How To Access Other Android Phone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access other android phone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access other android phone,

Method 1 – How To Spy Any Android Phone And Access Camera For Free | Track Victim’s Phone Remotely Without Root

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Method 2 – How To Connect Android Phone With Another Phone

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Method 3 – Hacking A Smartphone By Simply Sending An Sms?

Hello what is up people my name is theshia and youre watching technology the piano and in this video what. Im gonna do is really interesting im going to show you a demo of how can hackers hack your android. Phone or your smartphone by just sending an sms and maybe some of you guys might have was some some. Interviews on youtube where a hacker is interviewed and the hacker hacks into the interviewers android phone or smartphone by.

Just sending an sms now most of you must have watched it and i have watched a few of those. Demos or interviews or whatever and i thought why not make a demo on that and in this video im. Going to show you a demo on about how actually hackers does that how can someone gain access into your. Smartphone by just sending an sms and unlike all the other videos im also going to show you an in-depth. What you say an in-depth explanation about how can hackers managed to get access to your android phones by just.

Sending an sms so we thought further ado lets get started and one more thing please do watch this video. Until the end theres a little surprise at the end so whats this video until the end dont miss that. All right so lets get started alright so here i have my android phone and im going to show you. A demo basically what im going to do is im going to hack into my own android phone from my. Laptop so basically im going to send an sms to myself and im going to you know show you what.

Can happen if i open that sms and how it happens and what what all the hacker can do by. Theyre sending an sms so alright lets get started lets let me shift the camera angle so that you can. See my android phone right so here i got my smartphone with me and let me open the messages app. I did receive a message and the message says dear customer get 5zp free data for your id number by. My idea from here so basically i do use a idea same so this message kind of makes sense to.

Me because obviously i use an idea same and if i get a message like this and then obviously i. Will be thinking it is from from the idea company and i have some offer for my idea number so. Obviously ill open the link and you could also notice here that there is no mobile number for this message. It came from something like hp – followed by some number so usually that is how messages come from companies. So there are high chances that i actually believe this that i would be getting five gb data from for.

My idea number and that – they are also asking me to download my idea app which is an official. App released by ma released by idea networks so obviously ill be downloading that app alright so the app is. Downloaded now let me go ahead and install this app and there we go the app is now installed let. Me open it and there we go the app open and it is asking for some permissions and all these. Permissions are are obvious like for an app like my idea all these permissions are required so its nothing suspicious.

And there we go it is the official my idea app which is officially designed by idea network so obviously. There has to be nothing wrong with it right its not any malicious app right if you think like that. Youre youre wrong because this is a malicious app though it is developed by idea networks it is a malicious. App now let me let us switch to the hackers point of view and see what he can do when. You install the app so the hacker on his side actually has an msf console opened up on his device.

And hes actually listening to a host and the particular port number the app which i downloaded by clicking on. The link from the sms is nothing but the payload of the hacker which is binded with the official my. Idea apk so that it doesnt look suspicious so whenever i open the my via app that app in particular. The payload which is included in that app is going to start a tcp connection to the hackers device or. To the hacker server and when it happens the hacker will then have full access to the smartphone to the.

Victims smartphone so once the reverse tcp connection is established the hacker can now start executing commands which will reflect. On the victims smartphone the compromised smartphone for example i can download all the messages on the compromised phone to. My computer with a simple command and there you go that is the text file which contains all the messages. On the compromised phone i actually managed to download it to my computer in the same way i can even. Download the call log of the compromised phone to my computer and there you go that is the call log.

On the compromised phone and then i can even locate the device exactly i can get the exact latitude and. Longitude position of the device and the most interesting thing of all i can actually send an sms from the. Compromised phone so this means even without the owner of the phone knowing i can send an sms from their. Phone as simple as that so if you can see im sending a test message to my friend over here. And when i hit enter its going to send the message to him from my compromised form and also i.

