How To Access Onedrive On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access onedrive on iphone,

Method 1 – Onedrive Ipad Iphone Setup

Hello cloud solve 19 comm users im martin montoya and i am here to bring you a onedrive setup video. For our ipad it took me a second for a moment saying i almost said mac but im pointing to. Soon especially im not going to assume that you have the onedrive playing stuff im going to install with you. So if that being said lets start up our screen share here she can see what im doing on the.

Big screen perfect alright so onedrive setup on the ipad 2 things youre going to need to accomplish this in. A timely fashion is gonna be your username your password and of course a couple of minutes of your time. Like i said im assuming that you dont have the onedrive client installed so were going to start by going. To the app store once here in the app store were going to do a search and go search for. A one drive if you havent downloaded this before itll say yeah as ive already been in and out of.

This app a thousand times on this ipad im just gonna hit my little cloud button here and its going. To download the out for me all right so just like that the one drive light is done installing i. Come back to the main screen here on the other pad youre gonna see there is no onedrive app lets. Start by logging into it opening it its gonna ask me to log in to at the moment there we. Go sign-in im gonna sign with my demo account demo at cloud solved it calm obviously if you were signing.

Into your services youd be using your name at your organization wouldnt have the type of my password here and. Sign it i dont need alerts so no thanks on that and just like that im looking at the at. The cloud drive or i should say my onedrive if i push the desktop button here and i look at. My desktop youll see theres a cloud point icon on the screen of my ipad and theres five point on. Desktop of the pc im gonna hit this little button right here and im actually going to delete that file.

See how quickly that just disappeared from my desktop thats how fast file synchronization works with onedrive pretty cool stuff. So again the two or three minutes of your time use your name password and just like that youre in. Your onedrive and working on your cloud services on your ipad my name is martin montoya im with cloud solid. It comm i want to thank you for taking the time to watch this onedrive video demonstration video to set. Up onedrive on an ipad please feel free to leave any questions or comments below or even like and follow.

This video thanks for taking the time to watch this video martin montoya latas solves it comm server the solutions. That work.

Method 2 – How To Upload On Iphone Onedrive App

So lets take a look at how we can upload items to our onedrive from our cell phone so go. Ahead the best way to do this is the best way is to actually find your onedrive app if you. Cant find it go ahead and pull down and do a quick search until you find your onedrive but it. Looks like this it looks like a cloud and go ahead and open it and then from within your onedrive.

App down at the bottom you see you files recent shared and photos well im gonna click on files because. Thats going to show me all my folders and everything that i have so i want to select the folder. Where i want to upload the items alternately i can create a new folder by clicking on the plus sign. And then i can create a new folder and then upload to there notice that i can click the files. At any time to get back to see all of my files and all of my folders so i would.

Go ahead and click on the folder where i want the items to upload and if this is where i. Want then i click the plus sign and then this time click where it says upload notice you can take. A photo or you could even create a folder within a folder or create documents on the fly too well. Im going to click upload and im going to click on photos and videos now the first time youre going. To have to allow it to access your photos and videos or else you cant see them and then pick.

The photos by clicking that you want to upload then click done and youll notice down at the bottom it. Tells you if its uploading now some people have theyre set to only upload when theyre on a wi-fi connection. If you dont see this little guy and youre not on wi-fi so you either have to go in to. Your settings and enable for uploading over the cell or you would just wait till youre on wi-fi so if. You want to enable under settings you would go into your settings and under cellular on your cellular data you.

Would come down here to your onedrive and make sure that its turned on so if it is grayed like. That you need to turn it on so that should help you get started uploading and the best way another. Way that you can do this is by just going into your photos on your camera or into your photos. Folder and select the little upload arrow and at that point you will see the onedrive listed now doing it. This way you can see its harder to select the photos because you cant see all your photos at once.

Very easily and you can only select about ten photos to upload otherwise you can select hundreds of photos by. Starting in the onedrive app to begin with so that should help you get started and working on your you. Are onedrive app.

