How To Access Old Gmail Account – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access old gmail account,

Method 1 – How Do I Recover My Gmail Account Without My Recovery Email Or Phone?

My recovery email and phone are no longer in use i forgot my password so how do i recover my. Gmail account leo note and boom here for ask leo calm the short answer is you may not be able. To this is actually the subject of an article i wrote some time ago the one step way to lose. Your account forever and that one step way of course is to not have updated recovery information on the account.

Basically the account providers like gmail and others are faced with a really tough problem they need you to be. Able to prove you are the right person to have access to that account the way they do that is. By having the recovery information available that you can then provide them at account recovery time that proves you are. The person who set up the account you have the same information or you have the same access to the. Same devices like your phone or an email account that you had when you set up the account if you.

Let those lapse if you let the email account that you happen to use as an alternate email account go. By the wayside if you no longer have the mobile phone number or other phone number that you used as. The recovery phone number for that account and youve then lost your password its very possible that gmail or any. Other service will not be able to prove you are who you say you are and therefore may not allow. You back into your account the big lesson the big takeaway here is regardless of what you use for recovery.

Information on an account please please make sure make absolutely certain that that information is always kept up to date. If you change your phone number if you lose your mobile phone number if you switch to a different mobile. Phone number make sure that the accounts that reference that number have been updated if you lose access to an. Email account that is your recovery account for some of your services run around to those services and make sure. You update the with a new account that you have access to you run the risk of losing the ability.

To access your account and the ability to recover your account at the same time forever sorry i dont have. Better news for you but thats kind of the situation here i will point you at that article of mine. The one step way to lose your account forever simply because it goes into this in a little bit more. Detail and has some ideas for keeping things up to date so that you never ever end up in this. Situation again im leo note and boom this is ask leo calm thanks for watching.

Method 2 – How To Get Back To Your Lost Gmail Account

Hello good morning to you all today well see how we can better get back to our gmail account if. We lost that particular account for example that may be a situation off we may delete the gmail account or. If we forgot the password of the tekkens in such cases well see how we can recover or getting back. To that particular gmail account right from our android mobile so this is my android mobile and you need to.

Click on the google settings app here not this phone settings app but you need to click on the google. Settings here there will be a google chat is there for click on there and just scroll down to the. Bottom and you will see an option like say cuba click on there and once you click on the security. Click on the three dots here and click on help and feedback so once you click on help and feedback. Here okay this is what you will observe when you click on help so here the last option is the.

Cover a recently built a gmail account so click on that so click on this option recreating your lost account. So as i said at the start of the tutorial if you are if you want to recreate your account. Means if you want to get back to your account if it is lost so click on this option recreating. Your lost account so once you click on this you will see an option called link called a conjugate base. So click on it and open with chrome so open with a browser directly with chrome or anything and youll.

Be asked to enter the fire that particular gmail for example if you have deleted some yyy at the rate. Of you need to enter that particular email so here how be retailed some email means i have lost. This email so ill drop this email at the rail of so this is what i want to get. Back so click on next ok once you click on this if it is a deleted gmail it will ask. For you can click on reactivate the team if you deleted before two to three weeks if you forgot your.

Password you can enter your last dick admins password for example i have remember the last pass for something like. That so what it will do is there is a recovery email for this gmail so any verification code has. Been sent to the associated email so i need to click on send so a code will be sent to. That particular email id so if i get that code i need to enter here and once here youre okay. I have got an activation code here eight seven one zero nine two i need to enter that one there.

Eight seven one zero nine two eight seven one zero nine two in this way we can get back to. That particular account what we have lost so i can create a new password and i can confirm that password. And i can click on change password from this point i can use my account as usual in the past. I hope you liked this tutorial thanks for watching have a nice day.

Method 3 – How To Recover Gmail Account Without Verification Code? – 2021 | 100% Working

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Find Old Emails In Gmail

Welcome to this tutorial how to find old emails in gmail open your gmail and if youre not signed in. Then click on sign in at the top right enter your email and click on the next button enter your. Password and click on the next button click in the search bar of gmail if you have remembered the name. Of the sender then type the name of the sender in the search bar and press enter on your keyboard.

You will find the emails that you have received from a particular sender in our next step we will see. How to find an email from a particular time period type older underscore than colon 3m and press enter key. On your keyboard here m stands for months so by this way you will find three months old emails if. You will change the last letter m to y in the search bar for your new search then it will. Start showing you one year older emails in the search results if you want to find an email from a.

Particular date then type this command in the gmail search bar type before colon year forward slash month forward slash. Date in the search bar and press enter key on your keyboard now you will start seeing the emails which. You have received before that particular date see that wasnt hard at all thanks for watching please subscribe to our. Channel.

Method 5 – Recover Your Google And Gmail Password

You cant remember your gmail password you cant remember your gmail address or somebody has compromised your gmail account what. To do what to do we will tell you today steve dotto here how the heck you know what this. Fine day let us dive right into it it is so frustrating to have forgotten your email password or even. Worse to have forgotten your email address and it is terrifying to think that your account might have been pirated.

By somebody else so what to do about that well google gives us a series of tools now each one. Youre gonna have to work your way through and be a little bit patient in and if youve done your. Homework before you can make your life a lot easier but more on that in a moment if you have. Forgotten your email address if you go to sign into a google account right here youve got the option to. Recover your email if youve forgotten the email address in that case you have to either give them the email.

Address of the account you created it with because typically we create child accounts from other google accounts or the. Phone number that youve attached to the account thats why its so important to go through your privacy and your. Security settings in google and make sure that you have a recovery phone number and recovery email address attached because. You can use that to recover your email address if youve forgotten the email address if you happen to be. In that position having said that if you remember your email address but you cant remember the password its a.

Really easy process to just click on recover forgotten password they will send an email or a message to your. Phone and allow you to recover your password quite easily people do this all of the time dont worry its. Not that big a deal now what is a big deal is if your account has been compromised in that. Case you need to go to the account recovery console within google let me show you that google has a. Terrific help document to walk you through this entire process and we will put a link to it in the.

Description below but effectively if you feel someone has hijacked your account you have to go to this account recovery. Console and you have to work your way through recovering your username and your account and they will ask you. A series of questions again its important that you have a recovery email or a recovery phone number that they. Can attach but theyll ask you what your user name is what the last password that you signed in with. And youll begin a process of recovering a lost account this not simple to do it will take some time.

And you should be able to recover your account but it is a process that you are going to have. To go through now once again you can make your life so much easier if you have made sure that. All of your security kind of insurance policies are in place with google now since we are way over the. One top it allotted for this particular video im not gonna go into that today but i will create a. Link to our video where i walk you through that process i love reading your comments and suggestions so please.

Post below i do read every single one if you like this video please give it a like and share. It with your friends or colleagues who may find it useful now make sure youve subscribed and hit that notification. Bell and if you have time check out some of our other videos right over there until next time im. Steve dotto have fun storming a castle.

Conclusion – How To Access Old Gmail Account

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