Can easily see or download any file that is existing on the compromised phone alright so now i think you. Know how easy it is for anyone to get access into your smart phone by just sending a simple sms. And i hope you guys will be careful from next time because you know whenever you receive an sms asking. You to download some or visit a website think once before doing it make sure that the message is coming. From a valid sender and not from a hacker and do not download any app you know when if you.

Got a message saying that youre getting some unlimited data for your a tale or idea or something like that. And if you want to download an app for example as ive shown you in this video the my idea. App which i have downloaded if you if you do want to download believe my idea at app make sure. You you actually download it from google play store because if an app exists in play store it means that. The app is secure then the apps which are not existing on play store because google is going to do.

A review on the app and only after google makes sure that the app is not malicious only then it. Will be allowed to be shown on the play store so if you want to download some app like for. Example the my idea app or basically whatever app it is make sure you download it from play store and. Not from any any other external sources other than the official websites do not download any applications from any external. Sources because if you do download an application from an external website like i did in this video you just.

Saw what happened everything is accessible by the hacker you are completely hacked your personal info is with hacker now. So it is a very dangerous thing and you you you you guys really need to be careful about it. Because you guys should take cybersecurity seriously and if you dont well i think you know what happens if you. Are not serious about cybersecurity and i know you guys will be asking me to provide a practical about how. I did this i know you guys will be asking this so obviously i cant post it on my youtube.

Channel because it violates youtubes terms and policies but what is my website for well yeah i have actually made. A practical video showing everything i did in order to achieve what i did in this video like hack my. Android from my computer so i did a practical video on that and that video ive posted it on my. Website so if you are not member off my website yet go to my website and you can sign. Up there and once you sign up youll be able to access the videos and the most latest the most.

Recent video is is about this practical so you can go ahead and check out the practical video on my. Website the link will be in the description below all in the comments i will be posting a comment too. So i guess thats it for this video hope you learned something new hope you like this video thanks for. Watching if you did not subscribe to my channel yet make sure you the subscribe button and if you have. Any doubts regarding this video or if you have any feedback or whatever just comment down in the comment section.

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Method 4 – Remotely Control Any Phone

No this is not remotely hack and take control of any android devices this is more of remotely managing all. These devices by being able to access their location their storage their file the text messages and everything okay but. If youre looking to hack into a devices remotely and taking control of it this can be one possible way. If you use social engineering attack and one of those common methods is where a hacker actually sells away used.

Devices for you and once you buy it okay because they already have the application installed inside their phone they. Will be able to see everything that youre doing all your photos or your files or your passwords what websites. Youre going into thats part of using social engineering to be coupled with this attack method okay so big disclaimer. Hacking is illegal if you decide to use this software for hacking and if you get caught do not tell. Them that you know hacker lawyer all right so right in front of us i have lemon all right l3.

Mon and this is the software theyll be using and you can easily gain access to it using and. By going to d3vl right l3mon so once youre in all you got to do is go ahead and install. It and once you do a git clone on it youll be able to run an apk file theyll be. Going through in a moment that can help you install it into any android devices and youll be able to. Take control from there so the first thing you want to do is go ahead and get clone all right.

And what you want to do is go ahead and copy the url here right click copy go back to. Terminal do a paste selection and go ahead and hit enter on that and this will begin cloning all right. All the repository and all the files and documents and save it into your local drive and i have already. Done so so all i got to do now is go ahead and cd into l3mon alright so once youre. Here under ls youll see the following we have client we have screenshots we have server so go ahead and.

Enter cd server so once youre in server enter ls and all youre going to do now is enter hate. Main db.json and you can see right here we have the username hacker law and we have the following password. So from here alone would you be able to guess whats my password huh so this is going to be. The password and the username that we use to log in into the site okay so now going back into. The browser ive already started l3mon so all you got to do now is enter the username hackerloy and go.

And enter a password one two three four five six seven eight all right so thats actually my password that. I use all the time is the most secure password of all and youll be thinking why would a hacker. A cyber secured professional use a password like one two three four five six seven eight and the answer is. Simple its reverse psychology because everyone would be thinking a cyber security professional will be using a strong secure password. That is like 16 characters 20 characters even 40 50 characters and with upper lower cases digits symbols numbers and.