Method 3 – How To Use Microsoft Onedrive

Hi everyone kevin here today i want to show you how you can both get and also use microsoft onedrive. What is onedrive well its a cloud storage provider if youve ever used icloud before or google drive before its. The exact same thing except its microsofts version of it now what does it mean to store your files in. The cloud i know clouds float overhead but what does it mean to put a file there the easiest way.

To think of it is at home you have your own computer and when you put a file or a. Document in the cloud youre putting it on microsofts computer and so microsoft refers to their computers as servers and. Their servers sit in many different data centers all over the world but anytime you put a file in the. Cloud youre putting it on one of these servers in one of these data centers now you might be thinking. Okay well why would i ever want to do that what are the benefits of putting my files in the.

Cloud well there are three main benefits you get by putting your files in the cloud number one you can. Backup your files so lets say that you have a bunch of files on your laptop and maybe you lose. Your laptop or someone steals it or maybe something happens to it with where your hard drive dies by backing. Up your files in the cloud it doesnt matter you can then retrieve all of your files another benefit is. That you can access your files from anywhere so i live here in seattle i have all my computer all.

My files on my computer here in seattle lets say i went on a trip to europe and i want. To access my files well itd be hard to do because my computers at home so instead what i could. Do is i could access the cloud that has all my files and then i can get them from anywhere. The third benefit is i can also share and collaborate with others on my files now what do i mean. By that well in the past when youve worked on a file on your own computer if you wanted to.

Share that with someone typically what you would do is you would email it to someone they would make some. Changes and then they would send it back by storing a file in the cloud what you could do is. You could share a link to that file and you could continue working on that link or on that file. Via that link and then whoever you share that with can also work on that file so you no longer. Have to send a file back and forth so it makes collaboration a lot easier well if it sounds good.

And youre interested in using the cloud and youre interested in using onedrive first off i want to show you. How we can get onedrive so why dont we jump on the pc and ill show you how you can. Get started here i am on my pc and to get onedrive if youre using windows 10 its very easy. Because onedrive comes pre-installed on windows 10 so you dont have to do anything else to get onedrive you could. Simply start taking advantage of it if youre on an older version of windows lets say windows 7 or windows.

8 did you know you can upgrade to windows 10 for free if youre interested i have a link in. The description of this video and you can go ahead and upgrade to windows 10 in which case youll then. Automatically get one drive well lets say that youre on windows 7 or 8 and for whatever reason you dont. Want to upgrade to windows 10 you can still download onedrive onto your computer and install it you can go. To the following url i also have this in the description of the video and you can simply click on.

That not only can you download and install onedrive onto windows 7 or windows 8 you can also install it. On mac as well so it doesnt matter what platform you happen to be on you can get one drive. Next i want to show you how you can get microsoft onedrive on your phone whether you have an iphone. Or an android phone you can download and install onedrive today i happen to be using an iphone to get. The onedrive app lets click into the app store on the iphone if youre on an android dev device click.

Into the play store so im going to click into the app store once you get into the app store. Or the play store click on the search icon and once you click on search simply search for onedrive when. You search for onedrive you should see the top match appears and it says microsoft onedrive if you already have. It installed you can simply click on open if you dont yet have it installed go ahead and click on. Install and then youll have onedrive on your phone as well the nice thing about also installing onedrive on your.

Phone is youll be able to access your files from your desktop from anyone elses computer and even from your. Phone while youre on the go so you truly do get access to your files from anywhere lets jump back. On the pc and ill show you how we can get started with onedrive on the pc here i am. Back on my pc and i have onedrive installed im using windows 10 so it comes by default so how. Do we actually start using onedrive and what do we do next well once youre on windows 10 or once.

Youve installed onedrive back in the bottom right hand corner you should now see a cloud icon appear this is. The onedrive icon when i hover over the icon it also gives me an update as to what the current. Status is it looks like everything is currently up to date but let me go ahead and click on this. Icon and see what i can do with onedrive so first off one of the things that i see is. Up here at the top of this dialog that appeared i see that onedrive is all up to date lets.

