How To Access Old Poptropica Islands – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access old poptropica islands, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access old poptropica islands,

Method 1 – [New] How To Play Old Poptropica Islands In 2021 (Easy, Free, No Viruses)

Hows it going everybody it is salty trico here and today im coming to bring you an update to the. Fabled uh poptropica tutorial video um in this video you will learn how to complete or gain complete access to. The old islands as well as membership islands and also import your old save data and this is absolutely fantastic. That this is even possible and before i get into the tutorial id like to give an absolutely enormous shout.

Out to idk and his our and his team for making this all possible if you would like to join. Any sort of a community involving poptropica his uh discord is down in the description and he was a massive. Help when i was trying to make this tutorial so thank you so much to him apologies for the cut. But i should also mention that this is completely free and also completely safe and lets just get right on. Into it so this all these links that you see up here should be in the description and the first.

One you want to go to is i guess this one that should be the first one you dont really. Need this for now but it also does have any sort of um or all the portals to all the. Links youll need so in case i forget to put in this the description or something you can go ahead. And go to that link and all of them should be here so the first thing you want to do. Is make sure that you have 7-zip on your pc you might already have this because 7-zip is a pretty.

Common thing for people to have um and apologies if im going a little bit fast here uh if you. Know me i do not make tutorial videos im just a guy who wants to help out the boys play. Poptropica who played in their childhood and want to play it again so if you dont have 7-zip already on. Your computer the first thing you want to do is check to see if you have a 32 or 64-bit. Computer for i guarantee like 90 percent of you will be 64.

But if you want to go ahead and. Check this all you need to do is hit windows key and i at the same time and at this. Point i guess i should also say that im only confident that this is all going to work on windows. Because i have very little knowledge of anything like linux or macbook or anything like that um im pretty sure. That there are seven zip downloads and everything for uh all different kinds of pcs because 7zip is extremely popular.

But but this is specifically for windows you can probably figure this all out on your own but if youre. On windows like me you can go ahead into system and go down to the about section and then right. Here it should say your system type now i have 64-bit and i guarantee most of you will have it. Too so go ahead and click this download link right here for the 64-bit and you should see that it. Will go into your little down section right here it will say two only for me but if you dont.

Have it it should just come up as normal and then youre going to want to go ahead and open. That down there it will ask you if you want to make um or allow it to make changes it. Is perfectly safe dont worry about it and then just go ahead and click install doesnt matter where just go. Ahead and it will say that its installed so you can go ahead and close this and forget about it. For now the second thing you want to do is go to the flashpoint download page and this should be.

The second link in the description but once again im a if it is not please kick me yell at. Me in the comment section so you want to scroll down and youll see the flashpoint core 9.0 download right. Here and you will see the download 7z archive youre going to want to go ahead and click this and. Im not going to do this because i already have it on my pc but i would recommend downloading it. To your desktop just so everything is easy you know you can have everything in one place this is also.

A pretty large file so it might take a little bit to download but dont worry about that it will. Get there eventually and i can also guarantee that this is completely safe so once you have all this downloaded. You want to go ahead to the third link in the description and this is going to be the actual. Poptropica file for you to download so just go ahead click the download link and it will pop up saying. That i cant scan it for viruses once again i can assure you that this is completely safe so you.

Can go ahead and click download anyway once again i already have it on my pc so i will not. Be downloading it but i would also recommend saving it to the desktop as well so now what you want. To do i have a folder set up you should see these two files in here please ignore the folder. For now you want to go to your flash point core 9.7 just go ahead and right click on it. And you should see the 7-zip option here and now you are going to want and click extract here make.

Sure you click extract here not extract files you could go ahead but it just makes it a lot easier. And once again this should take a little bit this you shouldnt see this is just yelling at me because. I already have it here so im just going to go ahead and click um just all and that should. Just replace it for me you shouldnt have to worry about that but now its going to go ahead and. It might take a little bit but it will extract it and make it a folder this might take a.

Little bit so i will cut out the section of this video until we get to the point all right. So now you should see the file folder pop-up called flash point cord 9 and it should just be a. Standard file folder so now what youre going to want to do is go ahead and open the folder you. Can ignore all this and you should see start flash point so youre going to want to go ahead and. Just open this up might take a minute to start up if youre doing it for the first time and.

I guess it also might take a bit to start up for me because it is like i said before. A bit of a large file and there we go so a bunch of stuff is going to come up. And i guarantee you you will have no problem if you just follow the instructions its actually pretty simple so. Up at the top you should see this option that says curate go ahead and click on this and then. Go over to load archive go ahead and click on that and then youre going to want to go ahead.

And click on your pub tropica 100 curation file and hit open and this might take a little bit once. Again but eventually it will completely extract it and you should see this handy dandy little area come up i. Dont know why i started talking completely choppy like that but once again i dont do tutorial videos so this. Might be a little bit scuffed okay so eventually you should see this pop-up and once again ill say a. Lot of things you dont need to worry about any of this all you need to do is go down.

