negative lod bias should be set to. Allow texture filtering quality should be switched off of quality and set to high performance texture filtering trial any optimization. Should be switched to on threaded optimization should be set to auto triple buffering should be turned off for vertical. Sync were going to go inside of the 3d option and switching this to off and last but not least.

Going down to the bottom two virtual reality pre-rendered frames and setting this to one and that concludes the best. Settings once you guys have got all of those options set up correctly take yourself to the bottom right hand. Side and click the apply button we can then take ourselves over to the left hand side once again to. Configure surround then inside of it go to the physics settings go to processor go to the drop-down menu and. Select your graphics card once again make sure that you press apply after setting all of these changes we can.

Then never get over to the change resolution tab starting off by selecting our main monitor on the left hand. Side you may have more than one monitor connected to your pc and youll see them all listed here were. Going to start by going over to our main monitor selecting the highest resolution under the pc category available for. Me thats going to be 1920 by 1080 and ensuring that youve got your refresh rate set up correctly by. Going to the drop down menu and selecting the highest refresh rate put inside of here for me i have.

240 hertz you can then scroll all the way down to the bottom come down and select the option for. Using video color settings make sure this is set to full in the bottom right hand side and press apply. Make sure that you accept the changes by selecting yes we can then navigate back over to the left hand. Side to adjust desktop color settings with inside of here its recommended that you go down to the bottom to. The apply the following enhancements go to the digital vibrance tab and youll recommend bumping this up from 50 i.

Personally like the value of 80s as it makes everything look a lot more vibrant adds a lot of saturation. To colors as my monitor is typically very washed out from stock so tune this to your personal preference once. Youve selected a value youre happy with make sure that you go to the bottom right hand side and apply. That value for the rotate display tab this can be changed if you wish to do so especially for other. Monitors it means you can actually set them to portrait mode but were going to be ignoring this for the.

Optimization video we can then skip all of the following options on the left hand side and going down to. Adjust desktop size and position were then going to head over to the adjust desktop size and position tab with. Inside of here its important you go to the scaling mode and you can set any of the scaling modes. Available inside of here for most people youre going to be wanting to set this to either aspect ratio or. Full screen if you wish to have whatever game it is at any resolution fill the entire screen but for.

Any of you guys that run on pixel art games or games that run in a much lower resolution if. You want them to look at their best there is a fantastic option available to you and the latest geforce. Drivers which is actually going to be the integer scaling option found inside of it this will help properly scale. The pixels from lower resolution games to your monitors native resolution making older lower end games look a lot better. On modern hardware for you guys that run on the native resolution to your monitor all the time within side.

Of every single game you play you might actually get the best performance by selecting the no scaling option so. Depending on your use case select any of the options within side of here make sure that you do select. The gpu scaling to be performed on the gpu override the scaling mode set by games change your resolution to. Any resolution you wish to do so but i do recommend keeping this native and make sure that your refresh. Rate is set to the highest possible once you guys are done with inside of there navigate to the bottom.

Right hand side and press apply then another going over to the left hand side to set up g-sync if. You have this option available to you i recommend turning this off for high-end gaming pcs running above 144 hertz. If you guys have a decent graphics card and a decent refresh rate monitor g-sync is not recommended as it. Will add a slight input latency and its completely unnecessary if you guys running on low-end graphics cards im running. On 144hz or below you might find that enabling g-sync actually allows for a much smoother experience so low to.

Medium end pcs use g-sync medium to high-end pcs its recommended you turn this off unless youre using a 1440p. Or 4k monitor and are outputting your games at that resolution then i would keep g-sync enabled within suddenly set. Up multiple display tabs you can set up all of your displays here to be changed in terms of priority. And you can also change the affinity of the displays in the screen below lets say if you have a. Second monitor that sits to the left of your normal monitor and you want that to behave correctly youll see.

A number two boxwood inside of here and youll simply drag the number two box to the left-hand side if. Your secondary monitor is to the left of your main display if your secondary monitor is above you can set. The second monitor and drag the box to the top of the number one box or you can set it. To the right hand side or any way you wish to do so depending on where your secondary monitors are. Once you guys have got that set up if you wish to set that up go ahead and press apply.