Say that i just loaded a whole bunch of new pictures or documents onto my computer itll show me the. Current status and it would tell me that its currently updating but its good to see that everything is currently. Up to date next right below that i see all the files that have recently synced on my computer i. Have a whole bunch of jpegs and also heres an mov file that i recently synced with onedrive now with. All these files that recently synced if i click on the ellipses over on the right hand side this exposes.

A few different actions that i could take on this file for instance i could open it to see what. It is i could share it with others i could view it online and i could look at version history. Well get into more of these actions shortly but i just wanted to show that four files that have recently. Synced you can take various actions on them at the very bottom of the onedrive app there are three different. Actions that you can take i can open the folder i could view online and i could go into help.

And settings now were gonna go through each one one by one and ill show you exactly what they do. Lets start off by clicking on open folder here i am in file explorer and file explorer shows me all. The different folders and files that i have on my computer here up in the top left i now see. A folder for onedrive when i click in this this shows me all the different folders and all the different. Files i have in the cloud and once again when i put a folder or a file in the cloud.

It backs it up i can access it from anywhere and i could also collaborate with others on these files. I want to take a moment to talk about what we see here in this view now first off you. Might notice something thats a little different from the typical file explorer view and we now have a column here. Called status i want to quickly walk through what these different icons mean if you ever wonder what these icons. Mean and you forget what these icons stand for you could simply hover over and thatll tell you what the.

Icon means now you have a few different icons here heres an example of a green circle with a check. Mark what that means is this file is on my computer and its also in the cloud onedrive does the. Magic work of making sure that the files stay in sync so the version that i have on my computer. Is the same version as whats in the cloud now some of these files here the apple watch animations theres. A cloud icon and this indicates that the file is currently in the cloud and i dont have a copy.

On my computer and you might be wondering well can i still open that file and heres a document that. Is on the cloud but its not on my computer if i click on this file itll download the file. Very quickly and then open it in this case it was just a blank document you have a few other. Icons as well here i see a person icon and what this indicates is that im currently sharing this folder. With others so its a quick way to see have i shared this with other people and then theres another.

File down here called book one and it has a sync icon that means that onedrive is currently syncing the. File between my computer and on the cloud i want to show you some of the actions that you could. Take when you have a file or a folder in onedrive so im going to right click on this file. Called amazing presentation when i right click on it this opens up the context menu and in windows you could. Typically do things like open the file you could rename you could delete but i now have the addition of.

Five new actions as well since im using onedrive were gonna run through these and ill show you what you. Can do with these now the first action is share if i go ahead and click on this this opens. Up the share dialog now at the beginning i said one of the benefits of using onedrive is that you. Could very easily share and collaborate with others on files now here what i could do is i could send. A link to someone else here right now it says anyone with the link can edit if i click on.

This i have a few different controls i could allow someone else to edit the file with me or i. Could turn off editing in which case they can view the file but they wont be able to edit with. A paid subscription to microsoft 365 you also get some additional options for instance i could set an expiration date. So maybe i only want someone to be able to edit it for the next two days and then ill. Lock the file and lets say you share something thats confidential you can set a password and others will have.

To enter the password to be able to open the file im going to jump back to the share control. Here and within here i could type in a name or an email address to share it with someone and. Then i could click on send or alternatively i could also copy a link to this file and then i. Could share it through some other way lets say in whatsapp or maybe on facebook so i could share my. Document or my content that way back on the main screen im going to go ahead and lets right click.

On the file again to pull up the context menu one of the other options i have here too if. Its a word excel or powerpoint file i can view it online ill go ahead and click on that and. This will open the presentation in powerpoint online powerpoint on the web is entirely free to use so you could. Very quickly get in and edit your files through the web back within file explorer im going to right click. On the file again by storing your files on onedrive you also can take advantage of version history ill go.