To the bottom and you will see this option that says run go ahead and click that it will ask. You if you want a command processor to make changes to your device completely safe you can go ahead and. Click yes after a while you should see poptropica come up i should also mention that if you want to. Exit out and come back later all you have to do is go back into your flash plane file start. Flash point and then once it loads all you need to do is go back to curate and this all.

Should be saved and just go ahead and click run once again and everything is completely the same also you. Can click enable and disable for the ads this is just you know if youve played poptropica theres the little. Ads like in between uh different sections of the islands you can just go ahead and tab between that if. You want also you can just click returning player and it will remember all of your save data if you. Have imported your save data and that is pretty much all you need to do if you just want to.

Want to like you know just explore the game a little bit you can go ahead and create a player. Do a returning player and you can just go ahead and click off this video and now that is all. You need to know if you want to do other things like like uh import your old data from all. Your old poptropica accounts you can go ahead and i will explain that now so if you want to import. All of your account data go ahead and go to this link in the description the idk on pub and.

Go down to important notes and go ahead and click on this and you should see the link that will. Tell you to click on the save data converter go ahead and open that up and if you have actually. Poptropica data saved it will actually get this for you but all you need to do is enter your um. Your pub tropica account username and password and click submit and you will see this download come up so you. Can go ahead and minimize chrome go ahead and click import data click ok and as you can see i.

Have two of them actually but as you can see i have this file here and this will have all. Of my data on it so you can go ahead and just click open and thats it now just go. Ahead and click returning player and it will load a bit and then here you are completely good this is. 100 normal pop tropica and you can go ahead into the balloon you can go to all the islands and. I think one of the greatest things about this method from for getting into the old poptropica islands is that.

Idk i dont know how he did it but he managed to like basically grant you a free membership so. You can you can go to any island like some of the old membership islands like nabooti all perfectly available. For you to go to and this was something that was not possible on the older islands you needed to. Actually have a membership i believe and of course it looks so much cleaner than it used to like theres. Actually a map and everything its in like its own tab and its just so great like ibk and his.

Team they just did such great work for this um and honestly that is pretty much it thats really all. There is to know like its that simple so i really dont know what else to tell you i guess. If you enjoyed the tutorial if youre thankful you can go ahead and drop a sub if you have any. Questions comments or concerns go ahead and drop it in the comments section i will try to reply as i. Will try to reply to as many comments as i can and if this doesnt work im going to say.

This now if this doesnt work it is probably because it was updated in some way please do not just. Tell me in the comment section it doesnt work that does not help me at all i cannot help you. If you say this doesnt work so please if youre having any issues go ahead and into the comment section. Or you can go into idks discord server and explain what problem youre having and we will be glad to. Help you so i guess thats going to be it for this video i guess subscribe if you enjoyed and.

Have fun exploring your old poptropica islands you.

Method 2 – How To Access Old Poptropica Using Flashpoint

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Method 3 – How To Access The Old Islands In Poptropica

So hello poptropica –nz today in this video im going to be showing you how to access the old islands. That have been removed from poptropica step one go to poptropica and login to your account this step is very. Easy as all it is is just normally going to your poptropica account if you want to friend me my. Username is smart i j step 2 once you have logged into poptropica open a new tab and type in.

Http colon slash last server dot idk on pop dot-com slash pop slash teleport slash question mark short equals old. Island map to the navigation bar the website that you will be taken to is id cave old island dictionary. And now im going to be showing you some other ways on how to access the website first go to. Google and type in hot tropical old island dare click on the reddit post and find the idk old island. Directory link and for the people who like the poptropica help log just go to the poptropica help log in.

Hover your mouse over to glitching there you should see old island dictionary click on it and you will be. At the website step three select an island that you would like to play for this video ill select superpower. Island once you click you should be taken to the island and you have successfully access the removed islands of. Poptropica leave the island talk to pop hopkins how the nostalgia blast you can do whatever you want now with. The old island youve selected now for some extra little things for using ai decays old island dictionary 1 if.

You are done playing the island that you are again you want to go back to the old island dictionary. Quickly just double click the back arrow do not click on it once as it would just direct you to. Poptropica remember to double click on it so you would actually go back to the old island directory instead of. The login of poptropica screen – if you want to restart an eyelid go to menu and select the gear. Icon there it should tell you if you want to restart the eyelid when you restart the island it would.

Say if you want to leave the homepage click leave and then it would say if he wants to reload. The islands homepage no matter what you click it will direct you to the login screen of poptropica relogin again. Go back to the old island dictionary website and select the island that you have restarted the island should now. Be restarted.

Method 4 – How To Go To The Old Poptropica Islands (Outdated, Go To Comments For Details)

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Method 5 – How To Access The Old Poptropica Islands

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Conclusion – How To Access Old Poptropica Islands

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