Once again then finishing up and coming down to the adjust video color settings and starting off with using the. Nvidia settings with inside of here once again go to the advanced tab come off of limited and go to. Full zero to 255 and press apply once again once you guys are done with insider there you can then. Go ahead and exit out and its recommended that you quickly restart your machine just to ensure that all of. The settings have been applied properly to the driver and the driver is running them successfully and there you guys.

Have it that is the 2020 ultimate guide to setting up your nvidia control panel settings if you guys are. Looking for further optimizations and performance bumps to graphics cards make sure that you do check in the description down. Below and youll see the ultimate geforce experience settings going down to the icon tray right clicking on the driver. And selecting the nvidia geforce experience youll also find one of the most efficient videos to optimizing and bumping up. Performance of your graphics card in the description down below as well which will take the form of the ultimate.

Gpu overclocking guide which i put on my channel around about a year and a half ago it is still. One of the best and most successful gpu overclocking guides out there its incredibly easy to follow its incredibly safe. And its highly recommended that every single person watching this video follows along with that guide for a 5 to. 25 performance increase in every single game you play gpu overclocking especially on nvidia cards its completely easy and safe. To do you cant push the card past its limits and cause any long-term damage and its incredibly educational as.

Well so if you do have the spare time and you want to get the best performance possible do check. Out the videos in the description down below as always guys if you guys did enjoy this video and are. Happy with the results please leave a like on the video as it helps me out tremendously alongside leaving any. Tips tricks results questions or queries in that comment section down below as it is always fantastic to hear from. You guys and if you guys do enjoy my content please do consider pressing the subscription button and the bell.

Notification to be notified instantly of whenever i upload thank you very much for taking the time to watch this. Video guys ive been panjino and ill see you in the next one.

Method 4 – How To Download Nvidia Control Panel Without Microsoft Store On Windows 10

Well hello ladies and gentlemen you are most welcome to how to get nvidia control panel without microsoft store yes. Ive also completely disabled microsoft store and all windows apps because im trying to be fancy and want to use. My own apps and i dont like microsoft store very much so thats that but anyways you might be uh. Knowing that your windows update tries to force nvidia drivers that are the dch drivers which will force you to.

Use microsofts stores nvidia control panel and there is no reason to do that no because thats the bad control. Panel you want a real control panel so what you do is you go to nvidia driver search and you. Just write in whatever driver you have and if youre wondering what drivers you should download just go to device. Manager and wait for it to start it just takes forever but inside here you can find display adapters the. Display adapter that says nvidia something is your display adapter thats nvidia something and you can see the numbers here.

Youll just write in now -900 and m because m is for notebooks and yeah 950m gtx 950m thats mine. And here we can see windows driver type click on standard is the um horrible thing that forces you to. Use the wrong control panel and then you just you know search and here we can find one uh driver. And you basically just download it and install it yeah so thats actually just how to do it and now. That you have updated your drivers uh with the proper real drivers not the windows 10 automatic update trash no.

Nvidias real game ready standard drivers then you actually get niveda control panel when you right click on your desktop. Now if this still just doesnt help you you know if you still have problems ive made this dedicated video. Uh nvidia control panel missing which goes through some less common ways as well on how to install the media. Control panel yeah so you can check that out too but anyways um hope that this helped you and uh. You can also check out my video on uh optimized settings for laptop gaming performance on nvidia camera panel in.

Any case uh please like this video and ill see you next time this is your host jimmy dessem signing. Out bye you.

Method 5 – Windows 11 – Unable To Find Nvidia Control Panel Fix

Whats up guys in this short tutorial i will show you how to fix the missing nvidia control panel issue. On windows 11. This should be quite an easy tutorial everything you need will be listed in the description below. To get started open up your start menu and search for services in the services window scroll down to locate.

The nvidia display container ls service if the service is not running right click the service and select start now. Right click anywhere on your desktop you will see the nvidia control panel option however if in the services window. The nvidia display container ls is already running and the issue still persists right click it and select restart this. Will also bring the nvidia control panel option back when you right click anywhere on your desktop now if both. These ways dont work for you go ahead and try this last method navigate to local disk c on your.

Pc program files and vida corporation control panel client in the control panel clients folder youll find the nvc pl. Ui option right click this option and select run as administrator the nvidia control panel window will appear now go. Back to this option right click on it and select send to desktop create shortcut this way you can easily. Access the nvidia control panel from your desktop shortcut whenever you want i hope this helped you out leave a. Comment if you have any questions and see you in the next one.

Conclusion – How To Access Nvidia Control Panel

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