Ahead and click on this this file doesnt have much history but imagine that youre working with others on a. File and someone makes some drastic edits that maybe you dont agree with and you want to go back to. An earlier version you could very easily do that you could click on the ellipses and you could restore that. Version of the file lets click on the file again once again this opens up the context menu and i. Have two more options here one of these is always keep on this device lets say that youre going on.

A trip or youre going to be on a plane and you wont have the internet and you want the. File to also be synced on your computer you can go ahead and always keep a copy on your computer. You also have the alternate or the inverse of that where you can also make sure the file stays in. The cloud and you dont keep a copy on your computer in which case youre going to free up some. Space on my youtube channel i have all my videos and i store them in onedrive but i dont want.

Them taking up space on my hard drive so for all my video files i always choose to free up. Space here were in file explorer and you see all your files you might be wondering well hey what if. Im out and about and i want to access these files elsewhere well earlier i said you could get onedrive. On your mobile phone and ill show you in a moment how you can use onedrive on your phone but. One thing you can also do is if you open up your browser you can navigate to and sign.

In and thatll also give you access to all of these files now that weve looked at what the folder. View looks like lets go back to the bottom right hand corner and were going to click on the onedrive. Icon again so weve looked at what you can do within the file explorer or the open folder view the. Next thing i want to do is lets see what you can do online and im going to go ahead. And lets click on view online by clicking on view online this opens up the onedrive website and here i.

Have a similar view to what i had on my desktop but this shows me everything now thats stored in. The cloud so up here were going to start from the top of the page and were going to work. Our way down here microsoft has a very powerful search where i can find any files that ive put in. The cloud so im just going to click on this and do an example ive recently did a video on. How to highlight your mouse cursor which you see here and i always save my video files in onedrive to.

Have a backup outside of youtube so when i type in cursor here i see my cursor highlighter.mp4 file so. Its a very quick way to search across all the different files you have stored on onedrive next we drop. By default in the my files view i want to take a moment to talk about whats within this view. Within my files you can create new files so if i click on the new menu here you can create. A new folder i can also create word excel powerpoint onenote forms and even a plain text document directly from.

This new menu this is leveraging the different microsoft office online apps along with creating new i can also upload. Content so lets say i have an additional files or folders that i want to put on onedrive and im. Not going to simply sync them on my computer i can come directly to onedrive and then i can upload. Them here if i upload a file to onedrive from here if i go to the file explorer view ill. Also see that same file show up within file explorer the nice thing is anything you do on your pc.

Within the onedrive folder anything you do on onedrive on the web those files will be automatically synced between the. Two of them so you truly do have anywhere access within the my files view i want to walk through. Some of the functionality here so over on the right hand side you have some additional ways to sort the. View similar to file explorer you could sort things by name when you last modified it big to small via. Size so you have lots of different ways you can sort along with sorting you can also visualize the files.

In different ways so lets say you want to see a compact list or maybe you prefer seeing the tiles. View you can alter the view based on what you feel most comfortable with and then over on the far. Right hand corner you have a circle with an eye in it if i click on that what this will. Do is it brings up an activity view so i could see all the activity thats occurred within my onedrive. And on various files so you have all these different controls of visualizing checking your activity down below once again.

I see all of my folders just like they appeared within file explorer but now i could access all of. Them on the web just like on the desktop i can also take actions on these files im going to. Scroll down a little bit again and heres my amazing presentation once again i showed it within file explorer and. This file is also synced in my onedrive if i right click on this file this exposes a context menu. And just like file explorer on the desktop i could take different actions on these files for instance i could.

Open the file i could share with others if i click on share this will bring up a similar sharing. Dialogue to what i had on the desktop im going to right click on it again to pull up the. Context menu i also have access to my version history so very similar actions to what i could do directly. Within windows i can also do directly from the web now theres one additional thing that shows up here and. It looks pretty interesting it looks like a big safe or a vault its called the personal vault this is.