So on but the truth is im only using one two three four five six seven eight and now that. Ive shared my password with you isnt it more fair that you share a password with us all so going. Back to the tutorial here ive already logged into the device and all you got to do now is go. And click under apk builder so go ahead and click on it and once youre here you have to specify. The ip address or the public url or the domain name that will be hosting this particular apk file all.

Right so all you got to do now is enter the ip address in my case all right my call. Linux hackers ip address is so go ahead and click build all right and you can see right at. The right side we have the port two two two two two okay so now its compiling apk signing the. Apk verifying the build finalizing and thats it were done lets go ahead and click download and it sees the. Following l3mon.apk click save file click ok and right here we got it okay so i have actually created a.

File before i can go ahead and open up the folder and once were here i can see the following. L trimon.apk and of course if you see here ive downloaded several really interesting payloads attacks software applications that we. Use to run all this article hacking tutorials for you on this channel so go ahead and subscribe and turn. On notification if you want to be kept abreast of all the latest hacking techniques so once you have downloaded. File all you got to do now is shift the file over so go under downloads all right so im.

Going to my homepage downloads i can enter ls and you can see over here i have l3mon.apk so ive. Highlighted right here l3mod.apk and all you got to do is do a sudo all right and then you can. Move the file or you can copy the file whichever you want to i can enter mvl3bond.apk all right followed. By slash var www.html hit enter on that and it will ask you for a password go ahead and enter. A password hit enter on that and thats it we have moved the file over to var dub html so.

We can cd to var www.html hit ls while we have a lot of scary files right here we have. Php web shell virus cross site scripting and so on and so forth but for todays tutorial we are focusing. On l3 all youre going to do now is enter systemctl start api 2 hit enter on that prompt you. For a password go ahead and enter a password okay so we have started apple g2 alright so go ahead. And check on the status for it so status and we can see that we have apple http server running.

And all we got to do right now is go ahead and use any device any android devices and well. Be able to download the apk file and install it directly into the device so right here in front of. Us ive actually already installed the device well all you got to do is open up any browser all right. Go ahead and enter the ip address of the machine that is actually hosting that particular file so we got. Here 192 168.0.192 all right slash l3mon dot apk hit enter on that and this will begin downloading the file.

So you can see right here we got a following do you want to download l3 mod.apk again alright so. Of course you can go ahead and click download and this will begin downloading process of it so we have. Already downloaded a file and all you got to do now is go back over here install the apk file. Like what ive done here i double clicked on it and thats it we can see the file called process. Manager so this is the app information and once we are done with this all i got to do is.

Go back into the browser where we have user interface click under devices so i have two devices that has. Already installed the apk file so here we have the online devices and we have the offline devices and this. Software is really useful if you need to do mobile device management at scale you need to manage hundreds thousands. Of devices you can easily use it by using this l3 mod to help you manage all these different devices. Across the internet across your internet so lets go ahead and click on the first one called online click manage.

And we can see right here okay we have the first scene and the last scene i can click on. The gps and then click request update so before i clicked on it youll notice the following right this is. A blank piece of screen right now for the gps because we are not yet all right looking into the. Particular information of the gps so go ahead and click request update so were pulling the information over and we. Can see right here we got the location of the device as quickly as that we are in literally i.

Can click under sms manager i can click update for the sms log oh my goodness look at that kindly. Transfer 5 million dollars over now i want you to send me money now please subscribe and like the video. Notification turn on to hackaloy right now send money over right now to hackaloy while these are pretty scary messages. Isnt it so within minutes we are able to install an apk file and take control of the entire mobile. Device as quickly as that so once again i hope you learned something valuable in todays tutorial and will like.

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Method 5 – How To Control Any Android Phone Easy And Simple 100% Working

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Conclusion – How To Access Other Android Phone

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