A special folder within onedrive where i can put files and this is meant for files that you want to. Make sure stay very secure to be able to enter the personal vault you could set up two-factor authentication what. That means is not only do you have to log into onedrive to access it but then typically you also. Either have to type in a code on your phone or you have to get a code via email and. Then enter in that code to be able to access the personal vault so its an extra layer of security.

To keep things ultra secure so lets say you have a picture of your drivers license or maybe your social. Security card rather than just putting it in one of the standard onedrive folders the personal vault is a more. Secure place to keep those types of materials now that weve looked at the my files view lets jump over. To the left hand side and see what else we can do theres also a recent view this shows me. All the last documents i worked on so it gives me a view of recent helping me get back to.

What matters to me along with recent i also have a photos view im going to go ahead and click. In that within photos i see a bunch of photos appearing youll see photos of when i was younger in. Here i could also click into albums i could see photos by place and then once again just like within. The other view i have different filtering options that i could pull up here and i could also pull up. Activity thats recently happened within my photos view back over on the left hand side im going to click on.

The hamburger menu i can also see files that i have shared with others here are a bunch of files. That ive shared with other people over time lastly im going to click on the recycle bin here i can. See items that maybe i deleted and i want to retrieve them again theyll stay in the recycle bin for. A certain amount of time before theyre deleted permanently but this gives me the opportunity to retrieve files if i. Deleted it erroneously now that weve looked at the web interface lets go back to the onedrive icon down here.

In the bottom right hand corner im going to click on this again and the last one i want to. Click into is the one titled help and settings within this it opens up a menu with different options im. Going to click into the one that says settings within settings there are a few things that are interesting and. Im going to click on the settings tab at the top one of them is you can have onedrive automatically. Start when you start windows i have this turned on this way if i create any files i i will.

Always ensure that its always synced with the cloud down below theres another option that says save space and download. Files as you use them what this means is that if i create a file rather than keeping it on. My computer and taking up space instead i can make it be only on one drive when i interact with. That file itll download a copy but once im done with it itll make sure the file is in the. Cloud this helps me save a little bit of space on my computer and this way i know that microsoft.

Is backing it up and keeping it available for me when i need it in the future next i want. To click into the account pivot at the top and one of the things i want to call out here. Is you are able to choose the folders that microsoft onedrive is going to sync so if i click on. Choose folders here i could define what folders are going to be synced i currently have every folder within my. Onedrive folder being synced next theres another pivot called backup lets go ahead and click on that here what i.

Could do is i could define that onedrive backup important folder so lets say things that you have in your. Desktop your documents folder or your pictures folder if you click on manage backup itll also sync those along with. Your onedrive folder and then next you also have the option when lets say you load pictures into your computer. You can set it up so onedrive automatically imports those new pictures or videos directly to your onedrive weve talked. About how you could use onedrive on your pc and also via the web right now i want to show.

You how you can also use onedrive once you install it on the phone and so i have one drive. Opened right on the side of me and i want to show some of the capabilities here so here i. Am in the main onedrive view when you open the app for the first time youll fall here and here. Too i see my files view with all the files that we saw on the desktop and all the files. That i saw on the web similar to on the web and on the desktop i could also see all.

Of my recent files so once again i clicked on recent and this is my recent list if i go. Over on the right on the bottom i could click to view all of the files that i have shared. With others and once again this is also similar to the view that i saw on the web and then. Lastly if i click on photos this will show me all of my recent photos that i took on my. Phone now one of the very nice things about the onedrive app on your phone is that you can also.

Capture content so in the bottom middle theres a photo icon and if i click on that that opens up. The photo tool now what i could do is i could take pictures of documents i could take pictures of. Whiteboards it does a very nice job capturing content i could also click on the plus button in the top. Right hand corner and that also opens up a menu where i could scan documents i could upload documents .

Conclusion – How To Access Onedrive On Iphone

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